Top 10 BEST Money Making In OSRS

Top 10 BEST Money Making In OSRS

How is it going today guys? So when I
live stream on Twitch I get this question all of the time, what are some
of the ways that I personally make money or some of the best money makers in game
that you know any player could actually go and achieve at a certain point in
game? I feel like a lot of players that started playing OSRS during the
mobile hype about a year ago are finally high level, they’re wondering how to make
some serious gold, so I’ve constructed 10 of the best money makers in OSRS
and I’ve also, you know, included a few extra little freebies at the end as well,
hopefully you guys do enjoy let’s jump right into it! Before we get into the top
10 money makers I would like to talk to you about the sponsor for this video. Now
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see what you guys think! Okay so first off I want you to comment down below
right now what is the number one way that you have made GP so far in
Runescape. Also I put a lot of effort into researching and calculating
the GP per hour and most of these are at you know the max potentials and max
gear and what not so it is going to downscale
and there’s lots of variables you know depending on your skill level, the gear
you have, the levels, your experience and you know your efficiency as a whole. Feel
free to comment down below if you do have a different opinion about a boss or
you know the GP per hour or just your favorite boss that kill. Alright here we
go number 10, starting with the worst money maker of the video, the Dagannoth
kings or the DKs as many players call them, are located below Waterbirth
island, off of the coast of Rellekka. You could kill Dagannoth Kings at a fairly
low level but I would highly recommend that you get the Fremennik Elite Diaries
done, which is a little a little hard to get completed you will need like 77 runecrafting, which can be a pain. But if you do complete this diary you’re gonna get
noted Dagannoth bones, this will be about 20 to 40 percent more profit than
if you just left the bones on the ground I mean they’re like 8 to 9k each. Most
players go to Dagannoth Kings for the Berserker ring, the Archer ring, the
Seers, and the Warrior, plus some dragon axes and the pet drop but the rings are
one out of 128 if you’re killing all three of them they’re extremely common
and every single trip you’re bound to see at least one. Not to mention the
Dagannoth King pets are some of the coolest, I personally have the Dagannoth Rex and the Dagannoth Supreme. With everything said and done the Dagannoth
Kings are roughly 2.3m per hour. But again, the rings could drop down or
even go up in price making this even more or worse of a money-making method.
Coming in at number 9, the Chambers of Xeric aka raids 1. When it comes to gear
I have seen players complete raids with 500k, 1m, 5m worth of gear but if
you’re gonna get into a serious group of friends or a team they’ll definitely
want you to have some pretty damn good gear which could range all the way up to
500m if not even more if you do have a twisted bow which is the best way to
kill Olm, the dragon boss at the end. Raids are pretty cool in the fact that
you could go with a group of five or you could go with a group of fifty or you
could also solo the whole entire raid just by yourself. The whole rewarding
system is all based on points it’s roughly 75k gp per 1000 points. And of
course raids one has the drop of the infamous twisted bow which is still
currently most expensive item in the entire game.
You can also get the ancestral robes, dragon claws, dragon hunter crossbow,
there’s quite a bit of items from this raid but the most common thing are the
prayer scrolls, the Dex prayer scroll is the one for range it’s still about 60m
GP and the arcane scroll is for magic but it is a little bit cheaper
it’s like 5m and they are the most common drops. Chambers of Xeric is about 2.8m GP per hour. Moving on to number 8 the money snake Zulrah. Zulrah was one of the first bosses in game
with a ridiculous GP per hour, so much they’ve nerfed it many times since but
it still is pretty damn good in order to kill this boss you will have to complete
the quest, Regicide. Zulrah has four different starting phases which hence
why people think this boss is so hard. In order to kill it properly you’re
actually gonna have to memorize each one of those phases and once one of the
phases is over Zulrah will start another phase from the beginning. Most players
that kill Zulrah have a full magic setup and a full range setup within their
inventory, you’d want to use range on the blue form and use magic on the green and
the red form. Most high-level players just actually use a twisted bow now with
full range nothing else and it is actually a faster way to kill Zulrah plus
it’s cheaper in supplies but then again most people don’t have a twisted bow so
you may be out of luck. Killing Zulrah can be about 2.9m per hour.
Coming in at number 7, this was a very hard pick for me, the Corrupted Gauntlet.
