100 thoughts on “Impeachment trial of President Trump | Jan. 27, 2020 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

  1. I watched the impeachment hearings first-now listening to your program. I think you got this wrong, but can’t fault your strong attempts~sell yourself, lose your integrity……..all to be in the club.

  2. Your conversation about the Biden’s is sooo cringeworthy!
    (I’ve watched the hearing regarding the Biden’s) Will we hear a correction?
    ……integrity anyone? Please?

  3. Adam Schiff still sounds like a fool Our President in my opinion made a fool out of the entire Democratic party they wanted an impeachment since day one well I believe President Trump stayed his hand and waited for the right moment to throw the bait and they bit like clowns he knew they are and the Democrats deserve everything they get for 3 years of nothing and I mean nothing but wasted tax dollars PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG CLEARLY EVIDENCE SHOWS THAT BUT THE MASTERPIECE IS TRUMP KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT AND WAS DOING HIS JOB AND WITH THAT I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH ALL HE HAS DONE MORE THEN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT BUT OUT PLAYING THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PROVES THESE CLOWN ARE NO COMPETITION FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP HE IS SO FAR AHEAD OF THEIR LITTLE MIND IT'S ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS GO TRUMP 2020 AND EXPECT US IN 2024!!! YOU DEMOCRATIC FOOLS BEEN PLAYED BY A MAN WAY SMARTER THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE

  4. If people think the left has not ambushed, cheated, and now trying to fix the next election..then you truly don’t want to live a free life..

  5. DONALD TRAMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS 👹👹👹👹👹👹🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🚔🐷🐷🐽🐖🏀🙊💣💣👇👇💀💀💀💀💀👹👇👇💣





  10. 36: 52 Did Libby Casey just call the ATF Gunwalking scandal under Eric Holder and President Obama (also known as Operation Fast and Furious) "the Greatest hits list like the fast and the furious and a variety of other Republican concerns" ???
    Concerns? Border agents were gunned down by Mexican drug cartels wielding American weapons!
    Eric Holder, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE USA, WAS HELD IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS during the investigation. Let that sink in.

    Washington post is garbage. Trump's defense team just won him his reelection, and they're pretending like nothing just happened. A partisan coup attempt was just exposed with facts. Heads will roll come 2020.

  11. Sure, thats what we need, another TV celebrity to show everyone what they should be doing. The day we wake up to "Hunger Games Lottery in Your Town soon !" is the day we reap what we sow.

  12. Why is Bolton the elephant in the room? They have a plan. You don’t seem to realize it but I think you’re in the beginning stages of the unraveling of the story Shiff has spun with the help of media and Dems.

  13. Hunter Biden case cannot be swept under the carpet. This certainly demands answers. Democrats have thrown themselves into a much more difficult situation than before. They can’t escape this for sure

  14. Marx, Lenin, Democrats, EU, UN, New World Order. All Evil Liars. Did I Forget Greens. They all hate people who just want to live a decent live and put their families and friends first.

  15. Franza's a moron. Trying to cherry pick what Ken Starr was saying . You have to listen to the full Ken Starr. He was right on target about the whole thing today. That's why everyone in the room was transfixed.

  16. This whole Political landscape , be it Trump , Pelosi, Left or Right is a Hollywood Tin Parade Circus Sideshow , the Political System , American Government is a Joke ," They are all Corrupt and Evil, Left , Right , Trump included , I am not Particularly Politically Motivated , However , Trump is No Crusader or Saviour and No Exception ," He is a Con Man , and Egomaniac. He is a Blasphemer saying He is rhe Chosen one . He and all these seeking this Office of President , Biden , Left , Trump Right , Crooks , Biden is Creepy touching all those Kids ! Trump should be impeached ," however based on the fact that he is a Pathological liar , and He is conducting his personal expansion of Real Estate ownership , doing business while being President . Its all a Joke .

