88 thoughts on “McConnell Keeps GOP In Line With Dark Money War Chest: Whitehouse | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. McConnell needs to GO! Nobody should stay in office for over THREE AND A HALF DECADES! It corrupts the member which in turn corrupts the whole body. Go retire turtleneck!

  2. So much like America…everything is a commodity…even justice. Those Republicans that McConnell got to move to his position with the use of 'dark money' should be ashamed, for they have sold their souls to him and will always be his puppets, evermore. They should be ashamed because they betrayed their honest reaction to the arguments presented for promises of wealth or power or both.

  3. Money I believe. Mmm, so the government is now for sale for international consumers as well. What happened to america first 😱😱

  4. Time for the democrats to smarten up and create their OWN SuperPAC by billionaires Bloomberg, Steyer & Yang. Then utilize that SuperPAC to find opposition candidates to take back the Senate. Show some balls and fight the enemy on his on ground.

  5. So a trial with no witnesses or evidence provided. That's exactly how trials are conducted in 3rd world banana republics like Venezuela.

  6. Obama's were just found guilty in Secret Federal Espionage Charges. Its a secret court! Q knows all. There's gonna be a hanging.

  7. bought and paid for. reminds one of the worlds oldest profession, thats what the republicans have turned themselves into.

  8. Money talks!!! And corrupt republicans, lawyers, trump, and his allies love money!! And Putin is giving them billions of launder money

  9. Two twisted corporate thugs yapping about their twisted values. Replace Constitution with money. Replace We The People with wealth and Corp power. The gods they pray to. Let's start NOW to end this capitalist nightmare. Let's start with BERNIE, and go from there.

  10. Darkness has now become the accepted norm for people of supposed power. But the people have the power to vote out all who have surrendered to that darkness. Yes, absolute power does corrupt absolutely…

  11. America, your November Elections are already rigged, If you 100% vote blue, Trump will still win. Vast Corporate money resources will ensure this. You now live under a dictatorship.

  12. So until we get a progressive Democratic majority in the Senate, we won't get HR1 or any other anti-dark-money laws passed.

  13. One by one we will vote each one of you Republicans out opf office. Start with Moscow Mitch . This has Putin all over it.

  14. Citizen United is another example of why we need to do away with SCOTUS, permanently. There are much better ways to "settle" legal and philosophical issues WITHOUT the cult-like partisanship of Republicans.

  15. All the carrots and all the sticks. The GOP reps are no more than trained mules, like trumps base is operantly trained to salivate and attack on command, but with nicer clothes.

  16. Let's rally around Bernie Sanders and let's remove Donald Trump and change the System that gave us Donald Trump! #Bernie2020 🇺🇸

  17. A trial conducted without the presentation of evidence and witnesses is the stuff of dictatorships.
    America-the new dictatorship.

  18. Let's not forget where a lot of that money came from: Russian oligarchs and shady people like Parnas, who Republicans now refuse to let testify.

  19. MSDNC
    BS Hearsay Whistle blower is the only witness required.
    This is the funniest load of BS ever. Better than Russia and Mueller.

  20. Poorly kept secret that most of congress spends 1/3 of their time taking private calls from billionaires, just begging for money, year in year out.

  21. Senator Alexander was once a respected member of Congress and considered an honorable man by people from both parties. That's all over now.

  22. It doesn’t matter how much money is funneled to Mitch McConnell he’s going to be history come Election Day.💙💙💙💙

  23. MY question is: Are the rubles that are "donated" to McConnell's super-pac converted to U.S. dollars BEFORE they are "donated", or AFTER? 🤔

    Winners never cheat and cheaters run for the GOP.
    🎶corruption junction what's your function GOP🎶 #TRE45ON

  25. If w really want to keep our Enemies both Foreign and Domestic at Bay and out of our Politics we need to be serious about anonymous PAC money and GET IT OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  26. I wish I could have been in the news room to hand out tissues and crayons. They're going to need a lot when Trump is acquitted and wins his reelection.


  28. I can’t believe how spineless these republicans are. They are so scared of Trump to the point that they are willing to betray their country in order to not lose their seats. They are repulsive

  29. So what good is the voting process?? If we allow money to control our nominations and foreign countries to negatively and falsely influence people through social media, not to mention the travesty of voting issues that are “created” throughout the country. It’s all a huge sham, and nothing good is to come.

  30. Sad time indeed please put your taxes toward education your all dumbing yourselfs down! Smart people open their eyes and see corruption ,bullying ,ignorance can go away.

  31. "One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency." –Arnold Glasow
    "Pinky and the Brain take over the World" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBkT19uH2RQ

  32. More and more as I see this impeachment trial goes I have to say that Mitch McConnell is the biggest problem the Senate has and he must go for he's a danger to our country, constitution and democracy. Mitch McConnell has way too much power and nobody should be able to wheel that much power.

  33. So the Republican senator is it being bought. wonder is Russian money -probably so. That's why he calls himself the Grim Reaper. because they're selling their souls to the devil

  34. Greed and unrestrained inequality – the cherished principles undermining US democracy.
    As sensible as building your own home out of radioactive bricks.
    Sooner or later, expect to become very sick with little prospect of recovery.

  35. Get ready for the salty tears weekend. Today Beloved President Trump will be exonerated. The evil, power-hungry DemoRats have lost. There dishonesty, lying and cheating is coming back to bite them. They are about to reap what they have sown. They will lose the House in November, they will lose seats in the senate and Beloved President Trump will be reelected in a landslide. God loving Americas see through this farce that the DemoRats have pushed for the past 3 years and we are sick of it. I pray this will be the final destruction of the DemoRatic party and they will never again rise to power. Hopefully Beloved President Trump will enjoy a super majority for the next 4 years and loyal Americans can make up the time we have lost because of these American hating DemoRats. The next 4 years will make America stronger than it has ever been. Such a far cry from the unbelievable destruction that 8 years of Obama caused. In only 3 years Beloved President Trump has erased the Obama damage and has exposed him for the American hating coward that he was. His legacy was one of total failure and despair. God bless President Trump! MAGA! 2020!

  36. So if they are buying Mitch they are also buying his base,. How shameful, Politicians bought by big money corporation, in turn the Politicians buy the people vote, “vote for Hire, and talk about freedom, that is just as bad as a Communist Society.

  37. Moscow Mitch is the cold heart of the ReTHUGlieKKKlan Mob, he pump's his master's Rubles through the necrotic arteries to all his vile corrupt Cheats, Liars and Pedophiles that are subverting the Constitution basically murdering Democracy, RIP USA.

  38. McConnell & his disciples Republicans corrupt,traitors & wicked.
    You Made Trump dictator in America.
    Acquitting Trump is greed, power & Self interest.
    You jeopardize the American people ,Constitution & the country.
    Facts wont change "Trump is Guilty "
    Cowards Republicans! Shame on you all! Big Disgrace.

  39. Lock up Moscow mitch McTraitor for obstruction of justice against the constitution of America and then lock dump up for a number of reasons 1st treason.

  40. The Republican representatives of the people of the United States work in a cesspool of lies and sycophantic vomit.

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