What If Tesla Keeps Growing 50% Every Year?

What If Tesla Keeps Growing 50% Every Year?

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new, welcome. If you’re a regular, welcome back. Before we dive in I just want to say a huge
thanks to everyone subscribed to channel–there’s more than 50,000 of you now. I’m blown away that there’s such a passionate
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Patreon patrons for funding the channel. You guys SERIOUSLY are awesome. On Tesla’s recent Q4 2019 earnings call,
Elon Musk reiterated his confidence that Tesla can maintain a growth rate of over 50% per
annum. For anyone who’s ever looked at the effects
of compounding growth over time, this should blow your mind. I’m not here to debate whether or not it’s
possible–you guys can do that in the comments below. I’m simply going to look at what happens
IF Tesla pull this off. How will Tesla’s business look throughout
the 2020s, with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%? How many vehicles does that equate to? How much revenue? How many Gigafactories? How much storage deployment? How much solar? This is not going to be a perfect analysis. It’s a back of the napkin look at some ballpark
scenarios that we as Tesla investors, fanboys, haters–or whoever else is here–can consider
and ask ourselves “What if?”. At a really basic level, if Tesla increases
its revenue, it’s stock price will increase. I know that statement just triggered a bunch
of you finance nerds so calm down. Before explaining how that’s not always
true, may I remind you, I just said “ballpark” and “back of the napkin”. We’re going on a big-picture, conceptual
journey here ok, relax. Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Now that’s out of the way, let’s see what
the future may hold for Tesla if this 50% growth rate is maintained. History Since its inception,Tesla has grown revenue
at WELL above 50% annually–well above 100% actually but if we take the last 6 years,
the average is 54%. If we take the last 3 it’s 55%. Maintaining a 50% rate of revenue growth becomes
exponentially more difficult over time. It’s easy when the numbers are small. The bigger they get, the harder things become. $10 million to $15 million is typically easier
than $10 billion to $15 billion. Yet Tesla seems to be doing what it needs
to to keep this up. To do so, Tesla must continually evolve. They have to do things differently. Better. Manufacturing processes must improve. The products must improve. New efficiencies must be found. Whole new ways of doing things need to be
invented. And this is what we see. One look at Tesla’s patents, or evolving gigafactory
designs, or newly announced product lines or lower capex spending per unit of capacity–all
point to Tesla’s willingness to adapt and evolve while continuing to scale. Tesla’s track record is good. This matters. Vehicles In 2019 Tesla delivered 367,200 vehicles. About 0.4% of the global auto market. There’s definitely room to grow. If a 50% growth rate is maintained throughout
the 2020s, Tesla will deliver 550,800 vehicles in 2020, 826,200 in 2021 and 1,239,300 in
2022. Fast forward to 2029 and Tesla will deliver
21,174,602 vehicles. That would be about 23% of the global market. This is a stretch but Tesla has maintained
around an 18% global market share of EVs thus far. Even 18% of a 90 million strong global market
is more than 16 million vehicles annually. However, car ownership has probably peaked. Transport on demand is here to stay. Robotaxis will totally nullify the need to
own a vehicle. Tesla probably won’t sell over 20 million
vehicles in 2029 but they don’t need to. They have other products. Solar The giant fusion reactor in the sky known
as the sun emits enough energy in 1 hour to power the earth’s needs for a year. Almost everything on earth is already solar
powered. If you know your science, you’ll understand
this. If not, your homework for today is to learn
about photosynthesis and the food chain. Solar technology is following a declining
cost curve meaning over time, solar becomes cheaper and more efficient. Harnessing the power of the sun is a no-brainer. We don’t have to do anything to generate
the power, we just need to capture it. It’s a free lunch–well, until the sun becomes
a red giant, boils the oceans and destroys all life on earth. But we don’t have to worry about that for
a while. In the mean time, solar panels and solarglass
roofs will become ubiquitous as they continue to fall in cost and improve in efficiency. The economics assure this. Tesla solar took a back seat during the Model
3 production ramp but it’s now back in full swing. Solar is destined to become the primary source
of energy on earth. Tesla will have no problems scaling here. Storage The way today’s power grids work is really
stupid. I mean, it’s cool that we have energy on
tap but to continue the analogy, it’s basically like having every tap in your house running
at full speed 24/7, wasting water, just so the moment you need some H20, it’s already
there. In today’s energy networks, electricity
is effectively generated on demand. This is why we have peak rates. If lots of people are using power at the same
time, more power plants need to be online to cater to demand. That’s when peaker plants kick in. This is SO dumb. Instead of pissing away unimaginable amounts
of money paying peak energy rates because everyone is using their air conditioner at
the same time. Energy can be generated ahead of time, stored
in batteries and used when it’s required. This greatly reduces waste and costs. Plus, if you have solar, your stored energy
is free and if you have a surplus, you can sell it. It’s actually a money printer. The payback period for rooftop solar and home
batteries is still many years away but this is falling rapidly. The payback period for large scale battery
