Trump Allies LITERALLY Paying Off Black Voters

Trump Allies LITERALLY Paying Off Black Voters

>>Oftentimes, when it comes to support from
the African American community for the Democratic Party Republicans like Donald Trump would
argue that Democrats just pay them off. There’s go into these communities, give them
money or do so in the form of welfare programs and that’s the reason why. Black voters will usually overwhelmingly support
Democratic candidates. First of all, let’s just acknowledge how insanely
insulting that is to the black community. But more importantly, let’s also acknowledge
that it’s a classic case of projection, because Trump allies have been going into predominantly
African American communities and they’ve been giving them money, literally. And they have been doing so in ways that could
be deemed illegal, but it doesn’t matter, because it is Donald Trump. So illegal campaign issues apparently can’t
touch him.>>It is in pursuit of re-election, which
is in the public interest obviously as we found out. We’ll get to that story later today, but let’s
give you the details of this story reported in Politico. The first giveaway took place last month in
Cleveland where recipients whose winning tickets were drawn from a bin landed cash gifts in
increments of several hundred dollars, stuffed into envelopes. A second giveaway scheduled for this month
in Virginia has been postponed and more are said to be in the works. So they’re literally going into these towns
and they’re doing these raffles. These Trump allies are holding these raffles
and the organization doing this is listed as a nonprofit that’s giving out money as
charity, because you can’t buy people’s votes. That’s against the law, but this is not a
charitable organization. They’re listed as one, but their activity
does not fall under the category of charitable.>>Yeah, so I don’t know. I sorta feel weird about this. Obviously, it’s condescending and underhanded
and it shows what these people think about these communities that they can try to buy
them off, but they can’t literally by the votes. Anyone there can take the envelope of money
and be thank you, and then vote for whoever they want, and they did get the money.>>No, John, this is illegal. It’s illegal.>>But the clarify the illegality, that’s
what I want to know.>>You want to know the law?>>I do, yeah.>>If you are a charitable organization, you
can hold an event on like political issues. But you’re not alone, because you have tax
exempt status, right? You cannot endorse a specific person.>>Yes.>>They are endorsing a specific person. Secondly, in order to qualify as a charitable
organization, the money that you’re giving out needs to be proven to be given to a person
who is in charitable need and that is not what’s happening here. Let me give you the details.>>Okay.>>Because we hold like for some reason like
here’s the law, right, this is where you need to be to break the law. But with Trump, it’s like he’s here, but I
don’t know. Is he breaking the law? Yeah, this is law breaking.>>That’s not what-
>>That’s what happening right now.>>That’s not what I’m saying.>>Let me give you the details.>>First of all, he is allowed to break the
law. Let’s just agree there, okay?>>Yeah, he’s breaking the law.>>He’s totally allowed-
>>Every day, all day.>>Yes.>>He’s violating our constitution, I mean,
but it doesn’t matter and that’s the thing that blows my mind. I mean, there have already been illegal campaign
contributions in regard to the 2016 campaign->>Yeah.>>In the form of hush money payments to adult
actresses. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, let’s move on.>>That was only the freebies.>>Frustration is more toward the Democrats
who chose not to pursue that. Let me move on.>>Yeah, Nancy Pelosi, the top of the list
on that.>>Can’t stand it. The cash giveaways are organized under the
auspices of an outside charity, the Urban Revitalization Coalition, permitting donors
to remain anonymous and make tax-deductible contributions. So the people donating to Trump’s campaign
under this charitable foundation, then get to turn around and deduct what they gave in
their taxes. Yeah.>>Fascinating, let me give you more. Charities are required to spend their money
on charitable and educational activities. It’s not immediately clear to me how simply
giving money away to people at an event is a charitable act. Video of the giveaway posted to Facebook by
the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows Lanier, he’s one of the co-founders of this so-called organization,
announcing one recipient to Teresita Jones-Thomas, then declaring she don’t need the money. A LinkedIn profile for Jones-Thomas describes
her as a senior director of accounting for a real estate management firm. Her son, Warriors forward Omari Spellman is
set to make close to $2 million this season.>>He’s doing well.>>So is that enough evidence for you?>>Yeah, but I think you’re responding to
things you might think that I’m thinking rather than things that I’m actually thinking.>>So what are you thinking? Tell me.>>So first of all, I guess just philosophically
in terms of what should qualify as charity. Look, that seems less charitable than other
uses of your money.>>That is not terrible, John.>>Hold on, just let me lay out my case before
you attack me.>>Okay.>>I’m feeling very attacked right now. If you were to go into a community of people
actually need and just give them money, how would that not be charitable?>>But that’s not what’s happening and also-
>>Yes, that’s not, yes.>>If your doing so while endorsing a specific
candidate, which is what’s happening here.>>That’s the biggest issue, yes.>>That’s the biggest issue.>>Yes.>>There’s two issues, I think they’re both
big issues. Number one, a charitable organization is not
supposed to endorse. They’re not supposed to use their charity
as a political arm for a candidate and that’s what they’re doing here.>>They get tax-exempt status specifically,
because they do not do that.>>Exactly.>>Or in theory, they don’t do that.>>Look, we’re telling you this story, because
I think it’s outrageous. There’s nothing gonna happen about it. So I’m just getting outreach for no reason,
because Trump is above the law. The goons that support him and do these disgusting
things are above the law and that’s the country we live in, right? There is a two tier justice system. If anyone else did this, they’d be in prison
or they would have to pay a giant fine for using this tax exempt status in order to push
for a political camp, but with Trump doesn’t matter.>>But it will see and it’s actually goes
even farther. Because if the IRS was to investigate them
and find them, Fox News would lose it. They’re coming after conservative organizations. That’s what they would say.>>One more graphic for you. The group’s Christmas extravaganza event in
Cleveland last month featured a $25,000 giveaway and an appearance by Ja’Ron Smith, a deputy
assistant to the president. At the event, which also featured an appearance
by television personality Geraldo Rivera, co-founder Karim Lanier, compared the investigative
scrutiny faced by Trump to the plight of wrongfully incarcerated black men. He also defended Trump’s record on race. So this is the kind of propaganda that they’re
spreading. But no, but let’s just, hold on. Just forget about the criminality of what
they’re doing for a second and just focus on the argument that was made there. They are comparing the week investigations
into Trump’s criminal behavior in the White House to what black men have had to face in
this country when it comes to our justice system. That is so incredibly gross. I-
>>Yeah, a little bit inaccurate too. Because generally, those black men can’t go
in to the court room be like I have decided no witnesses, no evidence. I’d prefer you didn’t do that. Yeah, it’s suddenly a different situation. Also not new though, this is the latest since
in suburb, but how many times did they call the impeachment query or the mull report a
high tech lynching. They kept saying that over and over again.>>That’s right.>>Effectively making the same comparison.

