100 thoughts on “Judge Tosses Trump Tax Returns Lawsuit, Calls It ‘Unqualified & Boundless’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Dems should start stocking up on Kleenex & Prozac, in anticipation of Trump's inevitable re-election.

    Your tears will be our joy!
    TRUMP in 2020🇺🇸

  2. The truth is Trump is now broke after selling his soul to Putin. He hopes to draw government assistance once his term ends. He will owe a fortune to Melania in alimony once his divorce is finalized. It will come out Barron was born out of wedlock and his father came from a sperm bank. The whole thing is like a game show and needs to be cancelled. I am so tired of all this crap.

  3. #Trump: "I will turn over my tax returns, I was joking, no way I will turn them over, even if ordered to do so by a federal judge, because I have nothing to hide, believe me" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I'm confused. Is this like when Hillary's illegal….oops….I meant "homebrew" server just became a "matter," instead of a crime? The last administration established a brazen practice of just granting everyone involved in wrongdoing immunity from prosecution and destroying evidence, (both physical and digital), so why isn't that happening in this administration?

  5. Democrats want show trials without an actual trial. They have the MSM conduct them. A trial in the Senate is an actual trial. Discovery, paid experts as witnesses, cross examination and penalties for purgery. The Democrat party wants no part of it. Lots of criminal activity on the part of Democrats would be exposed.

  6. perhaps this will shed some light on why carter page ran the 2015 trump election campaign committee of russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the kremlin
    putin is ROSNEFTs biggest shareholder

  7. All I can say, thank god that our constitution says a federal court can’t interfere with state courts as dirty trump just found out the hard way. Time to see the retardicans cry about this on faux.

  8. He's not getting impeached, it's just like when you morons thought Avanati/Stormy Daniels was going to bring him down……hahhahahahaha. Keep on dreaming you serial losers.


  10. Traitor Trump used Trump Tower as a Russian money laundromat for years. That's why he's fighting so hard not to be exposed.


  12. Trumps probably trolling all you idiots. Probably nothing damaging on them he’s just screwing with everyone. Would be hilarious if it was clean and he’s just playing games. Epic

  13. How many judges have said turn over trump's tax returns now? Still trump and his stupid lawyers don't do it….Keep trump off the 2020 ballot until he complies, he can't use the "I would love to turn over my tax returns after I am being audited" defense, we know trump lied about that, he did not make his tax returns public….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  14. Here we go! How bad does he not want them released! Show how much of a criminal, conartist he is! Money laundering, tax fraud, tax evasion? If everything was on the up and up he wouldn't care if released!

  15. Can’t wait for him to lose 2020 and then all gloves are coming off..
    we, all us, the nation will know of all your dirty deeds..

  16. Personally, I think he's flat broke and/or owes some serious people some serious money. THAT'S what he's hiding. Clearly, he needs to learn about co-equal branches of government the hard way.

  17. If he can’t be prosecuted now then this is why he fears impeachment!!! Run,run, run, as fast as you can hamburger boy 🏃🏼‍♂️….

  18. that's right Trump is Guilty and cant be proven innocent. no matter what.
    hey lets crucify him if we cant find the evidence. we did it before we can do it again.
    were almost there then we can put Saint Elisabeth Warren in office She will save the world.

  19. When are we going to have a president that looks like the last mohican and once he is president the radio would have to keep playing the last mohican theme song over and over again for the next 4 YEARS!!!! so that way every morning you wake up . You will be listening to morning the last mohican theme song….

  20. When are we going to have a president that looks like the last mohican and once he is president the radio would have to keep playing the last mohican theme song over and over again for the next 4 YEARS!!!! so that way every morning you wake up . You will be listening to morning the last mohican theme song….

  21. Just imagine if the morons had refused to vote for someone who refused to show the American people his taxes. When they finally do become public, there will be all of the evidence of Trump being controlled by the Russians (and Saudi Arabia, etc.).

  22. He said after the audit was over a couple years back that he would release his tax returns. It's unfortunate he reneged on that campaign promise

  23. You are absolutely right
    I don’t like him
    He’s the most disgraceful person on this earth
    He’s low life PAB

  24. THIS will be Trump's downfall.
    been saying that since 2015.
    Tax fraud/evasion was Trump's very first job for daddy.

  25. Many of you people that are of a what's going on with a tax return payment of still meet Daniel that the hush hush money because everyone find out that is breaking the rule because it doesn't matter that it is so much there was that can pay it but it's always the president and made make sure that everyone want to know that the real truth

  26. … Trump will never ever in a Million year turn over his taxes. That is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to show what he had in his bowling ball bag.

  27. He sure does not want the public to see those tax returns. Can't figure out why honest Donny would have a problem with that.

  28. I sure see a LOT! of people that will be starring in " Trump can't win Volume 2 " on CNN videos! If you thought they were good in 2016, just wait until 2020!

  29. Wife: Honey are you texting another woman?
    Wife: can I see your phone then?
    Husband: No

    Do you see how it might sound a little guilty?

  30. I totally forgot about Stormy Daniels…. I cant help but think any other president would be out of office after any single one of these events/accusations

  31. Lol …..oops that story is wrong
    2nd circuit put a stay on it and smacked that liberal lower court judge down in less then a hour ….lol

  32. Is there any question left that white privilege and money buys innocence in America. This is the great again he was looking for

  33. And they don't need Trump to turn over his Tax returns. They can get them from the Tax office. But they won't turn them over either.

  34. Common sense dictates that  president Drumpf should be forced to show the American people his tax returns simply because he promised that he would do so in good faith years ago!

  35. All the excess baggage this man has brought to the Office of the President of the United States. It needs cleansed by impeachment and removal from office.

  36. The left main stream media is determined along with the Democrats to remove Trump from office before the Democrats could be prosecuted for the fake dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. For those liberals who don’t get it, there was a coup against Trump by the Democrats!
    Obviously you’ll never be told by the left main stream media. 🙈🙉🙊🐒

  37. Trump supporters, I have an honest question… Why do you think Trump is trying so desperately hiding his taxes?

  38. Inez Qtaish is suing" I will not sign no contract for settlement, i will not compromise and no deals with evildoers. I know the appeals court will be unfair and I can have my case heard in the supreme court , I will not stop or give up

  39. Supposedly he cannot be charged with a crime or prosecuted for a crime… But that doesn’t mean we can’t investigate him nor put it out in public that he is a criminal.

  40. But he said he'd release his taxes!

    And no, he doesn't have a right to keep them private. By law he has to turn them over to the IRS as all president's have to and have done so. Also, those are public forms, anyone can request to view them.
    Same thing with grades, which he also sues to hide…
    Makes you think, why is he the only president to hide his taxes?

  41. He argued not only was the sitting President unable to be looked at for any criminal activity, but no one associated with the President could be investigated either.

  42. Everytime I see another snake defend the Orange Clown… I instantly think of Mel Brookes in Blazing Saddles. "We gotta protect our phoney baloney jobs gentlemen!"

  43. Trump needs better lawyers. To disclose his records confidentially to the IRS is one thing to put his personal returns or even his business returns in non confidential hands is not a move anyone but a fool would opt for.

  44. Is this judge being paid off by the trump administration ? I would not be surprised ! He pays off his cronies , why not a judge ? They are all crooked buttkiss's !

  45. Trump's in-plain-sight embrace of Russia gets obscured by the Trump news avalanche. But long before running for president, Trump relied on Russian money. Trump also consistently defends Russia and attacks U.S. officials investigating Russia.

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