The Making Of Cardi B’s “Money” With J. White Did It | Deconstructed

How it connected was, she was an underdog
just like myself. Nobody really believed that this girl off
of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ who used to be a dancer could really come in and make any type
of noise in this game. How me and Cardi first met is a crazy story
because literally it was a seed that I planted years ago. In 2005 when I moved to New York I met this
guy by the name of Shaft. Approached him, said I was a producer. A lot of stuff went down from then to 2016
when I met Cardi. 2015, my mom, she was killed due to domestic
violence. So my life just took a crazy turn, man. 2016, I tried to commit suicide. You know what I mean? It was just crazy. I come back to New York ‘cause I moved away. So it was an 11 year journey. I come to Brooklyn, and I call him. I went to his crib. Same crib where I met him at from 11 years
ago, dust on the studio. I pull up, and Cardi B is there is well. So that’s how the Cardi B connection happened
was I met this guy from 2005, he happens to be managing Cardi B, then he became my manager
again and that’s how this whole thing is here today. One thing about me is I love pianos. I love just intense-sounding sounds so this
piano is what I started with. That right there is literally the whole record. Just two little keys going up and down. This is suspense. Like, I’m coming. That’s what it feels like. It feels like some shark in the water. What? You know what I mean? That piano just…it sets the tone for the
mood. Next what I did was I used… Oh! Y’all don’t know about that, do y’all? I just went into my little Trap Boom. Got a whole bunch of little sounds in it. That’s all that was. And I just came in. Just hit… A lot of times in my beats you’re gonna
hear hand claps because that’s one of my favorite things to use when it comes to drums,
is a handclap. ‘Cause I feel like it’s a more organic
feeling. Hi-hats is my thing too. Hi-hats is gon’ give you that movement. The trick is to be simple. As producers we wanna show our whole hand. Nah, we don’t need to show our whole hand. We just need to go with that vibe and just
let it flow. Just let the spirit use you. You know what I mean? Just fly! I feel like the 808 is the heart and soul
of every hip-hop record. With me, it’s a trick of vibe with me because
I don’t like a million 808s in my tracks but I do at the same time. I space my 808s out because i just don’t
feel like riding in my car and hearing “boom boom boom” the whole time. I want the song to breathe and I feel like
as producers we have to learn that the voice is the main instrument. I like using two 808s on my records. It gives a different feeling. With a simple track, you gotta add a couple
switch-ups to it to make it less boring. You don’t need a million things, you just
need something else to keep it going and this is it. And can y’all believe that I played this
with my hands? I didn’t click it in. I enjoyed feeling this music. That’s why when people hear my beats, they
be like, “Yo J. White.” “I feel your beats bro.” I’m like yeah I know because I played it. And this is what it sounds like all together. Like I said, you don’t need to add a million
sounds to get a million plays. You just need to get the right vibe and let
it out. Don’t hold on the the vibe. Don’t add too much sauce to the party. Just let it fly, it don’t need much. You know, I’m excited to work
with Cardi & we’ve made history. Hopefully this song right here, we can do
it again.

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