The Sims 4: 8 UNUSUAL Ways to Make Money (without cheats)

The Sims 4: 8 UNUSUAL Ways to Make Money (without cheats)

So you wanna earn money in Sims 4? Well of course everyone will always advise
you to get a job, develop some skills, or, if desperate, use cheats like motherlode or
money 9999999. But oh man those solutions are way too lame
. Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today I’m going to explore 8 unusual and silly
methods that you can do to gain money without cheats in The Sims 4. It can be some form of exploits or existing
features that people might have not known before. With that already covered, let’s take a
look on those methods. Method 1. Gold digger. You might’ve already known this one but
I’m gonna explain it anyway. For this method of obtaining money, there
are two ways to do this, the effortful way and the effortless way. The first way, which is the effortful one,
requires you to find someone you want to take advantage of, but the richer they are, the
better it is. So, I’m visiting the Landgraab household. Let’s knock on the door first, and hey,
look! They even let a complete stranger in! Okay now, you can either be friends with anyone
in the family, or seduce them. Whichever way you use, once you have a high
relationship with them, you can then ask them to join the household, and they’ll have
no other choice but to accept your offer. After that, you can include yourself in their
family and gain all of their money and their mansion. 90 thousand simoleons, would you look at that. At this point, you’re free to do whatever
you want. You can kill the other family members, bulldoze
the entire mansion, or find another victim to take advantage of. The second way to do this, which is the effortless
way, requires you to have a computer and choose “move the household”, or, if even owning
a computer is too much effort for you, use the “manage world” option and move yourself
out. Both of this will let you move into another
household’s family like before and now the rest is all up to you to decide. Method 2. Slavery. Yeah you can already tell how it’ll work
from the name itself. First of all, this will work much better if
you have Get Together expansion pack so you’ll gain the ability to create clubs. So here I already created a club with its
appropriate name. After inviting some people, set the club activity
to something profitable such as painting for example. Also, if you have some club perk points lying
around, try buying several usable club perks such as additional club members, inspired
club vibes, and painting skill boost. Alright with your club already made, start
gathering in your lot. And when they’re already here, walk them
over to your own personal slave basement. So here I already made one with a number of
painting easels and need fulfilling items like toilet stalls, showers, a fridge, and
beds so they can survive and be productive down there. I also placed this special decoration that
can emit inspired emotional aura so they can paint better. Oh, and don’t forget to lock the door to
the surface so they won’t escape. So with that, your club members will usually
start painting automatically. You can just chill on the surface while others
do stuff underground. Once done, go back downstairs and start selling
their paintings which worth a few at first, but still profitable. If you keep doing this slavery thing running,
their painting skill will be improved over time and each painting will be worth more. Well, there you go. You can be rich as hell by becoming a slave
owner in The Sims 4 apparently. Method 3. Dating Machine. For this one you’re going to need one sim,
and one love interest for them. Uhh, yeah, that’ll work too, I guess. And to use this method, just ask your love
interest for a date. It can either be an NPC or from your own household,
but I recommend them to be from your household so they’re easier to control. You can date them by asking them directly
or from the phone. Once you’re in the date, you’ll see this
progress bar on the top left corner and several objectives. You need to keep doing those objectives while
dating to increase your progress. There are 3 levels of your successfulness,
bronze, silver, and gold, and you need to obtain the gold medal to make this date worth. And if your sim manages to achieve gold medal
before the time runs out, a notification will appear stating that you’ll receive a gift
in your household inventory. And if you go home and check, there will be
this decoration thingy that you can sell for 645 simoleons. After that, you can keep arranging as many
dates as you want and you can still earn the same reward if you obtain another gold medal. Also, you can stop the date early after you’ve
already completed the goals and still get the reward so it’ll be faster. Method 4. Party Goer. This one has a similar concept with the previous
method, but instead of having a date, you need to arrange a party. You can start by using your phone to start
a social event. There are several types of parties, but just
make sure to throw a party that have goals by checking the box here. For this example, I’m gonna throw a regular
house party. Set yourself as the host, and for the guests,
you don’t even need to have lots of them. Heck, just have your family members as the
guest so they’re easy to control. After you’ve arranged it, start the party
right away. The objective thing that we’ve already talked
before works the same so make sure to complete them all to obtain a gold medal for it. Once you’ve finished this quote unquote
“party” successfully, you’ll obtain this stereo in your household inventory that
can be sold for a whopping one thousand eight hundred simoleons! And like before, you can obtain this reward