Killing the Gauntlet does require the Song of the Elves quest just to get
inside the Elf City, which is a new quest just came out, highly suggest that you do
do it, the city is amazing, pretty fun quest I do think you guys would enjoy it.
Probably the best thing about slaying the gauntlet is you need 0 gear or
supplies, you can literally show up naked. I mean this is amazing especially if you
get cleaned, you get hacked or whatever it may be you need almost nothing so any
drop you get is pure profit. Killing the Gauntlet is extremely
challenging to learn, probably one of the most challenging on this whole list and
you would want to do the regular gauntlet before you tried the corrupted
but once you have it down, it can be very addictive and you know it’s instance
it’s randomly generated rooms it’s kind of like
kind of like dungeoneering from back in the day, this is one of the funnest
things to do in OSRS, hands down. You can get the new Blade of Saeldor from
this boss which is still over a hundred mill and you also get shards, you can
make divine potions and make a lot of GP doing that or even use the shards on the
Crystal Chest which I will mention later on as well. If you do perfect kills and
you rarely die killing the gauntlet is gonna be about 2.9m per
hour. Coming in at number 6 the Demonic Gorillas. In order to kill these
Gorillas you will have to complete Monkey Madness II. Now these are pretty
similar to the Dagannoth Kings as mentioned before, a slayer task is not
required but highly recommended as this is a hybrid boss. If you didn’t yet know
you can actually get a Black Demon task and then go kill the Demonic Gorillas
and they will count as a Black Demon. Of course you would want to have the best
gear while killing anything in the game but this monster you really only need
like level 80 stats and some barrows gear. I would highly recommend getting an
Archlight, definitely the best weapon to use against demonic creatures in the
game. While killing these you can get magic seeds a whole bunch of rune items
and some other good drops but Zenyte shards make up the bulk of the profit as
they are pretty common. So with that being said demonic gorillas are about
3.1m per hour. Number 5 Alchemical Hydra. This is one
of the newer bosses to old school runescape and it’s amazing GP but it
does require 95 slayer and can be only killed on a hydra slayer tasks assigned
by Konar, similar to some of the other Slayer bosses such as Cerberus and
Kraken but of course this boss can only be obtained via Konar. The best way to
kill this boss is with a twisted bow but a twisted bow is about a billion GP so I
would assume many people watching this probably don’t have that and you could
just use a blowpipe. If you are an endgame iron man this is definitely a
boss you want to make a stop at it has two of the best in slot items one of
those being a Hydra Claw which you would add to the Zamorakian Hasta to turn
into a dragon hunter lance the melee version of the dragon hunter crossbow.
The boss also has a rare drop of a Hydra Leather which you would then take the
Leather to the Lithkren Vault, which requires Dragon Slayer II, that is the
place that you kill rune dragons at. Use it on the machinery and you would turn
into the Ferocious Gloves which are the best gloves and slot at 14 strength. The
leather is tradable the gloves are untradable. Killing the
Hydra can be up to 3.2m gp per hour. I personally actually killed 500 of them and made a video of it, I got
two Hydra Claws that were like 85m gp within the 500 kills. Up next at number 4
the Zalcano. This is actually the newest boss to come to OSRS but it does require
the Song of the Elves quest and you actually need to do the quest just to
get into the city in general. If you don’t know Zalcano is a skilling
boss you use mining, smithing, and Runecrafting to take down the boss. If you
want to make some serious GP I would definitely recommend 90 to 95 to even 99
mining and definitely try and buy yourself a crystal pickaxe. A dragon
pickaxe works just fine and you’ll still you know managed to get quite a bit of
GP per hour but using a crystal pickaxe is gonna give you you know the top tier
slot of any people in the room especially they don’t have the crystal
pickaxe and you’ll receive a lot more MVP kills which is going to increase
your GP per hour significantly. Similar to slaying the Gauntlet found within the
city as well and doing you know miscellaneous activities throughout the
city you can get crystal shards and turn them into divine potions or you could
also take the shards and use them on crystal keys to open the new enhanced
crystal chest I did upload a video of that check it out very interesting you
can make a lot of GP plus even get shards back from the chests or even
getting the new Dragonstone armor within the chest which is like 5m
GP per piece. Hands down Zalcano is the best way for ironmen to get supplies
for smithing, the whole boss literally drops gems, ore and bars nothing else
