100 thoughts on “SixBlindKids – Straight Talk About Ableism And Inclusion

  1. Thank you so much for this video and sharing your wonderful words and your perspective with the world! I'm a media studies student, and videos like this remind me why. It's because when people are not exposed to differences through the media or through their everyday lives, it is easy to resort to confusion and fear. But when we give a voice to people who often are silenced, wether they be disabled, LGBTQ+. PoC, etc. we are enriching the world around us and broadening our horizons. I really really admire what Chris does, and I so appreciate the way that you have used this platform to tell your stories (and I have to say I don't think I know anyone over 60 who would take the time to learn how Youtube works, so I very much appreciate that). All the best!

    P.S. This is very off topic, but I've been curious, do David or any of the other kids play any video games? I couldn't help but notice a Zelda poster in David's dorm room during the SBSK video which I presume was his roommates, but it got me thinking about wether or not there were inclusive video games/controls for blind people. I worked with someone who was legally blind and loved video games, he had some slight vision in one of his eyes and used to hold the screen right up to his face and scan quickly while attempting to control at the same time, it was truly a sight to behold.

  2. My fiancé are both disabled in wheelchaors since birth. We were out once with are careworker.. we get hours from the state. A lady came up to us and looked at our worker and says "are they from the group home?!" "How nice of you to get them out!" My fiancé flipped. His response was " no! we own our own home, I have 3 daughters and I was married before!" She says "NO WAY!" He responds with.. "that means I can have sex!" haha! I have no tolerance for ignorant people!!!!

  3. I work at a thrift store, like the goodwill, but the proceeds go to a local organization that provides programs, education, housing, etc. for intellectually and developmentally disabled people. One day I was reading the reviews for my store, and I came across a comment; 

    "…if you go on a Saturday the store is generally going to be packed to the rafters with severely mentally challenged people who aren't really shopping and really just looking for a place to hang out for a few hours."

    for one, I know those people. they come to my store every Saturday with their caregiver, who all the staff are friends with, and know by name. there are three men with disabilities, two of them are non-verbal. sometimes they like to buy little things, but usually they just come while their caregiver shops. they are always picking up hangers, broken tags, trash, etc. on the floor, and bringing it up to me. they have the right to be in public, and that person has no place making face-value judgements about people.

    but also, it's an organization for the benefit of individuals like these men. it absolutely disgusts me that some people can be so ignorant. 

    so I understand your frustration. I think Abby is beautiful. I have never looked at her at thought otherwise. not because I pretend to not notice her disabilities, but because I don't think they hinder her ability to be beautiful. I'm a teenage girl too, and I can see this. it's sad that these other people couldn't.

  4. No kids are just born with a fear of people who are different. It's parents and help of the people around children who teach them to be afraid of people who are different or third they don't know. It's the parents duty to guide children and prove to them that all humans are born equal. Disability does not mean that the person is any less of value in this world. We all have something to offer the world and we'll never know what we might miss if we continue to shut out, unemploy and ignore people because of a disability. I'm not even gonna start on how unfair it is to make someone else's struggles your problem. No one Knows what living life as Abby is like except for Abby. How dare anyone try and say she's scary and victimize themselves over something Abby has no control over. It's judging someone for the way they were born, for something they can't change and that will never be okay

  5. Unfortunately you can't fix ignorant people.
    What a boring world this would be if everyone looked exactly the same.

    Now that got me thinking. There is a blind you tuber that wears fake eyes. She wears them because she says her eyes are small without them. Now is she doing that for herself or to keep people from looking at her small eyes?

    Keep up your loving videos💕 love your family

  6. Oh my goodness. Exposing kids to differences in a healthy way is necessary for kids to grow up to not be jerks! Some ignorant members of the human race are just something else to be that rude. At my school the counselors work with kids with disabilities even after they graduate to make sure they can have the same opportunities as everyone else. People suck, I am sorry you've had to go through this.

  7. I can't believe you've been told not to bring your blind children to social gatherings!! This makes me so sad because they're all good kids who are worth knowing, who did not ask for the genetic cards they were dealt with. My godparents had a daughter with down syndrome and they kept her locked up for many years in the house until her death because the mentality in their country is different from the Western world. You would get stares and nods of disapproval, people talk…and they don't have any special needs schools there. I'm just glad that you treat your kids like normal people and not like caged animals because you are not ashamed of them. Your channel has made me more open minded and if I met someone without any eyes or zombie-like eyes, I wouldn't freak out because we are all more similar to each other than we are different.

