Justice Department Says Subpoenas For Trump’s Tax Returns Are Unconstitutional

Justice Department Says Subpoenas For Trump’s Tax Returns Are Unconstitutional

The United States department of justice is
currently arguing at the Supreme Court, that the president complying with a subpoena is
somehow unconstitutional according to the number one law enforcement agency in the country. If the president were to obey the law, that
would somehow be against the law obeying the law is against the law. We have hit peak 1984 folks. That’s what the DOJ is trying to tell us with
these arguments. But what they’re doing right now is arguing
in front of the Supreme Court in written arguments, um, that if Donald Trump were to comply with
subpoenas for his financial records, tax returns, bank records, all that stuff from either the
house of representatives or the New York attorney General’s office, if he complies with any
of those than Oh my God, we have absolutely broken the law and we are just not an administration
that is keen on breaking the law. The argument for not complying with the house
of representatives subpoenas for his tax information is that the, uh, house of representatives
has no legislative purpose for wanting these tax returns. So, you know, we really, we can’t do that. First of all doesn’t have to have a legislative
purpose. That’s not how it’s written. They have the authority to subpoena or request
and then subpoena. If the request is not fulfilled any tax return
from any United States citizen ever for any reason at all, they can do that. They have the authority. President is not exempt from that. And that is why every single lower court that
has ruled on this has ruled against the Trump administration and DOJ his legal arguments
because they are completely false. Second of all, even if they did need to have
some kind of legislative purpose, the legislative purpose can also be for an investigation which
the house is also allowed to conduct. So it doesn’t have to be for a piece of legislation,
but it can be for legitimate legislative purposes, which is to conduct an investigation. And as we have repeatedly said about this
time last year, we had Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, go in front of the
house of representatives, implicate the president in financial crimes, and the house has an
obligation to investigate those. And that is what these subpoenas are about. We need to know if what Michael Cohen told
us was true, he told it to the house of representatives. The house of representatives has the authority
to investigate this. The house of representatives needs more info
and Donald Trump won’t give it to us. Sounds like a legitimate legislative purpose
to me. It’s like if somebody randomly accuses me
to the FBI of some kind of accounting fraud, guess what? They’re going to come look for my financial
records. You’re not going to find anything. But if I continuously try to hide them and
say, no, this isn’t a real criminal investigation. Yeah, that’s not gonna end well for me. What I would do in that instance is just hand
them over. Unless of course I had something to hide as
Donald Trump clearly does now, he may be hiding criminal activity. He may just be hiding the fact that he is
worth a hell of a lot less than we think than he stated. Either way, he doesn’t want us to know what’s
in there now for the, uh, New York investigations, they say, well, you can’t do this to the president. You know, he does have a bit of immunity here
and, uh, to do so would really interfere with our daily work. You know, interfere with the duties of the
presidency. They say if he complied with this, that’s
their argument for New York who’s conducting a much better investigation by the way, than
the house Democrats have. But nonetheless, the DOJ is trying to say
that no president’s still above the law and obeying the law is now somehow against the
law. Ladies and gentlemen, that is your tax dollars
at work with the United States department of justice.

100 thoughts on “Justice Department Says Subpoenas For Trump’s Tax Returns Are Unconstitutional

  1. Good thing the supreme court has not been stacked to support the army of darkness. This shit started with Merriick Garland.

  2. Very easy. From now on, every candidate should not submit tax returns. Let all the presidential candidates not submit any tax returns……The mob is running USA, obviously the founding fathers didn’t factor in that if a ring of criminals start overtaking the different instruments of government, then the whole apparatus doesn’t work, unless the people rise up. Unfortunately the evangelicals are part of the Mob.

  3. When the new president is elected, even before he takes office in January next year, he should announce that Barr is “sooooo f’ckin’ fired you need to start running now.”

  4. Minimum wage tip pool appropriations require minimum wage leveling to insure Hotel employees get minumum pay.
    The 8% gross sales tip allocation reporting law also factors in at tax time.
    I would love to know how he can get around that hurdle without doing his corrupt business.
    I bet he counts gratis perfectly too lol.
    An in to look into all the trails as I quit bartending knowing the ins & outs that these unfair practices represent.
    Unknowledgeable bar service is King now.

  5. it's simply getting rediculously insane. vivid exhibition of collateral corruptions and it seems trumps team is fearless

  6. Fuck heads will protect their dear leader even if it costs them their self dignity. Literally only one Republican had enough self respect to speak the truth. The party of lies and hate will be your new mantra Republicans.

  7. Whether we get stuck with this narcissist 4 more years or not, you’d think he’d be just a bit concerned the FBI and the IRS have long memories and reach and law on their side. I sure hope those employed in either are making their cases now and going forward. At the very least Trump should be stressed for the length of time he’s made the American people stressed!

