The Chemo Chat Show…Episode 7 (with comedian Eshaan Akbar)

The Chemo Chat Show…Episode 7 (with comedian Eshaan Akbar)

My big issue is I’m trying to find a… Cancer. Yeah I’ve got cancer so what should I do
about that? Are you a religious person? No, are you? No. So you’re not going to pray for me then? I will but in a different kind of way In what kind of a way? Oh – so, you know, I try and visit my
Mum’s grave every week – What was that? I brought the dead Mum into the conversation again. Good. We should do a counter of every time I do it. I’ll put something up in
the corner screen. And I’ll pray at the grave but I pray to
her. But in a bid to talk to her and tell her what’s going on with my friends and what’s happening. That’s nice! …so I’ll definitely let her know what’s going on – With me? Yeah: “oh there’s a girl called Sarah; you
know I went to meet her…” The thing is: I don’t know if she can hear me. I have no idea. But, you have to have hope that they can. So that’s your version of praying? Yeah. That’s really lovely. So you’re on the fence as to whether
there’s an afterlife? Yes – I don’t know. I never… Have you been thinking about stuff like this? Well yeah, I never considered, like, my mortality until now – So the situation now for me is: I had the tumour removed… …and so now that means the cancer
is gone but because it was an advanced cancer …and the tumour was big, I have to
have chemotherapy because they can’t see yet whether little cancer cells have
got out and around my body. That would be worrying like – that would be really
troublesome if it came back within two years… …and then five years – I think after
that, they go:” yeah you’re all right now.” They never say you’re cured because they
can’t – there is no cure for cancer so you can’t use the words: “you’re cured of cancer” But “you’re clear”? You’ll be clear hopefully. They say “all clear”. Has that changed the way you view the world or your relationships? Do you know, all it does is it gives me a fear. I think… Do you know what, I’m really looking forward to… Five years time: I am gonna be loving
life… Because, I’ll be like: “I got through it, I survived, nothing else really matters”. You feel like there’s a second chance or something? I think so yeah. But you live with a fear that never goes away. Yeah. Which isn’t very funny. No, it doesn’t have to be funny. No it doesn’t. It’s just the reality of it right? And also, now, I guess because you have that bum cancer trump card – Yeah… Rump Card! Ay? Rump…Card. You need to put that on screen. You slammed that. By the way, I’m in Hospital, Eshaan. Just to confirm I’m in Hospital – there is
the Hospital. I feel like you’re about to ask me a question that’s going to really embarrass me. Where’s my present? Right….so…. I’ve got, genuinely, a good defence – Your Mum died? No. No. I laughed way too hard. We both did. You’ve got to laugh otherwise you’ll cry. The defence is: I don’t believe in Hospital gifts. Right. And the reason I don’t believe in Hospital gifts… …particularly with someone in chemotherapy… – Yeah. OK: you know when you go out –
let’s say it’s your birthday – It is in a few weeks actually, have you brought me a birthday present? Yes. Let’s say you go out for your birthday and everyone came for drinks… …if someone brings a gift it’s just really inconvenient. …because you’re like “I just want to go out and get pissed and I’ve got to worry about these gifts.” I’m doing chemotherapy so after this I’m not going to go and get pissed. – A. But B: you are going home having gone through three hours of quite tiresome chemotherapy. Yes. So if I was to bring you a gift…. …that you physically had to carry, it would burden
you. Therefore I didn’t bring you a gift. – in fact the only gift I brought you was
myself. It’s fine. I think: just, next time I see you bring me two. I…OK.

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  1. Your own mortality is frightening, and I really hope Sarah in 5 years ( less now) you will be living life to the full, do you know lovely lady as you know I am PMC, and I will doing the same in 5 years time xxx Eshaan take Sarah present xxx

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