Never Miss The Money Ball

Never Miss The Money Ball

It’s hill hill between Jason Shaw and Alex
Pagulayan. Alex has the chance to run the table because
Jason didn’t make a ball on the break. Alex is in total control, makes a very amazing
shot on the five ball. He can play the five into the side pocket,
has a shot on the six which guarantees him position on the seven. From the seven to the eight is no problem. And also from the eight to the nine doesn’t
pose a big problem , just a little closet o the rail. But guess what… As we saw pool can really be a cruel game. You can do the all the work and just miss
the last remaining ball on the table and everything you did before becomes useless. So in this lesson I am going to show you four
simple tips that will help you to make the money ball more consistently. Before we start I want to introduce you real
quick to a challenge I want to run. Your goal in the challenge is to hit as many
rails as possible before contacting a ball on the table. For example with this shot I made a score
of 4. This will test your kicking game and also
creativity. The video of the person with the most rails
will be shown in my next video. If two players have the same amount of rails,
the one who sent me their attempt first will be the winner. Send your videos to [email protected]
or via private message on my Facebook page. I am really curious to see your attempts. And now let’s start with todays lesson! The Previous Ball Is The Match-Winner What players often do is, they put all the
pressure on the last remaining ball. Look at this situation. We’re on the 8-Ball and have to get position
for the 9. We decide to just bring the cueball somewhere
downtable and will probably have a shot on the 9-Ball. And yes this 9-Ball is very makeable. But if you’re in a match, maybe even at hill-hill,
this 9-Ball suddenly becomes very misable. So let’s go back to the 8. Usally players start to really feel the pressure
once they’re on the moneyball and not that much on previous shots. So we use this behaviour to make this shot
on the 8 ball already the matchwinner. What we have to do is to really commit and
make sure that we get a good position on the 9-Ball. If we can achieve this, we remove all the
pressure from the 9-Ball because this is a straight in stop shot. And here even the 7 ball can already be the
matchwinner. If we’re able to get straight on the 8-Ball
we just have to play two very simple stop shots. So our task is to detect these shots and to
make sure that we have a clear mind where we want to be on the last ball. But of course this won’t work 100% of the
time, so let’s jump into the next tip. Playing Position When we’re shooting balls we always try to
get the cueball to a certain position on the table so that we can continue our run. But of course we’re not doing this with only
one ball the table. Is it a good thing, because we don’t have
to concentrate on getting position anymore? In my opinion it isn’t. One thing about pool is that you always want
to do the same routine on every shot. And we usally do that, except for that last
ball on the table. So we’re doing things differently. So my second advice is to also bring the cueball
to a certain position, even when you’re shooting the moneyball. This will have the advantage that you’re not
treating any ball differently. It will also prevent you from scratching caused
by no awareness of the cueballs path. And in some cases you can make life a lot
tougher for your opponent if you miss. For example on a shot like that I always try
to bring the cueball three rails towards the short rail. Don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to always force the cueball
towards the short rail or a certain position. Do what is natural and don’t try anything
that will harm your shotmaking. For example here it wouldn’t be clever trying
to bring the cueball towards the short rail. Never roll the ball in Rolling a ball in is always dangerous. The cueball and the objectball can both roll
off. There is also the danger of a kick or skit. This usally happens when you roll a ball and
is caused by dirt on the contact point. Here this will cause the cueball to basically
climb up the objectball which will straighten the angle of the object ball. When playing a ball with outside spin or in
the best case as a stop / stun shot this will never happen. For example here I am elevating my cue a little
bit to play a stun shot. This prevents a kick and I can also play the
shot with more confidence. Another advantage is that if you shoot the
ball with more confidence and power, that if you miss the chances are higher that the
objectball won’t stay in front of the pocket. Especially if you’re missing on the pro side. Don’t treat the ball differently I already talked about not treating the last
ball differently regarding positional play. But what I mean here is to not treat it mentally
differently. I often watch players who play pretty fast
and fluent but once they’re on the moneyball the take more time, even if the shot is easier
than previous ones. Look at this for example. I played fluently and once I am on the 9-Ball
I stop and take much more time. This is a mental mistake and will give your
mind the time to realize the importance of the ball which will automatically put more
pressure on you and especially gives your mind the time to think about bad things and
therefore will get you out of flow. So don’t take that extra time if it’s not
required. Of course if the shot is tough and you need
time to collect, focus and prepare the shot it’s totally fine. But don’t do this just because it’s the last
remaining ball. Because as I said this will give your mind
the time to sabotage yourself. Let’s summarize it real quick. The previous ball is the match winner. Take the pressure of the moneyball by commiting
to the previous shot and a perfect position on the moneyball. Play position. Treat every shot equally and eventually bring
the cueball in a tough position for your opponent. Never roll the ball in. Prevent kicks / skits, play balls with confidence
and increase the chances that if you miss the objectball won’t stay in front of the
pocket. Don’t treat the shot differently. Don’t take more time just because it’s the
moneyball. It’s a shot just as every other shot so don’t
let your mind into it. Well, that’s it for today. I hope some of the tips will help you to miss
less moneyballs. And if you still miss, to make it tougher
for your opponent. This time a special thank you goes out to
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– take care!

