Shocking Money in the Bank Ladder Match moments: WWE Top 10, June 16, 2018

Shocking Money in the Bank Ladder Match moments: WWE Top 10, June 16, 2018

>>Roman Reigns closing in on becoming Mr. Money in the Bank.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>What the? My God, it’s Wyatt! It’s Great Wyatt,
Great Wyatt under the ladder!>>Robbie’s got the briefcase.>>Look out, look out!>>Reigns is closing in on the win and Great Wyatt inexplicably
going after Roman Reigns. Sets him up again.
>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] My God. It’s Baron Corbin. Baron Corbin, the sixth competitor here
in this match taking out Nakamura.>>This has been the MO of Corbin, attack from behind, assault from behind. And the match hasn’t even begun yet
and Corbin is wielding a ladder. [SOUND]
>>Hey listen it’s Wrestlemania. Leave everything out here Kofi, come on.
>>And Kingston using the ladder.>>Look at that.>>As a pair of stilts.>>How ingenious is this?>>Kofi Kingston.>>[LAUGH] This is great.>>Can Kofi Kingston do it?
>>Wow.>>This will make history. Kofi Kingston. Look at Kingston. Look at the balance of Kofi.
>>Necessity, the mother of invention, Kofi Kingston.
>>No!>>And Drew McIntyre spoils Kofi’s party for the time being.
>>No, no, no, no, no! [SOUND]
>>Just one more time, Ray.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Man!>>Wow.>>He’s been unmasked [SOUND] What? [SOUND]
>>Tony is gonna win Money in the Bank. Everybody else has been taken out, has been wiped out.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Two more steps and you’re there.>>A date with destiny.>>A fingertip away. And look at, who is that? Damien Sandow. Damien Sandow. Damien Sandow.
>>Where’d he come from?>>He just double crossed his own partner.>>You could be, just cannot be done like this. Sandow is Mr. Money in the Bank. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>An MVP could be close to calling himself Mr. Money in the Bank. This match is over with. MVP is gonna. Wait a second! My lord. It’s Matt Hardy!
>>Matt Hardy. It’s Matt Hardy! The man MVP took out with
a knee injury five months ago. Matt Hardy-
>>Whoa!>>Untwist the fate. [SOUND]
>>No, come on.>>No way. Hit the ladder, Jeff.
>>No, no.>>Jeff Hardy said he was gonna steal Wrestlemania. You’ve gotta be kidding me.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Good Lord. [SOUND]
>>It’s total elimination, for one man can climb the ladder. What is Shelton Benjamin thinking here?
>>My God.>>You’re a long way from the ring Shelton.
>>For your information.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Benjamin looking to eliminate his opposition, may have eliminated himself.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[SOUND] [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Shocking Money in the Bank Ladder Match moments: WWE Top 10, June 16, 2018

  1. I know…you guys are gonna hate on me but I LOVEEEE CARMELLA she’s so fab

    And boom you guys are gonna hate on me now-_-

  2. Lol I really hope wwe doesn't actually think that Carmella ladder match was the MITB of all time, no wonder wwe is falling apart

  3. I’m surprised they let Carmella’s victory be #1. Not because it was bad it’s because the women are always last

  4. at number 1 the crowd was over hyped when they thought ellsworth will be first mrs mitb but when he passed it to carmella they were like "oh ok that works too"

  5. The Lord truly had His hand of protection on these people as they did these things. He gave these people much bravery and talent

  6. You know how they have money in the bank and wreslemania and stuff they should have one called knock em all!!!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Don't you just love how the script writers arent restricted by rules? If something makes the story look good, well, just add it in.

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