Link Audit for Boomtown Bingo – 40 Free Spins No Deposit

Link Audit for Boomtown Bingo – 40 Free Spins No Deposit

Hey, guys. It’s Dan here and I’m just
creating another link order video today for the website Boomtown Bingo. These guys are
kind of a gambling affiliate. They work in the bingo industry, the slots industry, the
casino industry, all that kind of stuff. Just kind of gambling and betting in general. Today
we’re going to be looking mainly at their 40 free spins page, which we’ve got up here.
So obviously having a quick look at the page, you can see it’s the keywords throughout the
page, it’s optimised well for the key phrase, but again we’ve found a correlation yet again
with another site where we feel as though the things that are ranking in that top 10
position, specifically up there in the top 10, are doing things a little bit differently
with the off page than probably Boomtown is, and that’s where really Boomtown could lift
their rankings up for this key phrase. I’m going to show you that now. I’m going to Ahrefs here, as you can
see I’ve entered in ’40 free spins, no deposit’, which is a key phrase that they’re trying
to rank for and it’s a money intent key phrase, it’s someone who’s looking for that service.
Then obviously you’ve got the search volume here, which is 60, so it gets a good amount
of search per month. It’s a very easy keyword to rank for according to Ahrefs, and we’re
just going to have a little look why we feel Boomtown isn’t quite pushing for those rankings
as of right now. If we scroll down here, and I’ll leave it in the top 10 there, you can
see that the top 10 that are ranking there, majoritively you can see down on this right
hand side here on the back links tab, if I just hover over that it will show you that
it’s showing how many back links are pointing to a given URL. As you can see, if you go
down, there’s a lot of back links that are going to these sites in the top 10. Majoritively, more so than none, there
are some links pointing to the inner pages, and that we feel is really helping these sites
to rank in that position. Whereas with Boomtown, we scroll down to the bottom here, we can
see that it’s position number 33, so it’s quite far down, and despite having quite a
good domain rank, meaning that the actual website has a lot of authority, the UR rank
itself is only a nine. That obviously correlates to the fact that there’s absolutely nothing
going to that site. Whereas, if you have a look back at the top 10 again, just as some
examples, you’ve got URs of 17 here, URs of 10, URs of 11, et cetera. There’s a little
bit more UR, but the reason for that is again because there are back links pointing to these
URLs, which is how you actually improve your UR rank. UR rank is just a metric that they show
to kind of say how powerful is that specific URL, and obviously in Boomtown’s case down
here, we’re number 33, it really isn’t that powerful despite the domain being powerful.
Something that a lot of site owners do is they kind of get caught up in thinking, “We
have a powerful domain, we have the keyword in the title, it should be ranking.” Yes,
they’re good ranking factors, they’re important, but if there’s no links going to the website,
as there isn’t here, then the UR rank is going to fall and Google isn’t going to see that
page as an authority for that key phase. My first bit of advice for this URL
specifically to rank for this key phase is simply to just build more back links to that
actual page itself, to improve your UR as well as obviously your DR being good. It’s
that combination of the two. Secondly with this key phrase that we feel is really important,
is when you’re building these links to this key phrase you have to make sure that they’re
relevant. You have to make sure that they’re in the niche. They can’t just be, “Oh, you
know, our competitor has five or six back links to their inner page, we need to build
six or seven.” That’s a good approach, but you want to have that mentality coupled with,
“We want to make sure that those links are relevant to our niche or to our keyword that
we’re trying to rank for.” In this case, again, we’ve spoken about
it, it’s about gambling, so it can kind of move into the business sector, it can move
into just gambling on its own, casinos, et cetera, all that kind of stuff that’s relevant
to this key phrase of 40 free spins with no deposit slots, which is what they’re trying
to rank for. You wouldn’t want to have back links going to your inner page that were irrelevant,
because generally that doesn’t really give you the power that you need. You do need that
quantity with quality combination. So again, we’d advise Boomtown Bingo to, at least for
their inner pages, to build more relevant links on top of just more links to their inner
pages alone. I feel like with a key phrase like this, if you were to actually actively
do that, you’d see improvements relatively quickly if you just stuck by those two rules.
So that’s kind of it guys for this one, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys later.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant video on Link Audit for Boomtown Bingo .Well explained and nicely presented.I understood more and thanks for sharing.

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