19 thoughts on “Recession, Stock Market Crash and Investing Thoughts

  1. Thankfully things are up today! However…I think things will be down again tomorrow. Good thing I’m in this for the long run! 🤙

  2. Great time to be a day trader! Though I'M just a typical investor. Diversified well and planning how to better handle the next crash. Good Advice. I agree with you.

  3. Crazy stuff going on. Think the best thing to do is keep diversified to benefit in every way we can

  4. Thank you Jarrad! ❤️ we all tired of worrying 🥵
    And you said it good- “whatever it is going on right now”

  5. Good coverage on everything going on. Good to hear your perspective on what it’s going to take to recover and get out of this

  6. I like the fact that you said, "Own your own Sh$!". Oh man, you have no idea, Not only do I own my own Sh+*, I rent it back to myself! You are absolutely right to get yourself out of bad debt and find a way to profit from this. I sure am!

    Oh and Jared's mom, Jared isn't wasting his time. He is influencing a whole generation of people to better understand their own finances.

  7. i dont know about the US, but where I am we definitely are headed/in a recession, entire country on lockdown for a month, no businesses except supermarkets and healthcare allowed open.

  8. I looked at China at the end of February and knew they had it bad and did control it by locking down the country. Then I saw the way the virus expanded exponentially and knew the same thing would happen in Europe and then in North America. We are not quite there yet. But I sold everything at the peak and I am waiting. If you understand Math you will understand how exponential growth works and most people thought we were going to dodge this virus but I went to Walmart and shopping and no one is trying to social distance and people are packed in trains and planes and everywhere else. I just knew it would be bad and hit the economy and stock market. So why not sell and wait for the market to crater?? In this respect you can time the market. This virus will not go away in a few months either , it will be 6 months to a year. Even if they stopped it mostly like in China, As soon as China goes back to work , so will the the virus. Only 80,000 people have got this virus in China, out of 1.5 billion people. that is only one person in every 15,000. That is .005 % of the population. The virus will start up again as soon as the people go back to work. Then what?? So I see this going on for a year and not stopped until they have a vaccine or other cure. This will not be over on April 14 , the way Trump wants it . Maybe April 14 2021. In the mean time the stock market gains the last two days will not hold, as soon as the virus start to really expand in North America and other countries around the world experience what Italy is going through. We will need another 5 trillion dumped into the economy to keep everyone afloat and then I wonder what will happen with this huge injection of money with no one working. It will cause inflation down the road. So when the cure comes, the stock market and other things will rebound but there will be inflation. At that point the FED might be able to raise the interest rate to 2 or 3 % to hold down the inflation but the stock market might not rebound but stay low for a few years.

  9. Only problem in this situation for me is when travel is brought to a halt, professional pet sitters like me lose their income. Hi Molly! Anyway..I did sell some of my portfolio to help out since I know I have 0 income through the end of May. My emergency fund is in place, now it's just beefed up a bit. Hope everyone is safe.

  10. not sure if I should still throw $6000 at my 2019 Roth IRA… I'm not worried that my money will go down because I'll invest long-term, but I'm worried about having my emergency fund high enough (I still have a job for now, but the company will be paying everyone 80% for 12 weeks due to making us take Fridays off).

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