iPhone XS Max vs Money!

iPhone XS Max vs Money!

$500 bucks? $500 bucks, $500 bucks. $1,500 dollars, in coins, vs the $1,500 dollar iPhone XS Max. Whoa, Oh It’s bending, it’s bending! – What’s up friends! Today, we have in front of us Latest and greatest in Apple technology. Latest and greatest in Apple technology. The– – best iPhones we’ve ever made. Ever! – Obviously I mean, every iPhone is the best
one that’s ever come out. which also again, is to be expected. But this guy here, is gonna
set you back, how much David? – One thousand five hundred dollars. That price has quite
a bit of weight to it. What do you think David,
should we just start? Just start stacking ’em? Three.
– Three. You guys ready, is everyone ready? It’s just me and David in the room. Is everyone- is everyone all good? Ooh! In all honesty, this is the most beautiful
looking phone I’ve ever seen. This thing is hot. – Really hot. – I feel bad putting my fingers on this. – They are unworthy! – Where is the iPhone X? lets compair this thing! – So the camera on
this thing is also insane, I’m filming David with it right, what’s up, David, say hi. – Dude, you can see the
man behind the camera. Look at him, looking sharp, David. Boom, that two-time zoom, let’s get it. It looks sexy. So we’re looking at a– – It’s a fairly good
phone, filming in 4k, David, David. You’re gonna have to relinquish– relinquish the phone. So anyway, there are quite a few things that are upgraded about this phone, but mostly, what’s been upgraded is the size and that price
tag of 1,500 dollars. Let’s take this thing outside and really go through
some rigorous testing to see if this thing can withstand the back-breaking, almost cracking pressure of 1,500 coins. Let’s do it. So, to really test this thing out, I think we have to go on a
little bit of an adventure, like I mentioned, so we’re
in the car right now. We’re gonna head to the mountains *head right onto taylor drive* First we’re gonna go to Taylor Drive. Yeah, we’re gonna go on a little adventure and see what you’re really
getting for that 1,500 dollars. — it’s not even a bookstore, there is a… it has its own entrance ok? Alright, we got the phone, Alright, we got the phone, we got the beautiful location, let’s go. – What’s up, guys? Two things, easier than I thought to get 1,500 worth in quarters, but also, holy moly, this is so heavy! I had to make two trips
from the bank to the car. So when you put that in quarters, that’s a big weight to carry. Can it do it? We’ll put that to the test. Fin, I’m home. Brought a present. – Brought a present? – Whoa, dude. – Yeah, think we got some. It’s way more compact than I thought. And heavier than I thought. Can the iPhone 10s Max
handle it, I don’t know. I don’t– oh my god, they’re gonna break. Oh my god. It’s so hard to communicate
how heavy these are. The iPhone 10s Max is gonna have to be made of some very special stuff to be able to handle all that weight. – Alright, so, I didn’t know you could get quarters in boxes from the bank. Look at this. – Boom! – That is three full boxes well I guess It kinda says right there, 500 bucks. 500 bucks, 500 bucks. This is heavy, David. Let me see if I can actually lift them. Dude, that’s like a workout. – Oh yeah. Ooh, show us, Fin. – Do we open them up, I guess, or just– – Yeah, yeah yeah. Let’s see what’s inside. – Let’s start with one box. Look at this, it’s beautiful. You know what I feel
like needs to be done? Sorry about this, but uh– I don’t know, I just felt
like I needed to do that. That’s only one box! – That’s more coins
than I’ve ever seen in my life. – Yeah, and this is one box. Like I’ve never– I feel like I need a knife, does anyone have a knife? Knife? Knife? – Knife! – You know, this is a coin unboxing. Boom, box number two. – Box number three. Wow, dude, just think. You could have this, or you could have one of these. Like this is equivalent. These are literally equivalents. David: I think I’d prefer the coins. – Make your predictions– pause the video, make your predictions,
all of these coins– and I guess the idea is we’re gonna be stacking
them on the phone like so. Yeah, I don’t know,
what do you guys think? Make your predictions
in the comments below. Before you watch, give me the
exact dollar amount, guys. – To the quarter, please. – Wait, are we
taking them out of the– – Good question– – Probably not, right? Like that does seem like a lot of work. I don’t know. – Appreciate the help, guys. Goodluck just like just unwrap all those. – Yeah, we’ll be back – Appreciate it, guys. – Want a Redbull? Yeah, let’s just leave them to do that. – Ah, so good. – This episode brought to you by– Uh, where’d Ben go? – He escaped?! I will have his ear for this!
