Make Money Selling Free Ebooks On Ebay and Amazon (2020)

Make Money Selling Free Ebooks On Ebay and Amazon (2020)

alright guys in today’s video I’m going
to show you how you can make some really good money selling free ebooks on eBay
and Amazon so stick around you don’t want to miss any of these steps let’s
get started here right now alright guys welcome back to today’s
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and every video alrighty guys like I said I’m gonna show you here how you can
make some really good money selling free ebooks on both eBay and Amazon today in
this video so let’s get started here right now we’re going to come over here
to this website right here you see it up here in the address bar it’s resale –
rights – weekly calm this is a free pl art with or public label rights ebook
site with master resell rights where you can get free ebooks to sell now when you
come to this site in you you can get a free membership but they will try to
sell you on a gold membership here too which is up to you if you want to
purchase their gold membership you don’t have to though what you’re going to do
is come to this page and you’ll scroll all the way down here and you can click
right here at the very bottom where it says join now for free see that click on
that or the page and you just fill out the information right here and make sure
you save your login credentials so that if you need to come back here save it to
a notepad or a txt file somewhere on your computer alright and then when you
gets logged in they are going to try to again they’ll gonna try to sell you on
their gold membership but you don’t need to do that you just scroll the bottom of
that page and click the login button again at the very bottom down here we’ll
say login click that and that will bring you over to this page right here and
this is where you can see this is for the gold members up here all these
things and then down here is for the free members
and what we want to do is we want to click on the free member downloads right
after this whole process is free to do and it’s good for anywhere in the world
okay now so if we click on a free member downloads now I’ve already downloaded
one here to my computer for as an example here today but I’m going to show
you how to do that as you can see when you click on that the free members now
they give you you’ve got several months here all back several years it goes back
through years here that’s you can click on in get the ebooks that are available
to three members as you can see there’s about four or five here now I took this
one right here as our example today the power of self-discipline here you can
see it’s click says click here to download and then when you download it
the nice thing about this it you want to make sure it comes with master resell
and giveaway rights as well so when you download this it gives you every file or
all kinds of marketing materials list each of these ebooks so that you can
market them successfully on such as eBay or Amazon then I’m going to show you
today alright so now I’ve already downloaded this particular ebook right
here and you can see that that file is right here the power of self-discipline
here if you can maybe I can zoom in you can see it the power of self-discipline
here so anyway as you can see that this is the e-book right here this training
guide here and you can see it comes with a cheat sheet mind map resource report a
sales letter and Thank You page landing pages you’ve got legal pages graphics
articles banners promotional email swipes and high quality covers and
social media images packing free marketing tools PDF file and the license
for it for your match resale rights so you have everything you
need in the package that you download from resale rights weekly to market this
product okay each of the ebooks you downloaded have all this information
here so if we clicked on the free training guide it brings over it should
load up in your PDF reader if you’ve got Adobe Acrobat or any kind of a PDF ebook
file reader it’ll load up and you can see here that this is the e-book right
here it’s a really good ebook this one is and it’s got about 40 pages here in
this eBook roughly say about 40 pages here so it’s a pretty good eBook even
play with pictures and everything so now once you get the ebook downloaded and on
to your computer then what you’re going to do is come over to ebay this is where
you’re going to market it at excuse me on eBay you can create a free seller
account you can click it to sign up or register on ebay create a seller’s
account and you can see as I’ve already typed in here ebooks up here in the eBay
search engine here you brought up all these books you see these people are
selling the same type of ebooks that I just showed you to download for free
they’re selling them for 99 cents a pop look here this person sold 496 of this
this book right here for $0.99 so what’s that almost $500 right there
and as we go down you can see each of these are being sold for 99 cents apiece
they’re just downloadable ebooks and there’s no reason why you can’t do the
same create your seller account on ebay come over and set up your account and
the way you do that it’s a good idea to click on one just any one you want
and follow the format of how they’ve made their listing all right you can see
how the they’ve set up their listing here and you can come down a little
farther you can see how they set up their listing with some
of the marketing materials that came with the the ebooks that you download
and you just sort of follow the same thing now it’s a good idea to as you see
right here this person is offering free bonuses free bonus ebooks to go along
with that – it’s always a good idea to offer some free ebooks – as a bonus
which won’t ice people more to click on your link or your listing on eBay right
and then you set up your payment shipping which is basically just
downloading it’s a downloadable file and that’s basically it and then you can see
people will leave reviews for you and the higher your reviews go up the better
you are the more chances of people are going to buy your eBook now the thing is
here what I want you to remember is is that this is a numbers game all right
guys the more ebooks you post or list on eBay the more opportunity of course you
have to make more money right it’s all you guys hear me say this and these in
my videos it’s all marketing is about a numbers game the more you post the more
opportunity it’s like going fishing for example if you go fishing and you’ve got
one fishing pole but you see another guy he’s got three or five fishing poles who
has the more opportunity to catch a fish it’s the guy that’s got the five poles
thrown out there in the water with five baits out there or five lines in the
water versus your one all right so it’s the same thing here the more you post
the more you make all right now so that’s how you can do it on eBay all
right now let’s come over here to Amazon Amazon is no different you can sign up
for a free account on Amazon you just come up here when you come to
you come up here at the right where it says sign in for accounts and lists and
you see right down here underneath the sign-in button a new customer start here
if you click on that it brings you over here and you can create your own
for free on Amazon and not only do you have your own account but you also get
an affiliate link with this account so you can become what’s called an Amazon
associate so you had give you the right to sell things on eBay or market eBay’s
products as well so but we’re not marketing emails products we’re
marketing our ebooks today on the email right
I’m sorry not eBay but Amazon we’re not we’re not marketing Amazon products let
me correct myself or marketing our ebooks on Amazon okay
all right so same thing here set up your free account get your affiliate link and
you can in you see I’ve typed in Kindle books here up in the search engine
already and so you can see that people are these are just ebooks that are
downloadable to Kindle and you can if you want create an audiobook of it too
and in some cases of these can even have hard covers if you want to create a
hardcover something like that but that’s probably a little more expensive to do I
would imagine unless it comes with a hardcover book that you can have shipped
to your something like that but the main thing is is either downloadable ebooks
and you can see that people are selling these this person’s got four thousand
five hundred and forty six reviews and selling this ebook for fifteen dollars
so you just list your e-book on Amazon under the kindle category and you can
also see that you can make a lot of money on these ebooks that you post on
amazon for free okay now that’s what i wanted to show you guys how to make
money with free ebooks and stuff and here by the way here’s another site that
you can come to to get even more free ebooks is called ID PLR com you see it
right there I need PLR same thing in the address bar
right up here so come over to this site right here as you see there’s free
products right here and you can see you see free ebooks free software videos
audio graphics templates all kinds of things here for
free if you click on like free ebooks and it should bring you over to this
page here and you can see there’s all kinds of
free downloadable ebooks here that you can use to market on both eBay and
Amazon as well alrighty well guys that’s what I had for you today I’m gonna show
you how you can make quite a lot of money selling free ebooks or PLR
products on both eBay and Amazon so if you got the value out of this video
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go with that I’ll see you again here in a couple of days or so on the next
exciting video all right you guys take care have a great day

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