SAFE! GOLD! SILVER! BREITLING! MONEY & MORE I bought an abandoned storage unit

SAFE! GOLD! SILVER! BREITLING! MONEY & MORE I bought an abandoned storage unit

promised that there might be like one
item to pay for the entire storage person there
come on hundred or bill we’ve cited yeah we are yeah ar-15 complete assembly
guide Wow is there gonna be an ar-15 in this unit Clint do you feel an ar-15 in
here I see a silver set box I can’t wait to get back there because this could be
something you don’t we’ll get there this is like a gold watch possibly
something’s in there something’s in there look at this here’s something you
like Clint that is a cremated remains guess what those are quarters that’s a
silver quarter two one oh is it silver oh please please please be silver
Breitling Annie ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages it is I your captain speaking and I’m here with one of my friends
Clint but knowing him since we’re like 18 not to give my age way but that is
over 20 years I’m not gonna get definitive on what the exact ages I’ve
known this man for over 20 years good friend of mine he is a single dad owns
his business he’s out here to help mean he’s thinking about starting a YouTube
channel called hunting the pirate he’s gonna hunt me basically work with me on
site and he’s gonna make beer soup up he’s gonna make one video on this unit
right now you’re about to see it’s been sitting for over ten years
tons of money story I think they spent close to 25 grand and rent on this unit
in the 20 years why I always buy those because anybody willing to spend that
much money is a good potential being some in the right or something in there
maybe we’re about to see it anyway if you could subscribe his channel check
out the video he’s gonna put on this and I say the pirate sent you one say any
word you got stage fright the average person gets camera shy it’s alright you get used to that the
doors in this heaven he brought gloves ladies and gentlemen I
get a lot of heat for not wearing gloves reasons I bought this unit are very
simple right here right now you see dust you know ladies and gentlemen I like
spiderwebs rat poop and cobwebs and dust those are my turn-ons been sitting for
years it kind of looks rifled through you can see the boxes look kind of turn
you can see some potential good furniture I paid $900 for this is the
only unit I actually won that day little cuckoo probably for buying it there was
nothing in that jewelry box there was a clip at the end of the auction vlog
we’re about to go through and see if we can find something worth my $900 in this
unit right now I like that dolly look at this guy comes
with two dollies want to sell one how much you pay for this you had too much
no I don’t use ones like this could you have to figure by the time you stack it
on there get it into the trailer and take it off if you just stood on one
stack it’s easier but we all have different systems what is your business
you have peppers firm what do you do nice that’s why if you guys have seen
him he’s been a few videos of the Cookie Monster yeah right here after bat we’re
gonna break stuff brand new office chair covered in dust but you see right here
brand new in the grand scheme of things in my world that’s 20 bucks oh wow oh
look at that look at that ladies and gentlemen I was
just telling him that I’m not really intrigued by this so far cuz I think I
might have messed up and you find change found money first box what do we got in
here this looks like kind of good shiny we
didn’t buy China this is type of Chinese herb I put on eBay at one piece at a
time it’s made in Germany which is good nice
this kids makes it a little more promise that there might be like one item to pay
for the entire storage in here um yeah I want to let’s look at those real quick I
looked at these the other day but in case anybody missed the flea market
these are kind of intriguing they’re signed Fritz Newman they look like
prints I don’t know if they’re really painted I gotta have my people look at
them but usually prints are what’s inside glass prints of water core but
that is a nice print though mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of
them all you guys that’s a nice little mats for Alameda
first rule of youtubing if you make videos Clint we don’t cuss it’s all
right edit it down it’s good to learn we’re teaching you this right here we
can load right away there’s a clip speaker I’ll be lucky to get eighty to a
hundred on that that is nice look how strong this guy is like an ox
these are nice right here this is another one a print I don’t see a name
on it you can see a little discoloration on the bottom allit meter that might be
worth 2200 bucks somewhere in that ballpark this looks
like a cool little box of China I don’t know what its value is hoorah
and Berg did you bring a room on your phone that is a second rule of youtubing
is you look at this nice China it’s weird well you have to have a room on
your phone a film to make a video you need some good Christmas China for
Christmas Clint isn’t it fun being a single dad I’ve been doing I did it for
a long time oh yeah whoo look at us more the set let’s just look this up real
quick and see if we can see any value on this set looking right here this looks
like a sit-up bench it looks similar to there some mediocre what do we have here they
