Iconic shoes: are they worth the money? ǀ Justine Leconte

Iconic shoes: are they worth the money? ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Let’s talk about shoes again, we haven’t
done that in a while, on this channel 🙂 I was thinking about the kind of shoes that
everyone has heard of because they are brilliant design or because they sell incredibly well. Or both. So I made a list and I found very interesting
stories. At the end of the video, I’d like your opinion
on 2 things: first, whether you knew all these designs & you agree that the are iconic, and
secondly: if you think the shoes are worth their price tags? Let’s go. 1. Converse Chucks
In 1903, Mr. Converse established his rubber shoe business. In 1915, they started to make athletic shoes. In 1917, they designed a high-top sneaker
for basketball purposes. In 1923, a basketball player named Chuck Taylor
(hin, hint!) became salesperson and ambassador for the brand. In 1932, his name was added on the shoe. Team USA Basketball won the Summer Olympics
of 1936, in Berlin, wearing the high-top Chucks by Converse. Can you imagine that this shoe, made of canvas
and rubber, was a shoe for athletes? If you jump with these shoes on, you’ll
hurt your heels. Probably pretty badly. Now we know better. Yet Converse was THE sport shoe brand in the
US for decades. Hands down. THen in the 70’s they started to lose their
hegemony to new brands like Adidas and Puma, typically, coming from Germany. Converse had a huge come back later on…
because the category “lifestyle sneakers” was invented: aka sneakers for everyday, just
not for sports purposes. Now they do design collaborations, special
editions, design variations like low-top, heeled versions, multiple colors, etc. You can see Converse sneakers in over 650
movies. I think that qualifies to be called iconic,
doesn’t it? The regular all-star high-top Chucks retail
for ~70€, or even less if you get them on sale. Is the story worth that money, what do you
think? 2. Dr. Martens 1460
The German doctor Klaus Märtens injured his ankle in 1945 and found that his army boots
were no good to wear in his situation. So he created himself new boots, in softer
leather and with air in the sole. He used old tires from discarded war planes
– since it was just after the war. Then he started to produce the shoe in Munich
& the company grew, little by little. The shoe was very popular among women 40+
with back and hip issues. Then among postmen and industry workers because,
well, the soles were indeed comfortable and the shoes were solidly built. In 1959, British manufacturer Griggs bought
the brand, renamed it Dr. Martens which is easier to pronounce for English speakers,
added the yellow top-stitching on the sole and improved the shape of the heel for comfort. He also trademarked the “air wair” sole
system. Smart man. In 1967, The Who wore Dr. Martens on stage
during a concert… and the fame of the shoe went… through the roof. It became a symbol of sub-cultures, punk in
the 70’s, grunge in the 90’s. Today, if you see a pair of Dr’s on the
street, you will recognize them – though in 2003, most of the production has been moved
from England to Thailand. And the design did change a bit: if you were
there during the grunge era in the 90’s and you own Dr’s from before 2003, I suggest
you hold on to them. Dr Martens cost 150€ (I checked in Germany
and some are even on sale for 80€ here). But beware of fakes, they are everywhere. Though the sole system is trademarked so there
is no way fakes will have the same quality. Don’t let them fool you… 3. Chanel two-tone slingback heels
This French shoe was designed in 1957 by Massaro – they still make the Chanel shoes today. Miss Chanel thought she had short legs & big
feet so she wanted a shoe that elongates the legs and shortens the feet: that’s why the
heel is naked (so you see more leg) and the toes are black (as if the shoe was this short). In the 50’s, women were all about flattering
shapes and accessories, so this design sold very, very well. It was functional design that really solved
an aesthetic issue! Today, the adapted flat-heeled ballerina version
remains a classic. Audrey Hepburn made it famous and she showed
that a woman doesn’t have to be wearing heels to look feminine – thank you Audrey! Price tag: starting at 700€. What do you think: worth it or not? 4. Ugg boots
The brand was born in 1978 in Australia. But the original inhabitants of Australia