– Wait wait wait. I get the feeling that we may have to count these coins, guys. – Hey listen, don’t worry about it, man. – Are there any missing? I see some on the floor. – We would never steal from you, because we’d be afraid–
– Can I trust– Ben? What are you doing back here? – Nothing. – What do you have, Ben, Ben– I have nothing. – Aha! – Ben, how could you– you’re fired! – Damnit! – But wait till you– – I’m not getting paid. – Like after you’re
done, you’re fired. – That’s fair. – You know what I mean,
like here, you can take this back Cue the time lapse! Shh, calm down, calm down. Money, David, money, I don’t
want you to get carried away. By the way, this is Ben, say hi, Ben. – Hi. – This is Josh. I appreciate you guys helping with all the coin tearing
off, tearing apart. Alright, 25 cents vs 1,500 dollar phone. Whoop! It’s super good, yay! – Ben’s– okay, Josh is just dying over here laughing– – We’re doing, like, I’m
trying to make y’all laugh, destroy this. – I’m trying to eat chips quietly– – That’s one coin– quiet, guys. Okay, thank you. – Holy shoot, what! What, okay. We might be here a while. I feel like a lot of judgment though, you know, this isn’t easy. Do you wanna swap places? – Yeah.
– Feel free. Oh, you do? – My turn to shine! – Okay, da da da. I’m so ready to watch it all
fall down, guys, just watch. – You know, I don’t require anyone’s faith in me. – Okay. – I make my own faith. – Wow, that’s inspirational. – So what we are doing guys, is we’re gonna do like a straight line, such that the most amount of weight is in the very middle–
– Right. – Of the phone. Like if we start to distribute the weight all across the phone, it probably won’t bend in any sort of way. – Yeah. – So we want to focus our attention to this middle part of the phone. – I would like to bring attention to the fact that we have an amazing audience over here. – Just keep doing your thing. – Any slight ………bump– Oh, I saved them! – Aww! – I don’t think
this is gonna work, dude. – We need to rethink our strategy. – You stack a pile of bricks straight up. – Yeah? – It’s just gonna fall over.
– Right. – But even if there’s no,
like, mortar and stuff, if you stack a pile of
bricks the right way. – Yeah. – It’ll be good. – Doctor Josh! – Doctor Josh, explain! – I’m a professional bricklayer, so. – Yeah, yeah. Okay. – He has him to move so he can get a better view. – I’m not moving my chair. – This is what I’m thinking, so, even if it doesn’t– like I don’t know how
big the circle should be. But if you do circular, like this– – Whoa, this is– what? What is happening here? – I like the design. – Yeah. – But you can’t really distribute the weight of it. – Exactly, so we make it smaller, right? It’s looking pretty good, the idea we have going here now is that we have three
at the bottom, right, which is basically like the focal point of where the pressure is gonna go on, and then we’ve made like
a flower around the edge. So I had an idea, this is getting slightly
wobbly, potentially. So the idea is we do kinda some safety stacks on either side. Let’s go with that. – This is mildly terrifying. – This is, alright, back to work. – You can actually
see the screen kinda sinking. Should I try to push it? or just leave it? – I think you should leave it – No, it’s gonna fall. – Oh god, it’s wiggling. – Oh my. – Okay, this is unsustainable. – Yeah, this is unsustainable. – No, it’s wiggling
even now, so, okay. – Okay, let’s theorize. Say you get way high– – Ben, why? Oh my god! – I’m sorry, guys! What if we made some form of a jig to hold it there, and then continue up? The tower get getting to
dangerous levels of wobble, so we didn’t go as planned. So we built this little jig
that we constructed here, and the idea is we put it over and it’s gonna hold this, not down or up, it’s just gonna make it so
that if it were to fall over it would hit this and hold it tight. – That was smooth! This is such a secure base, you guys outdid yourselves. First of all, this structure– – Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? – Ben– Okay, guys, so right now, the whole weight of the
tower is being held by these three lines of quarters
plus these two side ones. – We should build these two pillars, and then have all the pressure right here, and see if what we assume to be a little over 500 dollars worth of– – Yeah, this is 500 dollars, just a third of the weight there. – Oh, there’s weight on that,