did a horrible job of packing they must have been in a hurry that almost looks
cool look at that it’s got a wood little cork in the bottom I don’t see any name
it’s like a chalice or a goblet or something you know you drink the finest
of wines it’d be nice to find a silver set when I
see China like this and stuff like I think potential of silver set I’ve been
trying to get the chest cam to work better guys a lot of people have been
saying that I have not been able to get it moved right it’s hard to have your
head down looking at I’m working on it but it is still my iPhone we are not
using a GoPro very Tron quartz that is kind of a cool clock tells you all the
worldwide so a lot of stuff in here they would almost go to Alameda this guy
looks cool baby’s broke dang it I don’t know what to do I know
everybody’s gonna be mad at me in the comments but like look at look at what
how they pack the box there’s nothing I could do with this look at these right
here Beethoven and wagger these are cool items that I’ll set aside for like
Alameda look at that they have $35 price tags on them busts of Beethoven this is
good alright is this starting to feel a little better because I was discouraged
about this tools we got this is nice when the keys are in them it’ll be nice
there was tools in them look at Clint picking up the tools and putting them on
the dang bench somebody wanted a dremel I don’t remember who what greatest
quarterback ever to play nope second greatest who’s the greatest Steve Young
it says to Steve and all this people at the LOD Rihanna all the C’s Joe Montana
that is nice we got a cool item right there found change you can add that to our
change collection I’ll make a coin start video you never seen a coin start video yet
Clint you never seen a coin start video hop to show you Hearst no she quit all
right these are good to go all right there go ahead how it’s not
looking yeah look at that yeah those are Nats that ate M&Ms all
right almost nice crystal cheap vase we’ll have to be very careful with this
glass plant let me welcome oh this is a home theater reference power center what
this does is you put all your stuff connect it into it and then it feeds the
power so that yeah let’s look it up in a perfect world brand-new is $2.99 and
they go down to 129 pre-owned and then they start getting down less than a
hundred so if I get like 70 75 then I’m gonna be happy
cute little tool bag here it’s craftsman better than nothing but it’s not a like
a then a sharp stick in the eye would it be nice if it was all Milwaukee $10 bag
poker chips remember when we used to do poker night you can host poking out of
your house look it’s the University and Clint host poker night is it it’s a
whole brand-new set of poker chips no stuff no domination let’s see turn it
this is a Pro Series only the pros would use something of this nature they’re just colored but still it’s
still nice up yeah you want it you can host poker night I know a few people
that want to come play they bug me all the time I don’t like the way their
clothes smells I tell you guys all the time it’s the first thing you want to
look at in a storage unit is how the clothes smell no that’s not cute plants
is making fun of me for sniffing the clothes and he doesn’t obviously seen
the video yet where when you open up a storage unit like say there’s the
laundry basket right here right what you want to do is you want to sniff it if
the clothes smells bad you automatically know they don’t take care of their stuff
in the best manner if you smell it and it’s kind of like it smells like downy
then you’re good look at these clinton loves video games Tiger Woods
these are we so that means they’re potentially eBay send them off to my
video game guy and you can always tell a lot about a person by what movies they
watched coming to America that was a great movie that might be a computer
speaker system Harman Kardon we’ll have to look that up what do you think about
these Clint not cheap right they’re a little dusty Harman Kardon hard Harman
Kardon yeah mmm the graphite series 600 T brilliant design in and out what is
this it’s a gaming computer can this be a better gaming computer than the one
Michael has already carpet cleaner yeah the little woman does she has one of
those in not to get had a Hasker habit a but she likes it ooh Mario Kart Wii
remember remember all the times we used to sit and play Mario Kart it’s game
Mario Kart don’t you remember all ties me you lips and Clint yeah you I’m put
on eBay oh look at this monitor coming out what is this
that’s kind of cool what you think something like that’s worth no.25 we’ll
set this aside in our hallam eat a pile the sink master full 3d LED monitor and
michael probably would have liked this and he just went bought his and then he
this comes in the mail he bought one for like 150 because he needed better
megahertz and the audio audio does oh nice that’s ebay isn’t it do you base
stuff like that so you mind my problem is I don’t have time to test that like I
don’t test it out see if it works alright we’ll set that all aside in a
good pile what do you got there denim that’s 40 to 50 bucks probably
it’s not looking bad nicer let’s shape up let’s let’s test your skills remember
we don’t cuss no sound actually something you can’t feel I don’t know
