The Virlanie Foundation has rejected our fundraiser😓

The Virlanie Foundation has rejected our fundraiser😓

Hey everyone! As you may recall I recently got 3D body scanned. On January 8th, after the body scan was done, I contacted Virlanie- a charity in the Philippines. I introduced myself, gave a link to my Wikipedia page so they would understand what I was about, explained that I wanted to sell a 3D model to raise money for their charity, and gave them a link to the Instagram page that contained photos of the scanning process and renders of the final 3D model. They responded immediately, thanked me and provided a PayPal address for me to send the proceeds from the sale of the 3D model to. I announced the model to my followers, and quite a lot of you bought one- which was great. Thank you so much. Virlanie then followed up on January 20th with a request, I fill in their online fundraising form. Not a problem, I immediately submitted the form as requested, with a link to the fundraiser and also replied via email, letting them know the funds were on their way. Over three thousand dollars was sent in my name, and accepted, with no issue. A short while after that I became aware that people were saying something shady was going on. As it turns out, Virlanie was sending this email out, claiming I was proceeding without their knowledge or consent, and they had no way of getting in touch with me. I immediately froze sales of the model and contacted Virlanie to find out what that was all about. They informed me they’re rejecting the three thousand dollars raised so far in order to, “protect the image of both the organization and the children”. Look, some people are uncomfortable with me. I get it. This is zero issues these days- I move on and work with people who are comfortable with me. I have no issue with a charity declining a donation. If Manila street kids are doing so well you can afford to take food off their plates because a girl in a bikini offends you, that’s on you and up to your organization. Just say so when I contact you, I’ll shake my head and move on to the next charity on the list. If you miss the first email from me, hey-
no problem, these things happen, tell me it’s unwelcome when you email me again, or when I submit the form you ask for, or when you accept money sent in my name with a reply email address. What you don’t do is start emailing the public implying I’m up to something shady. Who is going to risk donating to an organization that weeks later might go and stab them in the back like that? It’s horribly unprofessional to accept the
funds then accuse a donor of misconduct when they asked permission first, disclosed everything, and followed the organization’s procedures every step of the way. No matter how much who I am offends someone if I treat them in an ethical, professional way, they can do the same for me. So Virlanie is returning the funds. I’m not going to get into that, I have many
Filipino friends and online followers. The Philippines is a wonderful country, and one of deep faith- and I think it’s very important to respect the faith of others. That’s why I choose a secular charity and was completely transparent in advance to avoid this problem. But everyone has a right to their beliefs. I’m not going to push people from another culture to accept something that’s unwanted. My problem now is, what to do with the funds. There are a lot of very worthy causes, but people donated for a very specific cause. Now that Virlanie has made these allegations, if I redirect those funds and it’s not an exact one to one match to what I said that money would be used for, well, that’s a fraud. That’s something that can be used to undermine any charitable work I do in the future. I’ve got enough problems without that sort of accusation. So I’m working with MyMiniFactory to refund everyone’s purchase price. It may be minus a little bit because of the PayPal fees. If that’s a problem let me know and I’ll make up the difference out of my own pocket. I’m very sorry about this, I really do my
best to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs and not intrude where I’m not welcome, but I really was blindsided this time. Please give MyMiniFactory and I, a little time- we have to manually process almost 300 refunds. A big thanks to MyMiniFactory for their patience with all of this. As soon as I find a new charity willing to accept the funds, and I am sure nothing like this will reoccur, the model will go back on sale. Again, very, very sorry for all this- I’m
just trying to do the right thing.

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  1. Naomi, I'm so sorry this happened… Recently, upon installing a few crystal chandeliers with my wife as my assistant, (chandeliers worth thousands of American dollars), I provided my client with a bill for services rendered. The job took hours, and involved my wife hanging over 300 individual crystals while on a ladder and wearing nitrile gloves… The client insisted I charged too much, because I billed my "electricians rate" for my wife, instead of having one of my "male employees" do the work. My wife has installed around a dozen or so of these type of chandeliers, and is very proficient. However, the client (who was a woman) insisted, that she "took too long" and one of my male employees would have been faster, thus she deserved a discount. Moral of the story, idiots don't respect you because of how you look, and never really understand who you are or what you stand for. It's sad, rude, and not very 2020. Best regards from California!

