Top Entrepreneurial Resources (Save Time and Money)

Top Entrepreneurial Resources (Save Time and Money)

– If you are a solopreneur,
a solo entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur with a small team, I know how hard it can be to
grow and scale your business. That’s why in today’s
video I’m gonna share the top 10 entrepreneur resources that have helped me save time,
money, and keep my sanity. So I used to do everything
from my own accounting, to my own social media graphics,
to building my website. I was a do-it-yourself queen. It didn’t matter what it was, I was confident that I could
figure out in my business, but what I didn’t realize I was spending so much time on things that I could do but it wasn’t the stuff
that I was really great at, and so I wasn’t building my
company, I wasn’t growing. I’ve dreamed bigger now and I’ve learned how to build this team, and so I want to share the
same resources with you that I’ve used to accomplish this, so make sure you stay until the end because I do have a free downloadable where you can get all
10 of these resources plus a couple bonuses. So let’s talk about the first resource. The first resource that I used is Upwork. Upwork is a platform where you can find people to work on projects that are a-la-carte basis or on an ongoing basis. The great thing about this is I can find someone in Illinois who
maybe has a cheaper rate than I would have to pay in Orange County, and when you’re building a small business that’s really important. You can find people that
have a track record, that have five stars, so
you know going into it that this person’s gonna work out for you, and if the person doesn’t
end up working out it’s easy to just end
the contract with them. So that’s the first resource if you’re looking for
someone to do admin tasks. I hired my first virtual
assistant from there and I still work with her today. The second tool to really
grow and scale your business is a project management system. I use something called Asana, so when you start working with people you’re gonna need a way to track tasks to make sure that things
don’t get left on the table, that clients’ deliverables are being met. So Asana, there’s a free version and there’s a premium version. For a long time I used the premium version and it was how I would assign
my virtual assistant tasks. Once they were completed I would get an email that they were done, and it made my life so much easier and made sure that things weren’t falling through the cracks. The third tool is
actually a virtual office. So we are here right now at
a company called Servcorp, and this virtual office
gives me a mailing address so I’m able to use it for Google to appear in search results. I can also have them answer my phone calls so I have a professional receptionist say, “Hey, welcome to Moxie
Marketing, how can we help you?” And I also have access to coworking space and 16 hours of dedicated
private office or meeting rooms, so this is really important
because when I meet with clients I don’t have to pay for
an office the full month, or I don’t have to pay a really high hourly fee for these conference rooms. So let’s talk about the fourth one inside. (smooth music) So before we go on, I
did want to point out that I know that some of these things might make you uncomfortable
and you might think, “Jeanette, I can do everything
on my own, it’s fine.” I myself am super resourceful
and I pride myself on that, but it’s not gonna help you grow. So if your true goal is to build a company where you can have freedom, because if you are
starting to work like I did where I was not taking weekends, working nights, I had no end to my days. It started to get really stressful and I didn’t want to do it anymore, so these things are super important so that you can get that freedom back. And if you say, “Jeanette,
I’m not that crazy right now,” this is the perfect opportunity to build up some of these systems so that you never have to
get burnt out and fried. And you’ll know when you’re
ready for these things because you’ll start to drown. (chuckles) So another productivity tool that I use, and I recommend it for all
entrepreneurs, is Screencastify. This lets you record your screen so that you can show other
people what you’re doing. I don’t know about you, but when I do tasks I
don’t have a checklist that I’m checking off myself, and so when I hire other
people to do things it seems very complicated
and like a lot of work because I don’t have this process, so right now what you can do is you can document the
way that you do everything by using a screen recording tool. This is a free tool,
and I highly recommend that you just start recording what you do, because when you do hire someone you just send them this link. What it does is it records your screen and it’s a Google Chrome
extension connected to your Gmail, and once the video’s done
you can actually save it and it will upload to your
Google drive automatically, and you copy that link and you can put it into a
project management system, or you can put it in an archive if you’re not working with anyone so that it’s there when you need it. The next tool that I recommend, and this is another tool
that’s easy to swallow, is Boomerang. It’s another Chrome extension, and what this does is if you get an email, it’s not urgent but you
don’t want to have it fall through the cracks
you can Boomerang it, which basically means you tell it to come back at a certain day and time. So this has helped me by leaps and bounds because I like to have a clean inbox, and so when I see something I’m like I don’t want to deal with it right now, I just Boomerang it to the next day or whenever I can look at it. You can also schedule emails in advance, and so this is really great
if you’re gonna go on vacation and you have a deadline
and you want to make sure that email goes out so that
nothing goes through the cracks. The next tool that I want
to recommend is Fiverr. So if you don’t have
graphic design skills, or you don’t have one-off project skills that you need to be done, instead of wasting your
time to figure them out, maybe you would spend 10 hours trying to figure out how to
do a social media graphic, or you can pay someone
$5 to do this for you. This was a game changer for me, because like I said, I
was very resourceful, I took pride in figuring everything out, but what I didn’t realize
was that I was spending all this time on these admin tasks, the things I weren’t good at, instead of tasks that actually make me money and grow the business. So if you find yourself in that position just take a look on Fiverr, see the different
services that you can get, see the pricing, and you might be at a spot where you have tons of time, and so you’d rather learn
it and do it yourself. That’s fine, but just make sure you know that this is a resource so that when you do get busier
or you are trying to grow you can tap into other
people’s genius zones. Okay, let’s go talk about the last four entrepreneurial resources. So right now we’re in my Servcorp office that I have 16 hours to use every month, which is really cool. Just wanted to give that a little plug. But the next resource I
