Rudy Giuliani Is Begging Trump To Investigate Joe Biden

There appears to be a little bit of turmoil
happening right now with Republicans in the Senate with a couple of them wanting to investigate
Joe Biden and most of them saying, no, that’s a pretty stupid path for us to go down right
now. But one person who’s actually not in the Senate
but is cheering on this investigation of Joe Biden is Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has been practically begging Donald
Trump according to a recent interview with NPR to launch this investigation into Joe
Biden. Here’s what he said. When asked if he supports investigating Joe
Biden, he said absolutely 100% I would have no problem with him doing that. In fact, I’d have a problem with him not doing
it. I think he would be saying that Joe Biden
can get away with selling out the United States, making us a fool in the Ukraine according
to Rudy Giuliani. So Giuliani is all in on this and he wants
Trump to be all in on it and he wants the Senate to be all in on it. And he thinks that what Donald Trump did in
terms of withholding aid to Ukraine was totally within his power and worth it because according
to Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt individuals here in the United
States. And as I keep saying, most of us on the left
don’t care if you investigate Joe Biden. See, I don’t understand why Republicans think
it is that we have some kind of overwhelming loyalty to Joe Biden. We don’t want him to be our nominee. We want him to drop out of the race. We want him to go retire and just do whatever
he wants. That doesn’t involve him being involved in
politics or speaking to the public because he looks like an idiot. We’re fine with him going away forever. And yet Republicans are the ones who keep
trying to bring him back because for some reason they think he is their biggest threat. Joe Biden is not your biggest threat, but
if you want to pretend that he is, go for it. Because I love that most of us on the left
actually do. We don’t care if you investigate Joe Biden. We don’t think he did anything wrong. But if you think he did, go ahead. Waste your time. Waste some more money. Why not just do it and get it over with so
then you can shut the hell up about it. Or God forbid, Joe Biden did do something
wrong. Hold them accountable. See, we on the left. We’re not afraid to hold our people accountable
when they screw up, unlike Republicans. So if Joe Biden did in fact, uh, behave illegally
with withholding Ukraine aid back in the day because they wanted the prosecutor fired,
uh, along with the European union who wanted the prosecutor fired and the international
monetary fund who also wanted the prosecutor fired, uh, and Republicans in the Senate who
wanted the prosecutor fired. Sure, if you think Joe Biden acted inappropriately? Investigate away because we on the left simply
don’t care. Either get rid of him, get him out of our
race. He is poison for the democratic party and
we would love just as much as you would to see him not run for president ever again.

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