100 thoughts on “people will do anything for money

  1. Way cool man just signed up to do some volunteering at my local soup kitchen and collect blankets for refugees. You should post content like this, stuff is contagious

  2. What you did for this guy is amazing! I wonder how long time its bin since hes had this much fun! Ur an awesome guy Logan no fucks about what everyone else are saying. REALSHIT!

  3. I know this is old. I’ve just seen this video. And with that fight you did with ksi. I backed ksi obviously because I’m a Brit. I don’t dislike you at all Logan. But seeing things like this makes me so happy. I work my arse off in the UK. And whenever I see people struggling for money on the streets I always want to help them. I always asked what there background is, and this and that, just to find out more about them. And I basically, depending on there background I will give them money or a meal or a bed for the night. I love helping people. Big respect my man. And you fought well in that fight. I’m happy you are just getting on with what you do mate. And good luck to either fighter with your bro and gib. Big respect to all you guys for just getting in the ring man. I hope you read this. Nice one 👍.

  4. You know what Logan? It really made my day seeing that. Ive had a rough patch lately, and watching you make other people lives better, is just wow. Like the guy under, big respect.

  5. Watching this 2020 and not all girls are like this I have nothing no correct that I do I have my family money is numbers and I just think the girls should of give the homeless man the money they don’t need it

  6. Come on girls like you're fucking shit hope they steal a lot of money form you like there is a homeless who needs money for basic services and you're have a lot of money and want more only for Gucci's, FUCKING GIRLS HOPE THEY STEAL YOU ALL YOU HAVE

  7. Why aren’t more people talking about literally the only
    People who
    Kept the money was those girls. “Men are such assholes” lmao

  8. Logan is just a good human born in a bad family… However cause of that he probably wouldn't have become so famous if he had a different family! sometimes you have to eat shit to get the real shit!

  9. Technically all your friends are still shit heads except george cuz they just followed his generosity😂😂

  10. Logan has become a better person but his friends are dumb asses for picking the money up dude just let the man pick it he deserves it

  11. I’ve seen a lot if not all your video’s, and this one is by far one of the best I’ve seen, what you done for Dave was unbelievable, truly amazing!!!


  12. I'll subscribe when you make a video ONLY for the good of man, rather than 1/5th or whatever this is, although, props on that, ur getting there my man. edit* for video end* Ate my words, to an extent, but tbh, kick any woman out who is that selfish…like wtf?

  13. Remember that feeling when you realized what good you were doing for the man, use that as fuel and fire for more good. It's more rewarding than 10 billion dollars, isn't it?

  14. Logan Paul, IDK Why am I watching this vid rn but this really really touched my heart. You are such a kind soul that i cant express it in words. I posted a random Instagram comment just to grab your attention and i am really sorry for that :). Hats off Logan Paul. Keep inspiring us with this amazing content and keep doing stuff like this. Please notice this because i am a Huge Fan and U noticing this would really really make my day. @saumit.jain is my instagram ID. Thx for whatever you have done for your fans. We love you from the bottom of our hearts :). Thank you once again. (P.S: I am literally crying Right now)

  15. Guys swallow this red pill now or face heartbreak later. This video goes to further prove that females DO NOT care for male welfare.

  16. Bro imagine not giving your money to homeless man even though you have a house and could fucking just buy Gucci while he doesn’t have anything

  17. Best video ever good content for you but life changer for the guy i know he will never forget this day and im sure it raised his confidence you guys truly are good people

  18. Haha gotta love Mike, he wasn't gonna let those fools get away with being greedy, "at that point you might as well not even be a human" lol

  19. You're a cool dude & helping that person in a way you did by throwing the money was bit bad but you came like a good thing which gave a good end…

  20. Literally all those people have tons of money except for that one guy you should have just given him the money because not one other person they're actually needed it

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