had been wearing sheepskin shoes much earlier than that. The shoe has been wildly successful internationally
and even Carrie Bradshaw wears UGGs, yet in Australia and New Zealand, UGG is not allowed
to be a trademark. UGG means slippers, or pantoufles in French:
it’s a generic term to design a type of shoe, hence it cannot be trademarked. It’s trademarked in many other countries,
just not in the region it came from. UGGs are copied and counterfeited like crazy
(obviously because they couldn’t really protect the name) but real ones have seriously
higher quality, they will not become slouchy or too big over time and their seams are actually
waterproof. UGG boots nowadays cost 200€. The production was moved to China and Vietnam
2 years ago. So ironically, if you see “UGG made in Australia”
boots, you’d think it’s the real brand but it’s not. The real ones are made in China now. 5. Louboutin red soles
One day in 1993, Christian Louboutin received a shoe prototype based on his illustration. It was good but not great. Meanwhile, in a corner, there was a woman
painting her nails red… during office hours. He took the nail polish and painted the whole
sole of his new prototype. Since then, Louboutin shoes have red soles
(Pantone 18-1663 TPX). You recognize them immediately, music videos
and concerts and fashion shows use Louboutin shoes, women around the world want to own
a pair (or 10) BECAUSE OF that status symbol. Note that when walking in the shoes, the red
layer on the sole will be damaged quite quickly. So when celebrities wear Louboutin heels,
they have to be new in order to look good. So you can’t just afford Louboutin shoes,
you can also afford to get new ones for events… In 2011, Louboutin went to court against Saint
Laurent because Saint Laurent was selling a red shoe with a red sole. But the court ruled that what makes the Louboutin
shoe recognizable is a red sole on a shoe which is not red. But if the whole shoe is red, then a red sole
is nothing special. And so Saint Laurent was allowed to keep making
red shoes with a red sole. A pair of Louboutin heels starts at 545€. If you can/could afford them, would you buy
them? There is a poll card in the corner, and once
you have voted you can see what other people voted 🙂
Fun fact: writer Danielle Steele reportedly owns over 6000 pairs of Louboutin shoes. I think that beats the number of Hermès bags
owned by Victoria Beckham. If you are thinking “which bags, what?”,
you missed my latest handbag video (link in the corner & in the video description). 6. McQueen Armadillo boots
If you are familiar with the work of Alexander McQueen, you know these very impressive shoes. They were designed in 2009 for the show “Plato’s
Atlantis”, about how humans would have to adapt if the end of the world came (long story
short). It is a show piece, it wasn’t meant to be
produced. The shoe is 30cm high, hand-carved in wood
and it needs 4 zippers for the foot to be able to get in. It looks like a claw & wearing them changes
the way you move – futuristic. It’s a piece of art & shouldn’t be judged
on criteria like wearability. During the rehearsal before the runway show,
3 models quit because they didn’t want to walk in these shoes. Lady Gaga owns 3 pairs bought by her boyfriend
at an auction in 2015: 295,000$. And I bet they’re worth more now. 7. Adidas Futurecraft.Loop
I’m guessing you haven’t heard of these & that’s normal. These perfectly functional running sneakers
are made in 100% recycled plastic waste and they are 100% recyclable because it’s just
one material and no glue. So buying them doesn’t cause more plastic
production, and once you are done using them you simply return them to Adidas. That’s the future. And a great step towards less waste in the
fashion industry. The shoe is currently being tested & is expected
to come out in Spring 2021. Looking forward to seeing how & where it is
manufactured. How much would you be willing to pay for these
sneakers? Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video! Thank you very much! Did you know all the shoes I talked about? Which iconic shoes are missing in this list? Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
if you like fashion… because there is more coming 😉
See you soon in a new one and until then: take care. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Iconic shoes: are they worth the money? ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Can you do a tip videos for choosing shoes for wide feet. Or recommend some brands that cater for wide feet. Thank you!