the weight of it no what is this insignia their possible laptop piece they do well the thing is you know
actually the truth is these boxes here on eBay these box you can actually get 5
to 10 bucks to use you just wipe the dust off and you sell them and people
who sell the phones want the boxes to make their sets a little nicer well you
know what I like about this possible Star Wars collectibles right all right
look at that that’s good it’s just a bag of clothes hundred dollars in nickels
but it’s empty come on hundred our bill no what you see
in here Oakley you want this CD near- Metallica if we see if there’s any good
ones you can look in there a New Testament ah DVDs blu-rays or two three
bucks regulars or a buck but if there’s sets and so forth they’re a little more
and you always might find games in there right
oh here we go see ps3 we’re gonna need this for the
ps3 Bioshock 2 nice quake territory nice I’m feeling a little better I’m gonna go
buy a unit tomorrow you want to go watch yeah it’s in it’s in Lodi or Stockton
the butterfly effect yet this is a great movie one of the best love stories ever
there avatar have you not seen it oh that’s almost in good shape that’s
probably a good email whatever happened to your eBay you ever think about
getting going again yeah okay you got a store Punk profit genius billionaire
trader all right I like the billionaire part we found the remote for this so
we’ll set it in here with this 69 Camaro I can’t let’s manifest the 69 Camaro in
a storage unit ladies and gentlemen let’s see if we could do it we like to
work in powers of manifesting as also the mastermind sound plane horn second
because we can click me like this right look it’s a real life playing movies Oh another one ladies and gentlemen another
Joe Montana autograph second greatest quarterback of all time next to Steve
Young cyber Shaw who who found watch can you be a Rolex are these folk Lee’s
Foster Grant you think so yeah what do you think’s in
there on a second let’s get to these right here the ports he’s from Stockton
it’s broken they’re getting parts that’s all never
change always be able to give hugs if you had to guess
shake it I want to hear you guess what this shit don’t open it alright turn it
to you you know like this this is a this is you this is how you film on you now
open it and peek and see what’s in there and do we are we succeeded yeah we are
yeah all right yeah one two oh that’s not bad it’s not bad do we got here
a Joe Montana silver as actually sterling silver right there yeah so
that’s about that’s like 20 25 dollars right that is an interesting coin no
then we got a Ronald Reagan President of the United States that looks to be
silver I’ll have to have that looked up wrote who why can’t you be real gold lettuce man if that was a real gold it
could be it doesn’t seem like it but it could be what is this California Grandpa
Chico five bucks yeah and look at this good for one fare in San Francisco look
at this H to get us on the bus nice found knife this personal that might be
the mom or something see what else is in here though who a
gun book the ar-15 complete assembly guide Wow is there gonna be a ar-15 in
this unit Clint do you feel an ar-15 in here look he possibly in the wardrobe
see furniture movers oh there’s your poker table okay right there look it’s
in it’s under the table oh I see you’re talking about oh is it real
oh is it the only real thing maybe well look at that that’s nice
okay shout out to this man right here for serving in our country I appreciate
you with everything you’ll ever understand convent of the Sacred Heart okay this is kind of cool this is me
Oh black-and-whites old piece of paper whoo look at horses kissing nice digging
for special rare photos so far looks a personal it’s a piece of leather camera
capers white photos cars train tracks what do I spy here we didn’t go on that
one yet did we no can you if you see if there’s anything in there this is a nice
lighter here that’s the eBay what’d you find found money age to be nice all
right Clint good eye that is a 1909 quarter that is three to
four bucks just in silver right there the dog collar what is this this looks
kind of cool because it’s uh it’s for a car
super toothed light is that a gold hearing right there it looks like a gold
earring this one no these are just hat sounds seen that’s a nice knighted one
but I don’t like the way that bill was all folded all rounded around it’s been
zero seconds since our F last accident ladies and gentlemen no no fine tea sets
all right this is intriguing okay making important
snow a France Vallauris where do you want it yeah okay put it in your van
with your poker Sam nice and you go off so uh no actually it does it is for
sit-ups right because it doesn’t have that yeah all right good you I’ve been
so doesn’t say you need to get back into shape
you’re not looking good do my I spy a sterling silver box I told you I felt
like there might be one in here because of the way there was lots of china and
things that make me think silver set and I see a silver set box I can’t wait to
get back there no we’re not gonna jump to it and get to it but maybe one’s
coming I love gold silver and gem doesn’t look like anything exciting in
general expect what is that is that a motorcycle part this little white thing
