13 thoughts on “IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: White House legal team mounts Trump defense in Senate – 1/27/2020

  1. The trial 1/27, Dershowitz knocked it out of the park,the Presidents defense- tonight's last speaker. If ya watch him & listen and still believe the lie of Obstruction of Congress & Abuse of Power, you're blind!

  2. This says it's only 4 hours long and it is definately leaving out parts…. where can I watch the entire thing? Specifically I want to see the entire Pam Bondi presentation.. where can I see that?

  3. DER DRAFT DODGING 11 YEAR OLD IN A GROWN MANS BODY BUZZARD FUHRER WANNABE playing at being a Commander In Chief in all his glory.

  4. this is all PURE THEATRE – NOTHING to do with justice – all just for the cameras. And, IF ANY of you think there's a difference between the parties – just go check where they all come from.. All of the power people emanate from the same lodges – they just wear different colour ties – whilst they screw you over with their charade. Love from England (where it's Exactly the same! xx

  5. Defend Donald strategy —-  Throw red herrings, red meat, and black lies against the wall.  Hope something will stick.

  6. Eric Herschman & Patrick Philbin –
    How stupid can men be?
    And you're F-ing attorneys (*see below).
    Of course if anybody wants to investigate the Bidens, that's fine, but this impeachment is not an effort to make a statement on the Bidens, and you know it.
    This impeachment is to prosecute Donald Trump for getting a wild hair up his ass and going off on his own, in a rogue effort to obtain dirt on the Bidens – utilizing taxpayer funds and perhaps even jeopardizing Ukraine's security – when Joe Biden was a top potential competing candidate in the upcoming 2020 election.

    *Let's cut through the sht, shall we?
    To a defense attorney, the truth and doing what is right are not priorities here. Let's not even try it.
    Let's not even try to sneak that illusion in here.
    When you do that, Trump defense team, you put yourselves in the same category as Trump himself – the lowest form of human life there is in Washington DC – a freaking scam artist.

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