  17. Ok Biden isn't being discussed for criminal action yet it's on video he is confessed and brags he made them stop a investigation on his son and it's all fine according to left.this is way this you can't trust the current left.they lie it's ok as long as the end becomes the one they want is pure evil and the ones supporting is it are evil by default

  18. Trump Supporters be like…"Prove breaking the Law is a Crime." What he did is not president like, it goes against the Constitution of United States of America but its not impeachable. Impeachable offenses: "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors" The Constitution limits grounds of impeachment to "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors". The precise meaning of the phrase "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" is not defined in the Constitution itself.

  19. Why watch anything the WP puts up? They throw piles of hot steamy bull and hope you swallow it. Of course the dems are like new little chicks with beaks wide open, waiting for a piece to gulp.

  20. Sniff is a big liar. No republican will lose their career over a sham impeachment. Why are dems so scared of calling Hunter Biden or his crooked mafioso father? What are they afraid of?

  21. the post is and has been a liability to the definition of journalism and a tragic experiment which subtracts democrat ability to manage their many institutional insecurities and criminal clinton scam endorsement excuses. the democrat sponsored impeachment spectacle is being defined according to its offensive anti constitutional intent but not ignorant of the non crimes this president never committed. the posts professionalism and the impeachment spectacle together, in synchronicity, the dawning of the new dnc legacy some have heralded, like return of son of whistleblower, represent the significance service sacrifice of their candidate circus and collective abilities to convince a consensus and persuade policies. the post represents the power of democracy, if dr ford oj and the bezos pelosi operation remain as the expired obama era egos of editorial expertise.

  22. Oh my God-now you describe Hunters money from the Ukraine deal as an “ickiness factor” – and all you’re focusing on is the potential of John Bolton. I’ve never seen such bias…..

  23. Anybody notice trumps legal team didn’t even show up for his impeachment trial? He’ll, three of them we’re at Hunter Bidens impeachment trial, another one was busy at Barack Obama‘s impeachment trial, and one of the female lawyers/liars, busy attending Rudy Giuliani‘s man of the year award show, and ms Bondi, Who lost her job with the district attorney in Florida because she was caught taking a bribe from Donald Trump, and still under investigation for a possible indictment for illegal campaign violations. She couldn’t seem to contest any of the facts. She just put on a show about a private US citizen who never worked for the government., and had a good job overseas. She also forgot to mention Trump’s children business and financial ties in Russia ,China, and North Korea. THE GLOVES COME OFF, and THE “TRUTH” COMES OUT

  24. Prof Alan Dershowitz defence of President Trump 🇺🇸🗽is awesome, taking in account he didn’t voted for the President. Hope the senate dismiss this improper impeachment.

  25. We know that Republicans consider lying about sex is a High Crime and Misdemeanor and a reason for thorough investigation, witnesses, and subpeonas. Let's not set the bar too high!

  26. Just my observation, I have a gut feeling if someone digs deep enough Obama and The Bidens helped wash that $ . my damn opinion anyway

  27. this hearing is a joke in the past impeachments both sides voted for impeachment now you have all Democrats for impeaching a president for spiting on the sidewalk while there obamanation killed the a Rino what ajoke these Demonrats suck waste of money and time

  28. To all you TRUMP supporters… as a republican, I have been watching this trial and what a crazy mess! An then yesterday 1-22-20…Trump expressed that he wants to take away social security from all Americans after he is reelected. I'll bet you won't see this on FOX news! I didn't. So all of you with grey hair like me, look in the mirror and watch your grey hair turn white while you go back to work. Those of you that have earned what you are getting, will end if he is reelected. FACT! Lets find a better candidate for our party. If not, than you choose to go back to work! Shame on you! For those who don't read and just watch these TRUMP videos or FOX news, your future work schedule will be long and miserable based on your lack of education and being brain washed by news channels. Those of you that are in the stock market, save your dividend because if you are old enough to remember, This market will crash again when these types of things happen with a president like this. Our Republican Party has let us down again! God didn't bless us with this guy! Another FACT….Trump and family bankrupted 2 contractors that I worked with years ago and didn't care a bit.They both were god fearing people that wanted to make a better living and TRUMP took that away from him…….Wake up people! I'm not a robot….only you that believe in a criminal like TRUMP and FOX news.