there oh okay that is a fairing for something what does that biohazards that
needles this is a transformer shield Oh autobots roll out what is this right
here nothing what are these right here
nothing was that biohazard careful with that I think that’s needles and
hypodermics okay we could load the tent we can load this cot right here this was
nice somebody said something about this at the auction Elkridge made in China
no it just lost all cool points Clint can we take turns you stand over there
and I throw to you and then I’ll stand over there and you throw it at me in
your game all right well I’m just kidding we can’t play that game is that a safe is this a safe that is yes and we finally made it here sorry
about the camera shaking look at that potential
there’s something in there whether it’s silver or not who we’re really loading
the town here ladies and gentlemen I’m not showing you all the junk but this is
mostly just flea market cushioned steady hands it looks more like decoration than
it does anything else but that is pretty dope ray-bans that is 50 to 75 bucks
right there so two pair on my live auction today and wopo shadow the
storage legend is very upsetting anything to get him doesn’t you know
you’re supposed to just bid more money chickens
sometimes you want to be careful when you open up things like this cuz this
could be something you don’t want I knew that was what I saw in that box
earlier somebody somebody’s there your point no I just like noticed like hey
there’s one that looks like I couldn’t break a lot of clouds coming in here oh
I wonder if this is something to do with some silver gold this is the second time
we found it come on go No sterling silver ring right
there that is sterling silver and then we have no I said what’s in that Oh
we’ll get there this is like a gold watch possibly
that’s look nice okay closer the company has it courts need some
details here there is none to give it’s made in China I’m not impressed now that
I was slightly impressed and Clinton wants to see in here and it is business
cards that’s the rest even though that table is demolished I’m trying to load
in such a manner those fragile legs don’t get demolished and all the
pressure will be on the center believe it or not believe it or not this is
probably of the nicest things I found in here because in Alameda that’s probably
75 to $100 right there it’s old it is modern Danish it’s neat
whoo I’m excited to see in that safe right there do we got here DVDs this is
pretty nice right here but all you just seen the one I just sold but I think was
missing a few pieces this one’s brand spankin new Platinum Edition yeah I
think I might just keep this we can play this at home oh it has this wall
brand-new what is that I see signatures kind of cool but they’re not very
valuable San Francisco Evelynn curl coca-cola Mike’s garage now that is nice
right there not the guy in the mirror but this mirrors oh look at that Asian
decor all right here my need is crack those almost look a little creepy this
is a butter knife but that looks sterling tally interesting this is kinda
neat almost feel like you might like that but it’s not very it’s kind of deep
but it’s big Kenneth Cole where do we got oh boy
pills in a jewelry box come on something’s in there something’s in
there we’re gonna save that with this too
we’re getting close to that ladies and gentlemen oh that gold right there that looks like gold
no doesn’t fossil what do we have here on the harm baby be gold nine to five
all right I still cool ooh what do we got here
silver okay and what do we got here a little mouse found mouse I bought an
abandoned storage unit not bad though that’s ooh we did find gold look world’s
smallest piece of gold mom 14-karat look at that Clint it’s not
much yeah we’ll sell that on we’ll have all this on our auction coming up soon
if you guys like auctions this right here this right here is money do you
know who that is who is it well there’s your favorite
team who didn’t make the Super Bowl this year and this is one of the and this is
one of the best wide receivers I believe in the gannets Dwight Clark the catch
Wow that is a signature I like it can you think your smarty pants Oh nope
not in there this one might be able to what in the world and is a real
petrified humming crab no bras okay hmm I don’t see nothing
look at this here’s something you like plant baseball cards a lot of Mark Grace
Michael Jordan Jerome Walton Michael Jordan that’s his
rookie card isn’t it yeah but it’s is I know it’s not Ken Griffey jr. Mark
McGwire’s rookie card Mark McGwire is rated rookie yes it’s a baseball card he
played baseball no I know that but he didn’t play this time isn’t this a
aren’t these a good card right here either these whoo look at that that’s a
good card right there I think what we’ll do is we’ll option oh they can Seiko you
know we’re gonna OH is this his rookie no David Robinson’s
rookie we’re gonna auction this off on our on ricky anderson that’s his rookie
that’s not as rookies rookies 81 isn’t it see look no 80 whoa
gray is running back ever Ricky Henderson Dave Justice Mark McGwire
Jerry Rice no that’s like sign that has the third Joe Montana
signed autograph I’m I’m gonna auction those off on these
can we show me the camera though you like those recognizes mmm let’s see what
