Money and Fame Won’t Save You

Money and Fame Won’t Save You

“I do not like the man who squanders life
for fame; give me the man who living makes a name.”
~ Emily Dickinson, American poet Wealth and fame can get you a lot of things:
Private jets and helicopters; Massive mansions in Southern California; Bodyguards to protect
you against fanatical fans. But there’s one thing money and fame can’t
buy you, and that’s immortality. Whether you have money or are destitute, whether
you’re famous or a nobody, we all end up in the same place. Fame will not protect you from the harsh reality
that is the Reaper’s grim touch. Whether you’re flying overhead in a multi-million-dollar
machine, or driving through an endless stream of gridlocked traffic, nobody is immune to
the inherent risk of life. A man by the name of John Smith, one that
you have probably never heard of, was one of those very ordinary people who had to drive
himself the two-hour commute to work each day to earn himself a paltry income. What he lacked in income, he made up for in
volunteering his time. He would attend the local homeless shelter
every Saturday evening to help prepare meals for the less fortunate. As I said, you probably have never heard of
him, but you might know somebody like him. Late last year on his way home from work,
he was involved in a rear-end collision where he was hit from behind by a speeding truck. Unfortunately for Mr Smith, he never saw the
night out. The incident wasn’t reported in the local
newspaper as there were a number of other incidents that day that were deemed “more
important”. He became but another statistic. Day in, day out, there are many John Smiths
suffering the same fate. But we don’t hear about them, and we probably
never will. However, if you’re famous… if you’re
rich… if you are considered successful and suffer the same fate as John Smith, you’ll
make international headlines. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you did
more with your life than John, but in this money-obsessed society, you were considered
to be of more importance. You were able to convince the masses that
your life was worth more than the John Smiths of the world. This was exemplified by your obscene salary,
your international stardom, and your latest book-signing deal. You were worth knowing. But now, just like everyone else who came
before you, you are gone.

17 thoughts on “Money and Fame Won’t Save You

  1. A nod to Kobe Bryant: I see what you did there dailyrant😉 well what you said is pretty much true. To quote our glorious mass-murdering dictator Joe Stalin: "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic"

  2. Wow, harsh. I'm not sure this is really a takedown of celebrity culture though and we can't necessarily say that those celebrities were living inauthentic lives per se.
    As for the secret of immortality, I'm not willing to share, sorry!

  3. Like I told a friend who was introducing me to a millionaire, please tell me what make them better than me? His reply was "he has money". That done not make them invisible to death was my reply. Yet I have a very wealthy personal friend, what make them different is they show you respect for who you are and not what you have.

  4. I Timothy 6:7,8: 7 For we have brought nothing into the world, and neither can we carry anything out. 8 So, having food and clothing, we will be content with these things

  5. Daily Rant, have you heard of Antinatalism? Wondering your thoughts on it. It is a philosophical position that places a negative value on being born. I like your vids and would be interested in your thoughts.

  6. Goodonya, this vid reflects some of the thoughts I had today. yr vids that arent long serve to highlight yr attention to quality NOT quantity .

  7. Kinda missed the point dude. Money and fame are not for immortality, they are for enjoying life while you are here. This is the reason why money and fame are sod after.

    Rest in peace Kobe Briant. At least he got to enjoy himself, unlike Mr Smith who was a debt slave to his house.

    A deep statement? Or is it Daily Rants jealousy?

  8. Overheard conversation at work today – 'Did you hear that basketball player died?' 'yes, I don't really know much about him but it is so sad'. Celebrities are a strange fascination.

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