  8. Problem with using the thought of you or anyone else being investigated for financial crime's is that you, not I, would be able to stop anyone from getting our tax returns like he has!!!!

  9. I wonder if Trump realizes after he is out of office his tax return and grades can be pulled and there is not a damn thing he can do about it🤣😂

  10. He’s still under audit. Give him some time after 8 years and still no one can see it. Jump into the Trump hype train you’all.

  11. Congratulations. The new dictatorship of this world has established itself in the United States of America since yesterday.

  12. Whether the DOJ hands them over now or when the new Democrat administration comes in, the Tax returns will come out

  13. The root of all that is making Trump and his followers break the law with their cultish behavior has one name…Republicans senators,they are enabling this man to destroy America

  14. Barr tries to put him above the law. Disbar that justice sell-out! He has turned into the buffoon's bleacher and enabler. Hopefully he will be tried for his corrupt behavior in the near future as soon as the rule of law has returned.

  15. From what trump’s councils did at trump’s farce of a “trial “ , and their ripping and shredding of the constitution, it’s no surprise to hear, AGAIN, trump has no laws stopping him. This is Barr adding more help to the dictator. From the total lack of control and his instructions from the republicans, the spineless, Chief Justice Roberts, it’s clear the Supreme Court will be just as enabling to trump as much as he senate is. More ripping and shredding of the constitution for aid of their owner and dictator, agent orange.

  16. Okay now that Trump has been acquitted and it's okay to break the law maybe we should bring back the Confederation laws and everyone will do as we please, then the president would regret breaking the law.

  17. "Those who profess to favor freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

    – Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist

    So now, as Frederick Douglas implied in the quote above, we need to start “plowing up the ground,” let loose “thunder and lightning,” and unleash the “awful roar” of the ocean.

    From here on out, those of us who cannot and will not accept the Trump presidency need to start planning for the hard fight that looms before us. There is no other way around it, fate has ‘prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies’ and we must eat at that table until the meal is done.

    The fight begins with each one of us. Each of us must now decide what we are willing to do and how far we are willing to go to resist the agenda of the Trump administration. Each of us must decide how serious the threat to our values and rights is and how much each of us is willing to sacrifice to protect those values and rights. Each one of us must decide how far we will go to resist Donald Trump and his dangerous cohorts.

    The Women’s Marches, the Muslim ban and undocumented immigrant protests, and winning back the House of Representatives were an inspiring start, and the attempt to impeach was a grand effort by our representatives in Congress, but there is much more that now needs to be done on the practical grassroots level. The hard work of continuing an ongoing and comprehensive resistance to the Trump agenda has begun and will continue for as long as Donald Trump and his cohorts are a threat to our liberal democratic values and rights.

    Throughout his campaign, as Trump broke every yardstick of decent behavior, it became increasingly clear that no one was able to succeed in stopping him. Now the question is whether or not, what Trump called ‘the establishment,’ is finally willing to do what is necessary to stop him from continuing his plan to take our government and break it in ways that could make its survival and recovery as the head of a constitutional republic doubtful. If the media, congress, and other government professionals are unable to do what is necessary to put the breaks on what Trump is trying to do, it will be we alone, the American People, who will finally be the ones who will have to fight ‘the good fight’ to save our democracy by electing a new president in 2020.

    We, the citizens of the United States, with or without the so-called establishment, must let Donald Trump and the sycophants that surround him know, in no uncertain terms, that we will never surrender up our democratic republic to those who would cast its sacred documents into the dirt and turn us, the majority of the American People, into servants of an autocracy. We must let the world know that our democracy and its people will never surrender the inalienable rights passed down to us by the founders, and that ‘government, of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.’

  18. Minion Barr is a terrible Attorney General. On the other hand, if Trump survives and democracy dies, he will make an outstanding head of the Secret Police.

  19. They should've got that before he ran for presidency. Everybody else does. He won't even show his school records either. The biggest crook in history is in the White House.

  20. Shameful country America is. A low in modern democratic societies. Take care of your own business and leave the world alone. You are no example for no one.

  21. Just throw him in jail for tax evasion, maximum sentence. The amount of energy he's putting behind not showing his tax returns is beyond a typical guilty persons.

  22. Bill Barr needs to be the NEXT one to be impeachment!! He's now made it where no matter what surveillance or info comes in about the President, they CAN'T investigate it UNLESS he approves!! He's as CORRUPT as Trump is and needs to go because he's NOT representing the American people!!!

  23. Communist Republican Senators, Trump and Barr will rue the day that they acquitted Trump on November 03, 2020. Out!

  24. What is this mean past presidents could claim that to ohel it's just felonies felonies we commoners go to jail for years

  25. Okay, dissolve the Justice department branch of government and arm everyone with guns, bullets, night vision equipment, bullet packing equipment, and as much powder as anyone wants! I mean if there is going to be lawlessness then arm everyone and let's fill the killing fields for immediate justice! That is where America is headed! A Donald Trump, I would not prosecute anyone in the lawless environment! There would be some that would cry for the days of law and order but would never be able to get back to those times again!