over and over again which can be a great moneymaking alternative. Method 5. Loaning. For this one, you’re gonna be working on
your charisma skill. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. “Charisma? What the heck are you talking about? This skill is never profitable in any way.” Well that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. There’s a surprisingly useful perks to earn
money with this skill so go back to talking to the mirror for hours to increase it. Anyway, once your sim reached level 7 of the
skill, they will gain the ability to ask for a small loan to others. You can ask them anytime, but if you’re
not friends with the target, they’ll have a high chance to reject your request. So be sure to be friends with them first. If successful, you’ll obtain 500 simoleons. You can’t ask the same sim again so try
asking others. Now you might be confused on why loans are
considered a money-making technique here but apparently sims don’t know how loans work. You can repay the loan, but why the heck do
you wanna do that? There are no penalties for not repaying loans
anyway so free bucks for us basically. If you’re still unsure with this fact, I
don’t know maybe you can kill your friend or something just to make sure. But that’s not it. If you’ve reached level 9 of the charisma
skill, you’ll unlock the ability to ask for a large loan from someone. You’re probably gonna need to have an even
better relationship for this one to succeed. If you managed to do it, you’ll obtain two
THOUSAND simoleons this time. And what’s great is that you can ask both
small loan and large loan from the same sim so you can obtain 2500 simoleons per sim. Method 6. Magical Insurance Fraud. For this one, you’re gonna need Realm of
Magic game pack because you’re going to be messing with magic. So, you’re a spellcaster now. And as a spellcaster, there are a lot of common
ways to gain money like duplicating objects, making potions and many others with magic. But man, those ways are boring, how about
a non-mainstream yet still effective way. Which is what I’m going to show you. First of all, you’re gonna have to learn
these two spells, inferniate and repairio. Then, buy any valuable objects. The more expensive they are, the better. So, I’m grabbing this really expensive bed. Once bought, click on the bed and cast inferniate
on it to start a fire. After the fire got lit, wait until the bed
becomes burnt before extinguishing it. After that, you’ll receive several simoleons
as your insurance payment depending on how valuable the burnt object is. So for burning a 15 thousand simoleons bed,
I got 6 thousand as the insurance payment. Pretty neat. Next, you’ll want to cast the repairio spell
on the burnt object to replenish it back to normal. Once you’ve done that, repeat the process
as much as you like until you’re swimming in your insurance money! Since you’re playing with fire, just be
sure not to catch yourself on fire. Also, since you’re gonna be using magical
spells a lot, pay attention on your charge meter so you won’t explode because of magical
overload. You can also invest in buying more of them
so you can get double the insurance just by using one fire spell. Man, I just hope the insurance company won’t
face bankruptcy now. Method 7. Money-growing. Okay for this one, you’re gonna need Seasons
expansion pack and 5 thousand satisfaction points, so be sure to complete your aspirations
first because this investment is gonna be worth it. Now go to the rewards store and scroll down
until you find the money tree reward, and then buy it. You’ll then gain a money fruit in your inventory
in which you can plant and take care of like any other plants. Once it matures and bears its fruit, you can
then sell it immediately for 8 thousand simoleons, but unfortunately you cannot harvest the fruit
and then replant it again like any other plants. However, there’s a sneaky workaround for
this. So what you wanna do is that you go to buy
mode instead, grab the tree that’s ready to be harvested, and put them in your household
inventory. Now if you check your household inventory,
you’ll gain 5 additional money tree fruits that you can plant again. Of course you can do this method repeatedly
so you have a garden of money trees and reap much more money per harvest than before. Congratulations, soon enough, you’ll become
a billionaire. Method 8. And I’m saving the best for the last. The bottomless decoration box. For this one, you’re going to need Seasons
expansion pack again. This one is pretty easy to do. Just buy this cheap box of decoration thing
that you usually use to decorate your house for 100 simoleons. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck, Abi! Why is this the most powerful one out of all?!” Oh you’ll see. So, once you’ve placed this somewhere, click
on it and do “rummage for decorations”. Your sim will then dig through the box for
some time only to summon three random decoration objects appropriate to the current season. And you can do this not once, not twice, but
infinitely! You can even spend your whole day just to
do this alone and even one hundred objects can be summoned. When sold, the decoration’s worth itself
will vary from around 40 to 200 simoleons per decorations. Well it’s not much but hey, who doesn’t
want infinite money without cheating and any efforts? You can also use more sims to make the process
even faster. Just accept this as your full-time job from
now on. So those are 8 unusual methods of obtaining
money without cheats in The Sims 4. Do you know any more that I didn’t mention
here? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much guys for watching this video,
I hope you liked it and if you haven’t, be sure to subscribe to the channel for more
sims contents. See you later!