wanted to talk about is Bench. Bench accounting has helped me save so much time on my financials. So in the past I was actually
doing all of my accounting, my taxes at the end of the year. It’s insane, I’m in marketing and for me to be doing those things
was cool, I thought, because I thought look
at everything I can do, but at the end of the day I’m not getting paid to do accounting. I’m getting paid to be
creative and doing marketing. So Bench is a really great service because it’s super affordable. One of the reasons I didn’t hire a bookkeeper or an accountant before was because I thought oh, my gosh, this is gonna cost me so much money. I don’t have enough to pay someone. But what this allows you to
do is have a virtual team, you get a whole team, and you upload your credit card statements, you upload, you actually sync your accounts so you don’t have to
upload this all the time. You just sync your accounts one time. If you have personal expense,
or not personal expenses, if you have business expenses that you put on your personal card you just upload that and then tell them what it is, and then if they have questions about what an expense was for you get this email that says please categorize
all of these expenses. Takes five minutes, boom, boom, boom. They create all your financial statements, your balance sheet, your income statement. You get to see where your money’s at, how much you’ve spent during the year, what your profit margin is. It’s really great and
I never even actually had those reports when
I was doing it myself. And the best part is
it’s really affordable, so it starts at $119, and if
you’re a much larger company, let’s say you have expenses up to one, I think it’s $1 million, it’s only $299. So this is a game changer
if you don’t currently have an accountant or bookkeeper, or maybe if you already have one and they’re a little expensive
it’s worth checking out. And in our free guide and
in the link in this video there is a opportunity
to use my referral link. You would get a free month,
I would get a free month. It’s a win-win, it’s no risk, so you can try it out
and see how you like it. The next tool that I want to talk about has been a game changer, especially because I do
have a marketing agency and a marketing company,
it’s called ManyPixel. This is a flat-fee graphic design service, so there’s a package where you
can have, at any given time, one order going on, and
that order will take about 24 to 48 hours to complete. I use the two orders at any
time, which is $6.99 a month, and so I have done everything
from YouTube thumbnails, to business PowerPoint presentations, to Instagram images, to logos, stuff that would cost a lot of money to have a graphic designer on staff, or even platforms like Upwork
to get really high quality. So for me this has been
a huge cost savings. I sometimes find myself
trying to figure out what kind of graphics
I can put in the queue to make sure that I can
use as much of the service as possible, but it’s been a game changer. So I would check this
out if you are someone who creates your own social
media images, your thumbnails. Think about how much time you’re spending doing these things and how
much money you could make if you were spending that
time doing your genius zone. So another great resource that
may or may not be for you, but it’s worthwhile to check out. Next resource that I recommend
is business credit cards. So I have a couple
videos where I talk about how to get a business credit card and what are the best travel
business credit cards, and I highly recommend
this because if you’re not using a credit card you’re
missing out on things like cashback, free travel
from signup bonuses, and also the ability to
build your business credit, because if you’re trying
to grow and scale right now that means you’re
probably gonna have a time in your business where
you don’t have cashflow for everything you need to purchase or the people that you need to hire, but if you could use your business credit and just pay a little bit
of interest at some point you’ll be able to make that money back because the people you
add on are gonna add value and help you bring in more clients. So that’s the next resource. Again, we have a couple videos so check the link in our descriptions. We’ll also put them in our free PDF guide so that you can view
those at your leisure. The last resource I want
to recommend is Typito. It is like Canva for video, so it’s a very easy
video editing software. You can add titles, social media graphics. It’s really cool because
it’s plug and play. You can put your brand colors in there, your font, preferred
font so that everything is just easily input when you need it, so this is a service where
maybe you’re not using video because you wanted to have some graphics. This can let you do that. Or if you haven’t gotten into video you probably should at some point because it’s the way
that things are going, so we wanted to recommend
this resource as well. So the last thing today
is one of the things that really opened my eyes to how I needed to build my business was this
book, The E Myth Revisited, and in this book the author talks about how you need to make yourself
replicable, basically, because too many small business
owners are their business. So they are the brand,
they are the service, and they don’t have a way to hire people and have a way they can say here are all the processes to make it run. Essentially this is why
franchises are so successful is because they have built
out a foolproof system so that anyone can pick
these up and run them, and as a solopreneur,
a small entrepreneur, it really put the light
bulb off in my head that I said oh, my gosh,
this is the problem. I just need to be more like a franchise. I need to create the systems, which things like Asana will help you do, create the trainings like
Screencastify will help you do, and that way I can not
worry about hiring someone and oh, my gosh, what do I give them and them having to come back
and forth to me all the time. So this book was a game changer, and we’re actually gonna give one away, so if you would like your chance to win this book comment below. Let us know whether you’re a solopreneur, an entrepreneur with a small team, or an entrepreneur with a large team. And make sure you get our free PDF guide that we talked about
because we have a couple bonus tools that we didn’t
talk about in this video. Click the link in our description, enter an email, and we
will send that your way. And make sure that you
subscribe to our YouTube channel because we have new videos every week to help you grow and scale your business. Next week we’re gonna be talking about social media marketing
tips for entrepreneurs. You don’t want to miss that because we’ll show you how
you can position yourself as an expert and get more
business from social media. Thanks for watching.
(smooth music)

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