What We Spend Our Money On| Where Does Our Money Go?

What We Spend Our Money On| Where Does Our Money Go?

what’s up legacy builders I’m Rob I’m
Reshawn and this is learn hustle grow learn hustle grow is about creating a
legacy we’re here to share our passions for money marriage and travel with other
legacy builders like you last week we shared 15 things that we do not spend
money on that’s right we covered all the things we do not buy in this video we
are taking the opposite perspective we’re gonna share how we spend the money
and where it goes 12 things we do spend our money on let’s
go number one this should be the most obvious one based on this channel of
course and based on what we’ve been doing all year travel yes this year
especially we have spent a ton of money on traveling to 22 countries that’s for
sure our biggest expense it was pretty easy to track this as we prepared for
the video because we tried to put everything on a credit card in order to
capitalize on the miles and points I’ll share that with you before but one of
the other benefits is being able to look at a spending report yep yeah it can
stack up we maybe we’ll talk about that later on the cost of stuff but you could
stack up but that was our largest and definitely most obvious one yes I mean
if you hit six continents 22 countries and over 35 cities in one year you kind
of got to know that that’s gonna cost ya that’s the bulk of the money so that’s
number one according to the spending report and if you guys haven’t watched
our previous videos the spending report is a tool available via your banking or
your credit card online system in order to see where the money goes throughout
the month or even over the full year now according to the spending report our
number two largest expense has been our rental properties yes I did not know we
were going by expense size but that’s our number two we
it’s obvious we’ve spent a lot on rental properties especially this year because
we’ve had some you know issues here and there some major repair major repairs
but we also definitely spend our money on rental properties properties because
that is our go-to for investments right right we have our 20% rule we’re always
looking forward to having our next 20% for our next property yeah so even if it
wasn’t for this year we would still be spending on those because we have to
build those assets in order to one day retire right that’s right now when I say
our rental property expenses one of the things you also want to keep in mind is
that we purchased a new property in 2018 and the first year you buy a property
that’s when you find out all the things that really need to be anything that
couldn’t can go wrong will go wrong in that first year because the inspection
never catches everything no no they always say Oh have a great
inspector yeah I don’t care how good your inspector is there’s always
everything B’s holding together and the next thing you know inspector leaves and
two months later the roof slide off you know this was also our biggest
investment as it was our first small LC family so this property has it’s had a
few surprises and that’s been costly for us
yeah but we’re always spending on a rental property so that one’s gonna be
there for a long time so yeah number two number three tithe we always tie at
church on the gross yeah our 10% and this year we actually looked at our
overall earnings for the full year at the end of the year in order to pay in
one lump sum right so we’ve made that we’ve done our giving for the full year
here in December before we approach the new year and that was actually our third
largest expense and not really a surprise to us because we are big
tithers and we want to make sure that we continue to give throughout this process
we are so grateful for the way that we have been blessed and our church uses
the money to do missions and to give to the local
community and we always want to support them always yes
so Todd number three coming fast before we go any further please like subscribe
and hit that notification bail number four not a large experience but
definitely something we enjoy doing and it’s actually something we started when
we when we first started dating Oh in Chicago we got our first ooh I’m
gonna tell you what we’re talking about here it’s a secret couples massages
yes it’s something we only do when we’re traveling for some weird reason yeah
it’s like when I’m on a detour I’m on a vacation away from home that’s the only
time that I’m ready to get a massage you know with my wife or couples massage
right it’s weird especially when we’re on the beach man it’s just like I suck
it’s kind of like when you eat certain foods and then you want something a
certain kind of drink with it same deal every time we go somewhere I’m like oh
we were always like hey you want to get a couple of shots sighs right yeah and
so before we met he’d actually never had a massage and that’s why I was trying to
remember when was the first time we actually did our first trip together was
