Money Well Spent Or Sephora Got Me Bent?? Skincare Haul

Money Well Spent Or Sephora Got Me Bent?? Skincare Haul

Sephora got me bent! Excuse me, hi, yes I
would like my money back uh Sephora still might be a scam. that
store is the devil himself Hey Girl hey what’s good!
welcome back to my channel I just got back from Sephora, I did some damage on
my wallet! Cashed out! I’ve never felt more ridiculous in my life this is
ridiculous she is ridiculous what did I even get
what did I get what’s even in here 300 I went to Sephora with the intentions just
to pick up a few things coz I wanted to do a facial today. I don’t know how I
ended up leaving with half the store, but that seems to be the case.. so here I am. I
want to share with you what I got I’m gonna try out some of the things as well
because I’m excited as hell but also mad that I spent so much to love hate energy
going don’t worry now we can’t decide how we feel all we can do is test out
the products and see if there was money well-spent
whereas they got me Ben first things first I’ve been in desperate need of a
new toner I usually use rose water but I used on my rose water in my last hair
tutorial this is by the brand belief it is their aqua balm hydrating toner
refreshing splash of instant hydration that floods the skin with moisture
yes I’ve actually tried their aqua balm moisturizer and it is aqua balm so
naturally this has got to be balm as well I have on a bit of makeup so I’m
gonna take that out before I try the toner just so we can really see what
it’s really working with ideally I would wash my face before using a toner and
doing all this other stuff but I want to be keep for the videos someone keep this
on got my little cotton pad all right it’s like I’m a little cotton
pad toner cotton pad no idea I don’t even read it I just saw aqua balm
moisturizer you know I guess ma’am I don’t really I see alcohol being in it
doesn’t seem to be purposeful I mean it’s working it feels clean but as soon
as I put it on I got me Ben excuse me hi yes um I would like my
money back you already know I had to read up on my Holy Grail lip gloss from
one eyes this is their lip flowy balm in the flavor berry
I talked about this in my current obsessions I’m wearing it now we’re
gonna skip this for now but I did get another lip thingy this is
from milk I am on the search for the perfect lip tint I like my lips to be
pink right now taint pink enough so even with this lip glowy balm I need a little
bit more pigment so I solved that milk had a little thing this is their push
lip balm the name of it is Ken atomic I guess I really do got cannabis infused
inside of it but I didn’t really get it for that reason I got it because the
color looked nice feels heavy-duty it’s like kind of inner
like a heavy alright I want to try it let me take off what I already got on my
lip so I can see what it looked like you know what I don’t like you’re really
gonna be able to tell if this works or not right now my lips are a little too
red because I was rubbing on them so I’m gonna come back to this in a few seconds
hey sorry to interrupt are you subscribed to my channel maybe you
thought you weren’t but it turns out that you’re not maybe you should go
check push that button and come back maybe you even want to turn on that
notification barrel just a suggestion all right um how
this is probably what sent my total over the edge all the Plex everybody and they
mama talking about it ooh damaged hair this good for you prepared Vaz oh yeah
amazing hair beautiful luscious healthy hair so I saw late it was just a little
tiny bottle that was $28 this is step three or number three repairs and
strengthens all hair times so I guess eventually I’m gonna be
trying it out I don’t really know how to use it I probably should watch some
videos before I just put it on my hair I bought it you know have to let you guys
know later when I use it if it was worth the money or not
okay I think my lips are nice and ashy and ready to go so let’s try this milk we just like a little saturation not too
much natural look okay now as time goes on we’re gonna see if this is actually
the color of the lip balm or if my lips are just red now because I keep messing
with them but it’s really softened my dead-ass only got this because I washed
my girl tiara Walker’s at-home facial video and she was using this and I was
like Chris can always pop it let me try it too this is dr. Dennis gross or cross
alpha-beta extra-strength daily peel a patent two-step peel with seven acids
helps smooth fine lines minimize the look of pores or improve the appearance
of uneven skin tone and texture yes it says achieve clinical results at home okay little packet all right
okay first step is the massage step 1 into your skin until it is dry need to
