I Caught My Friend’s Dad Cheating And Took Money For Silence

I Caught My Friend’s Dad Cheating And Took Money For Silence

Hello friends. I would like to… I have to… Okay, I just really, REALLY need to tell this
story to somebody. It has been too long that I have been keeping
someone else’s secret, and at first I thought that I was doing everything right. But now I am tormented by guilt, and I desperately
need some advice. My name is Megan and I’m sixteen years old. I have a best friend Olivia Younger, and her
birthday is a couple of months later than mine. One day, I got this idea to throw the coolest
birthday party ever for my best friend! And, can you imagine, it was exactly what
Olivia’s mom was going to ask me to do! She said that I knew their Olivia almost better
than she and her husband did, so I was the one who could do everything to make their
daughter happy on this special day. Do you see now what huge responsibility I
had on me? We decided that the party would be hosted
at the Younger family’s country house. This house was equipped with everything we
needed for the party of the century: guest rooms, a barbecue area, a large courtyard,
and even a swimming pool. And it was also a very special place for Olivia
and I – when we were just two little kids, my parents bought a country house, and they
went to their neighbors in order to introduce themselves. And those neighbors were the Younger family. That was how Olivia and I met. Unfortunately, my family has become a bit
unlucky financially since those days. My parents do not want to sell our country
house, but they have absolutely no time to spend there – they have to work all the
time. As for Olivia’s parents, they are much more
successful — Mr. Younger works in the IT field, and only occasionally needs to go to
the city to take part in meetings at the head office. The rest of the time he lives and works in
the country house. Mrs. Younger and Olivia come to see him every
weekend. But for some reason when Mr. Younger found
out about our plans to celebrate Olivia’s birthday at the country house, he was… almost
angry. I guessed that he just did not want to have
this noisy party in the house since he had probably gotten used to living and working
alone. Well, the party day had finally arrived. The plan was that the party had to be a surprise
for Olivia, whereas I, accompanied by several friends, had to arrive in advance in order
to arrange the sun loungers, to set the tables, to meet the couriers from the catering company,
to double check the sound system and other music equipment together with my school friend
who agreed to work as a DJ at the party. So, in general, there was heck of a lot of
work! I was very nervous, still unsure that I would
have enough time to prepare everything for Olivia’s arrival. I hardly slept the night before the party
and as soon as I woke up, I phoned my team of assistants and asked them to arrive at
the place a couple of hours earlier than we had agreed to before. I did not call Mr. Younger to warn him about
this: he explicitly asked me to leave him alone before the party started, as he had
some kind of urgent work to complete. But when my friends and I arrived at the Younger’s
country house, I urgently needed to use the bathroom. I remembered Mr. Younger’s demands, but
I decided that I wouldn’t interfere with his work if I quietly snuck into the house
and used the guest bathroom. I was sure that I would not see anyone! And when I suddenly saw Mr. Younger’s wide
back in front of the guest bathroom door, I was very embarrassed and wanted to just
leave quietly. But I heard Mr. Younger’s tender voice saying:
“You will have to hurry, baby — they will be here in a couple of hours.” At first I thought that Mr. Younger was talking
to me! And then… I realized that there was a girl standing
in front of him. She was short, so I did not see her right
away, but now I clearly caught sight of her, and… oh God, she was dressed in only a man’s
shirt! I was totally shocked! This girl could not be anybody else but Olivia’s
father’s… mistress? And as if to make me absolutely sure, they
started kissing. I was so overwhelmed that I completely forgot
that I needed to use the bathroom. I hurried back to the exit, but accidentally
bumped into the wind chimes that were hanging not far from the door. Mr. Younger pushed the girl into the guest
bathroom, and judging by the movement of the doorknob, she locked herself in from the inside… Obviously, Mr. Younger thought that I had
just entered and did not see anything. We exchanged a couple of polite phrases, and
I explained why I arrived earlier and why I did not warn him… It seemed that Mr. Younger was barely listening
to me. Apparently, he wanted to get me out of the
house as soon as possible, but when we went outside, and he saw a dozen people in the
yard already preparing for the party, it seemed to me that he quietly moaned. You may ask why I did my best to pretend that
I hadn’t seen anything? Well, I had to make this party perfect for
Olivia. It was the only thing that mattered to me
on that day, so… I wanted a scandal no more than Mr. Younger