me taking him home to Chicago to meet my family right yeah I don’t remember the
first time and we get and we got a massage they don’t remember at the
wedding I knew I do remember we’re on the beach in Mexico but that’s the first
one I remember so oh that’s a lot of fun yeah and it’s something that we treat
ourselves to it is always a marker for our travel experience you know because
we travel so much this year we didn’t get it done in every country
oh speaking of massage is the best one Oh in Thailand oh you’re hands down
Thai massages are the best because they get on your back and step on you and
they pull your arms and it’s hilarious it’s a very physical process man they
beat you up man but if you have a Thai massage I don’t want to see massage
parlor that sounds seedy if you have a Thai massage so on yeah in your
neighborhood definitely check the man man that is an investment right there if
I could open one of those up man – in convince her I believe hands down
Thai massages are the best you know I think we should check into not into
buying one there’s one here when I was in Phoenix for a girls trip there was a
Thai massage someone who did it I didn’t do but I saw that they had one yeah we
want to make sure they’re authentic though right cuz the ones we had an
authentic Thai massage in Belfast Ireland that’s true that’s true so we uh
we love our massages right we love massages so that was that number four
that was number four number five for where we spend our money is business
expenses hmm we’re constantly working on our businesses of course you guys know I
am a realtor and Rochon is a travel agent so we have to spend money to you
know advertise those businesses we have to spend like I have to spend money on
you know just the apps and the you know the any fees right you know your fees to
your broker when you’re a realtor yep and then you have to spend still have a
fee to be to have access to all the tools as a travel agent that’s a monthly
expense of course we use our camera we got a new computer this year 408 for
YouTube or another business expense for YouTube stuff we got some lights we
can’t really show you right now we would love to eventually but uh you know like
a tour but yeah we got some new lights that are facing us right now and they’re
fantastic you’re gonna last a long time microphone you know so all those things
for the you know YouTube the travel yeah and the real estate businesses and we
use the same equipment we recently just started running ads for both the real
estate and the travel business on Facebook we’ll let you know how that
guy’s how that goes guys you know on this entrepreneurial journey you do have
to spend some money and make some money so we just started that and we use this
same equipment to make those commercials right so hopefully it’ll you know pay
for itself eventually right so business expenses not fun but necessary and be
number six subscriptions okay yield
the majority of these are for entertainment your also find that the
majority of these belong to him listen I don’t spend a lot of money anywhere okay
so I need my entertainment we have Netflix that is rolled into our
telephone program oh yes yeah so at least we’re not paying for that but we
do have it yeah we also have the ring doorbell I am married to a techie yeah
which I’m grateful for because that means that anytime there’s some kind of
new technology that we can take advantage of that’ll make our lives
easier or even help us to save money Rob is all about it he knows how to set it
up you know we’ve got the Amazon fire stick but we also have the Amazon Prime
now this year we haven’t ordered you know anything we haven’t been home
we’re not junkies like we were last year yeah in previous years working full time
job it was pretty easy to just hop online order something from Amazon Prime
and it was like always around yeah yeah especially when you when you pay off
your car like first thing we did we paid off our cars so then it was like oh wow
I got a chunk of money of course we weren’t blowing it but you know if you
want something it’s just something small even under 50 bug they’re under 25 bucks
like I just couldn’t order one those right I think that’s the definition of
nickel and dime you know rack up it’s still racked up yeah so uh a little spot
of oh I got Spotify yep okay I have Spotify because Spotify is offline and I
go to a gym that has no Wi-Fi which I can’t believe when the largest gyms with
no Wi-Fi yeah and I have to have my music in order to work out and I use
Pandora because Pandora is free but again I don’t go to the gym so that’s
another one of these subscription it’s all shit Jim yeah well the thing is
though I am I’m grandfather then so well those people are paying 30 bucks a month
I pay like a hundred and fifty for the full year yes we’ve got been there so
long like five years or six years I’m right yeah and it’s a major gym so we
got a killer deal on it and I had the same deal for the membership but
