Value-For-Money Lobster Rolls in Singapore | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 36

Value-For-Money Lobster Rolls in Singapore | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 36

And also I think this is one of the most very the bla bla bla hahaha most very de bla de bla haha Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs! My name is Bolin and I’m Renae and today we’re trying lobster rolls that are value for money. Lobster roll, you know? lobster roll affordable lobster rolls What gun? Gun is roll Not that kind of roll ah, siao. Okay but let’s not waste any more time let’s go! No, no, no Let’s roll! Orh, ok can also Let’s roll! First up! We’re at Lobsters & Ice Cream and you hear the name Lobsters & Ice Cream means what means they are specialising in Lobster & Ice Cream First up, we are trying the Maine-Style Lobster and you can see, the lobster is not the chapalang one Ya You see, this one is the whole claw! And if you take out the meat is fatty. You can hold hand with it, it is the whole thing. You can hold hand to hand. They don’t go cheap on this Yeah, it is not like minced meat that you can’t tell if it is a lobster Oh my gosh, I’m very excited! Calm down This is the actual lobster when you cracked open and they just pulled it out As you can see the bread, it is something special. The bread is the second most important part of the lobster roll and this has a nice layer of butter and it is evenly caramelised. The sauce is very flavourful as well The bread is super addictive I will eat the bread on its own cause there is a lot of flavours The herbs really complement the whole texture of the bread and the lobster. This is not as something you would buy in NTUC. You can tell that it is different. You can tell that, the lobster is fresh and you can see how big and meaty it is. It is really substantial. I just want to keep eating it I can’t stop! Ya, it has so much lobsters some places, they try to compensate with a lot of sauce and you feel like you’re eating mayonnaise then you felt like why you’re paying $30 for this. You can tell that there is sauce on the inside but it is not enough. It is just a little bit It is just nice; it won’t make the bread from being soggy. Now we have the Truffle Standard Lobster. Pretty much the same thing except level up with truffle sauce and real truffles. I am expecting a lot from this without further ado Let’s cheers Oh wah, oh my gosh My heart is fluttering when that happened *clink* Oh my gosh, smell that. Imagine this sauce in a pasta That would be crazy It is like earthy mushroom heaven I feel like that I’m in a fairy-tale woods This is by far, my favourite lobster roll because I am a mushroom person not just my hair and I really love mushrooms. You are what you eat I am The lobster meat is nice to chew, did you realise? Because they are all fresh Like I mentioned, they nailed both meat and bread They grilled and cooked it nicely That was more of clean-cut and fresh This is very rich When you wanted something rich and hug your soul If you want something that is more umami If you prefer savoury food then this is for you. Alright, we have finished both lobster rolls. That was such a great first start. Yes, we have set a benchmark. I can’t imagine how it will get better than these. Other than the lobster rolls I would like to say that this place looks amazing I would bring my date over Aww, so sweet What an atas first date It is not the over luxurious place You will not go broke over it but it is still like to bring your date to a nice place Oh my gosh, lobsters. It is very near Tanjong Pagar MRT and if I was staying nearby it is dangerous cause I will keep coming here. The price, the food and everything the place and the location. This is like all in one. Next up, we’re at Chunky Lobsters and you hear the name “Chunky Lobsters” means what? it means Chunky Lobsters! Very chunky a bit like you Yes, like me. Big and juicy and WOW FRESH! This is the Chunky’s Original, Chunky’s Mentaiko. There is a nice butter glaze It looks crazy good! It is glistening like the sun. Before you try, you must squeeze the lemon. Aiya, accidentally squirt onto me haha Wow, wow It is like a beautiful sandwich. Oh my gosh How is it? I’m excited for you You can see how the meat is deep in the bread First, I like how the lemon and butter infused together The richness and acidity is well balanced I don’t know how it is very moist?! The bun is less moist I like this kind of feeling We have finished the Chunky’s Original Lobster Roll The lobster rolls are accompanied by these potato chips It is not potato chips it is cassava chips Wow, you have an accent Cassava~~ The seasoning has a little barbecue and chilli It has a spicy kick We should stop eating the cassava chips We must exercise self-restraint We should save some space for this awesome Chunky’s Mentaiko Lobster roll. They gave a generous amount of mentaiko It is a solid amount of mentaiko paste It is not just a little squirt and call it a day Wah, the smell It is like when you walked pass a Japanese resturant like wah Think I’m gonna, hee hee Do you know where it takes me to? Where? It is like a very luxurious Japanese restaurant where the chef is a master who have done these for 30 years Right, the lobster, the meat is super fresh You have to chew a little but it is not too chewy The meat splits open nicely To be honest, I will pay the premium and get the mentaiko. It is another