Man Wants Refund For The Worst First Date

A Man is demanding a Refund after a First
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of the video where I answer your comments from previous videos. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines
Day, but for one man looking for love – apparently things did not go his way. Generally, first dates are fun and are a real
opportunity to get to know someone. However if youve ever been on a bad date this
story should make you feel a touch better or at least give you a laugh. Especially with all of your friends in relationships
celebrating this government mandated day for love. This dating disaster came from dating writer
Lauren Crouch in North London. Shes had so many dates that she even dedicated
a blog to recording her mostly lousy experiences. In this incident a guy from Tinder asked her
out, but insisted they go to a coffee shop. To which Lauren refers to as a serious waste
of eyeliner. Although thats not even the worst part about
this dating story gone wrong. After about 25 minutes into the date he then
asked her if she wanted to go back to his place so he could cook for her. Sounds nice right, well not really. He then expressed that he actually had food
being delivered. At that point Lauren didnt feel comfortable
going to a strangers house who she had just met, so she declined helping him unpack his
food delivery. He attempted to persuade her, but still to
no avail. The man then said he had to leave because
he wanted to make it home in time for his takeout food. So the date lasted 30 minutes at a coffee
shop until he left for a food delivery which makes you think it would end there. But guess what! He then sent her a text asking her out again
and when she continued to decline his advances saying there just wasnt a spark between them
he then followed up by asking for a refund on the coffee he bought for her. With his exact words being – Ok, fair enough. Can you pay me back for your coffee? I dont like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else. She had the perfect response to this, opting
to not just flat out refuse this audacious offer Lauren chose to give him the option
of having her donate the 3.50 for the coffee to a charity of his choice. Plus she even would bump it up to 5 euros
to cover his bus fare. But this guy wasnt having any of that. I mean why would you expect him to be a decent
person if he was petty enough to ask for 3.50 back. He then proceeded to send his banking details
and demand the money be returned. Its not even that he wanted the money back
its that he wanted it back because he couldnt handle the rejection. How do you feel about this story, do you think
the man was in the right or do you think Lauren made the right decision in not wanting to
see this guy again. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. Now its time to answer some of your comments
from the video titled – Soulja Boy and Jake Paul Fight confirmed
Sieger says – Souljaboy has the Soulja punches he can’t lose
-I hope he pulls the superman punch out at the very least
Anna-Kay McLennon says – Every time I say information overload I accidentally say information
overlord -Lets just start referring to me as your information
overlord, that way youre not entirely wrong. Plus dont feel bad, Ive definitiely called
it that before by mistake. Cloudy chocolate says – Why do they not just
do a sleep challenge?Who can sleep the longest.much better
-That would be more exciting if we could just not hear from either of them for a full day
Young Carpy says – Jake Paul – 6 feet 185 lbs and has had a fight before – Soulja – 5
foot 9, 140 lbs and hasn’t trained a day in his life
-Young Carpy pulling up the stats, you may have a point
TheGeckoNinja says – probably just gonna end in a draw lol
-If Mayweather does train Soulja itll be a very defensive fight that will end in a draw
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