honestly I’m one of those people where you know that you’re not gonna use it
it’s not a good deal yeah I that we moved and the gym is
further away you know so I just decided to exercise act right so we go we go and
we evaluate what we use like the end of the year and see if we’re still using
this stuff and if we’re not we we cancel it right and he uses it I’m not mad at
that judges worship at all guys he looks fantastic and I’m loving every bit of it
as his life so I appreciate that he’s spending that time yeah I’m a religious
goer I wake up every morning that’s what I do first cuz I’m getting old man my
bones are aching but yeah did we mention Hulu no we did
not lose another one Netflix but I do enjoy Hulu but it was something he had
more the TV shows on there but they’re both kind of cheap compared to cable
when you calculate yeah you know we did all the calculations and Psyche wow it’s
still less than half the price oh yeah yeah like with the 15 bucks or something
like that yeah and Netflix like 11 and then Amazon’s Amazon Prime it’s a
one-time cost per year yeah so I don’t know man we mentioned the ring doorbell
yeah we cover everything I think so Amazon Prime who Spotify Hulu Jim yep
alright number 7 where I like to spend my money
ah and it’s my number one hobby it is playstation hmm
now I do not buy a ton of PlayStation games I can take a game and I can be on
that game for how long babe what you think three three to six months I’m
using that right yeah so I’ve been on like Ricky doesn’t play for he doesn’t
play for long periods of time every day he is a couple of hours that he might
reserve to play the games out you know after getting work done out work and
then like maybe around 6 o’clock from 6 to 8 then I’ll play my playstation now
play like you know I used to love call of duty and you know GTA and stuff like
that now I’m on this raid day Redemption so yeah PlayStation I have a Playstation
and an Xbox one but I barely touched the Xbox one I used to have this stuff from
my boys when they were here now they just you know they’re not here playing
as much but yeah this area that we’re in is that we’re recording in is actually
the man cave yeah this is my man cave right here yeah nice yeah it’s a nice
getaway and you know when all three of them were here for me it just was
heartwarming to see the three of them together in this space yeah yeah so
that’s my that’s my I love that hobby besides photography and stuff but I love
my mom my game time and my frustration I can take my frustrations out on people
well you know in GTA or whatever when he needs a bad day right and hey Anna’s and
it saves money actually because for and I never buy anything for so by the way I
never buy anything for 60 bucks I usually wait to my games get down to
about 25 and then I buy them so I’m cool with waiting for a game for six months
and then I get my I get the game and then BOOM I’ve saved and I can use that
as a hobby instead of I like golf I don’t really do that and golf is
expensive for example I just play my playstation and yep do that for months
on end and that that holds me down again another acceptable hobby as far as I’m
concerned he’s not out drinking going to bars
yeah not a big victory there so yeah then go to the girly clubs no no nothing
I’m bit I can’t be wasting my money like that so that’s my hobby PlayStation or
game it number eight we’d love to go to Studio movie grill yes we separate this
out from our other forms of entertainment because the rest of that’s
in the house but Tuesdays there’s always a five dollar movie studio movie grill
you guys may have it and call it eat and um I don’t know eat at the movies you
actually go in you have a reserved seat you take in a full menu you hit the
button and they come over to take your order Yeah right there at the chair he
loves this guy love it I do we do with our whole family yes so my mom my sister
my nieces our boys when they were here we really kind of make it a family event
and even run into some sometimes especially Marvel Marvel
movies when the superhero movies come out we definitely all the family
everybody knows what’s up and they wanted to get together and then we’ll go
to studio movie grill and we’ll you know watch the movie and eat whatever now
half the time we have sent our food back but because you know it’s not the best
quality yet as far as as far as hotness oh there’s so many people they’re
cooking they’re cooking the food like really you know in bulk and it was like
hey you know I’m need some hot fries man but you still love the experience and
it’s very close to this now where they get you is that after you’ve ordered
your food for the two of us we usually spend about 30 or 35 dollars yeah
with food and drink and it’s bar food so wings yeah yeah nachos yeah like the
megaplex burger yeah every week I get every time I go I get the same thing in
quesadillas I’ve tried quite a few yeah so flatbread pieces fantastic concept
