TurboTax 2020 Super Bowl Commercial “All People Are Tax People Remix” (Official :45) TV Ad

TurboTax 2020 Super Bowl Commercial “All People Are Tax People Remix” (Official :45) TV Ad

Wow. Oooh. ♪All people, all people,
all people are tax people♪ ♪If your filing by yourself
let me see it clap it up♪ ♪Clap it up, clap it up♪ ♪If you need a little help
go ahead and hit us up♪ [bark] ♪Hit us up, hit us up♪ ♪You got a question to ask?
A CPA can help you there♪ ♪Help you there♪ ♪Got a W-2 go on
and wave it in the air♪ ♪Wave it in the air♪ ♪Now take a picture,
take a picture♪ ♪Easy uploads is
a mobile feature♪ ♪You can file it, you can do it,
you can file it, you can do it♪ ♪We can help you
getting through it♪ ♪Get it filed, nothing to it♪ ♪All people, all people,
all people are tax people♪

100 thoughts on “TurboTax 2020 Super Bowl Commercial “All People Are Tax People Remix” (Official :45) TV Ad

  1. At first I was like wtf? In all actuality; this is such a silly commercial that its catchy. I guess if the whole point is to grab one's attention, then they succeeded at that. I can't lie, it grew on me. Lol

  2. not only is the music on this ad earache inducing with the repetitive annoying trap effects, this ad is basically saying we're all just existing to be taxed, and we should be happy about it!

  3. dumbest commercial long before the Superbowl even started. just one of those super annoying ones..and I'd rather not be told I live to be taxed

  4. I am starting a campaign to get kyary pamyu pamyu to perform at the next super bowl half time show it would be kyary pamyu pamyu ….lady gaga…and katy perry contact the nfl and let them know that these performers would be perfect for the next half time show

  5. There are no black trailer parks because they live in welfare tax dollar paid housing. Blacks control the welfare housing departments in every city.

  6. The Best on all media! TT, also salute your diversity guts! First time in Super Bowl history, a multi-talented Indian American (0:09, 0:42) /South Asian got featured! Addicting song, Love it!!

  7. Great commercial but I had to file my taxes elsewhere because I was having all kinds of issues with the site. And I've used it for the last 7 years. Hopefully next year!

  8. Little did you know you can file taxes for free and that they already know your tax report but force you to report them anyway or pay for it.

  9. The supreme court says corporations are people which means not all people are tax people. Not all corporations pay taxes.

  10. No matter how you feel about taxes a lot of you have to admit that this was a fun commercial to watch. Not a big fan of tax season but it was fun to watch.

  11. TurboTax is very misleading claiming to be free. Everyone who has used TurboTax knows it isnt free and the way they offer their services ends up costing you $$ in the end. Pretty shaddy but damn easy and convenient.

  12. Just cause of how anoying your comercial is I'm never ever using your service and bad mouthing you all the way and not recommending you to anyone

  13. I hate the voice actor so much rn. honestly cant stand it when Im just minding my own business and this crap pops up. Dumbass dance too

  14. What a brilliant commercial. A girl moaning the word All with a bunch of people twerking their legs. When I heard the lyrics after the Asian lady, I immediately thought of the "awh, me so h**ny song". This is such a crazy commercial I don't know what to think about it, but it gave me a great LOL.

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