Mitch McConnell Took Money From Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers

Mitch McConnell Took Money From Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers

>>New reporting indicates that Donald Trump’s
lawyers have given thousands of dollars to Mitch McConnell, who is obviously overseeing
the Senate impeachment trial. Now it seems as though there might be a conflict
of interest there. But we live in a country where this type of
bribery is legal, and so you end up with senators who don’t serve the best interest of the country. They will sell the country out in order to
maintain their cozy little relationship with their donors. So let me give you the details of what’s going
on. Former independent counsels Ken Starr and
Robert Ray, who both investigated former President Bill Clinton ahead of his impeachment, contributed
thousands of dollars to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last year before they joined
the President’s team. So, Starr actually gave him $2,800 in July
of last year and Ray gave him $5,600 in September of last year. And that’s according to the Center for Responsive
Politics which is trying to shed some light on what’s going on, some of the corrupt influences
in the Senate impeachment trial. In fact, Senator Mitch McConnell was notoriously
said this, and he was very open and honest about it during a cable news appearance, let’s
take a look.>>Everything I do during this I’m coordinating
with the White House Counsel. There will be no difference between the President’s
position and our position as to how to handle this, but we’ll be working through this process,
hopefully in a fairly short period of time in total coordination with the White House
Counsel’s office and the people who are representing the President in the whale of the Senate. Well exactly how we go forward, I’m gonna
coordinate with the President’s lawyers, so there won’t be any difference between us on
how to do this. Again, I’m gonna take my queues from the President’s
lawyers.>>I’m going to take my cues from the president’s
lawyers, because the president’s lawyers have donated to my campaign and got to look out
for their best interest. So I’ll go ahead and sell the country out. This is our democracy.>>Yeah. And it should, I mean, various things that
were just cited should be illegal, at the very least are incredibly unethical to which
there’s no consequences or whatsoever. And like with each passing day, I keep thinking
back to all of the people, like in my personal life, on the news, that like go on and on
about this amazing document, the Constitution, this amazing system that was set up. And like obviously, there are some significant
historical issues with that, they are making the Constitution. But in so many ways, almost everything that
up until recently did work was resting purely on, well, people aren’t gonna be 100% corrupt
criminals, right? Because if they are, there are no checks and
balances on anything.>>Right.>>You can do whatever you want. I mean, again, we’ve made so many comparisons
between the impeachment trial and the regular trial, but nothing that he said there would
be allowed.>>Right.>>The fact that they can make literal donations
right before the trial. And that honestly, although that’s the easiest
to pinpoint with actual numbers, it clearly should be illegal, it’s actually the part
of this that bothers me the least. Donald Trump can threaten senators.>>Right.>>That are considering his fate right now. He can raise money for them personally, which
he has done very recently. He can provide the promise that he’s going
to raise money for them in the future. Threats to speak out in support of primary
challengers in the future. He’s allowed to do all of these things, none
of which would be allowed in any other sort of trial in our country.>>That’s such a great point. In fact, Donald Trump refuses to do any fundraising
for Susan Collins because Susan Collins, by the way, she has helped Trump when push comes
to shove she votes along with Republicans and enables Trump just as much as the other
senators do. However, the only difference is she will sometimes
say that she’s a little bothered by how Trump is acting or how the Senate impeachment trial
is being conducted, but it’s just her way of trying to pander to some of the voters
in her state in a tough re-election bid, right?>>Mm-hm.>>That’s what this is really about, but even
something as mild as that will lead to Trump threatening her and saying that I’m not gonna
do any fundraising for you. You’re dead to me. He didn’t literally say that but, that’s how
he’s treating her.>>Yeah.>>Now that’s what you get when you try to
play these games and you do this balancing act. How about have some principles and just do
the right thing.>>Yeah.>>Cuz trying to pander to Trump is not working
clearly.>>So this may be a weird thought and I can
already I’m already starting to come up with consequences of it that would probably make
it unacceptable. But as we are witnessing this obvious ability
of the person who is being judged to influence the process, and how that’s almost certainly
going to determine the outcome, do you think that some of these votes should probably be
anonymous? Like check to make sure that it’s all on the
up and up but allow them to vote the way they actually feel without being able to be personally
identified. I know that it’s unworkable. It couldn’t actually happen and the solution
should be, it shouldn’t have to be anonymous. The solution should be that if Donald Trump
does the things that he has clearly done that the people would turn against him and that
if he lashed out against these Republican senators, good conservatives and Republicans
would side by the non-corrupted non-criminal parts of their party.>>Mm-hm.>>Unfortunately we don’t have any of that. We don’t have a system that can provide checks
and balances and we don’t have a populace that actually cares about what is true and
what is ethical.>>Yeah, that’s that’s actually a really interesting
proposal and I’ve never thought about it.>>It wouldn’t work.>>It really depends on how that anonymous
vote is cast like do the senators know what other senators are voting on because that’ll
be leaked?>>And they couldn’t? Yeah, yeah. No, there’s no way, you give them a special
key and they go into a room.>>Yeah.>>It verifies their identity, this is stupid.>>It’s a little bit of a slippery slope as
well because I don’t want that to then be used for congressional votes on things that
you know.>>I know, it doesn’t work.>>Like let’s say spending bills or NDAA thing,
that kind of stuff. So all right, well-
>>We need better people is what we need, basically.>>Yeah, we need to apply political pressure
and elect better representatives, that’s for sure.>>Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Took Money From Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers

