HT Video Shorts – Kobe Bryant and What We Learned

HT Video Shorts – Kobe Bryant and What We Learned

I’m Pastor George Borghardt, and this is
another Higher Things Video Short. Kobe, what we learn from him. That’s the
subject of today’s Higher Things Video Short. Hey, if you love our videos,
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It’s about passing the faith to the next generation. These videos are about anything we can do to help anyone pass the faith to the next generation. And if you’re a young person,
it’s about you believing. Sudden death yesterday of Kobe Bryant… Just an amazing individual,
a Hall of Fame basketball star. He was an icon for his time. My son, my oldest son was very upset
that he, Kobe died because that was his childhood hero. Culturally, Kobe was known for
his great work ethic. Amazing work ethic! First to the training,
first to the basketball facility…last to leave. And young people even grew up,
if you shoot a piece of paper across the room and it goes into the trashcan,
you yell “Kobe!” Just like I did earlier when
the young pup…nothing but net. Koby was a Christian. A practicing Catholic.
Went to Mass in the morning. Took his 13 year old daughter with him
in the helicopter. His daughter supposedly was gonna be an amazing…
a women’s…a girls’ basketball player. And something happened and we
don’t know what happened but the the helicopter went down,
and no one survived And…this is one of those things where outsiders
may have looked at the situation and gone, “Okay, why are, why is everyone
mourning someone who nobody knows, really?” But we felt like we knew Kobe.
We’ve…we felt like, or wanted to know Kobe We knew not only of him, but of his work.
His second career, he was making movies. He was already an award-winning
movie producer and director. And so we felt like we knew him.
We grew up with him. What we learned about him,
about his death… is something we learned about his life. Kobe has a great quote
about living life to the fullest because you never know when it’s gone,
and you want to leave nothing behind. And that sounds like sort of
pop-culture or nonsense, but… No, it’s true. Each day is a gift from God.
Each day is to be lived loving and caring for those around you.
Each day is to be spent… with those you love. Cherishing those times.
Spending time with people. And living each day as if today
could be your last day…because it could be. It might be. We don’t know how long each of our days are.
Our days are known only by the Lord God. And He, in His great mercy, can take us
at any time to be with Him forever. And so each day is spent
doing things you love. Each day is spent
loving others. Each day is spent
cherishing others. Don’t think that you have time to reconcile
with those around you, when you may not. And so that’s the legacy, I think.
The best legacy that Kobe gives us, is the teaching us to cherish the gift of life.
The gift that we have as Christians The gift and opportunity to love each other. The gift and opportunity we have
to be at peace with one another. (My fault! Oh, it was a perfect video
until I missed that one!) But I mean it’s, it’s…
life is short life is a gift. Eternal life goes on forever.
But this life, this life should be spent with each day being gift.
And each day with your kids, with your grandkids, with your…with your friends, and your best friends.
Each day should be spent loving those around you while there’s still time. Because there may come a day
where there isn’t time anymore. And one other thing… (Hi, buddy. My squeakster’s here…) One other thing!
Kobe was not perfect, Kobe made mistakes. Kobi was sued
for being inappropriate with someone. And he didn’t deny that he had done the thing.
He denied that it wasn’t consensual. but he went to his priest,
confessed his sin and looked at life like, “Well, God
has forgiven me and it’s time to move on. God has forgiven my sins
and it’s time for me to move on.” and he used that failure in his life
as a gift. to be more involved in church, not like penance.
I didn’t pick that up as penance but as… as simply…we all fail,
and we all receive forgiveness. And one day soon, we will stand with Kobe and his daughter
before the judgment seat of Christ and there we will all be judged.
|Not by the good or the bad we’ve done, or how we’ve made up for our mistakes. We’ll stand before the judgment seat of Christ,
and Christ our Savior will save us… because He already has.
Right now, here and now. And then, we will be always
with the Lord. I’m pastor George Borghardt,
and the Thor-Meister… and this has been another
Higher Things Video Short.

6 thoughts on “HT Video Shorts – Kobe Bryant and What We Learned

  1. 1:43–1:52.; I was one of those many who did that when I was in both elementary school & middle school.

    I'm not ashamed of it, either.

    High school, on the other hand is where it kinda faded out for some people.; Not me, however…

  2. I was waiting for this video, Pastor Borghardt.

    Seeing as he played for one of my other all-time favorite NBA teams, you can imagine how I felt upon hearing the news of his passing, this past Sunday.

    Thanks, a lot.

    Keep those videos a-rollin'!…

  3. Saying "KOBE!…" when shooting a paper ball into a trash can will never be the same.


    R.I.P., Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant.

    #LosAngelesLakers #KobeBryant #ThankYouKobe #RIPKobeBryant #LakersNation #MambaMentality #MambaForever #TheBlackMamba #BlackMamba #NBA

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