  2. The Louboutin shoes look simply wrong and not walkable – placing of the heel seems completely off. But I really like the Chanel classics and I'd definitely buy something similar, probably not from Chanel anyway, the price tag is way too high even if I could afford it. I've been meaning to buy Dr. Martens forever by now, I think I am gonna do it this autumn and honestly, I cannot wait to finally have them, these are one of my few dreamt shoes even though my style is a lot more feminine usually. Although I consider it to be a huge shame the production was moved to China, and despite it being a long time ago, it lowers my trust in the brand a teeny tiny bit.

  3. Love all of your vids. I think if one owns Louboutins I agree they have to have money to buy them and replace them often. I would add they also need enough money to replace their feet too bc I have never tried one pair that was comfortable. 😊

  4. I thought about buying Louboutin for the beauty but went with Jimmy Choo instead because I need both style and comfort. The key is walkability. Louboutin I understand is not comfortable and from what I've witnessed hard to walk in.

  5. I bought a pair of cherry red docs 6yrs ago and still wear them every day for college. And I have black docs for work. They're the only shoes I wear and I wouldn't have it any other way they truly are the best shoes

  6. I love watching your videos, Justine. I always learn something new.
    * Chucks – love them. I have owned several over the years, and it’s great that they have a shoe factory near my area where they sometimes open to let you see shoemakers create them and buy shoes at a discount. Can’t believe they were once athletic shoes, but to be fair early days bb following Naismith’s 13 rules probably werent as “hyper” as how it’s being played now.
    * Doc Martens – my dream shoes! It’s so expensive in my country though, and I always miss the sale seasons. I would like to own these one day.
    * Ugg – i dont know why some people love to hate on them. They look so comfy. If I were living in a cold wintery country, I would love to own one. Wearing it here in SE Asia would be impractical though.
    * Chanel two toned – these have been replicated by a lot of designers over the years. Iconic, yes. Would I buy it? Probably not. I can find more affordable but still quality dupes.
    * Loubotins – also iconic, but no matter what other women say how comfy these are, i think its more psychological. Comfier than most, but still not enough to walk for me to keep it on without my feet cursing me later on.
    * Armadillos – i like to look at them and would love to try one in my lifetime. 🙂
    * Adidas Recyclable shoes? YES YES YES! I do hope they make it affordable for mid range market, to drive demand and encourage this trend.

  7. I knew all of the shoes except the Adidas ones that are coming out in 2021. I know that the Chanel shoes are iconic, but I feel that they are old fashioned and have not aged well, or their bags for that matter, but that is just a personal preference. The price on them is too high along with the louis vuitton in my opinion, but they are pretty. My arches could not deal with the flats or the too high of heel due to over protonation.

  8. Native Australians didn't have sheep I don't kno we're u got this information but it very wrong sheep were introduced to Australia from England there clearly not native to Australia…. They were introduced in 1797

  9. If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes, I care as much about quality, durability, and practicality as I do about fashion. Status symbols aren't important to me. By those standards, Docs and Converse are probably the only shoes on that list that are worth the money. Even moreso because they're the least expensive compared to the others. The other cool thing about Docs and Converse which you can't say for most shoes, is that the more wear they have the more stylish they are. Am I slightly biased because I own a pair of both? Maybe.

  10. Converse are like $30-$60 here in the US and worth every penny. Every hipster, nerd, punk, and emo kid worth their salt has a pair.

  11. I love your videos because you are European like me and when you are referring to price tags you say the prices in euros 😂💞

  12. I know about the Red bottom shoes because Martha Stewart has hers colored with a black Sharpie 🤣. I would like to own one pair some day. My favorite are by Carlos Santana 🤔 I miss them. Got to take them out of storage. Anyway, I still don't like flats because they hurt my arch but you taught me of the design reason for the slingback! It is a fail in the desire to minimize long feet. It has the opposite effect. The round almond toe DOES give the optical illusion of smaller feet. Most comfortable for my feet however I'm often complimented as having small feet. ☝️ not true because I'm 7.5 to 8 in US size yet not quite 5'3" in height 😁
    I knew about Converse and glad to see it's coming back in style. Dr. Marten's are similar to actual combat boots which I have so not a fan but have known of them. Uggs also popular in the US but not a fan of the design. Similar to those are a brand called Lucky which I do own. A gift during marriage so I don't know the price.
    My decision on shoes and fashion is most times about comfort, quality, pleasing to my eye and will I wear it several times.