    Circumstances defining how you are born are not in your hands but how you die depends ' largely ' on your efforts.
    With due respect to people's beliefs (me as an AGNOSTIC) i think that if i had blind children (which i will certainly adopt in future – THANKS TO YOU) i would like them to believe in THEMSELVES and ask them to study , be a scientist and do research in blindness (THEMSELVES – BEING RESPONSIBLE) and find a solution (rather then waiting for RESURRECTION).

  9. The heart is much important then looks, and Abby has a beautiful heart. All of your children are beautiful starting from the heart and it showings on the outside how beautiful they are. Yall are wonderful parents.

  10. Horrible and ignorant 😢 Abi is beautiful! Physical appearance isn't a representation of character and inward beauty. People are afraid of the unknown, so it just takes education on differences in order for our society to grow into a more accepting and loving one ❤ This is a huge reason I love what you do, as well as channels like SBSK. Education about the normalcy in disability is everything!

  11. I can't believe with some people . 😡.
    I really think you guys have beautiful children and they are all really sweet kids . ❤️

  12. The first time I ever saw Abi in your videos I fell in love with her! She is so sweet, so funny and just the cutest ever! It breaks my heart that someone would leave such a negative and hurtful comment about her appearance. As a mother I would be heartbroken, and soooo appalled. It’s people like that, and comments like that, that make it hard for anyone to be more accepting, and respectful.. it’s 2020 for the love of God.. come on people… I know all of our mothers have told us, one way or another, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! It’s one things to ask questions and be curious.. but it’s a whole other thing to tell a loved one that their family member looks “scary” and to “hide her away from the public” honestly what the hell!!!!!! I am absolutely saddened by this….

    Abi, you’re BEAUTIFUL, smart, and so so sweet! Never change. You’re perfectly made. God makes no mistakes!

    Mom & Dad… you absolutely did the right thing by calling this person and their horrendous comment out. And having a very mature conversation about it. Thank you for being kind and loving.. even when their are hurtful people in this world.

    Never give up on fighting the good fight, because you’re inspiring thousands of people every day!

    Love you all.♥️

  13. Abby is beautiful and also has a beautiful soul. I feel so sad that people are saying this type of things
    The person that wrote the message might just not love themselves and that’s why they are degrading other people
    Love your family 💕 stay positive and give Abby a big hug from me 👩🏽‍🦯

  14. I work with special needs kids in the public school system! It’s not usually the kids who are scared of them at all. Kids are very accepting! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this stupidity of adults. Your doing a great job!

  15. You are doing a great job as parents and I wish I could spend time with you all! This video needs to be seen on all platforms! Your kids are amazing and they will have an impact in their community!

  16. Karen and Joe. I don't know if you and Joe know about the ministry of Joni Eateckson Tada. She is a quadrapalegic with a worldwide disability ministry. One of the areas in which she works is assisting churches to be inclusive of those with disabilities. After seeing this I am reminded of little J. with autism at my church. Nobody blinks an eye when he makes noises. Or my god daughter little O with William's Syndrome. She is 3. Today after the bread and wine was blessed there was a brief prayerful quiet. The next thing we knew she was in the aisle and raised her hands over hey head and yelled YAY. And I think God loved it.

  17. abi is such a sweetheart and she’s beautiful. I bet her friends think that, too. ❤️ I hope that Abi and the rest of the fam are doing well 🙂

  18. You know what, Karen? No matter how hard we try, there will always be assholes. Then they have kids, and they're assholes. And so on, and so on. There's no getting away from it. I think it's best to ignore them and block their ass, or leave the comment there and let the internet eat them alive. And I know I'm swearing, but please when you read the kids my comment, include the swears. Because I'm mad, and they're adults so they'll understand I'm swearing because I'm mad. And I don't have Hannah's self control, so I can't be polite and say 'oh my storms' like I should. And please tell them that if I lived closer, I'd be Mom's friend, Ali, who swears at people when they're assholes.
    Love you, Karen. You're too good for this platform, sometimes.
    I'd love for Davis to have a podcast, maybe talking about these issues, among other things that he loves. I get the feeling he has a lot more to say.

  19. You are so on the mark with your family. People do need to be educated. Even those of us with milder forms of visual impairment have experienced varying attitudes. Thank you for sharing on your channel!