storage in grids, however, is almost immediate. And this is where Tesla will generate the
bulk of its revenue — from its grid-scale Megapack and supporting software. The Hornsdale battery project in South Australia
is a prime example of the incredibly compelling economics of using batteries and smart software
to provide power. At a cost of $90 million Australian dollars,
it saved energy customers $50 million in its first year of operation and saved the day
more than once, stepping in to stabilise the grid when it would otherwise have imploded
and caused widespread blackouts. Tesla’s storage business is set to explode
as towns, cities, governments, states, utilities and even entire islands implement storage
in their power grids, businesses and homes. In 2019, Tesla energy, which includes solar
and batteries, did $1.531 billion in revenue. Elon Musk has said he believes energy can
grow to be even bigger than their vehicle business. If we see 50% growth on energy revenue, by
2025 we’re looking at $17.4 billion and by 2029, $88.3 billion. Personally, I think Tesla will be doing well
above this number. Gigafactories In April, Tesla will host the battery and
powertrain investor day to explain how they’ll achieve annual battery output of multiple
terawatt hours. My suspicion is that the plan involves licencing
its tech to other automakers and possibly partnering to build factories. Either way, SOMEBODY needs to build a lot
of factories. When fully expanded, I suspect each gigafactory
will be capable of producing around 1 million vehicles per year. Tesla continues to optimize and find new efficiencies
everywhere, like the genius Cybertruck which will require a tiny factory footprint to manufacture. We know Tesla’s existing facilities have
scope for expansion like Gigafactory Berlin for which documents suggest planned annual
output exceeding 750,000. Let’s assume future gigafactories will be
built with multiple expansion stages in mind too. That means that Tesla will need at least 20
gigafactories by 2029, each producing 1 million vehicles per year. But that doesn’t really account for storage,
or the fact that Tesla may supply batteries to other automakers. Taking that into consideration, they’ll
probably need well in excess of double that number of gigafactories. It’s very hard to know exactly but it will
be a LOT. This is why I think partnerships are in the
future of Tesla. Software and Robotaxis Tesla’s software revenue will only grow
over time as full self driving is achieved and the in-car infotainment goes to a whole
other level. And then there’s software purchases like
the $2,000 acceleration upgrade. And who knows what else will come. That point is that software revenue is a small
slice of Tesla today, but will be a major piece tomorrow. Software is a very high margin business. And let’s not forget the robotaxis. When Tesla’s autonomous fleet awakens, they
tap into a potentially multi-trillion-dollar market and look poised to take a huge slice. This one thing — robotaxis — could cause
such a dramatic step-shift in annual revenue–and more importantly, profit margins–that a 50%
compounded rate of growth may look embarrassingly conservative in 2029. And that brings me to revenue. This is the main metric to focus on. This is what we’re really talking about
when we’re saying “50% growth”. In 2019, Tesla did $24.6 billion in revenue. By 2024, this compounds to $186 billion. By 2029, $1.4 trillion. Yes, you heard me right. $1.4 TRILLION. With a “t”. For context, in 2019, Apple did $260 billion
in revenue, Amazon did $280 billion and Microsoft did $126 billion. Each of these companies is worth more than
$1 trillion dollars today, while Tesla is around $130 billion. Over time, Tesla’s margins will grow not
only due to never ending optimization and declining battery/computer costs, but much
more importantly, as software becomes a larger piece of the pie. Again, for reference. Let’s look at Tesla’s recent revenue history. If this isn’t exponential growth, I don’t
know what is. By the way, the site I’m using here, which
has featured in many of my videos, is HyperCharts.co. It’s my favourite way to look at the numbers
for stocks. They’ve sponsored today’s video with a
great offer. If you sign up for an account with the link
in the description, you’ll get 1 free month of premium access which allows you to enter
your own estimates, get quarterly results emailed directly to your inbox, synchronize
company earnings dates with your calendars and plenty more. So, if Tesla grows at 50% annually, we’re
looking at a company doing well over $1 trillion in revenue by the end of the decade. Roughly 60 times as much as today. Do you think Tesla will pull this off? They haven’t given me any reason to doubt,
and their Master Plan outlines a pretty clear path to make this happen. The question I want to leave you with is this: If Tesla does grow revenues by 60 times this
decade, and if Tesla’s margins continue to improve as software becomes a larger piece
of their business, what does the company’s valuation and its stock price look like? I’m no genius but I have a feeling that
Tesla stock may be a worth a little more than it is today, if they can pull it off. Do you? I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem and I love you all. Thanks for much for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. Do you think Tesla can maintain a revenue
growth rate over 50% for the next decade? What are their biggest challenges. How will they reach this scale? And of course, if you have any ideas for future
videos, let me know. I read ALL your comments. p.s. If you’re still watching, you’re AWESOME. This channel has kind of blown up since it
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being here and watching, so thanks again.