  29. Bolton had this information during the first hearings. If he didn't want to just sell a book, he would have presented this information during the house hearings. Bolton is a liar like the corrupt DEMS!!!

  30. Why are folks crying fowl play, this is today not years ago, if your ok with criminal activity and undermining the constitution there’s nothing anyone can say to soothe you, but the facts are to be brought forward either to defend Trump or for wrong doing, for the sake of America’s future all evidence to either exonerate Trump or to remove him must be presented. The hoopla is just nonsense, its unfortunate that in one hand he seems to be doing good and in the other he’s tearing America apart what happened to MAGA, everyone knows this not happening, get to the truth and get back to work

  31. Trump has turned the White House and U.S. government into a private family business. The stench of his corruption stinks up the planet. The world is waiting for America to stand up for democracy and its own Constitution. The survival of American democracy hangs by a thread. The world watches.

  32. What's the difference between holding and winning in a CORRUPT election, and just tearing up the Constitution and never holding another election? NONE. Zero. Nada. And Dershowitz argues that NEITHER are impeachable offenses. Absurdity. Corrupting an election MUST BE impeachable,. or the constitution might as well be burned.

  33. Hah, Nixon didn't have Fox News. Oh my god, one right-leaning news source in an ocean of left-leaning news bias. Oh no, we can't have that. We need ALL news to parrot our left-leaning opinions!

  34. If corrupting an election, literally using a foreign power to generate disinformation, and using extortion to achieve that, with the extortion itself being a felony withholding of congressional appropriations, is NOT A CRIME equivalent to BRIBERY and TREASON, then we are doomed. Goodbye constitution, because it is NOT A CRIME to violate the constitution by simply not holding elections (which is the same an running a fraudulent election). Fails to achieve the "threshold factor"? It is FAR BEYOND the threshold of high crimes.

  35. DemonRATs….They will be eliminated….anyone playing the game will NOT get a pass. Q……SHEEP NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This case is done. Just get on to the verdict. The defense just annihilated the House case two days ago.

  37. Under the Miss America and Miss World rules if the one with the Crown on her head is impeached the runner up who is Hillary, will be Miss America or the President whatever.

  38. “The man who can be trusted with very little will also be trusted with much; and the man who is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – (Jesus Immanuel, the Messiah, at Luke 16: 10) –

  39. Do people really understand what policies would be implemented if one of the presidential Democratic candidates get elected. Our country needs Trump for another 4 years.

  40. This impeachment is a waste of time and taxpayers money. Its sickening to know mainstream media is so biased and influential to the undecided voter. The script they use is so frustrating to a commonsensed person who wants a nonpartisan approach.

  41. When will people understand since the first day Trump announced he was running for president the democrats started their campaign of disinformation to persuade the voting public to hate him. Everything including this fake impeachment is all about conning the public to hate trump. Have you ever wondered why? The dems hate Trumps agenda this is clear, so this says their agenda must be opposite. What is Trumps agenda so far? to make America great and he is doing it…. What does this tell you? The dems agenda is to make the entire country into what we see every dem run state like, high tax and plenty of homeless. The dem utopia is designed for the wealthy to prosper off the backs of the poor just like a socialist country that ends up falling apart. This has been a scam on all of us from the beginning, try thinking and stop being scammed by the fake news and the dems.

  42. This impeachment is a Democrat attempt to illegally influence an election and to negate the constitution in order to illegally get control and power and to cover up their own criminal activities and treason.

  43. Analysis by Yamiche Alcindor of PBS:
    Even if the president did everything that they said he did, even if John Bolton is right and he did pull people into his office and said "look, I need you to get that investigation into Joe Biden in order for me to give up that 391 million dollars, that congress already appropriated to Ukraine…That still isn't impeachable.