you look at that and they roughly go about five ten dollars a piece that’s old number 420 ed Matthews we’re
gonna auction all these off on our my todd zeile Mark Grace nice
look at these 1979 Boba Fett with the rockets
I know what how much is that one that’s a GI Joe look at these look at that oh
that was broken kung fu grip hahaha this is the nice will probably auction these
off to nice vintage GI Joe is money do you know that Clinton yeah let’s see
what’s in here Oh what do we got now come on good money
oh yeah look at that ken griffey jr. I was 15 – oh-ho that’s
the rookie right there nice that’s the Don Russ rookie look at that
Michael Jordan some of you might not know but I named my daughter after
Michael Jordan Mikayla Jordan D Haas Bo Jackson in the house as my favorite
running back even though I’m not a Raiders fan and Barry Sanders – Derrick
Thomas these are all good cards Jose Canseco my favorite baseball player will
Clark look at this this is nice Jim habit Kirby Punk this is all the
stuff I collected as a kid that was stolen from me when I was 15
all right Ryan Sandberg nice look at that future star used to have a few of
those this is probably good for eBay this is like an Amazon item or eBay item
we got him I just want to see we go we got a giant’s that’s all right
leather can you well no I don’t need to do all that these are nice knitted
jackets Pele Pele that’s kind of cool this is a nice jacket actually this one
is money on eBay it’s a little big but it’s a bomber jacket some more underwear
no it’s a giant’s money man where can you put that your pocket well where no
way okay you got pockets on one let me get a South Pole here that’s kind of neat are you a Giants fan
yeah cuz my Fitzhugh do little babies like four months of those it’s
extra-large this is an extra-large okay well whatever I think they’ll fit you
pronto mm oh that’s a good one Joe the bank hmm
it’s look kind of good I don’t know nothing about suits without seeing
Armani or something but I think there’s some good brands there’s some nice suits
Mota Campea Chaplin I’ll have to ask my lady in the morning when she comes a
look at clothes what she thinks about these some ties we’re always good all
right look at you stepping up your game Wow he could be one of the you look like
an ice-cream man now you may be wearing you know I assume I’ll be wearing like
suit shirts or suit jackets and like jeans did you look like right now do you
know what that is right there pick it up that is a cremated remains is it human
or a pet oh don’t don’t open it I could tell you right there looking at it
princess princess that that is a big maybe a dog yikes let’s give that back
to them continue on I know without a shot I don’t know it would probably
won’t open they usually don’t open I know but a day usually don’t open you
all look see they don’t open I don’t really want to look you know how many of
these I have in my storage I have a collection 17 we’re giving this one back princess Katya now time go ahead try it guess what those are quarters that’s a
silver quarter I know three silver quarters look at you Oh set that in a
good pile oh this one is wedged and what could be
you a hind drawer number nothing do you slide that back just in case
there’s something amazing right there I want to be getting it right away
no empty space all right we’re gonna do a quick recap before we get into these
items right here but we found some cool stuff we got silver coins we got old
money we got watches we got more pieces of silver even got one gold and I think
this is two pieces of gold we got this amazing little sports collection and GI
Joes we got another thing of sports cars in here we got games we got all sorts of
stuff inside of here and all this is probably gonna a good portion this will
end up on my live auction next we got joe Montana’s autograph joe Montana’s
autograph we got this beautiful mirrors we got this Dwight Clark autograph I all
in all I’d say that we did pretty good on this unit some cameras monopoly all
sorts of nice things this obviously has something in it what is in it I don’t
know we have a jewel I’m cold rev it up that is not gold this looks
like almost gold okay not gold that looks like it might be 10 or 14
one-twentieth gold filled sterling silver and a piece of jade all right
well that was disappointing now what is in here on three two one Oh is
it silver oh please please please be silver it’s not this would have been
over a thousand bucks sir it’s all Rogers ice all right though
that’s a nice set it’s not monogrammed that will go good at the Alameda flea
market we got a safe ladies room this is a safe and safe to save the safe not
often these are unlocked we’re gonna find out right now is it gonna be
unlocked are you just hoping the safe already
just open the safe looks like you figured out the code now it’s fine just
break that – oh you did that would have been a nice watch it was
real but we would have destroyed it sooth it is Breitling and Bentley but
it’s fake well something like what is more wash
but it’s fake oh nothing else in there no stamps it’s
on the wallet I’ve done forever stamps nothing heroes
eight bucks and stamps we got a blockbuster card that’s the whole cool
that’s a whole vault at shopping this that’s a wrap

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