yeah not commercial for our studio movie grill but it’s definitely one of the
areas where where we spend and we enjoy quality time with our family yeah we’ve
been in a while you thought I know right we need to check it out see what please
playing number nine one of our favorite things to do is couples dinner yeah we’d
love to go out with our friends other couples and you know catch up and have a
couple’s dinner night yeah we actually have a couple of few of those on the
calendar yeah because oh it’s out of the country so much this year we just really
need to you know get back with our friends and reconnect you know catch up
with everybody and see what’s going on yeah cuz of course things have changed
new grandbabies be involved yeah and all that so people people graduate in
college yeah some people have even moved yeah
yeah it’s crazy so life goes on they didn’t stop living because we go yeah
right yep so we love our couple of dinners and yeah so we usually plan
those out what 1 to 2 weeks in advance because some of our friends still have
small children right and that gives us an opportunity
make sure that we give it on the calendar and sometimes it needs to be
rescheduled right plus I gotta get my mind right because you know I’m a house
bum right yeah yeah I like to and I just wanna I just need to be prepared you
know because when I get used to being back home it’s funny when I’m on the
road and we’re traveling and we’re going up a mountain or Hill or a rainforest or
whatever you know it’s really weird but once I’m back in my own home it’s
different it just makes that guy know Bob at work to get him out give me my
headset and Mike my controller or give me my computer or whatever and I’m just
kind of working and do my thing so yeah but we love hanging out with our friends
couple couples night out yeah there’s nothing like having like-minded
individuals to help enrich your life and enrich your marriage so couples dinners
are must yes one of the things I personally love to spend on and have no
issue with it all brunches that’s number 10 by the way that’s right number 10 I
love to hang out with my girlfriends time with female friends to me is
essential yeah as women we need that opportunity for bonding and usually we
do it over a brunch but sometimes it’s a happy hour and breakfast is always
cheaper than dinner which is kind of how we got started over the brunches not to
mention the opportunity to partake in a mimosa or a latte yeah yeah she’s
probably uh that she let him brunches so she can go talk trash about me I see
what’s going on here what are we now begin a girl needs an opportunity to
listen so just case you didn’t know this is her
equivalent to PlayStation 4 yeah yeah so yeah I I usually I’m a gamer
she is a brunch er yes I am actually total total opposites I’d like to get
out of the house even if it’s for work if it’s for coffee brunch happy hour all
those things that’s where I I will spend my money for an opportunity to connect
one-on-one with my lady friends also he won’t leave the house guys he’d show he
told you he’s a house bum if I can boot him out I would have all the ladies over
here I got nowhere to go so yeah I could the gun range for about
you know I don’t know hour but my town of done yeah yeah you know I got I don’t
have it my man caves in the house if it was a man cave at a cave it may be that
because whatever anyway I’m spending a minimum of a couple of hours with my
girl mmm but yeah you could you don’t know number
11 we love concerts and a comedy show yes man we we go to this place called
the Verizon theater and The Improv right yeah and the improv yeah the improv
comedy club Verizon Theater is one of the more intimate venues for live
concerts here and out I think they changed the the name to just the theater
but yeah we always changes your sponsor drops their name yeah we love going to
see our R&B you know fingers yeah we’ve seen Brian McKnight yeah yo Brian
McKnight you see new edition yeah yeah we’d show now age right now man elevator
oh we saw Donald Jones and John Luther John B I think I’ll show then John B
last year we’re like what what have you guys been man he loves the R&B yeah we
love ya oh but then we’ve also seen Kim there Kim uncle Charlie uncle Charlie uh
Charlie Wilson doing split oh Anthony Hamilton she’s in love this guy but yeah
that was yeah we love we love our concert and then we of course we love to
laugh we love going to see like the shack comedy lineup and you know we’ve
seen DL Hughley – Jo a deal hugely yeah so we love those
kind of shows we when we got one the right pressing of town it doesn’t matter
we’re going we’re going it’s usually not expensive either it’s usually a decent
price but well you me know money is relative con we do try to get good seats
yeah we are not in the balcony when it comes to a concert we will be yeah
that’s about so this so if you if you put him in a
balcony he doesn’t want to go The Improv is very small so that’s easy
yeah but the the Verizon or the theater then a bigger venue then that’s where