100 thoughts on “What If Tesla Keeps Growing 50% Every Year?

  1. If they do continue growing by 50% every year I might have to harvest my organs so I can buy more stock.. JK or am I? lol

  2. I think 50% growth is obtainable on a smaller scale, but not on a larger scale. Reason being, Elon will have to grow the Giga factories at that scale, and given the fact that a Giga factory in most countries (excluding China) will take 1.5 to 2 years to get up and running puts a damper on things. I think Elon is once again just a bit too optimistic on this goal, not unlike some of his previous optimistic goals that have been obtained, but not in the predicted time frame. I think Teslas' growth rate will start to decline once the gigafactories reach full capacity, and maybe will hit a 30% growth rate, which is still amazing and unprecedented. Long Tesla!

  3. Food for thought:

    What happens if the virus worsens causing Chinese demand for Tesla Electric Cars are outshined by demands for a containing the virus and curing patients? Already has 5X the amount of infected than SARS and Tesla Momentum otherwise would've not been cracked.

    Charge- port installations become delayed, cars produced are not in such high demand as expected in Q1 resulting in a major set back back to the 400's after Q1?

  4. Elon has stated that Tesla will max production at 20 million vehicles. Tony Seba has stated that once Robo Taxis are legal car sales will drop 40-60%! So worldwide sales will be 35-50 million vehicles, which don't include Robo Taxi production. So Tesla will be selling/using all of the 20 million vehicles into the distant future!

  5. Please PROTECT ELON he is the man of our future we only get one or two people in our life time to do and have the vision and work ethics that this man has.. I am glad to be alive to see this unfold..

  6. Tesla has solar power AND batteries added to electric cars. also invested in mining for it. So whole range is "secured" or at least better suited for future shortages and position versus other car producers..Further Tesla would invest further into other Musk-companies like spaceX and Boring comp…we just have to sit and wait till Elon delivers…Just buy Tesla between 500 and 1k now is a good range to buy and stay.

  7. Sooner or later there will be recession, big one (FED stops QE after US elections?). It will slow down Tesla growth for w while

  8. Steven why didn't you lowball the calculation and do it at 30% compound instead of 50%Steven compound give you an Elon some wiggle room?

  9. Love the channel. I’m just wondering when you buy stock in Tesla is the solar, storage and everything else all under the same bracket

  10. I wonder what full self driving will do to the stock price, I mean, can you imagine a service way cheaper then any public transportation, and way more convenient then a normal taxi? Can't wait to the day it happens, and when investors realize what's gonna happen.

  11. Hi Steven, love your videos. I was wondering if you could analyse the sustainability of Lithium batteries? I read once, that there is not nearly enough lithium to "fuel" the EV market, if the market is changed into a EV market?

  12. Imagine if it keeps growing 50%… this year 100k to 150k cars and in like.. 100 years that’s like billions of cars.. it’s worth bazillions!! Kazillions!! Go all in baby!!! imagine being this dumb.. imagine believing trillions of dollars of infrastructure will change and only Tesla, a company with a fraction the R&D budget of other companies, will be the ONLY player… bitcoin anyone??

  13. Steven, star link is gonna be big!
    I really love your videos and how quick, precise and absolutely NO BS info gets to our ears!
    When Star link goes live, i"d really love it if you cover them too 🙂
    I'm prepping some cash for an initial investment there and anticipating the age of space internet 😀
    Can't wait to have my own pizza box receiver on top of my cyber truck and go camping for months !! 🙂

  14. 3:56 What about a years of blackout because of massive vulcano eruption? Many are over due anywayand It happened many times before.