  1. I hate when Americans claim they live in a democracy. It´s watering out the word and give democratic states a bad rep. America is a oligarchy one party police state

  2. Moscow Mitch is a sell out. Who the hell does he represent. Oligarchs both foreign (Russian) and Domestic (45). Its sick. He needs to get a backbone, demolish trump, take the hit and put pence in.

    The majority of Americans want trump gone and the majority of republicans want witnesses.

    He will get a hard hit early but less of a hit in November.

  3. This fund raising farce makes me laugh. Trump is taking government money and funneling it, to his 2020 campaign, giving the appearance that he is raising so much money.

  4. MOSCOW MITCH is the most money hungry Senator ever. He still looks like an uncircumcised penis and he still struggles to speak through his foreskin. He is corrupt and trump has so much dirt on this asshole that he literally owns mitch.

  5. Between McConnell & Graham to pieces of shit who need to be completely out of Washington. The GOP says Dems are bottom feeders or corrupt? Please they need to look in the mirror 1st. No I'm not saying Dems are angels either.

  6. Is pandering to liberals working for Susan Collins are they going to be donating to her? Are they going to be voting for her?

  7. But that was Trump's argument against FBI investigators and their donations to Democrats …still have to prove a bias because of your political preference is the general argument …but we know these Repugnant enablers are full of crap either way

  8. That's how corrupt and un-American the GOP Senators are. It's like having Ted Bundy defending himself and being the jury/Judge.

    Moscow Mitch "I'm gonna coordinate with the President's lawyers-" The GOP Senators and Trump are the swamp.

  9. I used to be a Trump supporter and I’m ashamed. I want Ana to dress me up in slutty lingerie, spank me till I cry, rape me with a big black strapon and piss in my mouth when Bernie wins.

  10. Senate CEO Mitch continues to maintain his lead as "The Most Corrupt Senator in America." The First of "Cane and Turkey's" actually great gifts to Our Republic: corrupt senators and lung cancer. Are the bribes legal? Absolutely! Just ask any Justice of The Supreme Court. Oh, the inspiring sound of cash registers ringing in the alabaster halls.


  12. Why are you surprised these scumbags take money from the NRA who are complicit in mass shootings. First they said you cant indict a sitting president you have to impeach him now their saying the charges are to weak you cant remove him. This senate trial is rigged the 2020 election will be rigged and there's nothing Democrats can do about it.

  13. According to the RepubiCONs constitutional hyperbole it's ok for President Narcissus to sell out America just as long as they stay in power. Cheating, stealing, lying it's all ok when you lack character and ethics.

  14. Adam Schiff received money from a Ukraine arms dealer oligarchy also. I know you guys are biased, and won't tell your viewers this.

  15. Moscow Mitch is corrupted him and his Chinese wife they need to go this is corrupted administration and the David Duke in the white house thinks he is a dictator cause look at these dumb lawyers telling him he can do whatever he wants to do u r above the law but when he had generals that knew he was doing wrong he got rid of them Putin has really school the dummy on how to be a dictator

  16. Hes been in politics over 30+ years and has been bribed and corrupted many times over. So why is no one surpised unless your a idiot and is okay with it.

    Money talks in america and everyone has a price to sell their souls to the highest bidder.

  17. At this point who cares. The fact that he said he’s taking advice from the WH counsel and none of the democrats has said anything about it says that they don’t care either. I’m glad I’m stationed in Germany and only get bits and pieces of this 💩 show

  18. We need to start hitting Moscow Mitch at his hometown and State 24/7 with ads like this showing them how corrupt he is

  19. LOL!:::

    Trump has sold out America to Russia, that's why the Nazis walk the street with guns..