there’s weight on these guys. This is sketchy. Okay. – Ready? These are really holding a lot, ready? – Oh, I can see the bend! Oh, it’s intense! – Okay! – Holy moly! – Wow, dude. That is 500 dollars worth of quarters all in the center of the iPhone XS Max. So I guess I say back to stacking? – Back to stacking. – Back to stacking, let’s go. – Let’s go! – Oh yeah, you can do
that, it’s not gonna fall. – Yeah, this is a momentous moment, because that’s the last
brace that we have to do, and then these, the rest of these coins, should be one more stack
like this, then we’re done. – We’re almost to
a third of the weight. – The phone, the weight it’s holding– that means roughly holding 1,000
dollars right now, correct? – 1,000 dollars, yes. – Whoa. – I have not seen anything, like any actual change in
the actual like screen, it’s looking pretty good. – We’re all on stools
now, we’re all on stools. Look, this one is comfy though. Can we just have a quick pan on the TV and say what time it is? Just because– – We’ve been working
like three hours now? – Last coins on the table, that’s it! These ones are stuck
on the table actually, but that’s the last! – Look at how
tall it’s gotten, like– – The phone survived, we’ve got like– I think we could almost– – It’s gonna survive– Oh! – Oh, oh! – Uh oh. – Got nothing. – Oh, okay. – Lock button, ready, ready? – Yeah yeah. Oh, it’s looking good. – Try to unlock the phone? What the heck is that? – The phone wants to take a selfie. – You could probably
just leave it like that now because… – Wait, wait, does
the camera still work? Yeah, oh! – Looking good! – Check it out, let’s
do a video right now, ready? – Oh yeah. – Let’s get a good shot of that. Yes, dude, that’s nuts. the last few coins,
guys, just put it on, ready? this is so tense now. Isn’t it crazy that literally of these coins is so small, and yet it adds all up
to make this crazy thing. – Whoa whoa. – The crazy thing is that literally the last coin could crack the phone, that’s how it works. – See you guys all made fun, you know, you made fun of that price, you thought, you know what, 1,500 dollars, that’s ridiculous! But as we’ve proved here today, almost, But as we’ve proved here today, almost, we’ve almost proved– – Whoo, look at
this, this is, like– – So, lastly,
the cherry on top here, look at this, the fancy coins. You guys see these right now? I feel like I should lay them out, but these are all special coins we actually found while
we were unboxing this. Okay, here we go, the last two dollars. What?! No way, okay, here we go. – 1,500 dollars. – The phone is
there, last two dollars– – The 1,500 dollar phone! – Boom, it’s done! – Oh yeah! – It did it! – Oh my god. – It deserves all the praise! Worthy of the price tag. – So I mean, I guess
there’s only one thing left to do now, the
phone is withstanding it, I don’t see any cracks, it
looks perfect, great condition, so I guess we can say with certainty the iPhone Xs Max,
little Maxie over here, our friend Max, been
through a lot with us, and we realized that it actually can withstand 1,500 dollars. So here’s the thing, right? – Right. – We also– we push, we
wreck the phone, right? – Yeah. – Is that essential? We just wanna wreck the phone, basically. Okay, ready? – Go ahead. – Here we go. Dude, I’m so worried! Okay here we go. – Okay, here it goes. Oh, oh! – No way, I’m putting weight on it. – You can hear something happening. Is that the table or is that the phone? – Dude, I’m putting a lot of weight. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s bending, it’s bending. – Sorry, what? – It survived! – Excuse me? – What? – It’s not very sturdy,
but that’s holding– It’s strong! Guys, we calculated this after we put the 1,500 dollars on
the 1,500 dollar phone, and that’s 75 pounds on three coins across the center of this phone. How is it so strong?! Like guys, there’s no
trickery happening here, this is a whole stack of 75 pounds worth– – All three of us, we just
gotta make this happen. – Okay, so we’re all gonna push. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh my gosh! – Dude, it was bending! It was bending and then you let go, and it didn’t– – Okay, so push. – How is this even possible? – Whoa. It still can’t crack, it’s unbreakable! You ready? Okay, three, two, one. Three, two, one. Three, two, one. What the fragmite?! – God, dude! It’s not cracking, bro, it’s not cracking under the pressure. – It’s very bad now, it’s very bad, but it’s not cracking. – Oh yeah. – There’s, you know, okay, I see– – There’s no– – Well the thing is, it bends, but then comes back up. Like when you let go–