60 thoughts on “The Sims 4: 8 UNUSUAL Ways to Make Money (without cheats)

  1. "You will need dlc ___…"
    "You will need dlc ___…"
    "You will need dlc ___…"
    Eveyone :
    Alright… ok… bought.

    Me :
    Nothing, and no way to pay.

  2. You can also take a cutting from 9m the money tree, splice it with another plant and then harvest the harvestables and you'll have a high chance of getting 2 money fruits.

  3. my favorite method is buying cheap objects and transforming them with the ray gun, it is great for both money or just decorating

  4. Recently my friend started playing sims and I asked her how she was getting all her money because she had a huge home, no job and no cheats. She said that she had fallen in love with every man she could find, marry them and steal their money, after she has their life savings she kills them. So now her backyard is full of you
    Don’t wanna know how many graves of her dead husbands.

  5. My way is with the gardening skill – get great at gardening – get several premium seed packs and open them. When you have the death flower, plant it. Let it grow and harvest. Plant those too and then hire a professional gardener. They will grow all your death flowers and you can go out and sell all and make millions in no time.

  6. Nah i do something easier. I get a present pile on my lot and all my sims get a present as often as the game allows me. Much faster

  7. Method 2 is some next level gameplay! I ain't never thought of that 😭 Also, Bella doing the Orange Justice threw me awf! 😭 9:19

  8. Once i was doing the rags to riches challenge, and when i got the money tree, i took a part of that plant to put it into another one, so i can collect money fruit from that one xD (My game is in Spanish so i don't know how to explain, LoL.)

  9. You can graft the money tree onto another plant for it to produce endless money tree seeds. I have over 50 money tree seeds now just from grafting it onto 1 plant. XD

  10. Method 0.
    For this method you will need Seasons. Just buy a small gift pile and place it on your lot, safe from visitors. Add as many gifts as you want and once you're satisfied with how tall the pile gets, take a gift from the pile every 2 hours. Keep adding gifts to the pile as needed and take a gift every few hours — gifts usually go to the family inventory.

    Now sell the gifts and enjoy the money out of thin air.

  11. I usually sell those seed packs that is "generated" (?) by the gnomes when there is harvestfest, but you can only sell it from the build mode.

  12. I have a way of getting money, go to university and select move and live off campus. Then you can chose to move with whoever you want, I recommend Father Winter because he has 500,000 simolians when moved

  13. I found something so OP it’s basically cheating, go to the gallery, search up “posters” pick and drop one of the wall of custom posters on your lot then immediately sell it. You get waaay more money than you bought for it in seconds.

  14. In The Sims 1, you can use move_objects on and sell roaches for almost 500 simoleons. They're also classified as the VR headset for some reason.

  15. Ada bapak gojeknya 🤣 lol
    Hello from Indonesia, you're the funniest simtuber that I've watched so far 👏🏻

  16. K Mod… nice! Also great video, im going to make a painting club now and earn some money, thanks for the ideas.

  17. The decorations xD
    Seasons – If you buy a pile of presents you get more money for the presents then for the pile

    Halloween stuff pack – if you buy the pumpkin table and have a high handiness skill you could carve pumpkins for a living

  18. Another method is fishing.
    Base game you just find any fishing water/hole/stream and catch some fishies. Downfall for this is simply: you cant do anything else unless you stop it or your sim gets too uncomfortable.
    If you have the Island Living dlc, you can buy those fish traps you find in buy mode or the beach kiosk near the bar; both for 75s (can also just use the traps that are sitting around on the beach..). This is very useful if you dont want your sim to stand for 24 hours losing motives and whatnot. Only downfall I'm aware of is that you dont immediately catch anything. You have to wait a couple sim hours before checking to find a catch such as cowplant berries, roses,!

    Sell the fish as soon as they are caught. Their freshness can affect their value.
    If you have the "fish stay fresh forever" mod, you dont have to worry about losing value by freshness because the fish will never rot no matter how long you have them in your pocket/fridge.

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