make sure your skin is clean let me go wash my hands first so I’m supposed to
massage step 1 on my face until the pad is dry they have one that’s not extra
strength this is regular strength and I probably should have got that one for my
first time trying this out but you girl ain’t no Punk
all that extra strength I want to see what he do
I want that good immediately smells like alcohols on this as well I mean this probably isn’t supposed to
have makeup and dirt on it like that I was supposed to clean skin time I will
okay that’s enough now we wait two minutes I just love doing peels on my
skin whether it’s an AJ a BH a some type of chemical exfoliant like this it’s a
proven fact in my experience that it smoothes my texture minimizes my pores
giving me that youthful glow okay but my beef with it is that every time I get a
tan that shit’s gone bye-bye next day when I
do my self mm-hmm I really shouldn’t even be exposing my precious skin to the
Sun anyway so here’s step two and we’re just gonna do the same thing with step
two it’s the same thing now it seems different this might be
like a neutralizer or something the first step says that it’s to exfoliate
and smooth and then this second step is the anti-aging neutralizer
seems right okay baby hairs I guess I’m not really gonna see instant results
right now to know if it was well worth the money or not so I’ll let you know in
a future upload or something with my acne I used Murad and since that time
I’ve never really tried any of their products again it’s been years so I
decided to check some things out and spend eighty nine dollars on this
theorem like I don’t even know I don’t even know it says this is why I was
willing to visibly reduces stress induced dullness dehydration lines or
wrinkles and puffiness all of these things have been issues for me and if
this is the miracle all in one product bring it on okay let’s read about it
what does this face I’m ripping the box so now it’s like I can’t even take it
back why did I do that what I do that I’m gonna tape it back together shit
revitalizing sphere infused serum visibly re-energizes skin smooth stress
induce expression lines and renews vibrancy each pump combines the skin
relaxing blend of neuropeptide para crests and cannabis with reviving
niacinamide and caffeine to transform skin from stressed to vibrant in an
instant now what’s up with all this cannabis in my products
what oh my God look it did not look like this in stores all these little beads in
it that kind of gives me that kind of gives me the cringes I don’t really like
looking at bunch of little babies all next to each other like that alright I’m
not gonna look at it I’m just gonna read the direction massage evenly over face
neck and chest gently pat around area oh you can put on your eyes I like
that okay so here we go like a pretty little Sheen to it you’re not gonna be
able to see it okay I have no idea about this product
I literally just saw it on the show it sounded good on the box and here we are
and I don’t even know if I should be using that with this peel I could cause
a chemical reaction while you’re playing Oh hex nom Oh concern now wait let me
just we just calm down we’re gonna see if it
burns or starts doing some weird stuff okay so that doesn’t feel like anything
it almost doesn’t feel like there’s any active ingredient like oh you know what
I mean by that like there’s no chemical peel or anything strong like that it
just seems like it might be very nourishing it has like a product and
just smells like product it doesn’t have like a fragrance I thought was gonna be
a little easier to tell if I like stuff immediately or not but when is skincare
I gotta wait I guess I’ll give you guys an update later okay so this is another
thing I learned about through my girl tiara when we just in Paris she was
putting me up on all types of game thanks girl this seems to be a whole kit
of different things but I really originally just wanted to get the little
acne healing dots you put this little dot on your pimple and it just sucks to
living life out of it and the next day it’s flats they actually work so I went
there for that all they had was this variety pack which has a blackhead strip
a poor strip to under eye patches and then the tin acne dots so I really just
want to use the dots right now because I don’t know about other stuff I’m sure
it’ll be good if the dots was good so it comes in this little pack like that and
then they’re on this little but I originally went there because I has big
eyes pimple my face and I want it gone before I start I really should get all
the products that is on this pimple off of it I already know that these are well
worth the money like I’ve tried them before I love them I would buy them over keep these on deck