  2. It is the Philippines… dealing with Philippine companies/orgs can be shady. My guess is that they didn't really know who you are until it was too late… but accepted the money… Now that they know… then they start to try to save face by accusing you of being shady. They f'ed up.

  3. Sorry to hear that. I'll keep my eyes open for the next time though. I would love a 3d model of my favourite tech nerd. 😉

  4. Dear Miss, Naomi Wu,

    I think there are people with a closed mind, who believe they help people, especially children, but the truth is that they don't.

    When an organization assumes the supposed guardianship of children, they obtain very good financial resources and many of these organizations, never declare what they receive and use them for their own benefit without helping children.

    From what I have observed of you, for me you are a wonderful, honest and hardworking woman, without any harm against anyone, but you should not explain anything, just saying that they do not want your donation is more than enough, for us, that we follow you and the money that comes together, thanks to you and the generosity of those who follow you, you can donate the money to another organization, which really helps children!

    I hope this organization returns all the money!

    Querida Señorita, Naomi Wu,

    Creo que hay personas con una mente cerrada, que creen que ayudan a las personas, especialmente a los niños, pero la verdad es que no.

    Cuando una organización asume la supuesta tutela de los niños, obtienen muy buenos recursos económicos y muchas de estas organizaciones, nunca declaran lo que reciben y los utilizan para su propio beneficio sin ayudar a los niños.

    Por lo que he observado de usted, para mí es usted una mujer maravillosa, honesta y trabajadora, sin ningún daño contra nadie, pero usted no debe explicar nada, solo diciendo que no quieren su donación es más que suficiente, para nosotros, que la seguimos y el dinero que se junto, gracias a usted y la generosidad de quienes la seguimos, usted puede donar el dinero a otra organización, ¡Que realmente ayuda a los niños!

    ¡Espero que esta organización le devuelva todo el dinero!

  5. Thankyou Naomi. I found your YouTube via the arduino community, and was impressed with the Tech. You efforts with the open source 3d printing world lead me to getting into 3d printing (I love my new Ender3 pro).
    I wish the world of politics would leave you alone, I want your time spent at your workbench, enchanting machines, or spent with your 360 camera an drones, showing me and the rest of the world the cool things and people that you find Interesting.

    I understand why u need to do videos like this one.

  6. You're not trying to do the right thing, you ARE doing the right thing. You're doing your best to support someone ane did all the right things. Don't let the actions of others make you feel down. The way you have handled this speaks to your integrity.

  7. You did the right thing,they declined due to theirs beliefs,but you followed perfectly… you're an AWESOME person,everyone could use your example as a guideline,and this world would be such a much more wonderful place…😎😎😎😎

  8. boa noite, conheço seu trabalho e sua reputação e você uma excelente pessoal e uma ótima profissional no que faz, sou um seguidor do seu canal e gosto muito do que você faz, esquece isso e bola para frente

  9. So unprofessional and disturbing that they would not accept donations for a special cause, after they already accepted them… smh… Plenty of other needy charity organizations.

  10. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Don't you realize that their sh*t don't stink? I'll always be supportive of you and what you do. You're a straight shooter. Cheers

  11. Quite difficult to understand that could happened with an organization that should be careful not only with mainly children, and other sponsors but also to guaranty to all people who wants to help their cause to participate. Naomi your a sun in many aspects and don’t feel bad, lack of communication, probably but keep running your channel you really show many people that, as your motto, if you can do, any can do. Smile, breath and go ahead.

  12. wow i understand how you feel. you try to do good to someone and this embarrasses you for a futile thing. this makes me think that there is something shady in their behavior they probably don't want too much visibility. if I needed help I wouldn't have many problems for those who donate something to save lives. I understand how much you care about causes of this type, I also saw you at make faire rome promoting a foundation. I support you with all myself. keep it up.

