Which of these 2 Ways Do You Think About Money?

Which of these 2 Ways Do You Think About Money?

There are two ways
to think about money. One is probably the correct way. The other is the popular way. The popular way is what all our
education systems focus on. In fact, most of the education we
receive on money is focused on the popular way, which is
often called money IQ. It is probably 95% of all the
education and all the books you’ve ever read on money. But that 5%, which is called
money EQ, is what is really, truly the most important thing. Our newest masterclass in
Mindvalley with Ken Honda is going to explain the difference. Ken Honda is one of the most
incredible writers in Japan, famous for studying the minds
of the super-wealthy, and writing over 50 books in Japan
on personal growth. So as you can see, so much of
our education is on money IQ, but it’s not what truly matters. And what I found out
is that people want to learn about money IQ, which is
about financial intelligence. It’s about investing,
how to buy stocks, and how to trade,
and all the other things. But what I found out is that money
EQ is more important than money IQ. Money EQ is emotional intelligence
about money, how healthy you feel with money. A healthy relationship is that
when you feel happy about money, your money EQ is high. When you constantly worry about
money and you have fear on money, your money EQ is low. And the highest money IQ people,
with all the MBAs and all the doctor degree, they are good at
investing and they’re super good with business, but these high money
IQ people often lose everything because of low money EQ. Even though you built a high tower
with money IQ, the foundation is shaky, it’s going to fall. So, money EQ is
the foundation of life. For example, if you get a
$500 raise, which is great, but can you keep the money? Probably, you will celebrate
your raise and spend it all. And then, if you get a $2,000
raise, which is great, probably, you’re going to move to a better
and bigger house, and then, you’re going to probably
buy a bigger car and more expensive stuff. So even though you get a raise,
you make more money, your expenses also are trying to
match your income, so you have no money at the end
of the month anyway. I have known many CEOs who are
making a few hundred thousand dollars a year, but still, they
cannot keep any money left because their lifestyle
consumes all their money. So unless you learn about money
EQ and have a solid foundation, you’ll never be able to feel peace
with money, and you’ll never be able to achieve true
financial independence. If you find this idea
interesting, what you want to do is develop your money EQ. And when you develop your
money EQ, that’s when you start to feel truly rich. And that is when the universe
starts to shift to bring you the wealth and abundance
that you desire.

29 thoughts on “Which of these 2 Ways Do You Think About Money?

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  2. "Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable." –Theodore N. Vail

  3. I understand the main idea of the money IQ. But the idea behind the money EQ isn't clear and specific. It looks like a teaser meant to draw an audience to the Ken Honda master class.

  4. Blah Blah Blah. I don't have an MBA or Doctorate and I don't need to read any financial assistance books. It's just common sense. Don't buy more or better to impress someone else now because what's really impressive is saving your money and living within your means now and then being able to retire from working at age 40 ! Now that's impressive!

  5. Not for nothing but..Vishen is getting younger & more and more good looking…every time I look at him he's better & better! 'Must be doing something right!

  6. I set aside a budget of "spending money" every 2 weeks so that I always know what I know I can spend and what I know I need to save to keep myself in check. Be wealthy in a healthy way. Great video.

  7. Summary:

    Money IQ: Financial intelligence through which we learn to invest, buy stocks, how to trade, etc.
    Money EQ: Emotional relationship with money. The happier you feel about money the higher your EQ, the more you worry about money the lower you EQ

    Money EQ is the foundation of the tower that is made tall by money IQ. Without high money EQ the tower is shaky and will eventually fall as it gets bigger.

    Subscribe to my music channel for high music IQ and EQ. 🎧

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  9. Why are they trying to complicate the idea with the notion of money "EQ"? It's common sense…be responsible and stop overspending and maybe you'll begin to feel financially independent. Simple.

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