68 thoughts on “Never Miss The Money Ball

  1. In this video I am going to show you four simple tips that will help you to make the money ball more consistently. And I am also providing some tips, how to not sell out immediately in case you miss.

    IMPORTANT: You can choose your own starting positions for the balls in the challenge. Mine were just as an example. To participate in the challenge, send your videos to [email protected] or via private message on my Facebook page:


  2. sound advice. on the 1st shot 8 to the 9ball, you came close to scratching in the side pocket, there is a method that you can use to predict the angle coming off the 8 and hitting the rail and predicting pretty close the path of the cue ball. I use it all the time to avoid scratching. I don't always get a perfect position, but I'm 2-3 inches off a straight in shot.

  3. Excellent advice, this is applicable to snooker for the colours. I'm slowly getting over the psychological pressure of the colours and really beginning to enjoy my game.

  4. I am looking to upgrade my pool stick. I'm currently using a low end Players cue that's 20.5 oz. Do you have any recommendations for a good stick in the under 400 price range? I would also like something lighter, like 18 or 19 oz.
    Thanks for all the help you provide its greatly appreciated.

  5. Wow that's great video man,i like the way you make ur cue ball simple and easy to score next ball

  6. Only God knows how many games I have lost just because of the pressure of Moneyball. Yoga is the way to calm your nerves.

  7. This is exactly what I need. How did you know? Haha. Oh my god last week I lost THREE games because I choked on the money ball lol. It's getting ridiculous. It has to be a mental block

  8. Yeah I've been guilty about that in the past. Once i got to the 9 ball, I spent extra time to make sure I sank it to win the game, only to miss. Once I started to treat the 9 ball shot just like any other shot and keep my rhythm going it became much easier to make it and position the cueball far away from the pocket in case i missed (which I didn't). This was another outstanding video, and thank you for sharing.

  9. I really like how you break down everything for us. It’s been real, real helpful in my pool game. It actually helped me win a couple tourneys. You rock

  10. I really like how you break down everything for us. It’s been real, real helpful in my pool game. It actually helped me win a couple tourneys. You rock

  11. Great tips here as per usual. And thanks for touching on missing the shot on the "pro side" this is something I didn't know about until just a few years ago. One thing that this video mentioned is to never roll the money ball in. There are many reasons for this and I think you mentioned most if not all of them.

    One thing that I have noticed many professional players do when making long shots or the money shot especially is to slightly hit down on the cue ball through the stroke. This has the effect of making the cue ball slightly leave the table or at the very least greatly reduces cue ball contact with the surface of the table during the shot. This cue ball table surface friction magnifies any slight errors in the stroke and of course this goes without saying but this can cause a player to miss.

    And as you mentioned a good percentage of tables are not perfectly level and slow rolling the money shot in, even with a perfect stroke will cause a miss .

  12. I think your missing the point. Alex showed us the human side of pool. Under high pressure even the best miss makable balls. If you watch the shot over you see Alex's form is perfect but he knew he missed BEFORE the ball was hit.
    (Miss cue? Squirt ? )
    It wasnt the complexity of the shot that made him miss, it was pressure and a moment of human error. This happens to all. But is this what happened ??
    Sometimes you can cue a ball perfect and hit the right spot with the right speed, and the cue ball does NOT end up on the corect spot and neither does the object ball. It happens if you play enough pool you will see it. What sucks is when it falls on a hill hill match for all the cash.

  13. I can’t say enough about how well your videos are put together, including clear, detailed explanations of shot options, use of the “ x “ spot on the cue ball and all the other diagraming you use as well. Clearly lots of work is being put into these videos. Add me to the list of everyone else who has congratulated you for your contribution to the game of pool.

  14. I’m sorry but, none of these techniques will help you pocket the money ball.
    I’m going to get very serious with you if you are doing this for entertainment purposes or are you doing this to help people improve their pool games.
    Growing up in my early 20s wanting so badly to learn how to play pool.
    I had every stupid ego driven uneducated Poolplayer give me lessons and I was naïve enough to believe it took me 15 years to get rid of that bullshit they put in my head.
    All because they wanted to make a dollar and feel like a big man at the end of the day.
    Some of the people that are watching you play pool or produce videos are young and they’re going to wonder why they can’t win when they get under pressure they don’t realize that they’re getting a watered down version of Pool lessons more of entertainment.
    You don’t have to like me but success leaves clues.
    Most the professionals out there are very approachable.
    Do some research on the professional pay tension how he holds the Cue how he stands.
    like Dennis the RoboCop he has a very compact stroke Alex The lion has a compact stroke. Tommy Kennedy has a compact stroke.
    The people that use a compact stroke typically very good on bar box and tight position play. their grip hand, pay tension to that.
    You look at somebody like Tony the T-Rex and Scott Frost and most of Europeans all have a long exaggerated stroke given them a longer follow through this is also done by how you grip very loose on the follow through of the Cue. as develop more and more timing you’ll start to change your grip the better the timing is the more action you get on the ball they’ll be a point whin your timing starts to get really good that you have to adjust your grip hand because you’re just getting too much action on the ball.
    Typically this is when pros start to have a looser and looser grip.

