Income Tax Refund not received after filing Income Tax Return

Hello Friends, I am CA Hemant and you are watching your own youtube channel “Saral Finance” Friends Today we will discuss that those who have filed their income tax return and they are to receive refund from income tax department but have still not received income tax refund for one or more reasons So how refund can be obtained at the earliest from the income tax department this video deals with the same process carefully watch the video so that you receive your refund in your bank account at the earliest from the income tax department Friends you get refund from income tax department when you have paid more tax than actually payable by you on your income This usually happens when your advance tax self assessment tax and TDS together are more than your actual income tax liability When you file your income tax return then the income tax department processes your income tax return and if after processing of the return it finds that more tax has been deposited by the taxpayer than the taxpayer gets the extra tax deposited as refund How much income tax refund is due to you income tax department will notify by section 143(1) intimation notice sent by the department to you and you will get to know the income tax refund amount Your refund will be credited into your pre-validated bank account online into your bank account If for any reason if you have not got your income tax refund, then at first please check your income tax refund status on tin nsdl website, if over there you get to know that your income tax refund has failed to get credited, then you will have to make a refund re-issue request online on the income tax efiling website For 2 reasons you may not have received your income tax refund, first reason may be that your income tax return may not have been processed yet So if your itr is not processed than make a request to the income tax department you can watch my another video link is given in the description of this video on how request the income tax department to process the itr or the income tax return at the earliest Second reason for not receiving income tax refund may be that you may have given your bank account details wrongly and this may be the reason of failure of income tax refund, so you have to correct your bank account details from your login area and then pre validate it and then you will get your income tax refund For this reason you will have to check your refund status on tin nsdl website For refund re issue request first go to income tax e filing website and login you will get the link in the description you can login from there too after logging in, go to my account tab click on service request link In request type select new request and in request category select refund re issue and click submit after submitting check the details dispalyed then click submit your pre validated bank account will be displayed, select that bank and then click continue now bank details will be displayed id details are ok, click submit if details are wrong, then go to profile settings select prevalidate your bank account and correct the bank details and then repeat the explained process after completing this process you will get success message on screen confirming your income tax refund reissue submission please like this video and to keep yourself updated in income tax matters subscribe to saral finance channel

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