  13. There are some small brands who are making shoes form recycled materials but I am looking forward to seeing major brands doing this. This is long overdue. I would like to also brands paying peole proper wages

  14. I am pretty shocked at the price of both Converse and Uggs in Euros. I can see why so many tourists to the US make shopping a priority! I don’t think there are very many in-demand brands that are cheaper for US tourists going to Europe? But plenty of other lovely more local things to shop for.

  15. Not iconic, but Rothy's shoes are made from recycled water bottles, are machine washable, last for years, before they even begin to show wear, and if you send them back when they finally do wear out, they'll recycle them, again. They're $125, for the ballet flats, a little more for other styles (loafers, points, and tennies – all slip ons), and now they have them for little girls, too. They're the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned, (great for sight seeing, even!)and I love them so much, I have them in 4 colors, so far, with more that I want! I'm not affiliated with them, I don't get anything for sharing, but I just really love them! Rothys.com

  16. I used to own a pair of Louboutins but on top of the red sole wearing away immediately they were nearly the most uncomfortable shoe I've ever owned. Not worth the frustration.

  17. You’re beautiful and I love your accent! I really enjoy your videos. Always very interesting and useful information. Thank you !

  18. I'm quite bummed that there are so many negative comments about Louboutins.
    Everyone seems to publicly hate them, yet deep inside still want a pair.
    I see very many people wear Loubs and somehow the wear on the red sole is not a problem for them – it is totally solvable.
    As for comfort – just get your size, they run small, and if you find it difficult to walk on a 120mm heel – don't. Get a lower heel or a flat shoe.
    I have quite a few CL pairs and love them all. In some styles like Cataclou and Megavamp I can easily walk all day.

  19. I've heard of all but Alexander McQueen, but I'm not really into fashion.. Out of all of these I've owned only Converse sneakers. But now I go for Nike Air Jordan style of shoes. The Chanel flats are cute, but I don't have that kind of money.

  20. Lol just yesterday I was thinking about how the fashion industry is not sustainable – all the yearly "in models" that people (well, women mostly) buy and then discard next year… Contributing to loads and heaps of landfills. But yay, they are fashionistas and can brag to others about it (such a pointless thing to brag about, anyway) 🙄

    That being said, I love Dr Marten's but sadly they are too crude for my feet – I tried wearing them once when I was younger, and I don't think my feet have ever recovered 😅 I didn't know only about the new Adidas and for THEM, I'd pay, because the only thing that's worth it in this day and age is the thing that either helps the environment or at least doesn't contribute to destroying it. Everything else is overpriced, mainly – and you probably know this well – because of all the middle-men markups and marketing money given to celebs for ads, stuff like that.

    No shoes should cost more than 150-200€, and even that's a stretch. That Steel and Beckham woman – they are nuts (hoarders? Why ON EARTH would one need such an extreme number of ANYTHING?!), that's the only correct (and fitting) description. Fur sale should be globally banned, as well as "exotic" leathers (ostrich and whatnot… Wtf?!).

    I do have leather shoes myself so I feel a bit hypocritical, but I have tried wearing "vegan" (and even that has become a friggin' marketing trick) leather because I truly feel that being vegan is the only humane way of consuming stuff – but my feet would always suffocate or hurt 😓 I try to have more canvas shoes and bags, very little activewear, but you can't wear canvas in rain and snow (unless someone made gabardine shoes that I don't know about 😅)… Can you?

