“money motivation” accounts motivate me to delete instagram

“money motivation” accounts motivate me to delete instagram

Do you want to live a life of luxury? Do you want to have the power to buy anything
you ever dreamed of. Do you want to become . . . a millionaire? Well apparently it’s as easy as following
these Instagram accounts I found, so now you know. Today I’m going to be taking a look at the
Millionaire Mindset Instagram hashtag because, well this come as a bit of a shock to you,
but I’m not a millionaire. I know what you’re thinking! How can someone who looks this good not have
made a million dollars in his lifetime yet. The answer is, life isn’t fair, because
if it was, obviously I would be handed everything on a silver platter. Ugh, can’t believe I have to work like everyone
else. But those are days are over, because you and
me are about to become millionaires– You and I. What. You and I are about to become millionaires,
not you and me. You wouldn’t say “me am about to become
a millionaire, you’d say “I am”, so it’s “you and I”. . . . Who are you? I’m you but, from your second channel, where
you upload daily. Oh yeah . . . there’s already three whole
videos over there. I should probably subscribe there after this
video. Yeah, you probably should. Let’s look at the top posts on the hashtag
#MillionaireMindset. So right off the bat, you’ll notice a lot
of text posts. Thankfully, my favorite activity to do on
Instagram is of course reading. This one is from @millionaire_Process. 400,000 followers on Instagram. “We help people grow and make money with
Instagram”. Oh, looks like they’re selling a course
I can buy. But that’s not what this video is about. Anyway, this post says: Sit with winners. The Conversation is different. You’re going to notice right off the bat
the tone of the most of these posts is going to make you feel poor and lazy. Which, since we’re not millionaires, I guess
that’s the point. I like how the location for this post just
says Private Jet, like that’s a stationary location that you can visit. So I don’t know about you, but this is really
putting me in the millionaire mindset. Let’s look at another one. This is from the business goat. 180,000 followers. “DM me if you want to build your own brand
on IG”. So I guess this guy is selling a course too. You know what, I can’t knock the hustle. Um, but I’m still going to. “If you are the smartest person in the room,
you are in the wrong room”. Bold of you to assume I have enough self-confidence
to surround myself with people who are better than me. Besides, there are none. What really gets me though is this caption. “You are mostly comfortable being average,
because it’s easy. It’s easy to lie on the couch, watch TV,
party on the weekends, and go to your “safe and secure” 9-5 every day”. I’m sorry, who thinks this is easy. Do you know how hard it is to get up every
day and interact with people, and do my job. Even sitting on the couch and watching TV
is hard nowadays. Do you see how many shows are on Netflix? I can’t pick one. I agree with the notion that you should surround
yourself with highly motivated people, but I don’t agree with this notion that if you
live a normal life, you took the easy way out . . . is what I would say, if I wanted
to be average. Obviously people with a millionaire mindset
like you and me– you and I know that 9-5 jobs? Anyone can do those. Here’s one from @Motivation.Ninja. “They are barely working while I am working
overtime”. Okay? Call me Dory from Nemo, cuz I don’t remember
asking. Like do you want an award? You want I want to know? How many of these people running these accounts
are actually millionaires. If you have the audacity to flex on me with
text posts like this but you don’t even have seven figures in your bank account, I’m
going to get real upset. The caption says: “Nowadays, almost everyone
avoids working as much as possible and still wants to be successful. I tell you what: it doesn’t work like this. Put in the work, put in the hours until you
see results.” Put the hours into what though? I think that’s the issue with these Instagram
accounts. They’re like advanced fortune cookies. With stock photos of rich people in the background. I’m picking up a vague understanding of
the millionaire mindset, but I’m not really getting anything actionable. So I don’t work hard enough. So I don’t have a million dollars in my
bank account. I already knew these things long before I
opened Instagram just now. But holy crap this motivation.ninja account
has 197,000 Instagram followers. You know what, maybe they’re on to something
after all. “Founder of the Instagram Academy”. Do all of these accounts sell courses for
how to get more followers? You know what, I only have a fraction of these
follower counts on Instagram, I think I’m up to 17k. Feel free to make it 20. But I want 200,000 followers. I want to make money from Instagram. I want to be a millionaire. I’m going to buy the course. Okay so I’m not going to buy the course. What in the name of malware- what is this
color theme. If you’re putting red text on a black background
in the year 2020, you may as well write at the top of your website “You know have 7
viruses . . . and at least two or three of them are on your device”. “How to make $500 per week by doing what
you love without any previous experience.” Lets do some math. So we’ll take the 1,000,000 dollars that
I need to become a millionaire and divide that by $500 a week, and it looks like we’ll
reach it in 38 years, so. I guess we better get started now. So apparently this entire course is worth
