PT. 2 Wesley Snipes on Not Working with Denzel Washington, Taxes and Prison

PT. 2 Wesley Snipes on Not Working with Denzel Washington, Taxes and Prison

hey what's up y'all hold on let me take the Sonny's off I want to thank you eye-to-eye for checking out sways universe and I appreciate it we got so many videos he want you to see so push that notification button for me do it now and enjoy the video peace this sway sway sway weight in the morning in the morning in the morning shake it wait just cross so so much game in that movie New Jack city what a journey that works yeah I totally imagine did it did you know what you were walking onto because you own the roll so well like you can not equip me had a good time because I was recently graduated from State University of New York at the theater art school there uh-huh and so I was kind of focused on theater and fantasy performing classical character building uh-huh so I went into it looking at it as all right let me build a classic a classic character let me flesh this carrot out I mean using The Godfather and Pacino and serve you know these films as a model as a reference and then I realized you know there's a lot of musicians in the movie yeah yeah it was like a concession span yeah I see yeah hi scuse me then we had a orange juice Jones Lauren Jules in there is the house olive oil and good poster from William Suzanne white made a cameo with the wedding yeah the crazy thing is that they told me that you know we're gonna have some the best actors in Hollywood it's gonna be the black Godfather uh-huh you know and Nicholas Ashford walked in it was you know I love hello family but you know exactly wasn't what they told me you know it meant they were talking about you they're pretty pretty interesting pretty interested but it became a cult classic you going to be part of many of them and this is one that won't die all right yeah I know no because I believe I had a source who said I won't say who but say who christopher Williams told me that there was a rumor or that they were trying to make a new jack city too because Nina survived at the end of Jack city yeah they came to me with that idea a couple of times and yeah why not because I didn't want to glamorize the gang to the drug dealer really I hated Kanye's your reservations about playing the drug dealer from the start actually I turned the film down a couple of times when he first approached me mm-hmm because I wasn't that wasn't where my head was that you know that one I didn't feel that was where our people need to be at and we had enough images of us being drug dealers and you know degenerates and unhuman Lee I wasn't one I didn't want to contribute to that but when I thought about the performance aspect of in the character and being I'm looking at hmm Scarface was dope dope yeah you know mm-hmm okay maybe we can make this work mo better blues that's one among you should hit apply it when I said he said the title is by the way motor Louisville ooh that was one of my favorite and Spike Lee movies you know of all time I just I feel like I was like a bleak or a shadow you know because I go first and strangely enough the only time Denzel and I have done a film together why I got as deal and that was really maybe kind of did so many times man to do movies you know it was last time you see me say hey Wes come to a movie many times many times okay oh hey yeah you know I'm going to write a book and you're gonna write a book Leviticus well you see De Niro and Pacino when they finally matched up and I was just like oh Museum do that so that's how I think we feel about you and Denzel it'd be great man I've got ready I'm ready yeah yeah let's put this lace up let's go there's no competitiveness I mean there's natural competitiveness you both with me yeah not with me because I like you know working with talented people I like working with the artists who are the artists were real like about about it and so I don't care if I'm playing in the front and the back just put me on the team and put me on the field coach ha ha ha sweetie I'll get anywhere I can fit in yeah mission well let's put the word out to their Zelman all right I'll answer boy that's my man but you know movies we're riddled come on yeah well right Ryan the Ryan came here and he talked about working with you – oh no yeah he talked about being on the set of blade and he didn't say anything bad oh that's good yeah no I don't have anything to have to say about him either you know that that third film was a very interesting experience why so rumors were that it was a lot of friction on set well look man you had a director who had never directed a commercial before correcting a 50 million dollar movie yeah you know it's a very expensive sandbox to be playing and are learning and you know saying uh-huh I had a little problem with that this is so useful you have some concerns with that uh-huh yo you better with the buddy baby my Manito came out of here like money baby don't knock it off what is going on uh-huh you know time time the test of time is proven you know yeah I was I was right it was right about that one your career has that's why we doing the talent of God you know when we left off there we'll make up with this wonderful piece that we have here that great characters great world beautiful universe that we can manifest cinematically and that will go to them to the big screen as well whatever yeah by the grace of the Most High okay Wesley Snipes ladies and gentle eight eight eight seven four two three three four five we got a we see Joe from Harlem on the line Joe what up all oh no Joe Joe Hey what what's up sway it's actually show not jump my back I appreciate y'all taking my call okay I just wanted to say hey Wesley man is great to have you doing your thing big inspiration gets onto our community especially toward our skin doesn't mind like myself I've been called come on chuckling to do what you need to do play kind of that business hey walk it out of me so I take that as a compliment and I wear that so I wanted to definitely reach out and a big sign of yours I'm a broad and I'm a cop that that book and I'm he's doing whatever and I know it share it share with others and also you know get some get some spiritual food out of it to be entertained but it let's get that food feed right I meant thanks for your call man we got Chris from Illinois right here by the way by the way your coke the co-author of the book is um graduated with recommitment say hi Manuel you have bro hey is go exclaiming hold up Chris hola Chris I'm coming to you hold up man introduce yourself man I got Mike right there man yeah my name is RA Norman and I'm co-author of the book tell them God would wesley snipes yes yes but you been a Ghost Rider mom books before right it looks on on nutrition true for so film those are the friends okay okay and how did job meet did what y'all friends at first actually I was introduced to Wesley through a mutual friend of ours uh-huh and he gave him a story that I was working on there was a spiritual thriller Wesley gave it a read he liked some of the concepts and ideas thought that he could really make the story improve more cinematic more enjoyable so based on that we kind of collaborated together and came up with the talent of God project worked on it for