How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

It can be fun being young, but ask most teenagers
what the biggest drag is in their life and they’ll tell you it’s the fact they don’t
have enough cash. Money doesn’t just buy you nice things,
it also gives you some independence. You can travel, go to concerts, take people
out on dates. Being broke is no joke, and it can really
get a person down. That’s the reason today we are going to
tell you some ways you can earn some cash at a young age even if you’re still studying. We’ll start with the lower paying jobs and
end with the jobs that pay the really big money. 10. Online Stuff
Ok, so online stuff sounds a bit vague, but we mean doing things online that take no skill
at all. You basically just answer questions, fill
in surveys, or review stuff. We found a blog online written by a young
guy that used something called the iPoll app. It seems he was British, but you can do similar
stuff in other countries. Using this app he was asked to go shopping
and buy a particular product, answer questions about a product, or sometimes just answer
questions in a survey. If he bought stuff he would have to upload
the receipt and sometimes he might write something about the product. We should say that the rewards weren’t massive
and he had earned only about $130 in a few months, but hey, if you’re still in your
early teens that’s not bad at all. You might need the consent of your parents,
though, if you are very young. We found other apps where people could earn
cash doing surveys and some websites that paid for very short reviews of products. One called “Slice the Pie” paid young
folks to write reviews of just 30 to 60 words, which is easy. You might also get paid for referring other
people to do the same as you. One person who wrote about his time using
Slice the Pie said he got paid, but it was only pocket money. He said this, “The exact amount of pay you
can receive varies depending on a few different factors, including your star rank and experience. If your reviews are consistently good quality,
your star rank will go up and so will your pay.” Their website as we write this is down, but
it doesn’t look like the business is no longer running. To see a long list of similar jobs just Google
something like, “getting paid for online reviews and surveys” and you will find what
you are looking for. 9. Fiverr
We are going to give Fiverr its own spot on the list because there are just so many ways
to earn cash using this online marketplace. There are people earning good money here because
some of the gigs are for skilled people, whether they are tech workers or musicians. But, there are also lots of gigs that only
require a person to basically write or communicate well in English. If you get a gig, after you are paid you’ll
have to give some money back to Fiverr, but it’s free to sign up. Ok, so you are not good enough to start copywriting
or designing websites, but there are other jobs such as doing voice overs that don’t
demand that much technical experience. We should say there’s actually a website
called where you can make cash doing voice overs. If you have a clear voice, then just sign
up to that. And hey, you might even end up doing voiceover
for your favorite youtube informative show! Don’t be dismayed if you don’t have many
skills because you are still young, just have a look around and see if there is something
you can offer. If you put some time and effort into this
we think you could make some money. 8. Tutoring
You might not consider yourself good enough to be a teacher, but you might be pretty good
at a subject and are just aged 16 or 17. There are plenty of online tutoring websites
that we found and on many of them if you are over 15 you can start helping people out. Just go online and search for jobs which allow
teenagers to tutor. They exist, because we’ve just been looking
around the web and we’ve seen them. Job sites tell us that the average wage for
a teenager doing online tutoring is anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour, which isn’t bad
at all since you are doing something you enjoy and don’t have to leave the house. 7. Taking Care of Pets
We looked online for dog walker jobs and most paid somewhere from 15 to 20 bucks an hour. The problem with the hiring companies, though,
was that some said you had to be at least 18 years of age. But you know what, you can walk a dog at 16. You just need to be trusted, and when you
have reviews people will trust you. Instead of working for someone else you could
start your own gig. Hand out flyers you made online in the neighborhood
or just start your own Facebook page. A lot of people these days are so busy they’ll
be glad to have someone walk their pet. We should mention that with all jobs there’s
the issue of tax, but there is a threshold amount you must earn before any tax is paid. Bankrate tells us that is $12,000 a year in
the USA. 6. Chores
We found websites online telling youngsters how to start their own car washing business,
and again, because teens are so tech savvy these days they can market their business
easily online. It’s not like the old days when teens had
to go house to house or rely on family friends. We found some kids earning a lot of cash washing
cars, and we are talking hundreds of dollars a week. The same goes for yard cleaning, or snow shoveling
in winter. When you know those leaves are going to fall
or that snow is going to dump down, your Facebook page is out there telling people you can help
them out. You are young and don’t charge too much. There are also a lot of older people that
cannot do this physically demanding work, so you are a service for the community. In the past they might have not been able
to contact you, but with your Facebook page they can contact you and you can be around
to their house in minutes. Just check out the local laws where you are
working. We found one news article in the USA which
told the story of cops stopping teens in one town from shoveling snow because such a job
was described as being an “unlicensed solicitor and peddler.” It’s really up to the cops and the laws
in the state, but we found at times youngsters have been stopped selling cookies or lemonade
in the street. They won’t get charged with anything, though. 5. Rent Stuff
You might not know this, but there are websites out there where people just rent out stuff
and they do well out of it. There’s one in the UK called
and people rent out just about anything. Does your family have a leaf blower, a lawnmower,
some power tools? Are your parents ok with you renting their
stuff out, or do you own the things yourself? If so, start renting. We found just about everything you can imagine
being rented out. One guy was renting out his BBQ grill for
almost 40 bucks a day. Another person was renting out a cake tin
for three dollars a day. When you are renting stuff to others you are
also lowering consumption, so sharing is caring for the environment. Maybe you have sporting equipment, a bicycle,
a trampoline that just sits in the yard doing nothing. Rent that stuff out. Just go online and find out where you can
do this. Again, make sure your parents know about this. 4. Helping the Elderly Online
Some of you teenagers are way more computer literate than a lot of older folks. You’d be surprised how many people don’t
know what an ISP is or don’t really understand how a modem works. Often when someone’s internet is not working
for them, there is a really easy fix, or perhaps someone wants to export some data from one
place to another but they don’t know how to do it. Maybe they have a load of old family photographs,
but don’t know how to digitize them using a scanner, etc. That’s where you come in. You offer yourself as a kind of IT support
worker, so you might visit the house of people you know or just tell them what to do online. We should say here that when we are talking
about visiting people, make sure you have your parents’ consent or perhaps just work
with people you know. 3. Podcasting
Ok, so you might not have as much as life experience as Joe Rogan or Sam Harris, but
you know what, young folks sometimes just want to have a laugh and they want to know
what their peers think. You can start young and it really doesn’t
take much effort to record or video a conversation. You can look at tutorials online to see how
you might get started. Maybe you could talk about events at your
school, or do a podcast on local sports, fashion, whatever you think is interesting. You can be the voice of the youth in your
area and many people might find this an education. You could talk about gaming, or even interview
adults. Young people are already doing this and when
enough people start watching your content you can make money from running ads on the
platform. We found some people doing podcasts for teens
made by teens and they were getting quite a lot of hits. This could turn into a career for you. There’s no immediate pay-off, but you could
get big in time. 2. Online Sales
You can just start selling stuff on Facebook or on websites such as Etsy or eBay and it’s
as simple as that. We found a recent headline in The Guardian
newspaper that went, “Meet the teens making thousands from selling online.” They were using lots of platforms to sell
their stuff, but sometimes Facebook was the way to find customers. Sometimes they just found clothing and sold
it on for more than they paid for it. One teen was even selling Rubik’s cubes,
while another guy was selling Dungeons and Dragons dice. Another girl was making big money from buying
second-hand women’s luxury bags and then re-selling them on Facebook. Over the years she became the go-to person
to sell a bag to and the go-to person to buy one if you couldn’t afford a brand new one. If you have a good eye for products and can
generate a big enough following, you can make a lot of money doing this in your teens. The proof is numerous newspaper articles that
feature these teens. We are talking about making thousands of dollars
a month. 1. Gaming
The holy grail of making tons of money online from doing something you love is gaming. You might have seen how an American teen just
won $3 million from winning a Fortnite competition. Three others also became millionaires. Not everyone can be the best or even be a
pro-gamer who streams their gameplay, but you can make a steady income playing games. You could become a game tester and make some
money, or even become a gaming coach by joining up to a site such as For that site you have to be 13 or over. If you know you are very good at a certain
game you can try being a coach. Check out the website PlayVig, whose motto
is “get paid to play” and while you might not get rich like the pros, it’s a start. Look online for the games which can earn you
real money. We found some young Roblox developers making
tons of cash, and with enough practice you could do this, too. Some creators and sellers in that game were
puling in $250 a month, but others were getting rich. Dedicate yourself to gaming and this could
become a job. You might even help your parents retire early. Making money is serious business, so now we’d
like you to watch some of our most exciting shows we’ve ever made. Try this one, “Surprisingly High Paying
Jobs” or this one, “What A Day In The Life of A Neanderthal Was Like”. Go ahead, pick one! You won’t regret it!