100 thoughts on “Trump Allies LITERALLY Paying Off Black Voters

  1. Ana, it's insulting to black voters and visitors to this page to say that Republican throw money at blacks without defining how that community gets its money.

  2. And as always, imagine if Dems did that, oh, the outrage.
    Let's face it – if both partis played fair, the Reps would be no better than a third party in terms of influence.
    Not because the Dems are grat, but because the Reps are so much wors.

  3. Hey, Trump feels as though he illegally do what ever the f ck he wants to do, it's his world and everything in it. Violating the entire f cking world. Who is gonna hold Trump accountable? Trump is good at not paying taxes, did you forget this? Reports come out 24/7 about Trump committing crimes and nothing is done about it, so you guys keep reporting, ok?

  4. Let's all vote Trup out….Blacks, white, Indians Pple of All colors, WE CAN DO IT BY COMING TOGETHER ( Smile).. Love you guys… God Bless

  5. Is this any surprise to anybody, he's a con man. And there shouldn't be any question of whether or not this man is a racist because yes he is.

  6. Wait, I thought conservatives didn't believe in systematic racism, they always say it's 'in the past, get over it'. I guess it is real enough for them when it's convenient to use in their propaganda.

  7. Oligarchs buy politicians all the time, so why can't politicians buy off the common man too?

    Let's stop pretending that our society gives a shit about things like "justice" or the "rule of law" (which don't exist anyway…) and just enjoy the ride as the nation-state spirals downward into oblivion – only once this entity is destroyed can new social units be set up to replace it.

  8. Haha. The democrats taught them well?? Are they buying black votes with tax money and promising handouts like democrats?

  9. Think what it says about Obama when you’re critizing Trump and calling him names? He’s blown Obama out of the water and it’s barely been 3 years. We have broken many records that benefit all of us. Record unemployment. Democrats for Trump!!✊🏽🇺🇸🍊

  10. The ButtHOLE needs to get some advice from Trump to get a black voter or just borrow the one Trump has as it looks bad when you never see a black person at one of his rallies.

  11. Can I mention The Great New Society, The Belle Curve, 50 year mortgages, Obama Phones and Pornhub…and are you referring to Black or African Americans here?

  12. How in the blue hell is that compared to the plite of imprisoned black men.
    These popcorn farts are trying to feeding us a ball of shit the size of the planet Earth and expect us to swallow it…

  13. Time to use those arms that are for this very reason. It's in the constitution. Oh wait, the constitution means no more than a government oath now.

  14. …Oink…
    Orwellian swine in full fruition, when some are more equal than others, adherence to rule of law is on condition of status and rank, disagreements are subject to disenfranchisement, branded as traitors to the cause, and or, severe punishment.
    The cause and effect of the Trump cult will serve as a lesson in history, as to how and why so many people had chosen to benefit and enrich the few at the expense and misery of many.
    At least one does hope America can stand in the light of the world and lead by example in righteousness for upholding the rule of law, tempered in humility with the ability to learn from mistakes and not repeat them.
    Clearing a path through vises and depravity for others to follow and maintain a high bar of excellence.
    At least one does hope.