  20. I truly feel bad for those people in our society that have such closed minds when it comes to people who are different than them .’we really as a community and a a society need to come together and educate children early in life because children are not born racist and if we as parents and community members do something now we can fix this and educate so that we end this stigma no one deserves to go to bed or wake up feeling scared or feeling like they are not normal and get the most reactions. I pray. No one else’s kinda ever end up with a problem or issues sure their child’s life ❤️ amazing job I hope there are many more to come ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Why don't people think before they speak? That's a terrible thing to say! I'll bet abby has alot more friends than they do, Abby doesn't care how she looks to others she just carrys on in spite of any negative comments, Abby outshines most people with her personality. Xxx

  22. What a rude commenter with absolutely not valid opinions. Abi is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Not to mention, as a childcare worker I can say that teaching kids acceptance is good. Kids ask questions and we answer. Children are so so accepting if you teach them to be. I’m thanful that we’ve had parents who teach acceptance at home too. And the children with disabilities have a group of friends and play together and sing together. It’s good on everyone. (Also results in a lot of kids wanting to learn sign and that delights me.)

  23. Wow. I can not believe there are still people in this day and age who not only think that way but then comment on it.
    Shame on them.
    Abby is beautiful.

  24. Abbie is beautiful inside and out ❤ ❤❤❤❤ whoever said that needs to get a life, i love your vlogs keep on coming

  25. People are so ignorant! All of your kids are beautiful and have amazing personalities! Society is soo scared of what's different, Get a grip! Who cares if someone is purple, blue, blind, deaf, etc…..karma will come back and bite them!

  26. Abi is so adorable and joyful I wish I was her friend shes an amazing person she brings me so much joy and makes me laugh

  27. Abbie is very pretty n people are sickening these days it's 2020 if u don't have any thing nice to say then don't say anything & whoever that was u should block them from watching your videos…

  28. It’s a shame that people can be so mean. I am legally blind and was working and got told because I am blind I didn’t deserve higher pay because I am disabled. All your kids are amazing and you two as parents are amazing. I am a mom now too. Sending you all the biggest hug.

  29. Natalie Weaver dealt with this in the worst way with her sweet Sophia and that is why she founded Sophia's Voice to help fight this garbage. I'm so sorry that Abi was attacked by this person.

  30. It makes me sad that someone would be so small minded to think let alone comment on Abby’s appearance like that. All of your kids are beautiful each in their own way, people worry about looking “normal” too much. I think your channel is a step in helping people to be more accepting of people with all types of disabilities, keeping open honest communication and education available is a step in the right direction. You guys are so great about answering questions and being nonjudgmental when you do it. Abby cracks me up, she is the funniest girl!

  31. Lol no David Abi doesn’t look monstrous. I was confused what that lady meant because other than her eyes coming across white on video, there’s nothing different. We’re always told to look people in the eyes so I guess we focus on that. But I guess haters gonna hate 😜

  32. OMG what a shame abi is beautiful and funny I am so sorry,in society now people r so cruel.Abi is the one that’s going to feel bad,she can wear glasses,everybody as to stand before God and be judged according to what they have done no matter who you r

  33. Abi is just beautiful! Some people are unfortunately very shallow and believe their own ridiculous opinions to be the only way to think. Society is moving forwards and I live in areas where the majority of people seem to not bat an eyelid at people with disabilities. There is a feeling of community in many areas and lots of inclusive and safe spaces for everyone who may be viewed as 'different'. I'm in the UK and have worked with people with disabilities for about 16 years now so I've seen a shift in attitudes, however there is so much work still to do and I truly believe schools should educate as part of the curriculum around disabilities and inclusion.
    Anyway, there is my 5.30am input! 😂
    There really is nothing wrong at all with Abi's appearance. She's beautiful inside and out 😍 I love seeing her in your videos. Her confidence seems to have grown so much ❤️ please say hi from me!

  34. Your comment about how isolating it can be really struck a nerve. We have adopted four children from foster care who have special behavioral needs and as the years have passed we have become increasingly isolated, as a family. People just don't want to spend time with our kids. Even extended family. Our kids are too much. Our eldest child is only 9 and we are sort of just now realizing now the full impact of raising kids with special needs. You are at the other end, with most of your kids grown. I see you as mentors. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad.