  15. Steven, is there a chance Tesla will become a victim of it's own success? – lots of ways this could happen . . .
    and do a separate video on psychonauts, I think it's very interesting . . .

  16. The biggest challenge for Tesla in the coming decade is lobby groups of various industries. If you take the steps from zero to success, according to Mahatma Ghandi, it will look like this: First they ignore you (which the legacy-industry did, because they killed the electric car before). Then they laugh at you (various Tesla haters and media-FUD stories), then they will fight you (this is the part I am referring to, the legacy-industry still has a lot of capital to hurt or even destroy Tesla), but if Tesla will pull it off (like you said) Tesla will win.

    Do not underestimate the power of big companies that are somewhat panicking over the fact that they will lose market value if Tesla is going forward. If I was not busy with my day time job, I would have a full time occupation, just to track down and fix all the FUD about Tesla. The growing succes of Tesla is measured by the upcoming FUD stories and twisted media-nonsense about Tesla. I do not own a Tesla (yet), but I can clearly see, where this is going. Tesla has to fight off a lot of resistance.

  17. I don't own any Tesla stock but I'm planning on buying in the near future. The current price is $748. Should I wait a few weeks?

  18. Obstacles to Tesla's success in the EV market:
    battery constraints
    battery tech improvements (energy density and price)
    Tesla has no affordable compact car and won't for a number of years

  19. I think Tesla's Market cap at the end of 2029 will be between 2-10 Trillion USD
    And if SpaceX goes public by then they will probabaly be well on their way to surpass them because of potential asteroid mining and other stuff

  20. This is a possible explanation on what was the incredible run in TSLA, an those who can see all the potential!


  21. You should look at Tony Seba's 2020 Future of Transportation Keynote. I am convinced that FSD now will be the biggest impact to mankind since the invention of the Internet and Tesla will own this space for years. A recent interview of famous chip architect Jim Keller thinks that within 10 years FSD will be fully commoditized and be present in all vehicles and be as commonplace as GPS is today. People are not ready for how huge this impact to society will be. Jim worked at Tesla on the FSD computer chip

  22. I keep coming back to your channel so I pulled the trigger and subscribed. Your content is top notch and fun. Thanks for all you do.

  23. All good points as usual. Here is something to think about though. Elon has thought about using the big fusion reactor in the sky as a renewable resource. Brilliant! However, I think he may be forgetting the huge fission reactor in the ground as another renewable resource. Yes, the ground. The earth's core is full of decaying heavy elements that keep the ground warm. Geothermal can be harvested and integrated into the master renewable plan for those of us where it gets cold. Using solar to pump coolant in the ground can add a 400% energy gain and heat and cool homes. I wish Elon would pick up on this. Any thoughts on this?

  24. The master plan part one and two written by Elon years ago is unfolding… and growing in scale and achievable as they continue to innovate using creative and intelligent decisions and solutions. In order to achieve 1T… batteries and efficiencies at unheard of rates for production must be achieved. They are already building cars in ways never seen before and they are making improvements in between production quarters that get rolled in during the same "model year".

    Battery day is going to be the crucial element behind the growth you estimate they may be able to achieve here in this video. Everything they do relies on batteries and he who has the most batteries, with the best efficiency, for the lowest costs and longest life span WINS. Their batteries are the best in the world so far along with their solid software management system and drive train. The software systems they create to drive the car and run it at it's peak is the second greatest commodity they have with the highest margins.

    Tesla is not rewriting history, Tesla is defining history for a new era. How we interact with cars, how we travel, the cost, the speed, the rate, the efficiency, the fun the variety is all being changed by them.

    He who laughs last… laughs best… all the way to the bank.

  25. What if Tesla gets acquired by Google? https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2020/02/10/google-could-acquire-tesla-for-1500-per-share-on-its-way-to-2-trillion-stock/

  26. Man, you deserve well beyond 50k subscribers! Awesome insights into Tesla and Elon Musk that will surely change the world we live in (and possibly Mars in the near future 😍). Keep it up!!! ❤

  27. T≡SLA … will kill oil companies, legacy ICE, their dealership networks, taxi companies ….
    or may be they will kill Elon ??

  28. Hey steven whats your thought on the Q1 earnings? do you think it'll be positive or negative. i'm wondering because i can only buy one stock at a time every month or so. and i'm thinking if i save up alittle i can buy when the dip comes in Q1 if numbers are bad. or should i just buy up now

  29. The other car makers are gearing up to male electric vehicles. The problem is the current battery technology is a step backwards.

