17 thoughts on “Tesla Paying More Model 3 Refunds as Pre-Orders Drop

  1. 1 week snap shot does not define a company. Long term growth does!
    Tesla has done quite well and continue to do so.

  2. None of this matters unless Tesla either gets a very large capital raise or suddenly becomes very profitable. Without either of those two things, Tesla is in dire trouble. Just take a look at the number of down-votes here to get an idea of how divorced from reality that Tesla bulls are. This isn't ending well.

  3. Refunds will accelerate. The time for rebates is running out on one hand. On the other hand people are concerned that Tesla is going bankrupt and their refunds may be lost or they may get stuck waiting for a long time.

  4. it was expected that many of the deposts would be refunded once the Federal Tax refund end date became clear, which it just did … people waiting on a Model 3 with delivery no sooner than 2019, many will now be asking for a deposit refund. Also, buyers gave up waiting for the base model $35K car, which Tesla will not really be selling prior to evaporation of the fed tax refund.

  5. they finished..then they drop'ed the 35k model three and the tax credit for them ingles you buy the more expensive performance versions and or any other high priced Tesla

  6. August 2018 Tesla built 17,800 EVs. Tesla sold 17,800 Evs. Where is the problem? Supply. They can not crank these cars out fast enough! Tesla sold more EVs in America than all the other car companies added together.

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