24 thoughts on “Teen accomplishes dream and earns himself enough money to pay for college

  1. Awesome young man. Kudos especially to his mother! Proves that it takes a village (his apt complex) to raise a good child.

  2. This man is going far in life. He is further ahead than most of us ever have been when he was 12 years old!!!

  3. I love stories like this, someone who doesn't blame society for holding him back, just goes out and gets it!! Congrats young man, you will go far.

  4. With all of the shit you see on the news nowadays, it's nice to see something positive for once.

  5. Wow he saved for 5 years and is able to pay for college? No shit, that easy eh? Sounds kind of familiar. Probably because I paid for my own college with money I earned myself while growing up. Where are my fans?

  6. This young man has HEART, HUSTLE, and VISION!!!! Blessings and kudos Kevuntez! There are plenty of people from ALL walks of the socioeconomic spectrum who could benefit from your drive. Keep up the good work son…

  7. This is one of reasons why Western people are more successful than Asian people. In Asia, parents always force their children into studying, and their children will be a machine, only know how to study.

  8. A young man built out of the right stuff. Kudos to the mom, true, but she was working with some ideal material, you have to admit.

  9. This! We need MORE of this. BLM take notes. Pull up your f*cking trousers, tuck your shirt in, fasten a belt around your waist, and tie your shoe laces. Then take notes from this young man. Be that, and trust me, all your self-created problems will go away.

  10. Liberal worms quivering like little girls over some black kid delivering news papers. Really? Black people need to wake up and see their white liberal masters for the race baiting racists they are.

  11. Good for him for aiming high, but this is such right wing propaganda blaming the rest of the black community for being lazy. Do the math and this the money is still only enough to cover tuition for a bachelor's degree (which isn't good enough for a good job) and doesn't factor in many of the other costs of living. I worked my way through college and paid for it myself, making more than this kid earned. I still ended up in debt primarily because I had to take out loans to factor in cost of living expenses. I think that a lot of right wingers don't understand that some people don't have their parents to help them with food and housing and transportation after they move out if they have that even before they move out. This is an example of how people can't empathize.

  12. kid is a slave and his kids will be one really hater. he is just 16 years old and probably have more money than your ass.

  13. Lets see now, you make about 12 cents per paper! That means he sold about 1,800 Sundays papers every week, working one day a week, and did it in 5 years Someone is trying to get us on the corners selling newspapers! I don't believe it! What I think they're trying to say is, if he did it you can too! Tell you what, try doing this in ANY major city and you'll be robbed and killed. By the way, I own prime real-estate in Dubai that's for sell; when my private jet lands in Paris I'll holla' at you…

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