  35. Amazing Video! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I applaud you and your openness; this topic Soooo needs to be addressed. People may have disabilities, but the people aren’t disabilities, they are still people. AND- Normal is overrated. Communication is one of the biggest keys to these societal problems. I can remember as a child, during games and activities, struggling to know how to respond and interact with other people/children with disabilities (mental & physical) Adults would typically tell me.” Oh, just treat them like you would any other normal kid…” I can tell you right now from my own experiences, and from watching other people—That’s not enough for children and even older children. Full explanations and guidance in communication with others who have disabilities (as well as any other person) has to be given to people in order for people to bypass the societal stigmas implanted in folks,(including children, because they copy what they see in adults, even at super young ages). 🧡🤟🏼

  36. Abby is beautiful and this person is not thinking straight. If you don’t have nothing nice to say you should say nothing at all. Abby we love you and your amazing❤️❤️

  37. Ong I had to stop the video so I could breathe. My temper went ding lol you are so nice. I would of tore her a new one how dare she. Abbie is beautiful inside and out. They need to lock up that person that said that cause that is true ugliness that should not be aloud to spread. What a disgusting person. If someone doesnt like what they see then don't watch. Ahhh as if. Love you guys

  38. Abby is a beautiful smart funny young lady👩🏻🥰😊☺️😚💞😂🤣love you💕so how can anyone judge someone about the way they look👀😠🤬👋👋I actually don’t understand🤔🙄👀you should never judge a book by its cover📖🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  39. I dont see whats the problem here, so what, Abby is a little different. Everybody is different and nobody is perfect. I hate people that can't even handle colored people or people with birthmarks or other slight visual differences. It all comes down to a lack of education.

  40. Sadly it's always been this way it's just more spoken of since the internet has surfaced.. I wish we could go back to when it never existed cause then we had less stress & ppl couldn't blast their ignorance to the whole world but remember they shall have their judgement day when they face the ole mighty God he dosen't like ugly he states love thy neighbor. A lot of people need to remember do unto others as you would want them to do to you . God Bless your family.. ignore the ignorance and live in grace we like to call ppl like that trolls they thrive on negativity don't feed it they are undeserving of an ounce of your unconditional love and thriving energy…

  41. No one cares what that ignorant person thinks. Sounds like a personal problem they should have kept to themselves. People really think its okay to say what they want online and sometimes in person. Disgusting.

  42. Wow I believe people who write negative about any other person are literally the most insecure people on earth. Abi is truely beautiful and so is David, Hannah, Obed , Jess, Beth ♥️♥️♥️ infact I feel such negative people have so much to learn from these children be it respecting and loving their siblings or showing respect to others, helping each other, caring for others , overcoming fears and obstacles they face everyday and so much more. ♥️ These kids are strong and beautiful inside out ❤️ shame on the person to write negative about any such kids.

  43. Instead of seeing a beautiful girl living her best life with two other beautiful girls and getting up on their soapbox, maybe they should look into themselves and see what they hate so much that caused them to be such a mess on the internet.

  44. Abi is beautiful. Whoever this commenter is, he is a monster. Abi is a totally normal person and does not deserve someone saying that about her!

  45. I hope Abi never hears about this, even accidentally. I'd hate for her to think, even for a second, that she's "Scary" looking. Children will only be afraid if they've never seen someone like Abi before, and the best solution is for people to SEE HER, especially early on! I'm sure that child would feel better if they were introduced to Abi properly.

  46. Abi is beautiful and i adore her so much! I love the whole family, but Abi has always been my favorite. Ive said that before in several past videos. It breaks my heart that a "Grown" adult would say something so mean and if the person feels that way, then why would they watch the videos? People are just so nasty and miserble in their own lives so they wanna bring other people down.. Im sorry you had to deal with such horrible mess.. Just pray for that person. There are so many of us that love your videos, and adore your whole family. I can guarantee the positive out do the negative forsure!! 😘💕😍❤

  47. I think that you guys should try to give David vision not because of how he looks. To me looks don’t matter, but I think he has the potential to aspire in a very positive way. David seems like one of the smartest people I know and might actually be the smartest person I know and actually inspired me to look at the world in a whole new way. I think that giving David sight and I think it be amazing and I would help and pay for it if I had to. He has aspired me and my younger niece who is also blind and now has the capability to see. The difference was really amazing. This is just my opinion but I think even without vision, David could be possibly be the next senator or even president.

  48. Hearing what others have said about Abi and the rest of the kids makes me want to ring their neck out. If I ever heard a mother say that to another mother I would honestly intervene. The leader of the children's church isnt too much of a saint either. When you fight for inclusion youre going up against ignorance. Your feelings are spot on about this. People arent taught about disabilities earlier if at all and thats a huge problem. David it would be so amazing to hear from you! My mind is all jumbled up right now but I am more than happy to talk about this more how we can.

