56 thoughts on “SixBlindKids – Should We Get An RV? Jesse Thinks So!

  1. One of the best decisions my husband and i made was purchasing an RV! When we were caring for my dear mother-in-law with dementia, we felt so cooped up at home all the time. Our RV gave us the ability to take our Mama Ruth and boys on vacation, in the comfort of our HOME. 🥰 I have Crohn's Disease and don't like being far from a bathroom, so traveling with a bathroom on board is a BONUS! I don't think you will regret the decision of purchasing an RV, but do as Chris recommended and rent one. I think you'll fall in love with the RV life…🥰💞❤️ Sadly, our Mama Ruth had passed away, and our children are growing up and out on their own. But, now we foster/adopt dogs and take them traveling with us! It's a lifestyle you fall in love with and never outgrow. Looking forward to updates on this…🥰

  2. My dad took the family all over when we had motorhomes. It was fun. We were either going on a hunting trip or going on a racing trip. My brother and i used to race motocross in the late 70's.

  3. I agree with everyone saying if you can rent one, you should try it. There's never a "perfect" time to do things, you know? You don't want to get to the age where you can't do certain things and live the rest of your life regretting it. I'm at that stage in many ways and it's horrible.

  4. You guys really gave up your freedom for Jessie and Obed. You both are earth Angel's and those kiddos are so lucky to have parents like you two!! Jessie's spirit is so beautiful I love her voice and I love Obeds beat box lol

  5. I say rent an RV for a long weekend and test it out and see how it goes before a purchase 😊 Always fun watching you guys.I know before you go and do anything there's a lot of work and preparation to be able to do things..we see the fun stuff.. but, I know Mom and Dad has been working hard 😘

  6. Have you guys rented an RV to take a short trip before? Probably could give you guys a better idea of what works best for the family, roughy? It is a great idea and I agree with Karen this is a good time to get serious about getting an RV because you are the right ages🤩👍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. The RV sounds like a solid idea for you all. I thought of that too so we could bring the dogs, cats, and rabbit with us. But since my hubby got the job driving schoolbus, now I want to convert a bus into an RV!

  8. Since I grew up in a family of six siblings.
    And every single one of us are adopted.
    Including my parents also used to have other kids they foster that they did not adopt.
    My parents used to drive a 15 passenger van to get everyone everywhere
    There’s a story that goes around our family. Of a time my dad pulled up to the mall to pick up everyone.
    With the 15 passenger van
    And people came out and asked him is this the shuttle to the airport😃😂😄
    And honestly it has been my dream for my parents to own an RV
    So yes I think it would be a great idea for you and
    Your family to own an RV.
    Definitely for the kids that do not handle change very well.
    Because they could familiar rise their cells with the new surroundings🥰

  9. Y'all, RV's are a HUGE investment; I'd advise you go used, at least at first. It'll give you a better idea of the things you want and don't want, not to mention a lot cheaper. P.S. Poor Bethany needs another seat; don't make her suffer!

  10. Maybe if you got D, H and B interested in the White House, Lincoln memorial etc, and rent an RV and go down to a camp ground nearby, invoke some of the kids respite allowance to hire a colleague kid learning ABA or some SN field to come help. One of the parents can stay with the carer at the park, and the other can take the other three kids on one of the tours (totally use SN access priority😉) then the other can stay the next day etc. In some RV’s there are seats behind the driver’s where J and O can be harnessed in, and in the summer you should look at going to Disney World using a helper or vlog fans willing to help out (I’m sure lot’s of fans would be willing if they are there at the same time), and alternate small groups of kids on attractions😂❤️Don’t mind me organising your life 😂

  11. I would highly recommend an RV if you can swing it, even if that means renting one. Would your van be able to pull a trailer? We pull our 28ft travel trailer with our 15 passenger diesel van, this gives us the freedom to park our trailer and then explore in the van. I don’t know about your area but in our area people with disabilities and their family can camp for free at certain parks. Also what Joe was saying about not having to pack up for every outing because your trailer is already set up is a huge time saver and frees up time for busy families like ours. Having a trailer also has the bonus of having the routine/consistency while you are away but it can be parked at any location. Our kids have their beds in the trailer, we set up the same way no matter where we stay and meals are the same as they are accustom to, etc, which is helpful for the kids needing more routine. I hope you have an RV in your future and if you ever venture to Canada we would love to meet up with you.

  12. This may be a stupid question, but what about Obed's specialty bed? Would be be able to safely sleep on a normal bed in a rv?

  13. Oh how I wish I had a connection to am RV company. They should rent one to you for two weeks no charge so you can record using it as a family and show how RVs can be a great way for people with disabilities to travel! They did that for Role with Cole and Charisma and they should do it with you guys!!

  14. okay Joe said it is 70° where you live but me I live south of y'all and it is freezing cold here but I live in Georgia and yall live inlike Virginiaand it is freezing here while y'all get nice weather when you're so close to Canada and I'm so close to the equator

  15. I'm sorry I do not have the money or I would buy you one it would be good for you all of you could sleep eat and see things arny would be so happy to go he loves all of you I love all of you

  16. An RV would be so fun and a great way to unplug from daily stress! We need camping/road trip vlogs if you do decide to get one! I bet Arnie would love to take trips. Btw, I seriously love how close you guys all are. I wish every family could be like this. It's sweet 🧁😊

  17. Since you guys can’t go to the west coast, it seems like I have to go to the east coast to have a hangout with you!!! Much love, Melissa

  18. Just a few thoughts for you guys. One, as Chris said, try a rental first. Another one is a possible option, which is to take out what seats you don't need in the van and make room there. Perhaps there's a way to reconfigure the seats to different positions. Just a reminder to you that certainly with the size of motorhome you showed in the video, fuel, maintenance and repair costs as well as towing, will be on the commercial level.

  19. Wow I think some RV adventures would be great to see!!! You mentioned giving Jessie a bath.. how do you wash and brush her beautiful hair?!!

    PS I’m still smiling often, thinking of Abby and her “Happy-oca”!!!

  20. I use to go camping with my best friend and her family. They had a camper and it was awesome! We went to all kinds of different places. Some of my favorites was a trip to Salem Mass. and Lake George N.Y.

  21. I love how in between of Jesse’s bobbing, she’s looking out of the window as if she can see 😂😍
    What did Bethany say to you that you replied “yes she is actually”? I couldn’t hear her as it was too quiet.

  22. Your video just made my 19th birthday even better! I would've commented last night (on my actual birthday) but I watched this on the little bit of downtime I got, and had to watch it on my Smart TV, lol. I haven't had an RV, but up near my family's lakehouse/trailer in Ohio, there are a lot of people that bring their RVs and park on their lots. I'm so glad Jesse and everybody was having a great time on the drive!! Sending you guys love and hugs from up here in Pittsburgh!!! 💜⛈

  23. is there the possibility of renting an RV for a weekend to see how it would work for you? That might help in the decision making process.

  24. Your plan makes a lot of sense. My husband & I are retired & spend about 3 months a year in our 21’ 5th wheel – just the 2 of us. One word of advice, research to find the perfect RV for your specific wants & needs. Talk to owners, not just sales people. There are a lot of manufacturer specific FaceBook groups. We ended up driving from PA to Chilliwack, BC, Canada to get exactly what we wanted, direct from the factory. You have the perfect optimistic and flexible attitude needed for the RV life. Happy camping in the future!

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