    There's a lot more moral implications in status symbols and luxury items, but to make it short – those are bought only by people who are having some issues with complexes who don't give a crap that their "luxury" came at someone else's great personal cost (and by someone I mean animals, mostly, but also child-workers and all the horror stories we have heard so far). You won't see Bill Gates wearing any of those. Or anyone else with any sense of caring for their surroundings (nature) and fellow humans. Even if I had money to have stupid Birkin bag(s), I'd be embarrassed to do so while knowing that at the same time a lot of other people are dying of hunger. But hey, let's chip in for Notre-Dame.

    TL;DR Luxury, overpriced brands should be heavily boycotted.

    P.S. sorry for the rant 😅

  21. I own a pair of Solovair boots and they're so comfortable. When Dr Marten moved manufacturing overseas, the original British factory retained the rights to the design and continued making the same high quality boots under a different name. Solovairs look and feel like old Dr Martens but have white stitching and green tags. You have to order the shoes directly through the factory or through one of their few specific suppliers.

  22. Loved this video! Very detailed with the history of each shoe. I knew all these shoes and I just own one of them, basic and cheap ones Converse in black 🙂 I almost got the Dr. Martens boots once, my dad suggested to buy it for me as a gift, but I thought I wouldn't use it that much because of where I live (the weather here is hot), so I bought a fake one from H&M. I regret so much that I didn't let my dad buy the original one because I used the fake ones untill they ripped appart. (I live in Brazil and was a college student at the time, didn't have the money to buy my own Dr. Martens boots. They don't sell here in my country and my dad was travelling for his job in NYC). When I get the opportunity again to buy them, I will now with my own hard earned money! 🙂

  23. Merci for your videos, which I enjoy much. As you talk here about shoes, I'd like to ask for your opinion. I need some high heels, for the a shift dress or other elegant-femenine-businesslike looking dresses, in which I not also look good but also am able to walk 😉 I am small (feet 35,5) and prefer black leather, something affordable I can buy online. Thank you!

  24. I wish I could post a picture, but Dunlop Volleys were the Australian equivalent of Converse Rubbers. Everyone had them from school children to Olympic tennis players. And they were the cheapest sneakers to boot! (No pun intended, haha). It didn't matter if they were frayed or worn out, everyone wore them till they fell apart. The canvas was easy to draw/paint/decorate for those who wanted to express individuality. Or plain white shoe polish to brighten them up. Ahh, the nostalgia!!!! Like Converse, they had no arch support and minimal cushioning, so I'm happy we've progressed.

  25. I would like to add Mephisto shoes to the list! They are not only extremely comfortable but also quite good looking, especially their bottines.

  26. I would have included the Sebago Deck Shoe too, the Spanish wedge espadrille as well. There are loads of others too: Gucci loafers and the classic brogue.

  27. I still have my Dr Martins, I got them my senior year of high school, 1994. I love and treasure them. Worth every penny.

  28. I’m glad I now know my shoes and their background story. The loubitoune and McQueen ones were the most that shocked me. Interesting

  29. Louboutin…they run a size small (er than your regular size) and are narrow and when asked about comfort he said, comfort no, style yes. I myself think that he heard about the French king, I forget which one, who decreed he was the only one to wear red heels on his shoes. It was to set himself apart from the other folks. And as a aside, there are clear covers that can be bought that go over the front of the bottom…did that sound right…. of the shoe. It is put on by the heat of the hairdryer and smoothed out with something flat. And apparently works quite well.

  30. louboutins & mcqueen shoes will forever remain superior. i would not only buy louboutins, i already have four pairs. i'm too scared to use them though because of the sole lol

  31. Was ist mit Repetto Ballerinas. Ich finde sie absolut „famos“. Sie kosten etwa €180.-, aber sind handgemacht in Frankreich. Es gibt kaum elegantere Schuhe die genauso bequem sind. Brigitte Bardot fragte Rose Repetto ob sie nicht ein paar Strassenschuhe machen könnte, die genauso bequem sind wie die Ballettschuhe für Tänzer. Heraus kam das Modell Cendrillon, in rotem Lackleder, dass es heute noch gibt. Die Boutique in der rue dela paix ist genauso schöne wie die Schuhe undTanzbekleidung.