  13. Here is my reaction to that charity's clusterf*ckery:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    It has come to our attention that your organization has rejected a donation from an individual AFTER their forms to do so had been accepted and the necessary payment arrangements had been made. It has also been communicated in various social media that AFTER the donor's funds had been rejected someone in your organization began to reply to inquiries about the fundraiser claiming that the donor had not followed due process in applying for a fundraising partnership.

    Your organization's presentation of inaccurate information about the entire process certainly casts a shadow on how well it is run. We suggest the persons from your organization who have been disseminating misinformation be reminded why the donor wished to fund your work: to help the children.

    I am a regular donor and fund projects similar to yours throughout the world. The past events have made me reconsider donating to your organization. Furthermore, I will not recommend your organization to anyone else.


    J Charles F. Laframboise

  14. You don't offend me I think you're beautiful intelligent and I would gladly be your friend any day day you're UK friend called John

  15. You don't have anything to apologize for. If the charity had been honest and upfront, this never would've been an issue, or at least they could've stood to not try speaking out of both corners of their mouth. I can't speak for anyone else, but I love what you do and I'll be first in line for a figure when they return. I guess it's all about charitable causes 'til the charitable causes have tits, right?

  16. aaaawwwwww noooo Naomi, how sad is that? What sort of group behaves in such an unprofessional manner? so sorry for you having to apologize to your fans for someone else's lack of character. PEACE dear sister.

  17. FAQ
    Why not give the funds to another charity? I'm ok with it.
    Unfortunately many countries have very strict laws about how money raised for charity can be used. If I'm accused of misappropriating funds, or using my YouTube channel for fraudulent purposes it would be grounds for YouTube to terminate my channel. Even if you are ok with it, clearly there are people looking to make trouble for me and misrepresent me and my work. I have to make sure they cannot capitalize on this situation.

    Why not ask people want?
    You cannot put it up to a vote- if someone donated money for one thing, a majority cannot decide on their behalf to use it for something else. With over 300 donors contacting each one individually and documenting their wishes in a spreadsheet would be far, far more labor-intensive than returning the money. That same time could be used to shoot and edit videos so that I can sell the other models.

    Please donate to X charity
    I am doing my best. I have to pick the charity I think has the broadest appeal, that I can raise the most money for with my efforts. I have to make sure that charity is ethical and that the funds will go where they are supposed to. I have to find a charity that will be willing to take money from this sort of fundraising. This is quite difficult.
    In China, it is expected that a "pretty/sexy girl" would, of course, be associated with babies and children- fertility, goodness, motherhood. If I wear a bikini at a pool party Chinese parents constantly try to get me to hold their baby for a picture. This is not the custom in the west and a loud, angry minority is very vocal that I should not be raising money for children at all or associated with children in any way no matter what I am wearing. Obviously, this makes me very, very sad, but I cannot afford to make myself a target for yet another group of angry people.
    I also have to be careful about what I raise money for- if I raise money for Wuhan/virus victims I will be attacked for Chinese nationalism and for just helping other Chinese if I raise money for Australia I might be attacked by Chinese for ignoring our needs for foreigners. It needs to be some cause I can be effective, most people will support, and not make myself more of a target.

    Why shoot a video about this?
    I really did not want to. The Virlanie email response libeling me is being circulated by my detractors and is already doing quite a bit of harm. If that narrative gets traction I will be unable to do any charitable work in the future. Virlanie admitted the email they sent out to the public was untrue but will not post any sort of public retraction I can point people to in order to defend myself. I'm very unhappy about this, but it's unreasonable to expect me to sit silently and allow people to discredit me and my work so Virlanie can avoid embarrassment.

  18. It's alright Naomi I mean if they dont want the fund it's not really your fault i guess they dont think a girl like yourself can come up with a huge amount of money . I think it's just ignorance I mean it's sad to see that when some people are trying to do good theres always others who wants to do bad …

  19. There is a special place in hell for bureaucrats that force children to starve for reasons of politics and appearances. God bless you Naomi.

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