  15. i mean i would take the money and not vote for him. And I'm pretty sure ton of those people are gonna do that as well

  16. African- Americans voted Republicans back in the day: cause this party freed the slaves. The dems have always bought the votes in our communities' by paying off the. Leaders,J.Jacksons Dr. King , Bobby Rush ,A. Sharptons. The" king alfred plan" has a lock on our communities.

  17. OK….now let's talk about the paid folks at rallies, the paid people calling in on shows, the paid trolls…we are dealing with a major con and pretending it's not happening.

  18. John…Ana is right on those two premises…it is a pain to get a 501-c3 status…the tax breaks they get by not paying taxes at all are basically taxes the rest of us are paying…that’s purely stealing…if the irs doesn’t go after them, then that’s saying we literally all could get the status and be exempt from taxes…

  19. Why were there no new witnesses allowed its because the Republicans are there for them selves not the free people

  20. Progressives should go to those events, collect some money and give it to Bernie. That will probably put a quick stop to the nonsense.

  21. Attention all white people!!! The black people that are voting for Donald Trump are not black people. They "never have" and never will be. They are sellouts we diss own them Like Jessie Peterson, Kayne West, and so on and so forth. Please stop saying my black friend Tyron voted for Donald Trump, thinking that's gonna make you more "comfortable with our people" Tyron would be considered a sellout along with his crew he fucks with. Please don't think for one second that any of my people will ever vote for a nazi. The people i mentioned in the sentence "above" are considered ghouls kinda like humans that want to be a vampire but there master won't change them nor except them like kayne west and jessie peterson.

  22. I’m sorry this may be news to you, but black women are the highest educated people in the United State. Stop say welfare is paying us we have jobs.

  23. this whole thing is happening because of the IRS scandal under Obama, which loosened the rules the IRS had about charity and politics- they had to back down on enforcement after that.

  24. These Democrats should just go home and let the Republicans rule with the president as the supreme leader. They have done so for the past years and democrats can stop faking democracy.

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  26. I knew that they supported affirmative action, they never offered this white boy any money. My vote is for sale trump, what’s your offer?

  27. At this point, any time I hear a republican say something about Democrats, I just treat it as them projecting, because far more often then not, it IS them projecting

  28. Anna…you are correct but shhh 🤫 let people take the money. I’d take a photo with the money under a banner for that event and another of my voter sticker on a Bernie sign. Donate some to Bernie, use the rest to fill up my tank to go canvassing maybe get that cute artist for Bernie jacket, that I haven’t been able to justify getting.

  29. I tried find the story a few years ago when about a democrat candidate who got threaten with a campaign finance violation for giving out free food at one of their event, now the republicans are just giving out cash and people are like nothing to see hear, we do this all the time get over it.

  30. Man I am a black African American man is Donald Trump coming to Mississippi talking about he want to hand out $1,000 to vote for him I'm see ya buddy I vote for you I'm a deposit money in my bank account and I'm not even going to vote for his dumbass🤣

  31. $1000 is not shit, i would never vote for his dumbass, any black person who takes $1000 to be disrespected bt this adminstation is just as dumb as he is.

  32. Idoltarama is an idiot! He is a snivelling snoid with endless "uh huh's" and "mmms"… annoying as his endless sniffling. Plus, now, on a subject he can't even begin to discuss with any intelligence, he reveals himself as a duplicitous bribe accepting clown. I can't watch this junk anymore, nor will ever look at anything he is on once I see he is there….. Posh!

  33. As a black republican …white raciar democrats make me sick…at this point..why dont you leave blacks alone. Stop talking about us, stop destroying our neighborhoods like leave us alone. Seriously.

  34. I will vote for trump if he reinstate Obamacare, stop lying, repeal 15% wealth tax, stop cheating and theiving from taxpayers, promote and fight climate change. Stop bullying people, Devote funds to clean water. learn how to read, stop being corrupt, Save our national Parks etc, etc, etc………

  35. Let me tell you little bit about taces. Thanks to GOP tax changes, most of the people can't Itemized and so not being able to include as a deduction. Suckers punished twice

  36. John, shut up, your comments weren't helpful, they were just annoying. Quit trying to find ways to justify this kind of crap just for the sake of an argument. 🙄

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    God help us all… Putin is winning…. Big time!!!

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  39. Preaching to the choir.
    Engery wasted on was happening instead of finding the solution.
    Focus on solution to slove the problem

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    A tv president. Playing the role to cause mass confusion.
    Brian washed don't know anything other than the one they trust. Trust equals power.

  41. I was telling my husband about this & he said that when DJT came through this area (I-70 OH WV PA) he was passing out $100 BILLS at a chain steakhouse in St. Clairsville, OH. So sad. Such a loser!

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  43. Wish Anna Kasparian could hold a civil conversation, instead of constantly shouting at everyone…
    Bernie cannot create a better world if people like her, constantly pump out hate against almost everyone…

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