    Musk built Tesla with the promise of developing a revolutionary battery technology. With that patented new technology Tesla would change how power is stored on and off the road. It would revolutionize the world and Tesla would be the most valuable company ever.

    Without this new technology battery technology is just too bulky and expensive. Tesla doesn't yet have the competive advantage to radically change the world. It will just be one of the players in the crouded market space. Don't forget that Tesla is in debt far over it's head and is still burning through cash at an amazing rate. A recession tends to bankrupt companies with their kind of debt. Tesla is the new version of the. Tech bubble and the realestate bubble. It is pure speculation and not an investment.

  30. Mathematically speaking, that would mean they would be selling about a quarter of all cars, pickups, and CUVs. And that's with only a rounded off Ford Fusion lookalike, a swollen version of same, and a doorstop.

    Considering the fact that they sell less than .05% right now…and prices don't look like they're going down any time soon…

  31. In less than 5 years, many or most of the EVs Tesla produces my not even be for sale to retail customers. These EVs may be used exclusively for Tesla's Robo-taxi service, especially if the China designed EV can be made for under $15K or $20K. Considering that most Uber and Lyft rides are for a single passenger, there is no need for a large, long range EV to handle most peoples daily commuting, shopping, and general transportation needs. Transportation as a Service (TaaS) will probability be much more profitable with higher margins than individual vehicle sales and will be a bigger industry than the vehicle sales industry especially as vehicle sales continue to decline as the cost per mile of a Robo-taxi drops below $0.50 per mile. Today with Uber and Lyft , Millennials are already buying fewer cars than the previous generations. This trend will only be exasperated with inexpensive Robo-taxis and a the global trend of more and more people moving to cities where Robo-taxis make the most sense.

  32. I believe Tesla will continue to grow by at least 50% per year for one primary reason. Musk has the courage to, literally ‘Shoot for the stars’. When it comes to production & design, Musk is not necessarily the ‘Smartest’ man around as much as he is the most ‘Determined’ man around! Musk is not afraid to continue risking capital on research when he knows that the technical goals are well within our reach but simply haven’t been ‘mapped out yet’! He seems to have the courage to ‘Push a little harder & farther’ than other CEO’s in order to reach the ‘Bass Ring’ that was sitting there the whole time just waiting to be ‘Plucked by someone’! I believe other CEO’s are afraid to take these risks because they have been ‘Trained this way’! Musk’s ways are ‘Too Risky’! When in fact all he does is take one step more, out to a higher limb to reach the ‘Fruit’ that everyone knows is there, but are simply too afraid to ‘Take the Risk’! Does his strategy work? The proof is in the pudding!

  33. What do you think is going to happen with the design aspect of autos? Up till now car manufacturers have not only depended on increases in performance but also changes in design. People become enticed to purchase newer and just a bit better as a way to keep the auto manufacturers in business. As Tesla continues to role out it’s newer autos at some point the newest becomes less of a change. Especially as it reaches and exceeds the million milers.

  34. What if you make a video addressing the priced-in factor, you poor confirmation bias sufferer? You know everyone is a genius in a bull market.

  35. Can you read my Medium post and let me know what you think? It's titled "Financial advice from 55 year old me to 16 year old me" and its at https://link.medium.com/rFqp9EYzX3 Thanks!

  36. The only constraint are batteries. They can produce the cars (as long as resources are accessible!) to grow fast, but they need the energy storage production, i.e. BATTERIES! Elon said so!

  37. As an ardent tesla fanboy and inexperienced investor would you say it is too late for me to get in on the tesla stock? I know they have a mean growth curve coming but are there any other companies you can think of that may have such a growth curve that we could get in early on?

  38. A good video from Dave Lee on Investing. "Ark Invest Sells Majority of Their Tesla Stock Holding in Past 4 Months – What's going on?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwt4wpe7vYI

  39. I agree with the 50% growth per year as a floor. One Gigafactory a year should get Tesla there. This is what Tesla is working on. Scaling up production is MUCH easier than inventing the products and going through the initial production hell. Now they can build on what they have learned and accomplished!

    I tend to agree with Ark Invests $7,000 to $22,000 price for Tesla – just a year or two after Ark’s timeline.

  40. Previously when I tried to figure out what the world was going to be like in 10 years at first I had no clue. Then as I thought I became depressed due to growing political, economic and social polarization and resulting conflicts and violence/depression.