  26. Trump when asked if he would ever run for President at the time a Democrat. He said I guess if I go broke again I would have no other choice. He then stated if I did run, I would run as a REP as their voters are dumb.

  27. So does that mean everyone else can keep their taxes private too then? Just wanna know about these new laws being created out of nowhere

  28. Believe me if # 3's tax return said he was a billionaire they would be in time square , hoping he falls down the stairs

  29. I'm telling all you good American people SHIT HEAD TRUMP ( who SUCKS PUTINS COCK BY THE WAY) here is what shit head Trump equals TAKE NOTE!!!!!! Benoto Mussolini!!! Joseph Stalin!!!! Teodoro Nguema!!!! Robert Mugabe!!!! Fidel Castro!!!!!!! Muammar Gadafi!!!!!!! Meo Zeding!!!! Pol Pot!!!! Kim Jong-il (FATHER ) Saddam Hussein!!!!!! Idi Amin Dada!!!!! Bashar Al-Ssad!!!!! Ho Chi Minh!!!!! and Jean Claude Duvalier!!!!!!! and of course Adolf Hitler and that who Trump is a FUCKING DICTATOR!!!!!! and all his Rep. cronies who RUN OVER THE WHITE HOUSE and get on there knees to suck his TINY TINY TINY ( as per Stormy Daniels) COCK and eat all his shit and lick his ass!!!! if you people don't get rid of him in November you will be very very very SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. This is a nightmare. This can't be happening. Immediately after Trump's acquittal, Barr says there can be no investigation into campaign security issues without his approval. New reports coming out that the phone lines for the Iowa results were jammed by Trump trolls. Now Barr is saying subpoenaing the tax returns – the ones Trump said he would love us to see – is unconstitutional.

  31. The most corrupt Republican administration ever. Putin is getting his monies worth. Trump and. Goons made America the next Russian providence. They want the Ukrainin but Trump handed putin America thanks traitor

  32. You expect honesty from the law enforcement department of the most corrupt government on the planet? Who is the bigger liar? The one who lies to himself or the one who lies to everyone else?

  33. They have had the right to any person's or business's taxes since 1924 care of a President of the United States playing games with the IRS. Google "Teapot Dome Scandal"

  34. The IRS ran an automatic audit on Nixon's, the House suspected something wasn't right, they ran one and threw it back at the IRS with a list of things they had missed. Nixon ended up paying back taxes and fines and the hard core Nixon supporter that worked for the IRS got fired and locked up.

  35. Retardican logic: "Following the law is breaking the law."

    We seriously live in an "Idiocracy" with the dumbest motherfuckers in power.

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  36. All I can think of is that trump is not only a Russian asset but a dictator and cult leader. His followers, including Congress are putting America in jeopardy.

    #IndividualOne . . #DraftDodging #PussyAssBitch !!!
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    ' An American Horror Story '

  38. Isn't it about time to remove these crooks by more direct means, when they're busy distorting the laws to escape prison?

  39. why do we listen to the mucinex blob ? people don't get much uglier. Or dummer . if you want to call barr , a person . Let's take our country back from the oligarchs. get rid of the trump family , who are as big a leeches and useful idiots for the oligarchy as all the others who have stolen our wealth, lets get it back !

  40. why hasnt barr been disbarred yet.
    the dudes a blabbering moron and he's never read any established case law in his life.
    lets hope for a best case (most fun) scenario where trump gets reelected and democrats take the house and the senate, and they just keep impeaching trump and barr over and over for four more years. that would be hilarious.

  41. Russia, if you could find those tax returns, business records, any dirt on the Republicans, or wealthy Americans anywhere, we'd appreciate you having a look. I hear you're pretty good at that. Nyet?

  42. what a bunch of haters you all are…so blind by it. those who hate Trump are the lazybones who want everything free…nothing is free. The reason you speak freely against the president is because you live in a free country, otherwise you would be in prison or worse…I hope you or a loved one gets accused of a crime and be found guilty until proven innocent…

  43. The criminal here is barr and the crime is violating his oath of office to serve trump like his personal gestapo agent!

  44. I'm just wondering…why don't they subpoena Don Jr, Eric, and the Trump Organization's 2017 – 2019 tax returns, instead of Trump's past returns from 2016 or earlier?  The more current ones would likely show massive abuses by Trump paying himself.  Trump can't argue that Don Jr or Eric are in any way connected to the office of the President, and therefore not exempt by some bogus privilege claim, and Chairman Neal can more easily fight those two idiots in court or have them arrested by the Sergeant-At-Arms if they don't comply.  Just saying.  If Trump wants to go down the road of going after kids, let's fight fire with fire and shove it up their ass!

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