    My point of all this is if you want money to coming to the game you have to have more and more great players you cannot get a great player by give them water down content if you’re going to be a producer resume going to need to do a lot of research what you think is truth is not in Ashland to the truth by subversive for me to but if you get enough professionals to assist you are great players to assist you you can decipher what is truth.
    I would not be saying these harsh words if I didn’t believe that you had the skills,timing and the ability to put out unbelievable content.
    I come from the film background your videos are very impressive, but the content is not gonna make great players. it will give entertainment yes,
    I am known for taking the worst player in the league and turn them in to somebody people feared because I was the worse Player growing up.
    I’ve told you in the past that I’d be happy to assist you not because I want to be known as some fucking great person because this Is a great game.
    Being a part of the film Industry . I know how much work it takes to put together one of these videos so if you’re going to do it.
    define what you’re trying to achieve.
    If you’re just looking at it from an entertainment view, that is totally fine.
    If you feel that I am harassing you. I will be happy to remove myself from your subscription.

  15. Personally for me, on the money ball, use minimal English as needed and have the object ball travels at pocket speed. Sometimes a firm stroke is required, but don't hit any harder than necessary. We all know that Alex Pagulayan's miss was a fluke, and it can happen to the best of us. Better to reset if you're uncomfortable instead of trying to tweak it while already down aiming on the shot. My problem like any others with little patience is, I tend to resist the reset process 🙂 Mentally, treat the moneyball like it's the easiest shot in the whole rack, especially if you already positioned where you wanted to be.

  16. Thank you for this video. I and my teammates have done this on more that one occasion. The mental game is just as important as the physical game, maybe even more important because if your focus is not there you tend to miss a lot of shots.
    There is another thing I’ve done as I’m sure others have done. The other player is running the table so you start to think “ the other player has already won” so you kind of give up. But then the other player misses and you get another chance to take the game but you’ve lost your focus. For this reason I always repeat to myself during a game “ IT’S NOT OVER TIL IT’S OVER”. It’s a funny thing because you can see this loss of focus happen in another persons face when you are running the table on them. Then if you miss they will usually get up an miss their shot. Am I imagining this or has anyone else seen this and/or had it happen to them?
    Also, I was wondering if you could do a video on the best way to do a reverse direction bank shot. I encounter this shot ALL THE TIME during league play. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I don’t. Could you PLEASE show us all the best way to make those shots more often? Thanks so much for all of the GREAT info 😁👍 Dee

  17. Good video. Great advice. I've been trying for position after the money ball for a year now. It really helps. Keep the videos coming. 
    Cheers from Canada.

  18. Nice..vedio sir…ask question …what best thing to do in every single shot….use out side spin…or no side spin on cueball to pocket object ball…thanks..

  19. at 30sec, playback at 0.25x speed. his tip goes right, the cue ball gets pushed left, the ball misses right. this shit is easy if you know where most errors. This was likely due to breathing issues prior to getting down, and inner breath tension while down.

  20. These videos are excellent as well as quality production. Choking on the money ball has always been a problem and this is good advice.

  21. I have a problem. When I play the game and I see that I have a chance for clearance I think about it all the time before shot (I have in my head: you have a chance, balls are easy potable, you can't miss) so I shot "under preassure" and very often miss the shot. How can I improve this element of "mental game"?
    PS. Great video, as always 😉

  22. as always, great video!! I've made a 7 rail kick shot before on a really good table, but I was only able to do it once and make the object ball..i hit it a few other times… since doing that, i haven't found a table with the same combination of quality rails and felt that would allow such a shot. I do 5 rails fairly often that turn into 6 rail shots… don't really feel that's worth uploading though.. Would love it if you made a video of the clips you get so we can all see the submissions.

  23. This really interesting & more especially us players this side in South Africa we turn to play pool without using fundamentals & run-out patterns. With your tutorials i have learned a lot & thanks 🙏

  24. I have been trying and trying to hit the cue ball straight and every time I try it has spin. Can you do a video on stance and fundamentals ? How to hold cue stick, etc…. in other words I'm indirectly hitting the ball with spin when trying to hit it straight. Thanks

  25. It’s so annoying when they give the opponent the frame.

    He just missed an easy pot, so who’s to say his opponent won’t do the same.

    NEVER give them the last shot, no matter how easy it is, I’ve seen top top players miss the simplest of balls. Why give ty em a free game, make them sink it.

  26. I really appreciate the way you keep things simple. I just hope I remember your instructions. My current teachers, my captain and best player on the team, actually instruct the opposite of what you say and I have problems with the money ball.

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