  49. David I like a good debate too. I am appalled really that in 2020 people can be so narrow minded when it comes to disabilities! Abby is a lovely girl if people would take the time to look inside. All of you young people are wonderful & you have such great personalities. And it bothers me when a child shows fear & the parents don't educate they go along with the fear & expect circumstances around the fearful child to change.

  50. All of your children are perfect! I have many many stories of “highly educated” people who are truly dumb when it comes to anyone with a disability. I worked with the Deaf attending college and the ignorance runs rampant with Master degreed and PhDs…some are willing to be informed and some were not. It is beyond frustrating.

  51. How horrible!!! Omg!!! How can a human being be so ignorant and judgemental? Abby is absolutely adorable and loved by so many.

  52. Abi is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. I actually first found your videos after clicking on one video with her in the thumbnail because I found her eyes captivating and I wanted to learn more about her! Her and each of the other kids have a special place in my heart now. I'm so glad I found your family, I have learned so much from you both and your kids and I hope others can too. I'm in shock someone could say something so ignorant and upsetting about such a wonderful girl like Abi 🙁

  53. Normaly I wouldnt wish that on anybody! But the commentar really should get disfiguered by an accident and feel by him/herself how it is!!! Some ppl just dont have empathy…… and btw. Abby is so gorgeous!! I love how mysterious her eyes look! 💜💜💜 much Love from germany 💜💜💜💜

  54. Ab is absolutely beautiful. Inside and out ❤️ as are the rest of you all! I’m sorry someone has said this, I’ll never understand why people feel the need to comment rude things.. or judge. No one has the right to judge. I know your whole family just by watching is so, so very sweet, kind, and loving. You guys are awesome, keep it up!! ❤️

  55. Is that horrible person for real …… I'm sorry that they said that abt abi … know that she is a beautiful girl inside and out …. I'm so angry at that negative comment …

  56. This break's my heart that someone would say that horrible thing about Abi because she is beautiful!!!! Some ppl in this world are ignorant and rude and the only thing you can do is pray for them although it's very upsetting. Abi is deserving to be out with her friend's just like anyone else and that is that. You all are a awesome family!!!!

  57. This person is either very shallow, ignorant, very vein, or hurting inside, for thinking this way. Growing up I was always told, hurt people hurt people. What an embarrassment as a human being to come that close (not physically) to another human being that thinks that way. Tears came to my eyes listening to this.
    Of course I noticed all of the kids eyes when I first started watching the videos, hence the channel name but after a couple videos it's just not a thing.
    I thought that was a good point about people thinking like that could effect them when going for a job or something.
    I like watching because you guys are fun to watch…and my Gkid has a crush on Obed lol.

  58. That is utter bs!! Those children are absolutely beautiful, especially in gods eyes and that pastor should be ashamed!! Thank god poor Abby doesnt have to read that ugliness!! Every person is beautiful! That commenter should be ashamed, I pray she is not blessed with children whom she is raising to have such hatred!

  59. OK, that sounds like a total troll and somebody living in the 15th century… and yes, a lot of comments like this come from groups that really should not be making comments like this…

  60. This is why we need channels like this. There are still plenty of good people out there who we can educate. If we don’t do it, nobody else will.

  61. OK, Abby has anaphthalmia, right? I have microphthalmia because of congenital rubella, and that really gets a lot of reactions from kids, and even adults sometimes… Sometimes people will ask me if I’m very tired, or think I’m sleeping because my eyes are so small or they look closed. And as a baby, when my mother would take me out, people would tell her why is she bringing a sleeping baby out… She would reply that she’s not sleeping and she’s blind.

  62. A friend of mine wants told me to reply to people who stared at me, or who made comments about my eyes like, would you like a picture so you can put it on your ceiling and look at it while you fall asleep? It’s a bit naughty, and of course I never did this, but it did make me laugh at the time… I was a teenager and I really felt very excluded. I was also very self-conscious and I didn’t like people staring. As I have gotten older, especially with all of the work I do in Asia, I don’t mind it so much

  63. Since the first time I saw Abi I thought she was very unique and beautiful. The person who left that comment should really reflect on themselves. I think they are doing more harm to society than Abi ever could. Just because someone looks different doesn’t make them less of a person or less deserving of respect and common decency!