the money you know comes in you got a clean track
yeah we’ve tried concerts that bigger venues like American Airlines and just
haven’t enjoyed the experience as much air yeah even when you pay for a really
good ticket you feel like you’re far away yeah we went to the Cowboys Stadium
which is way too big and South Beyonce and jay-z yeah yeah yeah and it was it
was a good shit big money and still we were really far away well big money tell
us right and yeah we would never do that again if it’s not a small plate because
anything it’s bigger than you know the theater at Verizon theater yeah or
whatever probably gonna think twice about the line yeah yeah we’ll stick to
the small place at American Airlines didn’t we see Shaddai yeah we came back
after that 20 years oh my god yeah you can tell what kind of music we love so
even though we weren’t you know as John Legend a lifetime that one and new
edition those two made them I don’t I don’t never need to see another kind of
cell you know when it comes to live entertainment I also like the theater so
I like to see plays and musicals LA area so he will go will you dance to
entertain me yeah that was my dance be a fantastic job you’ll really yeah I
really want to support the arts because you don’t want them to be it one don’t
want to have a situation where they decide they can no longer be funded and
they are it’s no longer available to us so I like to do that as much as possible
also we’ve taken the kids to see The Wiz man that was great so we tried to expose
the kids to live theater as well so we really enjoy live entertainment you can
see how excited about how excited we got on this topic that that is some an area
where we don’t mind spending money that’s a big one so that’s it yeah
number 12 we almost left this off the list but it has been a monthly expense
for us now for a few years yes it
a guilty pleasure yes don’t judge me man how do we even begin this no we did not
have a cleaning service in our first home right our first home was 1500
square feet and we took care of the chores on our own yeah and we still do
chores here but once a month we have a professional cleaning service come in
yes a couple of ladies do our entire home for $100 it is quite affordable
what do you think of it like that if somebody can get the two from top to
bottom you know this this assist my wife I don’t expect her to be cleaning up the
whole house but tidy through but they come we have our perspective sections in
the house but then we still you know what you know cleaning yes yeah and
honestly they just they do the bulk of it and then I find that there are still
there’s still a more detailed cleaning that sometimes I have to do behind them
right but that’s much easier than me trying to cover the entire 2,600 square
feet so it’s $100 that’s well worth it yeah we were just discussing though that
we may have to cut that expense in the new year because we don’t have any
income coming in and we spent so much on travel this year we had so much going
out so until we can beef up our travel and real estate business yeah we may
have to put the ladies on hold that’s okay that’s a little sad I work for
those ladies I work so that they come in here and I don’t have to work so much in
the house yes that’s the yes the drawback of not having as much coming in
but the good thing is we don’t have a lot going out so we’ll be fine okay and
and as you know as like shit as the businesses build up then we’ll be
straight and in the future we are going to do a video we talked about doing a
video detailing our monthly expenses to let you guys know exactly how much
we’re spending on these things we just haven’t gotten around to documenting it
yet so those are the 12 things that we spend our money on what about you are
there 12 things or more that you just can’t live without on a consistent basis
we would love to hear from you we know that not everybody is that free we’re
hoping you’re on the path to doing so but when you look at your spending
report where does the money go you gotta make sure it’s going to the right thing
so then you can do it spend it on the things that you want to spend on right
so see you in the next video

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  1. I don't work here! 😭😂 Outside of living expenses, must have hair appt (switched from weekly to biweeky though) and travel. Could even sacrifice salon to once a month if needed, but not budging on travel!

  2. Yes I love going to the improv, concerts and the theater! Hope to do more of that in 2020 now that I'm debt free.💪🏾
    "I dont work here!"🤣 Yes girl you just gave a word! Ima have to use that one!😆

  3. Hilarious..I'm with Rob. I'm a "girl house bum." Home is my sanctuary after the hustle and bustle of work, chores, ETC. Thanks for giving insight into a well- balanced spending budget. I especially appreciate both of you for sharing that you are tithers. Kudos again..

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