Hello! After just finishing the half marathon with Lingoda, in this video I want to do a review of the half marathon and talk about my experience with using Lingoda and I´ll talk in Spanish and in English, a little bit of a mix to explain my experience the rules, and Lingoda in general and yeah, let´s begin! I want to explain the guidelines of this competition from Lingoda in English a little because there´s a lot of rules for this competition and it´s a little… it´s a little difficult since it´s a competition, well i´ll explain in English this part the things that i liked about Lingoda like I already said, the price because a class at a university in my city is very expensive and for me it was better to try this Lingoda course and also the teachers all of my teachers are really friendly and another thing that is a little difficult for me is to find a teacher that is pretty good because with italki it´s a little hard sometimes but with Lingoda this was a really great thing for me and also I liked the lessons the themes of the lessons because I like this way of having the classes beacause with italki sometimes the teachers don´t have a lesson plan or it´s more for speaking and with Lingoda each lesson is different, for some lessons maybe it´s grammar, maybe it´s reading an article, or speaking , it´s different for each lesson and I liked this a lot and also at the end of the course it´s possible to receive a certification

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  1. We’re you able to sign up for classes before the first day of the promotion or did you have to wait. I read the rule book and it’s confusing if signing up for the class prior to the start disqualifies you or not. Just wondering what you thought about this

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