really so I would highly recommend you go there if you do have an ironman. If
you are looking for the unofficial worlds world 378 for US and world 375
for Europe. After researching my ass off Zalcano is 3.2m hour, which seems
a little bit high but it really is even after the updates I’ve talked to quite a
bit of professional PVMers and searched around on Reddit and many other
you know other sites and blogs and it is about 3m an hour. Coming in at number
3 at Kree’ara, the Armadyl Godwars dungeon boss. From my perspective when I
go to this boss I see a lot of players either killing it solo or killing it
with a buddy but the use a crossbow and they’re kind of
staying back you know how we used to do back in the old days but now there’s a
much more efficient way to actually take down this boss. You would want to be
using black chins and blood barrage highly recommended especially if soloing
already been a duo although it will increase you know supply costs quite
significantly, your GP per hour and the kills per hour is gonna go up
tremendously If you don’t know black chins have an
AoE which is area of effect that means they can hit multiple creatures at one
time. So the reason for the black chins is that you would get a minion next to
the boss and you would throw chins at the minion which the chin is then
accounting for just the defense of the minion which is much lower than the boss
so you’re gonna be hitting like massive numbers on the boss it is the quickest
way to take it down a bit costly but much faster which means more item drops
more pet chances per hour. Taking it back about four years ago when God Wars
dungeon came out I was one of the first players in the game to get an Arma Hilt
which I sold for a hundred and thirty-five mil that is not the case
anymore the AGS is about 14 million GP but good news the Armadyl chest and
the chain skirt are worth a lot more about 35 mil each. Most of your profit is
definitely to come from the chain skirt and the chest and you could even you
know keep killing the minions if you were to kill enough bosses you would
have the chance at the one out of 16,000 drop rate from getting an item piece off
a minion and this goes for any type of God Wars dungeon boss as well. I feel
like the majority of high-level players mainly still PVM which is why the Arma
chests and the skirt are worth so much and less players actually go in pk, plus the
AGS is a great spec weapon but there’s dragon claws there’s G mauls and
Ballistas and other weapons that you don’t need the AGS plus the AGS is
like the worst Godsword to use PVM wise so that’s why the armor is worth more
and the AGS is worth a lot less. Killing Kree’arra comes out to about 3.4m GP per hour. Coming in at number 2 the most camp boss in old school
runescape at this very moment, Vorkath. Now Vorkath is amazing gold but it
is locked behind the Dragon Slayer 2 quest which is definitely pretty hard
you probably won’t be doing this quest if you’re you know below 100 combat.
Using a dragon hunter crossbow or dragon hunter Lance is greatly going to
increase your kills per hour using these weapons is about 30% more accuracy and
30% more damage towards dragons. Each kill takes roughly two minutes but it
drops 2 superior dragon bones at one time both valued at about 12k GP so
that’s 25K roughly and one kill just as a base drop. While killing this boss
you’re probably going to come across the poison phase, this is something that’s
pretty brutal. You have to keep moving or you’re gonna get freaking KOed so
quick and the poison balls hit about 30 every single tick and of course you
guys know about Woox he has came up with the Woox walk which is where you
dodge the balls back and forth, you’re going off tick and moving every second
it’s very extreme even when I try and do it I still die
but if you do master that it is gonna increase your GP and profit and kills
per hour like tremendously you can kill probably five more an hour while doing
this Vorkath has been compared to Zulrah many times as you know it’s similarities as being a solo boss but I would say many
players especially the higher level ones definitely say that Vorkath is easier
and it’s more gold so if you’ve already know had Zulrah under your belt
I would definitely move towards this boss. Vorkath is gonna come out to
about 3.6m per hour. Okay before we get into the best GP per hour
in the entire game I want to give a handful of honorable mentions and
just breeze through them real quick of uh you know a couple money makers that
didn’t actually make the cut of this video. The first mention has to be Corp
beast with a team or doing it FFA which means free-for-all you can find a clan
chat called “Corp FFA 07”, I use that quite a bit I’ve actually gotten like
3,000 kills with that clan chat the GP per hour ranges between 1.m and
easily over 4m GP and it is greatly dependent on your RNG. You could get like
three sigils within 200 KC I’ve seen a guy get Elysian on a seventh kill which
is insane up next would be the infamous Revenants in the wilderness. This could be