  32. I trudged around in a pair of converse high tops for years, and seeing as they're one of the lowest pricepoints on this list, i think they're worth it. I would also love to own a pair of doc martens.

  33. converse is for right normal shape foot ,and that plastic thing in it or idk is pressing on your nail and destroys it .

  34. I doubt the original inhabitants of Australia wore sheep skin shoes, since sheep are not native to Australia. Sheep were introduced by white settlers.

  35. honestly docs once you break them in are very durable and comfortable ive had mine for about 3 years and while they are a bit scuffed they are basically the only shoe i wear and show no sign of becoming unwearable

  36. Well, actually converse shoes are a good idea for the gym, they are flat, have thin bottom and overall imitates bare feet in terms of how you contact and "feel" the floor. There are, of course, special sport shoes with this effect, but they can be really pricey and harder to find, while the usual snickers (that very often have huge bottoms) are good for aerobics, but not as good for the basic exercises. So, converses are a good alternative. You can see a lot of instagram athletes squating in their converse shoes, and even some trainers do recommend them.

  37. high heels are ridiculous! i have Uggs love them! the flat chanel shoe i think i would like it, but only if they are absolutely comfy

  38. Hi Justine, I must be the umpteenth person to ask you this, but what is the lipstick you are wearing? Looks like a fresh petal from a summer rose, really beautiful and special!

  39. I have nerve damage in my feet and shoes like ballerina and UGG boots are a no go. Podiatrists say they are the worst shoes if you have problem feet because you feet are too flat there is no shape.

  40. I have several,pair of converse,they are just for casual wear,but I love them ,I have several colors and two styles ,I buy them on Ebay !

  41. Dr Marten and ALSO Birckenstock, are on the top of my list for the health of ones' feet. UGGS are great on a a dry and cold day. I do own a Chanel facsimile, which is very comfortable and looks good. Would not pay the for the brand name. The new Adidas model looks interesting, and am curious as to the cost.

  42. Who are these people that down-vote these videos. Are we having problems at home? Or are you using the computer at the insane asylum library?

  43. You were an amazing "find" tonight. I watch your videos for the last 3 hours and i also have to go to work in the morning! 😛
    Thank you very much for the quality of your work! Keep going!

  44. I don’t think the Addidas is iconic. I think maybe your personal preferences of ethics and sustainable materials had you pick that one. Not upset just an observation.

  45. Justine I absolutely love your videos. I'm a French learner and I think it'd be awesome if you could do some fashion videos in French too! It would help me get used to conversational French and give me the vocabulary I need to talk about something I love (clothes!).

  46. To me, the iconic shoes that are definitely worth it aren’t on this list: Birkenstocks. Five years ago my doctor recommended them after back and knee pain to wear as slippers instead of Crocs (big no-no) and I still wear the same pair everyday since. I bought a pair for outside sandals for the summer too. Maybe they don’t look the greatest and aren’t really feminine but your feet and back will thank you! The best investment!

  47. Uggs to me are ugly and look like indoor-only shoes. This brand has come under a lot of scrutiny because changing their manufacturing country also means they’re getting away with animal cruelty, since laws are laxer. I am baffled how they manage to be so popular…

  48. I think it's important to buy locally produced goods, as much as possible. I live in Israel and I buy an Israeli shoe called KAYA. They are made in Israel and are very comfortable. I pay about $100 for sandals and walking shoes, $120 for low boots, and $170 for boots. I have worn enough uncomfortable shoes to know that once you find a comfortable shoe, you stick with it. These days, I buy from the factory store, and if I have a problem with a shoe, I take it back and they fix it. It's great having a direct relationship with the people who make my shoes!