did. After that everything went as planned — all
the necessary preparations were completed just before the guests arrived followed by
Olivia and her mother. The surprise was a success, the adults opened
the champagne, and we were served a non-alcoholic punch, and everyone started dancing… Olivia looked completely happy and could not
even imagine that her father’s mistress was still hiding somewhere in the house.Mr.
Younger also pretended that everything was in order. I had a couple of glasses of punch and suddenly
realized that I still needed to use the bathroom. Mr. Younger apparently lied to his wife, saying
that something was wrong with the guest bathroom, so the main one was open to all the guests. I also used the main washroom but the temptation
to check what was happening in the OTHER bathroom was too high. I went to the door and knocked gently. And you know what I heard?! An agitated voice from behind the door asked:
“Is that you, dear?” Oh my God! Imagine if it wasn’t me who came here?! I held back my anger and quietly told this
girl that I knew who she was and that she had to let me in. She obeyed, and now I could see Mr. Younger’s
mistress … She looked no more than twenty years old! And she was so scared that … she asked for
my help! Her name was Rose, and she really was having
an affair with Mr. Younger… I was furious! How could they have a date here on the day
of Olivia’s birthday party?! Rose cried and said that today was their anniversary. Of course Mr. Younger could not miss his daughter’s
birthday party, but he and Rose absolutely had to see each other on that day! They thought that Rose would have time to
leave before the guests arrived. It was so… disgusting! But still, I agreed to help Rose out — sooner
or later someone would have discovered her, and they would make a fuss, the truth would
come out… and all this in the middle of Olivia’s party! I could not allow this to happen. That would kill my bestie. Rose told me where her things were, and I
brought them. I had a plan — I decided that I would just
bring Rose to the party pretending that she was my friend. There were so many people at the party that
one more stranger would not attract attention. Rose got dressed, calmed down a bit, and immediately
understood my plan. Oh boy, you should have seen Mr. Younger’s
face when Rose and I appeared! His face turned white! I allowed myself to briefly enjoy this moment,
and after a while introduced Rose as my friend who was slightly late for the party. Mr. Younger seemed even more surprised, but
said nothing — he only looked at me questioningly. I nodded slightly. This ended our conspiratorial communication,
and we all just continued to enjoy the party. Rose perfectly played her part and did not
arouse any suspicion.It was a victory! A couple of days after the party, Mr. Younger
called me. I was at school so I did not answer the call. Then he texted me that we needed to talk and
that he was ready to pick me up after school. Olivia and I went to different schools, so
there was no risk in this matter. But I was still very angry with him, so I
only answered “Okay” and added the time when my classes were over. When I climbed into the front seat of his
car, I found out that Rose was sitting in the back. For some reason this made me even angrier
and my first impulse was to get out of the car, but both of them started to persuade
me to go for a coffee with them. I didn’t want to sit in a coffee shop together
with them, as if we were some kind of secret-keeping buddies! Then Mr. Younger asked me not to judge them
so harshly and added that they were not just lovers, they loved each other – a lot. Once again he thanked me for what I had done
for them, and when I replied that I had only done it for Olivia, he sighed and said that
exactly for her sake, too, he was not asking for a divorce from Mrs. Younger. And that Rose and him were waiting for Olivia
to go to college and start an independent life. Well, I did not like what Mr. Younger said,
but his words made sense. I calmed down and even agreed to stop at MacDrive
for a coffee. Then, seeing that I was not angry anymore,
Mr. Younger admitted that they wanted to ask me something. He wanted to be sure that I would not betray
the little secret between the three of us to Mrs. Younger and Olivia. For… my services Mr. Younger offered me
a lot of money and hinted that if I agreed, he would still owe me one. Yes, I understood that all this was unfair
to Olivia and to her mother… but just put yourself in my shoes. I… I agreed. But now, time has passed, and I’ve begun to
doubt my decision. I have this feeling that I’ve become an accomplice
to a crime. Yes, that’s the best way I can describe
it. Especially because I took Mr. Younger’s money,
although I could have simply not interfered in the affairs of their family. I think I should tell Olivia everything, and
that together we should decide what to do. Thank you for listening to my story. It was not easy for me to share it, and I
still need some advice. Am I right that I want to tell my friend everything? Or should I leave Mr. Younger and Rose alone? Write what you think in the comments to the

