Mobile Casino Deposit Guide: How To Casino Deposit With The Skrill e-wallet

Hello and welcome to our quick guide on using
Skrill 1 tap to to deposit at casinos from your mobile. Skrill 1 tap is the quick and
easy way to use your Skrill e-wallet on your mobile. Here’s how it’s done. Firstly, log into your casino and head on
over to the deposit page. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and then you’ll be given
a list of the deposit options available. There you’ll see the option for either Skrill
or Skrill 1 tap listed. Tap on either and you’ll be taken to the Skrill sign in page,
which requires the email address and password for your Skrill account. Enter these details
and you’ll then be given a choice of payment options for your Skrill deposit. You can either pay using your Skrill balance,
which is money you’ve deposited into your Skrill wallet already, or you can pay using
a bank card that you’ve added to your Skrill account. If you choose the bank card option,
you’ll just need to select the card and add the cvv security code (from the back of
your card) to process the payment. You can also add a new card there and then if needed.
Remember any payments using a card through Skrill will incur an additional 1.9% charge. If you pay with your Skrill wallet, your Skrill
balance will be listed below, so you can check your pre-deposit balance. Whichever you choose,
click the Pay Now button to finalise the payment. You’ll then be told if the payment was successful,
before being returned to the home screen to enjoy your casino games. We hope you found our quick mobile depositing
guide to Skrill helpful and hope you enjoy our other videos. Thanks for watching.

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