honestly I should’ve started the video off wearing this or that we all didn’t
have to see this where is my pimple I don’t know shoes sometimes if I have a
really bad pimple and I have to leave the house and I’m not wearing makeup I
won’t wear onesies out I don’t care I rather you see this little band-aid
looking thing than to see how disgusting my pimple is looking right now girl if
my skincare is not working a nine-to-five with overtime while I’m
asleep I’m not wearing it so it’s important that I get products that say
on the box that is going work miracles overnight while I’m asleep
good night glow Rhett in alt sleeping cream it says targets fine lines
wrinkles and dark spots firms and hydrates with Buki chuchito Buki chill
baki baku chill with Baku Chiyo and haze okay we like that we like everything
that’s in here this is this cause of chemical reaction on my skin it says
apply evenly to faces next nightly gently massage in an upward circular
motion this product contains active ingredients we suggest testing on a
small amount on a forearm so I gotta be careful with this because I did put a
peel on my face and I don’t want to why do I keep ripping these boxes I’m so
impatient that’s one of my things my horoscope was telling me you need to
work on your patients yes I do I really do I think I’m just go ahead
and try it my skin is a soldier so we’re gonna try it out and see what happens mmm it smells really good it smells just
like the Olay Henriksen mask that I talked about in my current obsessions
video so let me just go ahead and put some of
this on my skin right now oh I put it on top of this I forgot I had that there I
should have gone around that but I forgot I was there I was blending in so
good okay oh my gosh I have to put another one I don’t want to waste my
little dots oh man my doc just came off one thing that I wanted to buy that I
didn’t end up getting there was some sort of claim at I figured I could just
use my Amazonian Amazonian but no nobody in but Ninh tonight Himalayans himalayan
clay Amazonian benzoate clay I don’t know some type of clay that I have from
Amazon and then I mix it with apple cider vinegar that usually does the
trick for me but I wanted to buy something just to make my life easier I
got kind of be mixing and matching and being a scientist and then cleaning up
after ok so this has a little bit of a oily greasy type of feel not in a bad
way but in a very like ok if you have dry skin is this gonna really moisturize
you it’s this good night glow so we blown right now I can’t wait to see what
it looks like in the morning actually I’ve got so many of them so there was a
little deal these are this is Sephora branded our masks you just put them on
and they kind of give that area some moisture smooth the lines deep puffs
whatever you choose because they have different kinds for different purposes
so I got two of these cucumber ones and two of the pearl eye masks the pearl
ones are for perfecting and brightening and the cucumbers are for soothing in
deep puffy and so right now I’ve slowed down got no puffiness you know I could
use some smooth I want to use the pearl perfecting and brightening I’ve used
some brightness over there let me go wash my hands again ooh
tips put them in the fridge before opening I’ll put the others in the
fridge remove position the patch 15 minutes all right these are usually like
you can just usually Pat in the rest of the serum the serum you’d have to wash
it off or anything so that’s why I do it after I put all my moisturizer and stuff
on because because they’re just gonna work together I’m just confused I’ve
used these before and now I see why I don’t like them they’re a little
confusing the way that they I just don’t like that they’re rolling together I
don’t know I can’t explain it it’s confusing like there’s like a jelly film
you can barely see it so thin but then you put this down and then you can peel
off this other top layer supposedly but it’s not separate tomorrow okay guess that’s it that’s all
I got for $300 really well how about this y’all tell me if that was money
well spent or not cuz I’m having doubts comment below was this money well-spent
or does Sephora got me been I’ve got to leave some comments below my trip in was
it worth they have you tried any of the products that I have talked about today
and what do you think I love sharing new stuff that I’m trying out a few guys so
how one tried to share some stuff with me to let’s do like an even exchange you
know I love a nice well give and take situation so if you got any suggestions
leave them below thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next
video bye

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