  49. A few years ago I realised that there is absolutely no point in investing on shoes that cost more than 200 euros. Why, because I dont walk on red carpets 😁 I walk every where and use public transport and the climate in the Northern part of Europe is really not supporting the best shoe weather nor are the conditions on pavements and in public places good especially for heels (with all the steel rails, gaps in wooden flooring etc)…therefore there would be no point of investing in a pair that cost 500 euros or more because you’d have to watch out for where you walk even indoors…

  50. Converse Chuck Taylors–definitely not worth the money. As far as I can tell, they are the least expensive shoes to make–just generic canvas and rubber, no support, they wear out quickly. My kids love the look, they're the "cool" thing, but we buy knock offs for half the price. Can't tell a difference in wear or feel. Only the Converse symbol is different in looks. Fortunately, my kids aren't snobby about clothes, and they'd rather have two pair of shoes, of different colors, than one pair of the brand. Doc Martins–I had a pair of these in the late 90s or early 2000s, and they weren't nearly as comfortable as they were supposed to be–too bad I don't have them any more, 'cause I'd happily sell them. A good pair of leather boots that are comfortable and durable would be worth the $100+ price tag (though being me, I'd wait until they went on sale for $80 or less), particularly if I lived in a snowy climate. But I don't, they're not comfortable (for me, at least) so absolutely not. Chanel and Louboutin–absolutely not. No shoe is worth that price. If my heart was set on the look, I'd try to find something similar of good quality in a less expensive brand. But no label is worth thousands. Unless they were maybe Dorothy's ruby slippers and they could truly take you home from anywhere! Uggs–awesome boots, but pricey. At least you're not paying for the label nearly as much as the Chanel/Louboutin crowd. But I'm not really even tempted because I don't live in a cold climate. The weird Alexander McQueen ones–I sure hope that's not the future of shoes! I'm with the models–how could you ever walk safely in them? They're not attractive, they're hard to move in, so WHY would we even consider wearing shoes like that, now or in the future? I think their only purpose would be for wealthy celebrities to display, like sculptures or other pieces of art. I don't think they're beautiful (quite the opposite), but there's no accounting for taste of wealthy people. The recyclable shoes look and sound great. I'd want to know if they're breathable and comfortable and how much they cost. Athletic shoes that keep your feet sealed in plastic would start to feel very hot and would smell bad in a hurry, I'd think. Would you need to disinfect them after every use? Honestly, I have a large family to keep clothed, so even if they were perfect, I'd probably pass if they cost more than $50. I probably wouldn't buy them at all, regardless of price, if they smelled bad after wearing them only once or twice or if they felt like wearing rain boots all the time.

  51. I wanted Loubs SO badly as an impressionable uni student. Then I realized without the lifestyle to go with high end shoes, they would be difficult to up keep and wear appropriately so it was no longer desirable. They’re also not very comfortable having tried them on a few times. I found John Fluvog shoes which I own a pair of pointed Mary Janes in the same style as the Chanel iconic shoes and they’re more durable, practical, and has warranty.

  52. I think you can add red sole protectors to the Louboutin and just replace it as it worns out. Yes, it may not be the original leather, but they will last longer with a red sole (check out Potterson's Trenton and Heath video, I hope I spelled that right)

  53. Louboutin shoes look amazing but I cannot walk when wearing them. I have the classic pigalle.
    Also, the classic louboutins pumps are never on sale. For me its not worth the pain.
    I like the aquazzura pumps ones because they are comfortable as well. You can find them on sale as well.

  54. You missed berkinstocks and the white adidas with black stripes. I think I’d be willing to pay $150 max on those sneakers? Hard to say

  55. I donated a couple years ago a pair of Dr. Martin which bought in 1994. Of course they were made in UK. Now I feel so regretted.

  56. Hi Justine, I didn't know about the history about Louis Vuitton red soles. I did know about the sue against Yves Saint Laurent Thank you for sharing you knowledge. Great video like always. Regards.
    Ester from California

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