100 thoughts on “SixBlindKids – Abi’s “HappyOca” Pudding, and Lots Of Surprises For Mom Today!

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  2. I so love your family and interactions one with another! Always a reason to be happy and cheerful! Abi, Happioca is my favorite pudding also😊❤️

  3. Bless your heart for being able to find it in your self to laugh when you have drama coming at you from all angles ! One thing I can maybe help you on is Arnie … I had to carry my 75 lb dog up and down the stairs until one day my friend brought her dog over . That's all it took was my dog seeing how it's was done by another dog . So maybe your sons dog can show Arnie how it's done !

  4. Oh Karen you really are a super Mom! I do hope you do get a chance to have a lil me time. A chance to relax sometimes. Love your family and Arnie 🥰

  5. O My Abi is So hilarious..Each & every 1 of your kids have there own Spunky personalities" that are So addicting to watch & enjoyable Tfs 🤗😄

  6. What a long day! I think mum needs a quiet afternoon at the spa!
    I call the poop explosions a plaster disaster. Maybe it's the meds that is upsetting Arnies stomach and the food increase at the same time probably didn't help. It's a good thing he's cute!

  7. Abi you’re adorable. That’s really cool that David and Bethany are very independent. Poor Arnie I remember those puppy days. Sometimes they can get diarrhea from eating something outside and it’s not there food. I have full bread pugs all three are sisters One of them is two years younger. Then we have a nine year old min pin my husband step grandson got at 7 weeks old decided after three weeks he didn’t want it so he just left it with us her name is Bella all four of our dogs are girls.

  8. Sometimes if doggies tummy is upset they need to "go" just like us more often. He probably needed to pp or poo again but he is so well behaved he holds it to make you happy. If a walk is not possible try doggie diapers or just good old newspaper with a trash bag underneath.

  9. 😂❤️ Aww Abi, soo much progress! 😂 “ Hannah’s Hannah” as one like her i appreciate you putting it that way on her behalf😂 aww Jessie ❤️

  10. I loved this one! Bethany and David are so independent! It's got to be nice seeing them so grown!
    Arnie is, I hope, feeling better. He's a precious little guy!
    Get a break, Mom! We all have hard days/weeks. Yours I'm sure come more often with 6 kiddos! Take a bath or binge watch a show. Even something small, let it be just for you. 🙂
    Sending love!

  11. I thought the happyoca moment with the ladies was pure joy! I think I will call it that now too! How sweet for Jessie to reach out to her sister

  12. We have different sized bins with a locking handle that holds both cat and dog dry food. You dump the food in, close the lid and then flip the handle up and then down again to lock it in place. It works great! Hope Arnie feels better soon! Ago was so funny about happy oca pudding! I've never had tapioca but one of my favs games has that spice in it so that's how I learned names of spices.

  13. I'm happy your to daughters could go to the dentist by them self Mon you were funny when you said to all of them now I guess you want me to take you out to eat sorry about aren'y pooping in the house tell him for me no morepooping in the house

  14. Funny Abi :), we called it Sago here in Australia when I was a kid, used to drizzle Golden Syrup over it, my sister hated it but I loved it.

  15. Bethany amazes me the way she takes care of Obed, she has such a nurturing spirit 🥰 thank you for sharing your beautiful family.

  16. OMG. Jessie. Wow. And out of her " onesey ". I would be mortified and also at this point I guess you have to sort of give up on this issue at some point. You all have a lovely family.

  17. Oh man my momma heart felt ya when you said mama needs a break. I’ve been there. Then the Happy Oca just made my heart smile! Love your family ♥️♥️

  18. Karen my mom came downstairs to a similar situation with one of our dogs the other day. Cleaning up that kind of mess is no fun.

  19. Abi: I make THE BEST TAPIOCA pudding and when I can make it for a meet and greet one day, I know what to bring Mme Abi. I love each of you. Xoxoxo 🦋♥️🌼💜🌸🌺⭐️💕

  20. What wonderful kids you guys have!! Everyone needs a sister like Bethany..she has so much patience, kindness, and love! ❤️

  21. Abi cracks me up! I love her! Jesse giving Bethany is the sweetest thing ever! Please give my congrats to Bethany on winning student employee of the month for December! So proud of her!

  22. Way to go David and Bethany for being independent at the dentist! It's okay about Hannah too though, I'm about to be 23 and still refuse to go to the dentist or doctor without my mom. I'm quite independent otherwise but the dentist I can't do alone.

  23. Followed on Instagram! You guys are so beautiful I love seeing your family. You and your husband have hearts of gold and I wish to be like you two when I’m a parent! Hope for many more blessings for you and your family over the years, excited to see everyone grow!

  24. Once my pup learned the stairs he won't stop playing on them. He will drop a toy down them and run down to get it over and over.

  25. Abi is talking soooo well! Also I’m curious, what is that breathing in noise that Jesse does all the time? Just curious! Love you guys!!! ❤️

  26. Arnie is the best! I have a little soft spot for beagles. He really has his own cheeky personality. David and Bethany are so independent, it’s awesome to see! How’s David going with his studies this year?