one of the best money makers in the entire game but you need to have a lot
of skill you could even kill them negative 30 wilderness so you could tele
instantly if you see anyone you might even want to have 85 agility with the
summer pie as well and then you could hop across the agility shortcut down south
and never die. There’s many ways of doing this efficiently but most players don’t
go here just because it’s the wilderness there’s lots of skull tricks it’s
highly contested there’s so many people you know coming in and out clans, teams
so definitely watch out it’s not for everyone
next up would be merchanting, either flipping or investing many players don’t
like this they don’t really know about it they just they don’t like it man. I’ve
posted a lot of videos about merchanting but it’s one of the best GP in the
entire game 100% I’ve made billions of gold doing this while sleeping most of
the time I’m doing something else in game I’m actually killing bosses I’m
doing a farm run while I’m making money in the background. The next honorable
mention would be Risk fighting and again not for everyone you need a lot of
PK skills I mean I’ve been Pking for a long time and I still get trashed
on sometimes people are so damn good but you could definitely do like a 500m
versus 500m risk fight and if you’re good at this you could make an
insane amount of gold. Next up would be joining a barbarian assault team or a
runecraft running team they are pretty hard to find you know you might want to
look around on Twitter on reddit maybe some forums watch out don’t get scammed
but uh this is amazing you just literally run essense for people that
are trying to power out 99 runecrafting you will need 75 runecrafting for the
large pouch but I’ve seen people pay anywhere from 2 to 6m per hour per
runner it’s extremely expensive which means if you’re the runner you can make
quite a bit of GP. The last honorable mention would be buying battle staffs
with either the elite or the hard Varrock Diaries. If you think about it
this takes 10 seconds to teleport to Varrock and go to the staff shop you
profit 148k each time leading to 54 million GP per hour and of course it’s
not consistent you can only do once a day but I mean if you do this everyday
for two years you’re gonna rake in some serious cash
just like that. Alright here it is many of you guys probably guessed it the
Theatre of Blood coming in at number 1 You would definitely need to find a
group of friends to teach you Theatre of Blood or you could spend you know a few
hours watching youtube videos look guides and I guarantee you’ll probably
learn how to do it. You can have up to five players on your team total but it’s
usually regarded that a 4-man is the most efficient. If you or any of your
team members died during the raid your GP per hour will be lowered quite a bit.
In order to actually complete the Theatre of Blood aka raids 2 you’re gonna
need a lot of very expensive gear I would say at least 500 million GP
minimum you’re also going to need some very trusted intelligent teammates you
guys would definitely want to be on discord or teamspeak just have the
communication top notch. Of course the infamous scythe is the best item you can
get from raids 2 and it used to be about like four billion GP then down to 2b
then down to 1.3 to 1.4b was very stable for a
couple months but the last month it has just been crashing it’s at like 900m.
Another common drop is the Avernic defender which is an upgraded dragon
defender basically it’s the highest tier and it’s still worth over 70 mil it’s
very stable so it’s another good drop and it is the most common drop that you
will see within the Theatre of Blood. Again the GP per hour has so many variables
you know how many times you die how efficient you are how good your
teammates are your RnG the drop rates all these type of things but with
everything said and done it’s about 6.4m GP per hour. The top 10
best leading money makers in old school runescape there was. If you do have some
free time on your hands feel free to go check out the twitch as well I’ll be
live-streaming almost every day, care to ask any questions maybe see how I’m
actually making most of my gold while I play the game and you guys can also send
me a message on Twitter or Instagram at SeerzLive. I do hope this video added
some value and you know you’re inspired to keep training keep grinding away
those levels to go kill some bosses make a ton of gold in runescape. Hopefully you
guys have a great day don’t forget to throw a thumbs up and subscribe if you
guys are new peace out!

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  12. 10. Dag kings 2.3m

    9. Raids 1 2.8m

    8. Zulrah 2.9m

    7. Corrupted Gauntlet 2.9m

    6. Demonic Gorrilla 3.1m

    5. Alchemical Hydra 3.2m

    4. Zalcano 3.2m

    3. Kree'arra 3.4m

    2. Vorkath 3.6m

    honorable mentions – Corp 1.5m-4m, Revs, Merching, Risk Fighting, Ba/Rc team, buying battlestaffs

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