level of flavour Last but not least to cap off this wonderful meal We have a seafood chowder Wow, you smell a little and you can tell that it has premium ingredients This is straight-up, super thick It is not watery and the flavour is punchy and every mouthful, there are ingredients there is no mouthful where it is just the soup We’re done now at Chunky’s Lobsters and did you know these are the most affordable lobster rolls that you can find in the whole of Singapore Yes, I heard that average lobsters rolls cost at least $35 and above It is located at a good area If I come here often, I will have these often. And the concept is no-frills, you can come by and pay for it you can just grab any of these seat and eat just enjoy yourself, don’t hold back, and enjoy a good lobster roll. And if you want to squeeze the lemon squeeze however hard you want to Last but not least, we’re here at Rollz Burgz If you hear the name “Rollz Burgz” means they sell lobster rolls and burgers Did you know that it is 100% Muslim-owned stall? Beautiful and it is a newly opened stall It has been opened for 3 months only It is like a baby It is at Bukit Batok and you can invite all your Westies friends to come along The first one, we have is the Hot Fiery Lobster Roll The rollz is not the “s” but “z” Correct Then what is this? This is the Singapore Style Lobster Rollz it comes with a shot of laksa sauce Just now, we had chips for our rolls Now, we also have chips but this is British chips. Just now, it was crisps. It is not a normal chips but it is a truffle chips! It has the truffle smell they sprinkled with some parmesan cheese and some spring onions. The garnishes are on point. And if you look carefully the chips are skinned on This is called rustic style! I think it matches up really nicely but if you look at the laksa it is embedded inside it looks like they have marinated the lobster’s chunks. The bun is quite thin and it is filled to the bottom. It does not taste like an ordinary lobster roll but it taste like a fusion local dish. You think that the laksa flavour might be overpowering. But it is not, you still can taste the lobster flavour Can I just point out how ridiculously big this is? This is insane. This is like a lobster nugget! Can you see how big it is?! Personally, I love laksa a lot and I also love lobster When some says two things cannot be combined, these are the two things that can combined well and it consist both of my favourite things Alright, the fries! Lets try! They looked really good! This is my favourite type of chips Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside As fluffly as a mashed potatoes These chips are addictives You will become damn fat Next up! We have the Hot Fiery Lobster Rollz The hot fiery is sambal flavoured. It is similar with Laksa but they infused the lobster meat with sambal chilli. This is like a beautiful mess. A beautiful mess and a delicious mess The heat is starting to kick in It is on my tastebuds Are you a spicy person? I like it but I can’t take too much A little bit of spice and I can die. But this is pretty satisfying This spice is still bearable to me A little spicy I think it is good as it will not ruin the texture of the lobster Like you will not be in pain. The sauce is a little sweeter but it is not that sweet that it will ruin the sweetness of the fresh meat If you realised, when you smell the bun you can smell it is coated in butter, it is so flavourful But comparing to the previous two this bun is a little dry I think that the first one is the best with the bun grilled on the griddle keeping the moisture inside Usually, I am sceptical of fusion food I felt that they always forced it and ended up ruining two different cuisines these introduces me a whole new world where laksa and lobster can be happily married I think this is one of the most value-for-money lobster rolls in Singapore because not only served with a lobster roll but they served it with a huge chunk of fries A huge chunk! Haha And it is not just normal fries but it is truffle fries! I would say by far it is the most value for money If you lived nearby Bukit Batok area Please bring all your friends, family and everyone to try these lobster rolls! So what would you say is your favourite out of all the lobsters roll you’ve had today? I think out of all 3 I think it is still the Lobsters & Ice Cream Oh! Our first? It is number 1! because they have nailed the bun nicely I think that the bun to meat ratio is just nice. And the herb is amazing! Nice, how about you? My favourite is the Chunky’s Lobsters I think that the Mentaiko has changed my life for the better and I love Japanese food a lot even then, Mentaiko was not my favourite After the torched Mentaiko flavoured I’m just like oh my gosh! If you’re looking for a Muslim-friendly option definitely Rollz Burgz and I’ll recommend bringing your foreign friends because they can get a taste of fusion local food and with familiar lobster rolls It is like a beautiful harmony. The best place to bring your foreign friends Thank you so much for watching this Episode of Eatbook Vlogs and if you liked it, you can watch other videos over there! And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye! Let’s roll! Siao!

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  3. Meanwhile in Maine, USA, an entire lobster is less than $12. I cant WAIT to go home to NY this summer!
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