  27. My 2 year old German shepherd is TERRIFIED of going up and down stairs.
    And I love how Abbie says happyoca pudding ☺️☺️☺️☺️ I’m going to start calling it that. Happyocaaaaa 😃😄

  28. Oh my god, I absolutely love tapioca! It's a typical food in Manaus Brazil and there's tapioca dough which is used for making tapioca bread, ice cream and cookies. I had no idea there was even tapioca pudding in Virginia USA! Small world 🙂

  29. My sister had a hound dog mix and her floppy ears were prone to yeast infections. I remember her having to use drops and her dog shaking her ears around too!

  30. That Jesse & Bethany moment is too precious! Glad you got that on camera! I’m guessing Bethany is Jesse’s favourite sibling?

  31. Has Bethany made a choice about doing any more schooling? I know that she is going to practical training this year, has she made a decision on what field she wants a career in? I’m just being nosy, Bethany,😀

  32. I love your family so much they are so beautiful and funny and can always make eachother laugh and I wear glasses and have bad eyesight if I ever go blind you can adopt me 🤣💖

  33. That story was funny 🤣 glad it was only a woman looking for her dog. Hey Arnie hope your better soon. Hey David and my favorite Bethany. Oh no Arnie..Mom you do need a break.❤

  34. Every video of yours has something new to learn specially how you people express your love for one another (example bethney giving hugs to jessy or feeding obed) . Making this world a better place to live with one step at a time.

  35. Oh my, it's been a day for you. You need a day at a spa, a mom's day off. Jesse found a way around full proof clothes, lol. Is Arnie on high protein food? That can cause tummy upset & poo issues (my dogter can't handle high protein). I hope things are a bit calmer for you now. Have you thought about getting a nanny of sorts, maybe one evening a wk, to help with dinner/baths, so you can relax a bit?

  36. I have a cousin who is severely autistic and when she was younger it was a fight to keep clothes on her. Her mom had special clothing made for her and everything but somehow she always managed to take it off!

  37. hi guy's sorry I don't have instagram I love supporting you all by watching these videos God bless much love 😇🙏👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋from New Zealand

  38. My half beagle girl has floppy beagle ears. I had to check them every few weeks and clean out her dark brown waxy junk with warm water qtips. One morning out of nowhere, it seemed, she had an ear infection. After a few days of drops it was gone, and her ears have been squeaky clean ever since 🤷‍♀️ I'm not complaining but I thought it was odd that there hasn't been any more wax.

  39. We sometimes give are dogs baby carrots as treats. They love them and sit and wait at the fridge until we give them one

  40. Arnie melts me 😊😁❤ Beagles are really some of the most intelligent dogs! (which makes them trouble at times but how can you ever stay mad at something so dang cute?😂) I hope he's feeling better soon. Love you guys!!! 😉🥰

  41. Hounds are notorious for having yeast infections in their ears. Just religiously keep up on the vet prescribed regiment.
    Once I get my hounds’ ear infections under control, I use distilled water and apple cider vinegar as maintenance. (I usually do one part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts distilled water, but look online.) I use a turkey baster to gently flush the solution through. Letting the pup vigorously shake out whatever solution is used really losens up the crude. I sometimes flush the ears twice in a sitting. (I also warm the distilled water in the microwave with the hopes that it is more tolerable than cooler water)
    The secret is to keep their ears dry. I use tea towels for drying the ears, since they don’t leave a residue, and they are thin enough for me to be able to truly feel if I got the ears dried.
    Try to open the ears up occasionally as well. While I watch TV, I’ve been known to hold my dogs ears open minutes at a time just to get some air in there.
    And not to be a downer, but it would be best if you could completely eradicate the yeast infection before the humid summer begins.
    When the humidity peaks, more ear cleanings will be needed. Again, really make sure to dry the ears really well, since yeast loves moisture. And let air get in there as often as possible!!!
    I also add a couple of tablespoons of plain, unsweetened yogurt to the dog food.
    The floppy ears are a hound’s blessing and curse. They are soooooo cute, but they create the perfect haven for yeast infections.

  42. Momma Karen. Sending you mega hugs. Love to you. 💕🤗🧍🏼‍♀️👩‍🦽i have never seen Jesse giving so much personal attention like she is with Bethany.

  43. Ok…from now on it will always be called happyoca in our house too! I love this so much. Your family is so sweet…Thankyou for sharing your lives with us xxxx

  44. I'm suffering from flu today so I decided to not go to school.. Good thing you uploaded a video to keep me sane hehe. I love love love abi and all the kids!! Please tell them that ❤️

  45. Bethany and Obed's sibling relationship warms the heart. Just pure love. Its nice seeing everyone. Mom where do you get your energy?

  46. We just rescued a Staffordshire Pitt and he’s so sweet. These dogs have a bad name, but I think it’s the way they’re raised🐾 nothing like having a stranger in your yard, in there pjs on a mega horn😂😂😂😂

  47. My dog suffered with ear infections. I now put a flat teaspoon of pure coconut oil in with his dinner. So many benefits of using coconut oil 😊 he hasn’t had any problems since I started using it

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