    Tesla’s work and plans are now giving me a more upbeat view for 10 years from now. Solar, batteries, EVs, autonomous will all be positive, IF, we can implement Elon’s supported President: Andrew Yang. Part of Elon’s plan for a happier population is Andrew Yang. Please support Andrew at this critical point in the election cycle. Yang2020.com.

  41. How low can they get the price down to capture more of the market? Once they have the capacity, just undersell everyone. Love the videos mate, been here since your 2nd one.

  42. This might be a silly question but why would Tesla sell it’s battery tech to rival car companies and give away one of the key advantages it has in the market? Wouldn’t that be Tesla shooting itself in the foot?

  43. I agree with your sentiments

    But my concern is that we share the same confirmation bias.
    We really need someone with a thoughtful opposing view to discuss the vulnerability in Tesla business models and threats to it

    Otherwise this can easily become an echo chamber

    I can think of some

    1. Tesla’s patents and business become so important in a rapidly warming planet that desperately needs its tech, that they are nationalised by the US government and investors lose all their money

    2. Tesla becomes standard oil in the future and is similarly broken up by the govt.

    3. Tesla fails to capture a new battery technology and it falls in the hands of an OEM car company

    4. The key man risk Elon musk, leaves, dies or is removed

    5. Margins in the solar and car business are not as anticipated

    6. Self driving tech never fully matures or is solved by another company first such as google

    I think these are unlikely but what concerns me is the stuff that I haven’t thought of

    You need to get someone to thoughtfully ( ie not a rabid short seller) articulate another view

  44. Disruption of Auto, energy and autonomous driving/fleet. We all need to so fortunate to see this in our lifetime, its like budding google 20 years ago, going majority of my net worth gradually. I'm scared of a recession coming soon but a long bullish in the long term.

    As per Peter Lynch, growth stocks like these are 20-30 multiple, Good luck to all investors, god bless Tesla workers and company for saving earth.

    Video advice: Please make a video on Elon salary plan (his yearly salary is $0) and his net worth in 10 years.

  45. What do you think about Bitcoin? Would you ever invest in it? Would you make a video about it? Since you said you read all your comments, I hope you'll ready this one as well 🙂 PS awesome channel.

  46. Hydrothermal vent‘s harbor life that exists add extreme temperatures and pressures. 400°. Europa may have similar life underneath it’s frozen surface.

  47. Yes, they'll achieve all that, and more. Amazon and Apple didn't achieve anything like the enthusiasm level Tesla has reached. This keeps tamping up b/c of the radical transparency and optimism Musk embraces. The AZ makes his companies look like trailblazers in marketing as well, not only in their superb first principles approach to engineering. It'll become the template of 21st Century companies worldwide.

  48. @Qinby, robotaxis may considerably decrease the number of cars produced, and driving and parking (!) on our streets, namely when operated in fleets. Estimates show that a robotaxi-mile will cost about 20 Cent, compared to 70 Cent per mile on average, which a US-owner of a car has to pay. Costs are driven down by not having to pay a salary to the driver, among other financial factors. If that estimate holds true, personal ownership of cars will rapidly decline, at least in cities.

  49. I wish I had seen this video a couple of years ago…I think I was too late when I bought Tesla stock when the price was on $697..

  50. Math never Lie… Formulas also!
    I see, minimum 50% growing per Y, but after 2026 meaby more!.. Meaby 70%! … Why?!
    Because of the growing population and its needs. Also the self-awareness that we need to look for the environment!

  51. cost was 6500$A
    20 x 315 w black panels
    fronious 5k inverter
    pumps 25 to 35 kw per day depending on sun
    2 things to think of
    1 good panels 315 + w
    great fronious inverter
    good luck

  52. Tesla will be fine for a few more years , however big batteries may be unsustainable for mass consumption.



  53. After a few days of sideways movement in the stock price it is good to listen to this kind of talk. Not that I ever had any doubts about the long-term future of Tesla, even without the mathematics…I bought my first 100 shares when Elon asked for investors, not traders, and would have taken those shares to my grave if need be. I did not have to, and I now I am long more than a 1000 shares. None will ever be sold just to "take profits" like the nervous nellies tend to do.

  54. last august i bought 100 stocks of Apple,100 stocks of google,100 stocks of Tesla,100 stocks of Microsoft,100 stocks of Salesforce,20 stocks of Amazon,150 stocks of Disney
    invested all my money into stocks for first time, now sitting on a pile of profits,just wanted to invest longterm 5-7 years
    started earning mode again to buy 80 more stocks of amazon

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