about a little over two years huh so if Wesley had an idea and you didn't agree with the idea and knowing his martial artists our prowess how would the debate problems way they handle proper we didn't we didn't have any well there were no Pro No okay I'm curious was it was the book always as detailed as it is because even from the onset when you talk about the description of the z 3x drug and how like the green glow and the sly moves on the skin and things like that like it's very detailed and the script was almost like you're watching a movie on paper you know what I mean yeah that was one of the things we really wanted to do was to make it kind of cinematic very visual so that was a goal of ours from the very beginning a career right I write cinematically originally and I write the way that people talk you know like this conversation and what this business is communal community that we're experiencing now I would write it like this the overlaps and you know sometimes I put in the screenshot for that and shot five and close up to 3/4 how many the hammer angle you know Angela say it was a real honor working with Wesley and he studied with spiritual masters all over the world and he brought a real depth of spirituality to the book that really improved the shore all right thank you man you got a great radio voice by the way Chris I got a question Chris go ahead what's a question a doctor with and that's a great title may not I just wanted to know man all the characters you played all the roles you have which one stood I was one of resonated with you and another question to slate look I I'm still a big blade saying I can watch it right now and watch like us just the first time and how you feel when they let stick your fingers play you in TV man absolutely first I didn't have any control over that you know because we didn't control the property when I was brought into the blade franchise Marvel actually Lionsgate control the property at that time so what happened afterwards subsequent to the film I had little and low say uh-huh did you watch it what the speaking fingers okay okay let me are you often stick in my memory my swing alright cool I met that for Yoko did you know is that what no sorry no no you don't care what somebody gonna do here um let me ask you this man we always other question I haven't done the best movie yet to come in still ahead of you is coming that's right let me ask you this because we we know about your life on screen in your life off screen you know we know you know you had to do some time you know for the taxes and everything we were just talking about your martial art and having practice since you were what five or so started started twelve at twelve oh yeah how did because I just did a project in San Quentin where I went in and talked to guys were being taught how to code now so when they get out they'll have something to do lean in it yeah being in there I just saw the conditions I wouldn't make it a sanguine but the guy was different you understand yeah yeah real different that's very different age or difference okay I know there's gonna be a time I'm going to have a really good conversation okay about that whole experience because most people don't really know what's going on yeah and they've been feeding and eating on the fake news out there there will be if you do your homework you'll discover that what they said happened didn't really happen that way okay and how it was set up was by design for certain reasons right and most people don't realize that we had lawyers and accountants handling my business yeah so if they credit me with making a mistake then what do you say about the rules that say you have to have a licensed practitioner managing your face you got to have a lawyers you got to have accountant you know most people don't know the whole story they really and one of the guys who was my accountant guys ended up being sent up what is yeah you did what 88 years yeah yeah yeah I read up on it yeah I thought it was it is the same cat they brought in as the key witness on the in the trial all great offense of the cat is the cat it out already at eight years prior to had gone twit we'll talk about that one time I'll tell you the horse we still on the book that you're in a book stand the book well the question was about the time but just but how did the discipline help you do the time or I was disciplined for that yeah oh yes I mean you can't get through four years of acting school being disciplined you can't get through to your higher levels of the martial arts without being disciplined so all of those experiences that conditioning yeah prepared me for that unfortunate experience you know and it prepared me to you know to come out uh-huh moving and grooving take it in a little bit man take it a movie might news hey what's have a question there about possible bit earlier and just listened to you talk about the time that you that you served now that we have a republic control Congress tax reform is on the agenda and it's on that January you'll ask me know about Texas man no I told you that not that would you want to see what would you want to see bronze the conversation in terms of how it could be changed are you one of attack point accountant been an accountant now talk to the accountant tell people that do that now that'll do that yeah dr. wesley snipes go ahead that is really random and I love your Trask I love the way you speak but I'm also just admiring what a bald-headed beauty you are and we have a lot of conversation okok nicely we have a lot of conversations here about how men just do not want to let go of whatever little patch of carpet they have left but you should fully embrace it so can you give a statement to some mender maybe insecure about going completely wax off well I mean if your head defines you then you got a problem yes it doesn't issue that we should be focusing on you know inside let the radiance and the light shine from the inside and in your ball head your cue balls the blue dr. Wesley sighs all right good fun bomb this is the book this is a really this is a really talent of God a novel by Wesley Snipes and Ray Norman I can't wait for the movie just reading through the book itself it's a very enticing intriguing each page lends you to want to turn next page this is advising like most people would have never imagined that I would write a book like this yeah a fantasy novel very few african-americans write in this genre very few if any fantasy stories feature a woman of color uh-huh so it's a very surprising thing but that's you know that's my pedigree you know you're always doing that which is unexpected and we try to pioneer in certain areas where we can and now keep pushing the envelope keep pushing down below no one does this to meet demand you know yes yeah yeah yeah all right come on yes indeed dr. wesley snipes ladies and gentlemen and then all of our good I come back we gonna put the boss nearly 16 ball don't underestimate come on yes indeed all right all right well Wesley Snipes we got the one and only the one and all got next ever be you know I'm exciting said again yes Leonard ellaby is up next oh it may whether he's here Oh top of the Mayweather business part night at eight seven four two three three four five it's way in the morning only from shade 45