1500 dollars, but they were able to lower the price to 7. This is on sale for 99% off. Now I know what you’re thinking, “D’Angelo,
this doesn’t seem like a scam at all”, but that’s just because you’re naïve. I think it might be a scam. But thankfully they included these trustworthy
testimonials. “The IG Academy is the best course you can
join. I recommend this course everyone who wants
to make money with Instagram and wants to grow his page”. That pretty much seals the deal. This testimonial was posted by BillionaireAchievements,
who for some reason has a link to the course in their bio. Okay you know what, I’m starting to feel
like this is not a very trustworthy testimonial. You know what, it’s been fun, but I think
I’m going to have to pass on this Instagram Academy course for now. Let’s try that first account instead. So MillionaireProcess has a link to “Instasecretscourse”
dot com. Okay why does this look identical to the other
website. Is Red and black, like . . . a requirement? If you’re doing this sort of thing? I’ll keep that in mind for when I start
one of these accounts. But that’s not what this video is about. Here we have a man sitting by a pool, which
of course means, he’s drowning in wealth. So this course cost $497, but he’s selling
it for $47. 1000 satisfied customers. Wait a minute. He’s made $47,000 off of this website? I’m in the wrong line of work. “Today I live the life of my dreams, but
it wasn’t always like that.” “3 years ago woke up and I had nothing. Broke college student, girlfriend left for
no reason, underwent accidents, no friends. I hit rock bottom”. “One day I was sitting alone in my room
and reality hit me”. So, according to this stock photo of someone
else, I guess he was sitting around in his room in full US Military Camouflage gear. As one does. “I started reading a piece of paper that
my ex-girlfriend had given me. This piece of paper said: “Thanks for motivating
me every time I feel down. You give the best motivational advice in the
world, babe!” After reading this, I felt even worse because
I could motivate others but not myself, Okay you know what, I just realized this life story
is really long, and frankly, I kinda don’t care. Let’s just skip to the testimonials already. So all these testimonials appear to be DM’s
that this person has gotten. I’m not even going to pretend like these
are trustworthy. So I think by now, we’ve got the gist of
this, right? You take a bunch of motivational quotes, use
them to attract a crowd of money-minded, motivational types, and then you direct them to a paid
program where you can allegedly teach them how to do the same thing you did. This is unironically one of the smartest things
I’ve seen on Instagram. But, then there are what I call . . . the
dark motivational accounts. Basically, instead of focusing on self-fulfillment
and personal growth, these dark motivational accounts focus on . . . revenge success. You don’t just become a millionaire, you
become a millionaire to remind everyone of their place beneath you. Seriously, look at this. “I worked hard for this. I need nobody.” Is it that serious though? What’s the point of having all this success
if you have nobody to flex it on- I mean share it with. “If everyone likes you, you have a serious
problem”. I guess I have I a serious problem. This is such a garbage take though. Being unlikable doesn’t make you cool. It just means nobody likes you. “Smile. It destroys your enemies” Okay holy crap,
this is too much for me. Tge account has 174,000 followers though,
so clearly, this stuff works. There’s no Instagram Account growth link
in their bio, but, I looked at their latest post, and it links to a different account
from some other guy, who does have an Instagram growth link in his bio. You know what, at least this one isn’t black
and red. I’ll give him that. “Right now I live the life of my dreams. But it wasn’t always like that.” Wait a minute. Isn’t this exactly like that other guy’s
website? Is it this easy? Is it literally this easy to make money? You know what? Forget it. We’re making one of these accounts right
now. So first of all, I’m going to need a name. Let’s try MillionairePlaybook. Okay that’s unavailable. MillionairesPlaybook. Also unavailable. MillionairesSchool. Nope. Millionaires . . . are cool. Oh wow, that’s available. Welcome to Instagram Millionairesarecool. So I think I’ll just make one post for to
finish this video off. It’s going to have to be the greatest of all
time. First of all, we need someone rich and dramatic
for the background. We a billionaire playboy. Tony Stark! No actually Tony Stark is too nice for what
I’m going for. We need a different billionaire playboy. Bruce Wayne. And I need a quote to overlya, so I’m just
going to make one up. Nice guys finish last. Rich guys own the racetrack. That sounds just edgy enough to work. And bam. I have now successfully entered the world
of millionaire mindset motivation accounts. Thank you for going on this journey with me. By the way, I’m going to make a bunch more
of these motivational posts, and I’m going to make a fake course too, but I’m going
to put that on my second channel. There’s a link in the comment section and
the description, so go watch it and subscribe for me talking about random things. Constantly. Anyway, looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes
of content out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t
already. Thank you for watching, and a big thank you
to my 274,000 subscribers. Okay bye.

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