What a $4,000 Outfit Looks Like In NYC | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

What a $4,000 Outfit Looks Like In NYC | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

(light music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, I am Ashley Brooke. And I am a YouTuber and Business Owner based here in New York City. And I like to define my personal style as a little bit of girly and edgy. Now, I normally do not splurge on shoes but for the sake of white
sneakers, I had to get these. Living in New York City, I feel like white sneakers are so practical. They’re comfortable,
they protect your feet. I thought that a good
investment in a white sneaker was perfect. It was a smart choice for me. So I decided to splurge on those. So my leotard was
actually a $15 Amazon find and I wear it all the time. I wear it to work out, I
throw a sweatshirt on over it, walk my dog. I get to wear it over
fun things like this. And the tulle dress is actually
one of my favorite brands from Urban Outfitters. It’s called Out From Under
and they do the best basics. They’re always so comfortable and so fun. So my bag I actually found at a vintage store in the Hamptons. I got it for $2900. It is the Chanel Camera bag. And it actually has a
gold strap attached to it. But I just thought I had
a lot of gold going on, so I tucked in the strap and I’m just carrying it as a clutch. And I also love that it
has a little tassel detail on the side. It’s kind of fun. So as for my jewelry, the top
one I got at a vintage store in Brooklyn and it was $50. And then my middle one actually
has an A on it for Ashley. And my sisters and I
all have matching ones. I live so far from home. So when I wear this,
it really makes me feel a little bit more connected to them. So my pinky ring is from Etsy and it actually has my
fiancee’s name on it engraved. And then this ring I
wear almost every day. It is from By Alona and it is $79. (upbeat music) (light music) – My name is Opal Stewart and I’m a Fashion Blogger
at opalbyopal.com. I would describe my style
as very chic, feminine and a little edgy. My shoes are from Paul Smith. What I love about them
is the color first of all but also the play on the textile, which is very fun and playful. The pants are from Florian Classo, which is a new French
designer who started in 2016. I love her store because she takes discarded
haute couture fabrics and she upcycles them and creates these beautiful pieces. But one other catch to that
is that a lot of the pieces are very small batch,
limited edition pieces. The top is from Pinko and
it’s a complete splurge. I went into Bloomingdale’s one day, one of those retail therapy days and I decided to splurge on this top. I just love the lace details with the yellow ribbons
running right through it. I think it gives a little bit
of a fun quirky edge to it. And I have this metallic chain
belt that I got from eBay that retails for about $30. I’ve been just piling those up. I absolutely love metallic belts. I like those over your
traditional leather belts because they give a little bit of an antique old school edge. This vest is from Beatrice .b Italia. It’s an Italian brand that I
actually pulled from a showroom that I frequent in New York City. I just love the play on menswear and the edge that it gives to this look. And it retails for about $600. The bag is from Lavard. It’s a brand based here in New York City. They started in 2016. And I just love the structure of the bag, but also the charm. You could switch it in
and out and change it up. I have the snake one on right now. And the bag retails for about $500. This chain necklace is by Tara. It retails for about $1500, the most expensive
piece I’m wearing today. It’s a fine jewelry brand. And so basically she
sells all their pieces. You could attach it to this
necklace and just add on to it and customize it in any way that you want, which I absolutely love. And this necklace with my
name on it was actually gifted by my sister for my birthday. And I absolutely love it. I wear it every single day. Well, this first ring was
gifted by my boyfriend and it’s an opal ring of course. For me, it’s priceless. (light music) (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Katy Bellotte and I work at L’Oreal Paris. I do digital and social
during the day and I moonlight as an Influencer, YouTuber,
Podcaster, everything else. So honestly for my personal style I value comfort over everything. But that normally takes the
form of dresses, skirts, really flowy pieces, kind of extra to be honest. So my shoes are from Lulus. I have this style in six different colors. I love that much. I don’t really spend a
lot of money on shoes to be honest because New York
City ruins all of my shoes. I walk 20-ish blocks to work
and I can confidently say these are comfortable to walk in. So my dress is from Thurley. And I initially saw this on the website, but it was way out of my price range. And I fell in love with it. I was obsessed, so I kept looking back. I kept waiting for it to
drop in price and it did. And so that’s when I snagged it. And it’s my ultimate princess dress. One of my biggest mantras is always look like you’re
going somewhere better after, you know? So the bag is from Zara. I got it recently. I love the wicker styling of it. I honestly don’t have much
like this in my collection, which is why I needed to have it. And it retails for about $50. So my necklace was a gift from a New York City-based
designer, Argento Vivo. I’m not sure how much it retails for, but it’s a really beautiful delicate gold that reflects in the light. So my earrings were also a
gift from Tess and Tricia, that’s the brand. I don’t recall how much they
were because they’re a gift, but very delicate, very beautiful. I have very sensitive ear lobes to weight because I wear really
huge earrings normally. So this is a very big change of pace or very small change of pace for me. On my left hand actually
I love to mix metals, so I have a rose gold ring that
I actually designed myself. I worked with a jeweler
last summer on a campaign and I got to design my very own cut and it’s called the Katy. You can buy it. It’s from Eli David
Designs here in New York. So as a fashion influencer,
there’s a lot of pressure to constantly have new
clothes, the latest styles, wear something different in every post. I’m one of those people
that when I find an outfit or clothes that make me
feel ultimately confident, I will wear that three times
a week, four times a week. I think I’m just a better
person when I like my outfit. (upbeat music) (light music) – I’m Lynn Kim Do. I’m an Actor, Producer and Blogger. I would describe my
style as streetwear chic. I believe in each piece being
an expression of who I am. So I really choose designers
that I either really vibe with or are sustainable or functional, something even political sometimes. My shoes are from COS. They are awesome because
they’re sustainable and really big on high design. Sustainability is really important to me. I think it really helps
me make a purchase. For me, I don’t make many purchases, but when I do, I need it to count. A lot of times, I actually
go vintage shopping because it’s a way of recycling. This jumpsuit is awesome
because it’s from Neiman Marcus. They’re an art studio as well. And I think it’s really awesome
to either go out on a date or just out to work. This hat here is from Clyde’s. It’s leather. I believe it’s around 200. And then my earrings are from Lady Grey. I love these girls because
they’re really political and they really stand
behind their opinion, which I absolutely support. And then this bag is from MCM. It is 1250. This bag is great
because it really injects my streetwear design and aesthetic And I think a big part of streetwear is definitely being able to combine and seamlessly style
two really polar ideas. These silver rings on my
hands, they’re awesome because they’re actually
handmade in Arkansas. And they range from $25 to $30. I know, crazy. The pearl, it’s Keshi Pearl
and it’s from Mary MacGill. She designs and makes all
her jewelry in New York. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “What a $4,000 Outfit Looks Like In NYC | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

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  2. Yes I’ll splurge on a good handbag and good shoes , especially if I’ll be using them for a long time .. for clothes no no , I get cheap
    And affordable clothing and am good with it .. for my style I I like to stand out and be different..

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  7. COS is a sister brand of H&M which is known for fast fashion. The quality is better, but not worth the price. It’s marketed as minimalistic which most people assume that it’s sustainable. However, it’s still another fast fashion brand made in 3rd world countries 😒

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    Me: yes, of course. I'm actually a really loyal customer to them
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  27. Many people have to have something because of the name and some people just really love certain designers for the styles they produce.. I'm guilty of both. I love Calvin Klein and Kate Spade. The truth is, you can go on Amazon now and find some classy stuff that is not too expensive …

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