– It’s more bent– – Then it comes back up. – It’s more bent than it was before. – Oh yeah, definitely, definitely. – Are you telling me you could just unbend this phone and it would work then? – It’s still working perfectly fine. – I mean– – It works fine! Not only that, but the
tower hasn’t fell over. – The structure of the tower and the integrity still holding strong. I feel like if you kept
doing the weight thing, it would break. – What if we just sit on it again? Here’s the thing, how much do you weigh? I weigh a lot, he weighs a lot, all of us– – A little bit and just like– – Okay. – Oh, it’s bending. It’s bending. – Oh my god! – Yes, oh man! – It’s– what! Whoa, holy– no way. Look at this. – Oh my gosh. – I’m scared the battery is gonna like explode on me. Whoo! Oh my goodness. – That is insane, it
is like, totally destroyed. – So we can’t really calculate the exact amount that it took, and like, it was way over 1,500 dollars. – Hello? It’s a flip phone now! The glass is now just like coming apart. These beautiful– – Dude, careful, look, wait, I wanna see my– – Oh my god, look! – I wanna see what’s in here. – Oh, I wanna see what is inside. So we have the glass here, and beneath it, there’s this like, it’s very sticky, it’s like the glue. – Oh, it’s glue,
it’s actually glued on. Whoa, feel that, that’s
actually really sticky, greasy. – Yeah, look at that. And if we keep peeling this– – Whoa! – Oh, this is a charger, right? This is a wireless
charger, yeah, of course. – Dude, what’s inside over here? Hi, Dan. Oh, there you go, look at that. – More sticky. – Yes, okay that’s really what we wanna see there. – There’s the battery. – Now pop that out. Can we pop that out and just
so we can save ourselves? – This is what you
don’t want to mess with. – We kinda experienced this in previous episodes. – That’s a battery, right? – Yeah, I didn’t think about that, that was actually a really bad idea. – Okay, well, I think– – Remember to
always remove the batteries before destroying it. – Yeah, before
destroying technology– Yeah, slightly harmful. – Yeah, you don’t wanna play around with the batteries. Thankfully they weren’t damaged. – You think if we
went to the Apple store they could repair it? – I feel like this warrants a full return. – I think so. – Ah, I’m heartbroken, Fin. – Like, I just was– moments ago, this was a
beautiful piece of technology, David, what have we done? What have we done? – It was worthy, it was
worthy of the 1,500. – Like, I regret
it, I’m not gonna lie, I regret it. Like, I honestly do. – I honestly don’t regret it. But it’s still so sad. – It’s so much pain. – So much magic in this. – Well, that is another product for the shrine, that’s another
piece of technology down in the books. – Another episode of TechKaboom, in the– – In the history books. – In the history books? That’s the correct term? You know what? – For today, that’s exactly
the term we’re using. – Good, it’s four AM in the morning. We’ve gone through a lot today. – It’s been quite a time, there used to be a tower,
about, I don’t know, how many feet? About like four or five feet tall? – Yo, when they gave
me the boxes at the bank, I thought there’s no way this phone is gonna survive this, but it did. – It really did. – It’s so strong. It’s even when you put all your weight– – All the weight we had to
push in order to break it– – Three people at the same
time, it wouldn’t bend. The iPhone XS Max can
handle that price tag. 1,500 dollar phone vs 1,500 dollars, the 1,500 dollar phone wins. – Wins every time! It’s destroyed, dude. – It’s destroyed. – Amazing. – Anyway, this was fun, man. – It was actually great,
I really enjoyed this, it was oddly satisfying and the conclusion was not what we expected at all. It was not what we expected. I’m curious what you guys expected in the comments down below, and other than that, I guess
we’ll see you next Monday. – See you next Monday,
be sure to let us know in the comments what you wanna see next, what crazy ideas are you
cooking up in your brain after seeing all this? What is it, let us know. Hit the bell to be notified,
new videos on Monday, follow us on Instagram. – Yeah, honestly if we can do this, I feel like we can do anything. – We have such a popping
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