What’s the Most Corrupt Thing You’ve Experienced?

Hey David, what is the most corrupt thing
you have personally experienced? Most of it has happened in Argentina where I was a porn.
I mean, listen, w in the United States, I’ve been involved in a lot of corrupt stuff when
I went to college, the entire textbook scam where you need the latest 17th edition because
the problems are all on different pages, so you’ve got to go and spend 150 or 200 bucks
on a textbook instead of 30 for a used one or whatever. That is an absolute and totally
corrupt scam. Our healthcare system is an absolute and totally corrupt scam. Remember
last year I had an appendectomy. I pay, I was paying last year for 21 a month for my
health insurance. I still had a $2,000 deductible. I still had a separate copay for the emergency
room, right? I mean, I was paying four 21 a month and still
owed three grand for my appendectomy and I have what’s considered pretty good insurance.
All of you know, the healthcare system is a total corrupt mess. The contract for my
gym memberships is traditionally pretty damn corrupt. Where you need, you know, notarized,
sealed in blood paper letters sent to who knows where. If you want to cancel your membership,
signing up is super easy. If you want to cancel a membership, it’s pretty damn difficult.
But really the most corrupt stuff I’ve personally experienced all relates to Argentina. Argentina
has a problem with corruption of different kinds, and I’m talking more official corruption,
right? In Argentina, I’ve had situations where family members needed certain documents they
needed, uh, some document, uh, related to their schooling. My dad’s high school or who
knows what, um, and you, you basically just have to pay a bribe. Now, is it called if everybody does it and
it’s just expected, is it a bribe or is it just sort of a gift? I mean, I don’t know,
but payoffs, kickbacks, all of this stuff. And I know that there are people who are very
politically partisan in Argentina who will say that only happens under, you know, Peronist
administrations or [inaudible] administrations or the neo-con mockery admin. It happens all
the time. Okay. This has been going on in Argentina since I lived there when I was a
kid. It’s been going on through the entire time I lived in the United States. It’s gone
on through every type of administration. A lot of the stuff you hear about in the U S
you know bribes for various licensing. If you want to get some permit to do some construction
or whatever in the U S it’s sort of a big deal like you hear, you know, maybe a bribe
would work, but a lot of times you would try it and it would be like it would implode. You would get reported for the bribe, you
might be prosecuted whatever. In the United, in the Argentina, it’s just common and a really
common phrase. This might be interesting to some of you if you want to, I’m going to translate
this in the in the way I think makes the most sense. If you are open to paying a bribe and
you suspect the bribe may help you, but you don’t want to be too obvious about it, if
you get pulled over by the police and they start detaining you and hassling you, if you
are given a run around about, Oh no, in order to get this stamp, you’re going to need this
and this and this and this. The phrase you can use to suss out whether there might be
a payable bribe is, you know, this really is an inconvenience. Is there some other way
we might be able to take care of this right now? That’s the code word. And I don’t believe
this is unique to Argentina. Uh, that’s been a phrase that, uh, I am aware of having been
used in other Latin American countries as well. Is there some other way we can take
care of this right now? Is the sort of approved, uh, uh, implicitly approved way to explore
whether there’s a bribe that you could pay to get out of something or to get something
done? And if the answer is yes, you will get one type of answer. If the answer is no, the
person you ask it to, we’ll just look at you and say, what are you talking about? No, you
need to get this paperwork in or you need to get this notarized or whatever the case
may be. A lesson from Argentinian corruption. Not unique to Argentina, but that’s where
I have probably experienced the highest degree of, uh, of corrupt stuff. We’ve got a great
bonus show for you today. It is Friday, meaning producer Pat handles the bonus show. I will
be back on Monday with a new show and a new bone. The David Pakman [email protected]

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