27 thoughts on “Media Forces Trump To Release Some Of His Tax Returns

  1. First, Maddow is hardly a prominent anything (except an ignoramus). Second, it is illegal and not protected by the First Amendment (which protects free speech, not action). Third, the fact that it said "client copy" on it says a little bit about how they received it in the first place (they got trolled by President Trump, lol). Fourth, this is an epic fail on the part of the opposition media on all fronts. They can try and spin the narrative as much as they know how, but those of us who were taught how to think for ourselves can see right through the attempts to control the optics. Shame on this news outlet, and the others, that cannot admit defeat. You have nothing on the President; he will make this Country great again, free again, and you will fade into obscurity. Your only legacy will be a footnote in the history books as the desperate propaganda machine of the globalists who attempted to ensnare the people of this great Nation. You are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the people, and the wrong side of truth. So many people are suffering in this world because of real evil. Spend some time digging up dirt on those who subjugate, enslave, and maim innocent lives for personal gain. Do your jobs. It shouldn't be hard to find these bad eggs. You work for them. You take your paychecks from them. You live amongst them. Choose now this day whom you serve. Forever will you be judged according to the choices you make in these, the most critical times we face.

  2. WOW…. Totally misleading news header…. Why am I not surprised? Once again a news outlet just runs with a "story" without checking facts… President Trump did NOT release anything in regards to his taxes, they were leaked… Unless he was the one that "dropped the 2005 tax returns" in Maddow's mailbox. Which if he did, was a genius move, as all this proves is that he actually paid more taxes than both Obama, Sanders and many more "prominent" (SIC) political folks. Talk about Maddow biting herself in the butt…

    Seriously though, which is worse… A president that won't release his tax returns or a president that won't release his birth certificate as well as college documentation??? Not to mention all the other illegal acts Obama's government committed during the 8 yrs he spent running our country into the ground and still is… I actually prefer knowing that no one is is questioning that President Trump is who he claims he is as well as a US BORN citizen… Just keep on serving up the fake news, all you are achieving is waking up more and more people realizing the filth which was the previous government(s)….

  3. LMAO, the media did NOT force Trump to release his tax return. That is the problem with the media. You think You are in control and election night 2016 you were proved wrong.

  4. Trump doesn't have to show you or any scum sucking media whore anything… in fact she broke the law and guess what can be arrested at anytime …………….how's that media whore??????????????????

  5. Great job Rachel MADCOW disease, you just proved the lefts claim that he hasn't paid taxes in near 20 years was wrong. Keep up the good work Rachel, you can never stick your foot in your mouth far enough, but keep practicing , you're getting better at it lol.

  6. I wonder if anybody is stupid enough to believe this fake news spin? Actually I don't wonder, plenty of stupid Liberals will believe it.

  7. That Rachael M killed her career. She made herself look like a total A TOTAL jackASS

    Trump is playing the media for fools and destroying their credibility.
    And credibility is live virginity. ..once you lose it…its gone.

    Here is an impression of mainstream media…lie…lie…lie…lie…lie…lie…lie…lie

    Do they really think we are going to put up with that? We want real news and that why everybody gets the REAL news from online outlets…

  8. Is Bath House Barry releasing where he got all his back door funds/income ? How about the Clinton's Blatant Corruption, but no demand for their tax info,,, it's nobodies business and it's not required for anyone to show their tax info,, it's just the Bernie Sanders mentality of idiocy that the Liberals are all worried of how Trump got rich, Something we call, Working for it, not waiting for a hand out like the libtards and garbage of this nation seem to think they deserve.. Ridiculous

  9. Some "investigator" "…forced his hand…"??? What B.S. Talk about fake news! They showed up in this fat, white, male neckbearded liberal's f'g mailbox. Scoop, my a**. Very fake news. Sad. Democrats are pathetic losers. Let's get rid of these fools, and MAGA!

  10. You are so phony and slanted that you truly inhabit a parallel universe. Even the liberal media disowns this fake news. What idiots you are.

  11. Wow ,nice job proving CBS is fake news just like CNN ,MSNBC ,NBC ,ABC ,FOX and PBS, CBS has succumbed to using clickbait titles that are lies to get views ,and for a story CBS uses the radical biased lies put out from known leftists Rachel Maddow aka Fonzie instead of doing any real investigating journalism .

    Have fun being irrelevant to all except the radical leftists because 80% of America no longer watches ,or trusts a word out of CBS mouths ,the only reason the 6 anti American oligarchs who own the MSM even keep these failed fake news programs on air is to push their false narratives to the indoctrinated college kids who get their fresh talking points from MSM talking heads .

    CBS = Fake News,end of story .

  12. Thanks David Cay, Rachel and Amy for reporting on the two page version of Trumps tax returns. The rest will soon follow. Plenty of indifferent Trump supporters will have no problem applauding Trump while he pillages our country for his personal profit, and gives Putin what he wants for giving him the keys to the WH. Already, Trumpster's dimwitted applause of the GOP Health Care Bill will strip 24 million of his supporters off their medical coverage. The GOP bill is the Death Panel written into law.

  13. Well, I now hold even less respect for this excuse for a journalist. Gone are the days in which a president could just get on with his being in charge of things. Now we have people who think they can just take someone's personal information and throw it out there for anyone to peruse. She certainly wouldn't hold a candle to Donald Trump and yet she is feeling it her sworn duty to alert the masses to his treachery. Listen Maddow, stop trying to start a national uprising and let the president get on with the business he was elected to do. The ordinary citizen, isn't going to be able to cut it as far as presidential duties ae concerned and so just stop already. For Cripes sake. Imagine paying as much taxes as did he… just crawl off somewhere, Maddow and leave the president do his job. Shaking my head…

  14. Next time you might consider the golden rule there Madow. just think how different things might have turned out had you with grace and dignity returned the papers saying I think these might be yours sir.

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