    He basically made the argument that abuse of power in and of itself is a really political term… it belongs in campaign rhetoric not, he said, in the context of a senate trial.

    The other thing to note is that Alan Dershowitz, in laying out his arguments, he was making the same argument that acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made in October 2019 when Mick Mulvaney said "Get over it. Political influence happens in foreign policy. It's how these things work."

    If a president cannot be impeached for abuse of power that implies that his power is limitless, unbounded. That sounds like imperial power, not that of an elected official.

  44. I just love Donald Trump so impeach me..good old American pie ..the will never put the peach in Apple Trump Pie… Darn democraps not in my pie..

  45. People don't understand the consequence that is being wrought by fostering panic and absolute rejection of the system… Watch and see. the end of 2020 is going to be marked by widespread violence – no matter how this plays out.

    Wake up.

  46. ( let me start by saying, I was a life long Democrat until the last few years ). Ronald Regan said it best, " I did not leave my party, my party left me. " I am not sure what Democrats stand for anymore. "The old Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, never wanted this. They knew it would backfire on the Democrats, but the young ones ( who know nothing ) kept on pushing it. Here is my prediction of what is going to happen. 1. You will see a few "Major" Democrat's vote to NOT impeach Trump. They will say things like " There just was not enough LEGAL proof. 2. Trump will be acquitted. 3. Trump will ask the Justice Dept. to look into what Joe Biden did and see if any charges will happen. 4. Biden will be done politically. 5. Republicans will get control of the House, Senate, and the White House. 6. Democrat's will never have the power they once had. You can call me crazy, stupid, bootlicker, I don't care. I was called all that a few years ago when I said Trump would win and I did not vote for Trump. I just call it like I see it.

  47. The dems have lost! That's a Fact.
    I was on the fence for some time. but after listening to Trumps defence team and doing some research i see right though the dems lies.

  48. Vote for witnesses and subpoena Bolton or be complicit in Congressional negligence to fulfill its duty as a check and balance against the Executive branch.

  49. We can hear what is going on… why do we need these commentators and their slant? Bolton? Why are you not addressing anything you hear. Liars or idiots?

  50. When Alan Dershowwitz gave the list of presidents that have been accused of Abuse of Power, the Democrats case sank beyond recovery. Are you kidding me, all of the US presidents would have been impeached by the Democrats standard. What a big fat disgrace the Democrats have become!

    Alan is the new hero! Go go go go go Alan!

  51. Oh look all you sheep Trumper's don't believe the "liberal media," yet they write negative articles about Democrats and their families. Both parties are a joke, read everything. TRUMP / PUTIN 2020 BRO ALL CAPS SMOKE METH AND SLEEP WITH MY SISTER.

  52. Behold ! All Nations of the earth, Repent ! and receive the Kingdom of God. ( A Billion new converts for JESUS by 2030)

  53. Pathetic the Democrats are Destroying our country and all those who voted for are letting them Destroy it Thank you all you dumb Liberal Assholes

  54. I hope they call witnesses. Don't even bother with calling Hunter or Schiff. Just call President Zelensky. CASE CLOSED!!!!

  55. 8:54:45 He basically admits that he can come to any conclusion, like a priest, to interpret someone else's words to mean anything he deems necessary. "I can justify my flip flop!"

  56. Why is it that every president of the U.S. since Nixon has been considered at some point im peachable.Clinton was impeached.
    But for some reason the worst, and most incompetent one ever to sit in the whitehouse,Donald Jackass Trump should not be removed.There is some warped thinking going on in the Republican party.
    They are stinking stupid.Satan himself must be holding their brain and their balls hostage.
    Trump has been impeached .He must be CONVICTED AND EVICTED.

  57. Every time it's on TV it's the same old song and dance very little proof they just don't like Trump so they'll find any way they can to get rid of me if you don't go with the flow they reroute you on another River and lie to the public

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