37 thoughts on “PT. 2 Wesley Snipes on Not Working with Denzel Washington, Taxes and Prison

  1. “because I didn’t want to glamorize the drug dealer”.

    What a man what a man what a man what a mighty GOOD MAN.

    Marvel needs to elevate Snipes for opening up a new era of what a Hero really is and does.

  2. Great interview Sway, I have always been a big fan of Wesley Snipes. He has always been a talented actor first, who just happens to be a great martial artist. What really impressed me with Snipes was that for many years prior to the movie "Rising Sun", Wesley didn't even expose that side of his talent. He let his acting skills bring him to prominence. Now that's what I call true discipline, because most actors with his fighting abilities would have easily gone the other route.

    Movies like "King of New York", "New Jack City", "White Men Can't Jump", "Undisputed" and of course the iconic "Blade" were always my favorites. I was so happy to see Wesley's return to the big screen in the action film "The Expendables 3" with Stallone and Jason Stratham.

    Also I must say it was truly a great privilege to have met Wesley Snipes many years ago at Venice Beach in California. At the time Wesley was working on the film ( coincidentally, Rising Sun) where he co-starred with actor Sean Connery. He told me that he had come by to check out the beach location being used in the film. And that he was confused as to it's relevance to the film according to the script. So we had a big laugh about that.

    Apparently at the time and (unbeknowest to me), my best friend knew Snipes and was expecting him to show up at Venice Beach. I remember laughing at him at the time and was like "yeah right". But sure enough Wesley Snipes and his bodyguard show up on their motorcycles right on cue and of course I was totally shocked.

    We all had a wonderful conversation and Wesley Snipes was a very down-to-earth brother. I remember him telling us to check out the movie (Rising Sun) and when it would be out, and that it was the first time he had done some martial art action scenes in a major film before.

    I remembered responding to him like Whaaaat? You can actual get down like that man? He said oh yeah your boy ain't no joke now. (We all broke out laughing!) And of course after seeing that film I thought Wesley really needs to be doing action features cuz he has some major fighting skills.

    And of course some years later the rest was history with blade. But I will always cherish that experience of meeting Wesley.

  3. Wesley Snipes ! Is a true American role model and inspiration for men of color , especially dark skinned men who are often judged by their own people for being too dark . Wesley Snipes has paved the way for many young actors of color who don't recognize nor make of Wesley Snipes . I would just like to thank Wesley Snipes for being himself and not selling out .

  4. I was always a big fan of Wesley and for years I was like where did he go? Then I heard about prison and taxes, tough break. As a kid Wesley was definitely my favorite action star. Blade still kicks ass after all these years.

  5. always thought wesley snipes would shine in a tarantino movie. can easily see him playing someone like ordell from jackie brown.

  6. I'm glad he didn't do another New Jack City, leave classics alone. Sequels hardly EVER equal the level of the first film. If anything, it screws up the legacy. Just like that pitiful remake of SuperFly. If the youngins want to see it let em seek it out, otherwise let classics be.

  7. This clown just likened Washington and Snipes to De Niro and Pacino. Get the F^ck outta here. Wesley Snipes, despite his talent and potential, has had a terrible career. That's why Denzel won't do a movie with him. Nino Brown was a groundbreaking performance. Since then, its all been garbage.

  8. This shit is comical you fake ass , I never heard you say anything in regards to uplifting your black people , you are black right? Or are u truly green????

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