16 thoughts on “Visible: A great wireless option for less

  1. You americans get screwed. In Austria, for 20 euro a month, I get nearly unlimited 4g data calls and texts etc for about 20 euro a month. (€20.03 month). Tethering is not restricted or anything. I guess that's the price for freedom or something.

  2. You missed that unlimited hot spot is also included. It is capped to 5mbps and only one device at a time, but that's huge especially for $25 a month.

  3. I really like the service but my wife and i have terrible call quality specifically in our zipcode, elsewhere it's fine. Been trying to troubleshoot it with Visible Care but that hasn't led to anything positive. My theory, and this is just speculation, the Verizon tower in my area that they're using is in a bad state and they can't do anything about it because they're just a MVNO… Hope it gets resolved because otherwise I love this service. I'm grandfathered in at unlimited speed, unlimited hotspot, which is sweet at $35 because my wife and I are in a party.

  4. Won't be so happy when your child is using Telegram, won't give you the password and then starts dressing like a Goth. You know it's coming mate! Lol.

  5. Our family uses them. Cheap. Unlimited. Not slow data. My only gripe is no customer service you can speak to. It’s all through chat and that is where I feel they lose people.

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