How to Withdraw Money from Paypal for FREE using GCASH and How to properly register GCASH – Tagalog

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal for FREE using GCASH and How to properly register GCASH – Tagalog

So, it’s minus $20 No transfer fee it’s instant after you click it it’s in your gcash right away Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads Hi guys James here I will teach you on how you can withdraw from Paypal using your Gcash Because I discovered that in Gcash, it is free to withdraw funds from Paypal there’s no transfer fee and it’s instant Although, I know you read bad reviews about Gcash but I also saw that it’s not happening to all There are ways you can do for issues here But for now, this is what I like the most in withdrawing funds from Paypal Before anything else, to support our channel subscribe to my second channel which is budget meal ph let’s take a look at what happened on the episode on Budget Meal PH [music] That’s my new channel I made that to support this channel so I can share more legit online jobs After this video, I will also teach you on how to register in Gcash and what are the requirements After connecting it to Paypal, and withdrew the money Let’s start connecting our Paypal to our Gcash Click on the top part the person icon then click on My account then click on Paypal then you’ll just enter your Paypal address enter your Paypal Address then click on link then enter your email address again then click on authorize then click on close and continue then you’ll see that it’s already okay your account is now linked Click on Done It is now linked we’ll now try to transfer money click on cash in then click on Paypal to Gcash Enter the amount on the PHP field Choose here on where you want to withdraw is it in your Dollar or PHP account? Let’s click on PHP account which is 500 pesos then click on next Total amount: 500, then confirm Then click on Done It’s already there After I click it your money is already there So, click here again on what currency you’ll withdraw from let’s try 20 $20 Let’s click on Next Confirm Click on Confirm So, it’s now successful let’s see I already received the text message so, It was transferred already Click on Close After I click on Transfer that’s what the balance is I was able to withdraw 1000 right away Instant So, minus $20 No transfer fee It’s instant after clicking it’ll be in your Gcash right away Before, I was always suggesting is Paymaya because it’s free to get the Paymaya App You just have to load 150 pesos and you’ll be able to link and withdraw but now, I like Gcash more because it’s instant After clicking The most important thing is there is no transfer fee If you withdraw 500 you’ll get 500 Unlike with other cards, that has transfer fee For Paymay, it’s 250 pesos It’s a big amount So, to register in Gcash, it has an application you’ll just download it then register then you’ll just text something then that’s it It’s an easy registration But I am suggesting that even if you’ve registered already, Have it KYC What is KYC? This is like verifying that it’s your account What is KYC for? Your transactions are quite limited if you’re not KYC It’s just an easy process You’ll just show your ID When you use the application and linking your Paypal, you might encounter problems So, let’s go on the safe side that before you link your Paypal, before you transfer, Do the KYC first. You have two options for KYC First is in Facebook online Just message them then it’s up to you to talk on how you can have it KYC online There’s another way that I am suggesting is to go directly to the Globe Store so, it’ll be a one stop shop for you especially if you don’t have a Gcash account yet Once you’re in the Globe Store, even if you don’t have a Gcash account yet even if you haven’t made one yet Once you’re there, they’ll help you right away Go directly to the one selling Gcash card This is Gcash card If you purchase it there it’s 150 pesos and they’ll help you on the steps you need to take to create Gcash Once you’re in the store, after you purchase Gcash card, go inside to do the KYC It’s like verification Just show them your ID That’s just how easy to register in Gcash Make sure that when you go to the Globe store is you have your ID with you Just choose one from the options provided So, you’ll not need to go back they will not accept your application if you don’t have an ID When I went there, I encountered a problem I went back thrice First, I don’t have my ID with me which is my fault I only have Philhealth and Philhealth is not on the list they did not accept it what I have is NBI Clearance but only a picture it’s saved in my mobile they also didn’t accept it They need the physical ID with you because they will scan it and the second time I went back, the KYC system was down I have nothing left to do it’s their side KYC is down The third time I went back, is okay I was able to finish my transaction I encountered a problem they said NBI Clearance is not allowed it was at first then I ask them to have it confirm with his manager after confirming, they said NBI clearance is fine If you encounter problems with the ID, as long as it’s on this list tell it to Globe if ever they tell you it’s not accepted that’s how easy to register in Gcash. Thata’s it for this video I am now suggesting Gcash more than Paymaya because it’s free If you liked the video please click the Like button If you want to see more videos like this online jobs ways to withdraw or anything about the internet click on the Subscribe button and the Notification Bell to get notified for new uploads Thank you for watching

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  1. Register in Gcash here: — Paypal to Gcash (Updated 2019) –
    Mas sinasuggest ko napo ang payoneer ( instead of paypal) : sa pag receive ng income online FOR FREELANCERS thanks
    If sakaling hindi nyo ma link or nag ka problema — Watch this video:

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  2. kaso sir minimum 500 eh… ung 240 di ko mwithdraw pls help me po pwd transfer ko laman ng paypal ko sa paypal nyo po tapos balik nyo po tru gcash skin?