    Everything he does is not for America, it's FOR the Russia!::: LOL

    This administration is killing the American PEOPLE and stealing all the PEOPLE money!!::::

    This administration is a joke!::: LOL

  20. I want to become a politician just so I can accept donations and then not do anything that they ask of me if it goes against my morals. Then they can complain about it but hey it's a donation not a bribe right?

  21. One thing I remember as a child I had asked what’s the difference between saying republicans and democratic and I was explained republicans represents the rich and the democratic represents the poor … now 40 years later I see they are all the same but worse … they all lie and hide the truth from the Americans. Although I gotta give it to the house they did good on their presentation with play back videos and testimonies…

  22. Seems like dear old Moscow Mitch is on the payroll of several players interested in keeping trump in office and block election reform. From trump's lawyers to a close friend of Putin millions donations have flowed into Mitch's warchest. If you need a fix put in place Graham, Mitch , and Rubio are open to bribery.

  23. He is so unashamed of his open corruption, he takes the money, its recorded in public record, then he goes on Fox news and says to confirm, he is going to work with those same people that gave him money…..because Joe Biden son getting an overpaid job a decade ago IS the problem? That interview confirms it was a flat out bribe and he is doing his part.

  24. Mitch is clearly a piece of sxxx, BUT I would say donations of 2k and 5k hardly justify making your claim. It’s weak arguments like that that make those who are neutral frown at both sides. If it has meat, talk about it. This has nothing

  25. You can't blame Mitch he is just being a true caplistist and making the most profit he can off the services he has for sale.

  26. The democrats appear seriously concerned about the presidents criminal behavior.
    The republicans appear deliberately obtuse.
    Put Trump under oath, and get the story "strait from the horses mouth…"

  27. Well, Mitch surely sounds like a ventriloquist dummy… Lucky that Trump has such small hands because, with all the other interest groups pulling Mitch's strings, it must be getting pretty crowded down/up there.

  28. If the elected officials don't have to follow rules, why should ordinary citizens?? This is a serious question!

  29. I believe this is sort of the same strategy Trump uses. He will often broadcast out loud what his illicit intentions are so as to imbue on the listener the impression everything MUST BE aboveboard since he didn’t try to hide it. Remember “Russia, if you’re listening”? ‘After all, who in their right minds would actually announce they were going to do something wrong? It must be fine’.

  30. Why are y'all summarizing other media stories. Want to do something that matters. Do a in depth report on understand Ukraine aid what obama gave. How the javelins trump authorized not being able to be used on front line and can't be used against Russian backed separatists. Or how the net worth of Mitch and wife has jumped 30 plus million in last 10 years. Although both have government positions. And wife's family business is a proxy Chinese state funded business. And how Mitch has not voted or made statements against china since marrying. Or how blaming Biden for his sons guilt is crazy. Would be no different if police arrest parent for a fight adult kid got into, or a fact based report on corruption by proxy. Etc. Something like that are the stories people need to know. These opinion pieces about other media sources are over used by yall.

  31. Black ball voting duh! The white marble in your pocket is your business alone. I think the Romans (or maybe the Spartans) invented it.

  32. The corrupt intent is of the citizens & the people they elect are like them, therefore, the elected are merely a reflexion of their electorate. corrupt electorate, corrupt representatives. The only response is to remove impeachment & trial away from congress. If there is evidence of wrongdoing then have an expedited judicial proceeding to enforce accountability.

  33. It's all about power and control for these Republicans it's sad because I know who can and will show them who's in control. ☝️🙏

  34. This indeed is corruption, regardless of legality or not. It's why I support legislation against this type of "conflicts of interest", and against lobby money. If a senator can be given money by lawyers in a constitutional process of impeachment hearings, who's to say this isn't happening on lower levels of the judicial branch and law? If house members can be given lobby money isn't that also "conflict of interest", and therefore lead to serving corporations, organizations, and other "entities" and not the actual people of the u.s? Lawyers themselves can have personal and financial ambitions, if the practice of law didn't pay there would be no incentive to practice it, however it should be regulated as much as possible so there is as little corruption to the law, Congress, and ultimately the constitution as possible. It's time these loopholes are tightened by legislation.

  35. Really? It's this new news? It was all set up when Trump decided to ask the goons to represent him. Sooo? Come with something else new.

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