100 thoughts on “I Caught My Friend’s Dad Cheating And Took Money For Silence

  1. She is an accomplice. And the dad’s story is straight out of the cheaters hand book. He’s betraying his family now. But he will betray the GF next. Right now he doesn’t want to divorce his wife because the daughter is still at home. Next it will be wait until she is out of college, then it will be some other excuse. He’ll keep it up until she grows tired of it or he grows tired of her. Of course she deserves it for sleeping with a married man but it’s still a crap thing to do.

  2. The truth always comes out eventually. I understand the need for money, but friendship is way more valuable than any amount of money. You've already accepted money from your friend's father, so even if you came clean now your friend and his wife are going to be angry. However, they say the truth will set you free for a reason. You may very well lose your friend, but a huge burden will be lifted from you and your conscious.

  3. As bad as this is and as dishonest as it is i beleive they will come clean once olivia goed to college. This will be a massive shock to olivia and her mom but the guy seems nice and therefor he will be able to work something out to support them even if they hate him

  4. Yes You should tell your friend everything And teller everything you know about it like you did said that he was in love with the one woman And what he told you that their clan was But teller it basically kicked you and the parade there is equally painful as it is to kick a man in the balls area to not told you sooner

  5. Leave them alone, they would appreciate your job.
    The second point you will save the family from destruction.

    Or you can ruin his life by telling his family about his secret, am sure that your friend will be happy 😭😭😭

  6. She's gonna resent you Lol don't tell her don't get involve with adult matters it has nothing to do with you. Your gonna lose her if you do.

  7. When you tell your friend about the affair will you also tell her about the money?
    Tell the mom and let her and her husband work it out. If he is really set on leaving the family they can play pretend until she goes the college and it won't be such a heartbreaker for mom. Also gives the mom a chance to get a divorce on her terms and not his since he is the one cheating and making plans behind her back.

  8. Bruh just keep getting dat money cause like telling the truth is probs just gonna make the mom and oliva depressed or something when u can just be getting money

  9. Leave it alone. This is not your place. I understand that it has to be a bit awkward and sad, but Your friend and her mom will most likely be angry with you. People always shoot the messenger.

  10. Lmaooooo leave them ppl alone girl u got paid right foh if u wanted go tell yo friend you should of did that from the start

  11. Tell me a best friend then she's going to love you for all what you did don't let them be together because you didn't ruin your best friend and her well❤️❤️💜💜

  12. If i be you i will be using some tactics(take his money and collect evidence by vedeoing your conversation with them and show it to your moms best friend and your best friend )

    –but it"s your gold digger decision

  13. Dear, i suggest you to NOT take the money. Whatever it is, its a HOT MONEY so i called it as that and u have to return the money to the MRS not the MR because of what? That money could be use for the mistress. And im pretty sure u don't want that to happend, because whatever they did wat the MR and his 20 years old mistress did is WRONG. This is the very least that u could do to them, no matter how bitter it is, the truth should be reveal. Its their right to know.

  14. I would take the money and then tell the mom 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  15. I think cheating is a bitch but you have to understand mr younger feelings for his new spouse even thou ms younger is still there maybes thing is just not right between them

  16. Well this is difficult because if you had told your friend in the beginning she would have had a broken family, but at least you would have still had her friend. Now that it's been a while and you've been taking her dad's money oh, she might lose her father her family and her friend too

  17. if i was you i would just let it be because rather than teling ur bestie and she would be sad just go on with it its a win win for both


  18. I can understand why she did that, she didn’t want to ruin her friend’s party and she had financial issues. I’m glad she was able to get it off her chest, that helps when guilt is overtaking you.

  19. I think you should not tell her it might make it worst for your friend if I was you I will wait when she is more older

  20. There’s only 1 thing that Megan can do with Olivia and her mother. I quote The Bible, John 8;32B. “The truth will set you free.”

  21. Tell them everything and give the Money back,let him deal with HIS family…..otherwise the guilt you feel is gonna make you feel worse.;……

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