  3. Hi po bkit po pala pag na link na .tpus mag transfer na ung lumalabs ..u don't have enough balance in PayPal khit maroon nmn.paano po aausin un

  4. Hello po. Patulong naman po, i try na e transfer paypal to gcash pero ayaw po. kailangan same name daw sa paypal pero same naman po name at neregister ko

  5. Hi Sir James! Paano po ba magiging successfully activated yung Paypal account ko ? Hindi ko po kasi mareceive yung salary ko kasi sabi nung accounting hindi daw po activated successfully yung Paypal ko. Thank you sana matulungan nyo po ako

  6. Sir hindi po naka PHP yung pera ko sa paypal. Wala pong choices na usd sa gcash ko. Paano po ako makkpag cash in.

  7. hi po. tried to cash in but zero yung makikita na amount q sa paypal. May laman naman po paypal po kakatransfer ko lang from upwork. nag reflect na sa paypal ko ang amount. yun nga lang sa gcash app zero yung makikita kaya d ako maka pag cash in.
    pano kaya yun?

  8. Hello po sir. Ask ko lang po bat wala po yung preapproved payments na option sa paypal ko hinanap ko na po siya sa profile sa payments wala po sir.

  9. Patulong po guys, I really need your help talaga po. Ahm, di nako nakakatanggap ng pera na galing sa mga na referred ko po. Di pa naman umabot sa limit po e. Pa tulong po, please. Ano kayang nangyari sa G-Cash ko?

  10. In clickbank. Pano makukuha pera? If connected sa bank accout mo. Will it be converted to php automatically?

  11. Hi sir James. Ask ko lang po sir if pwede gamitin yung gcash card para ma fully verified yung paypal account? Thank you

  12. Sir wala na po ba yung PAYPAL TO GCASH??
    if ever po ba mag transfer ako ng money tru gcash and I am done with the KYC? tas may Gcash card na. You can withdraw na po ba??

  13. Hello sir, ask ko lang po pano po ba I connect yung PayPal sa gcash po? Kasi nag transfer po ako sa AUB nong 5 hanggang ngayon wala pa po ung pera.. Thanks

  14. Sir i need your help, magkano po ba ang minimum amount na kailangang laman ng gcash account para ma link ko yung paypal to gcash. Kapag kasi sinusubukan ko sya i link na de-decline yung card ko tapos may mare-receive akong text na galing sa 2882 na insufficient daw po ang balance ko to complete the transaction. TIA

  15. Sir please help. I transfered money from PayPal to Gcash however it went to G-XCHANGE. And I don't know where my money is now? It's not showing in Gcash.

  16. Sir salamat sa info, dahil dito sa video mo nagawa ko rin i withraw pera ko sa paypal nasolb ang problema ko👍👍👍

  17. kuya thank you hahaha na ka withdraw na din ako sa paypal to gcash.. no fees.. thank you so much kuya!! keep it up 🙂

  18. Sir may Pera po ako sa PayPal di ko makuha Ibig sabihin sa gcash pwedy ko na ma transfer Basta may gcash card po ako ?

  19. Sir James ask ko lang nag eexpire po ba ung laman nang gcash pag hnd nagagamit or hnd naoopen nang matagal?

  20. Sir verified na po ang gcash ko at na link ko na rin ang aking PayPal email…ang tanung ,kailangan ko rin ba e link ang PayPal account ko?

  21. Tanung ko lang po okay lang ba magkaiba gamitin na id sa paypal at gcash.. Ung account q kasi same naman ng email kaso iba id ginamit q katulad sa paypal nagamit ko ay passport tapus sa gcash umid.. Okay lang ba un paanswe naman po

  22. Pano PO UNG nk hold n cash s PayPal?? Ngayon PO ung due date NG nk hold n cash q s PayPal.. pro hanggang ngayon nk hold parn Kya hndi q m mtransfer

  23. It works!!! Nag try na ako ilan beses na paypal to bank lagi nlng denied tapos ang laki ng bawas… kaya napa kuha ako gcash dahil sa video na toh… sinubukan ko now lang step by step na incash ko ng wala fee bilis pa yehey.. thanks!

  24. sir ask ko lang po at sana matulungan nio po ako. kasi po nakapag kyc na po ako pero not fully verified kasi wla pa po akong valid id. tanung ko po kung pwede na po ba ako mag deposit even if i am not fully verified? or pwede na po ba ako maka bili ng mastercard nila kahit not fully verified?

  25. Sir i hope ma sagot mo tanong ko… meron po akong paypal account kaso walang gcash account tapos gusto ko mag pa gcash card sa amin.. pag meron kana bang gcash card pwede mo ma kuha pera mo sa paypal?? In what way

  26. Sir pede po bang mag withdraw sa gcash kahit hindi fully verified at hindi semi verified pede ko rin poba gamitin credit card ng mama ko pang link sa paypal ko

  27. sir @James Tristan Ruiz ask ko lang po kung paano gagawin ko dlawang paypal account nagawa ko. nagkamali ko kc ako nung una business paypal nagawa ko. kaya gumawa ako ng bago buy paypal na.. ask ko po kung pwde kopa delete ung una at at pwde kopa ituloy ung pngalawa. pls reply po. thanks in advance😊

  28. Sir ok lang ba kung magkaibang account yung may ari ng paypal tapos ipapasa sa gcash.
    Example sa paypal ko. Tapos ipapasa ko sa gcash ng ate ko. Pwede po ba yun?

  29. Sir Bakit ayaw ma link yung gcash MasterCard ko sa PayPal account? Pero naka link na yung PayPal account ko sa gcash account. Salamat

  30. Boss pano po kapag naka business account na di ko po malipat sa gcash. Ano pong mabisang paraan para ma withdraw ko? Slamat boss

  31. Sir ask ko lang po, nung nakaraan nakapag cash in pa po kme sa G-cash ng 4k. Pero ngayon po hindi na kme makapag cash in kahit mag kano. SANA PO MATULUNGAN NYO KAME.

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