  64. I think Abby is beautiful. Theres nothing scary about her appearance at all! That makes me so sad someone would say that. I know now to start talking seriously to my 5 year old daughter about this so shes educated so when she sees something that looks different she doesnt think "thats scary". Or even worse things. I wont let that happen I promise! It starts with raising your kids to know that those with differences/disabilities are people and they deserve to be treated and thought of as such.

  65. Many comments to make here. I can asked several times why I don’t go to a doctor, have surgery… I did lose one high completely later on, and the eye doctor actually told my mother it wasn’t worth doing a surgery because I was nine years old and just like you said, having surgery would have probably been very painful and made things worse. I don’t remember losing my site, strangely enough… I remember seeing, but I have no memory at all of losing it. And even with some other things, we’ve had to find solutions that work. Everybody is different. I have had to have loans, and loads of dental work. And because of low muscle tone in my hands, and not enough dexterity, taking care of my teeth and gums is a real challenge. Going to the dentist and sitting through a procedure for me is a real challenge to. Because doing things under general anesthetic is not really an option for me, and also it terrifies me, I have had to find good dentists who can be supportive and who can do a good job and who aren’t going to suggest 1000 procedures that for me would be impossible.

  66. I love dads quote "You cant make people be inclusive" and thats just the truth. As much as I want my son to be accepted by everyone, life has proven otherwise and there will always be some percent of people with strange or even nasty remarks.

  67. Abi is BEAUTIFUL!! If someone is unable to see her beauty (inside and out) then I truly pity them. Love your sweet family♥️💖♥️

  68. And yes, I completely agree that attitude can really hurt adults with disabilities. That’s the time, for me anyway, when I really, really noticed it. When you’re a kid, you don’t have to rent an apartment, find a job, and start a family… You’re just not aware of how bad society’s attitude can be towards you. I get asked all the time why I don’t go with a personal assistant, and that I should have one, blah blah I had to point out that with all of the budget cuts these days, that’s not probable, because personal assistance need to be paid by somebody, and I am not going to pay one. Not unless it’s absolutely needed, and I can do things on my own. I’m also really having to advocate as I get older, and really tell people to let me do things for myself. Short, people around want to be nice, but when they try to do things like open the train door, they don’t always realize that when I’m by myself, I won’t know how to do that. I’ve been having a very upsetting week, actually. Everything is getting to me. People tend to focus on my travels, and not on the huge amount of work I do and how stressful it can be. Sometimes, I feel like my work does not have an impact. I also feel that as I’m getting older, i’m having to deal with more and more jealousy, by people who just don’t understand what I’m doing and the work that goes into doing what I do. It has been a very rough week. Dealing with the public on a day-to-day basis can also be very draining. Because I’m on my own, and I still look so petite and… Possibly friendly ha ha Ha? People want to do things for me all the time, or hold my hands across the road… And sometimes, I just want to go out and have a coffee and not deal with anybody… and to anybody reading this who wants to be helpful, you can ask somebody if they need help, but please be sure to ask them how they would like help. We are adults with disabilities, not children with disabilities. If you hold my hand across the road, and my employer to see something like that… How do you think that would look to my employer? We need to be more inclusive, and stop viewing everybody with a disability as helpless… We are far from helpless, my friends. I can do far more than people who can see…

  69. This person is being very rude. I think she is the kind of person that has more of a negative influence on others.

    If she is reading this comment .. how do you sleep at night? Like seriously! I pity you for being so UGLY on the inside. Being ugly on the inside is the worst quality ever.

    Anyway I just want to add I think Abi is beautiful. I actually think her eyes look unique and it makes her extra special in the best way! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  70. People can be so cruel. I hate those comments, it's concerning that is 2020 and it seems Middle Age in some people's brains. We need more inclusion, love and kindness. Abby maybe is not a typical girl but she is amazing in every single way and a wonderful young lady. She is beautiful because she is unique, there is no other Abby, so she is a very special human being in all senses and deserves love and respect. Shame on that negative person!!

  71. It's terrifying that this little girls parents thought this was a solution of their daughter being scared of Abby. It is equally terrifying that the teacher didn't stop them and rather asked you not to bring Abby. At least two adults and neither of them THOUGHT IT WAS WRONG?

  72. Unfortunately I see this more frequently than I would like. People would rather talk to me rather than my blind or wheelchair-user colleagues. I won’t tolerate that. I just refer them back to my colleagues and walk away. My hope is that by interacting with them they’ll understand that those colleagues are more than capable and hopefully have more positive interactions with other people with disabilities in the future.

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