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  2. When I was in highschool I ran to score clock for JV, Freshman and middle school football, the soccer clock, and for girls basketball. I got paid 20-40 bucks a game and got paid at the end of the season. I was already at the school. I was a 3 sport athlete so the money wasn't bad for 15-18

  3. When I was 12-17 I use too have an manage online websites for minecraft servers and deal with $1000+ commission's and I would also buy costco candy and resell them in school making a $130 in profits every week

  4. More like how to make money from people who are under 18:
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  5. You could join deviantart and do commissions. I do $15-40 commissions for people at my school and I get money that way

  6. Strp one: play roblox
    Setp 2: hack the richest player
    Setp 3: change all his robux to real life money
    Step 4: u got over 1bil real life money

  7. What about trading. Yes u need to be 18 plus but u can learn and then u can ask ur parents to fill in the forms for u. It makes tons of money if ur patient and if u can read the charts

  8. I got my fingers in some of those pies, I finished my 4th job on Fiverr. There is a 20% fee that does not change at all. Which is annoying when I should make $50 but I get $40 which adds up to a lot if you want to make a living on here. 2nd pie is Roblox, I'm not actually making money but this Game Platform helped me make money on Fiverr. And I'm only 14 so you guys can definitely do better than I am. (Being a game developer is really profitable, The Roblox thing the video said is 100% true. 100k Robux for $350) Literally, make any small game and monetize it. With a lot of plays, it's a statistical certainty to get sales.

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  11. Step 1: buy 100 bracelets on a online website for 1$
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    Hope i helped u guys 😀

  12. If your Parent is the Boss in a Workplace with Just a few employees You can Work there , Just ask.
    My Mom Owns a small Restaurant and i can Work there every saturday for some money

  13. I sold on Ebay, Pinkbike, Facebook etc when I was 15. Had my dad help me set up an acout (legally of course) *wink I was making, and still make about $300 a month from that stuff. At most, I was making about $400-500 a month. Basically i'd buy old bike parts, refurbish it and resell it.

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