35 thoughts on “How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading?

  1. Yes I want my 13yr old son to start making good habits w/ stocks and I want to as well…what is the best online brokerage to use? My son is at the age where he needs to learn now and he just got a desktop he can use to do this with!!!

  2. This is unbelievable. And so not helpful that u should really consider deleting this video and make another one in which you actually answer the very simple question from your own title. Just never ending bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla about nothing and of course no answer to simple question.

  3. my goal for day trading is to make double the amount i work in a regular job minimum wage for 8 hours. so i work 8 hours in one day and the minimum wage is $15/hr. so i worked $120 in that 8 hours. if i could day trade and get double that amount, that would be great

  4. Hi Clay! Thank you, for your lessons! I wanted to ask you, if you know any good American trading firm which works with Kazakhstan citizens??? I want to start trading, but there are many fake trading firms in my country or in Russia. Thanks in advance!

  5. Very realistic view to increase the trading account.. forget the bling and just know what are your strong points Yes.. Good lesson Clay. Thumbs UP

  6. Great info as always. Start with what you can afford to lose. Only. No more. Learning using small trades seems better than learning the lessons losing large trades. To each his own.

  7. I started with 3000 lost almost all of it in the first week after a successful 6 months on a demo account ! Best thing that happened to me though because I made me really dig in and learn real trading … It's about the trade not the money

  8. Find a broker spend $100 on items then resell them for more money! Buy & Sell, seems simple enough but I don't know how to access said brokers or marketing. What site do I need to look at to invest in?

    You see my goal is to help people with similar problems like me, I have learning disabilities but doesn't mean I'm unintelligent, if anything I'm unique. I just need advice on how to start.

    Also do I need a laptop for this because all I own is a Android Phone

  9. Clay you had to waste ten minutes on this topic? Just tell the newbies trading ain't easy and no you will not have a lambo anytime soon🤣

  10. "Clay……………..Buddy…………..Lemme have some o'dat money, man………………….C'mon bro………Aint nuthin' but some dollars. "

  11. Hi Clay, I'm pretty naive (just looking to get started in trading to hopefully replace my full time job one day), and I'm very happy to be told I'm wrong or misguided here: but I did some maths the other day, and I worked out that if you make 10% profit per day*, keep those profits in the account and add them to the original investment making your new total 10% higher than yesterday's, it will only take 8 days* to double your original money.

    So for someone to start with a small amount – I based my figures on $500 – leaving the profits in there, after 8 days* trading, that's $1000. Then 8 days* after that, it's $2000. Another 8 days* is $4000. This all adds up really really quickly, and in about 80 days* there is over $1,000,000.

    I'm almost certain that I'm missing something, surely it's not that easy right? is that consistent 10% a pipe dream? never going to happen? what about an average of 10%? This is just theory at this point, I have not actually done any trading yet, I'm still doing research and planning and trying to figure everything out, but these number are getting me really excited, please, bring me back down to earth a bit.

    *day/days are not necessarily consecutive days, rather they refer to a period of focused trading where someone would sit down, make some trades, and leave with 10% profit.

  12. hey brother im trying to figure out which platform will let me trade starting with 200-300 bucks and wondering if the 3 day rule will interfere.

  13. Hi clay, do you know the best platform for uk users as I’m thinking about getting started soon and don’t know what platform would suit me best starting with £150?

  14. Hi clay, I enjoy watching your videos and they really help me a lot to learn.
    I have one question regarding the recent epidemic happening in the world right now, could you explain how and why the stock market is going down? what are the impacts of the coronavirus? what causes the stock markets to shut down?

  15. Good job clarifying the right mindset to go into this with. I'm looking to make enough with trading to have enough time in my day to not have to worry about a job, so that I can work on long term hobbies, like metal/wood working and fine craftsmanship. Nobody is going to "Win the Lottery" with stock trading when they don't have experience doing it.

    Start small, to get that experience, then after you're consistent, scale up a little bit. Don't scale too fast, or you'll either A: Get sloppy, or B: have an anxiety attack because you just lost in a trade, costing you what used to be 300% of what you were trading earlier, when in reality, it was more like a 10% loss at your current level.

    Mindset is everything.

  16. Hey clay, great video…..I’m sixteen and through saving and working I’ve gotten $2000. What broker would allow me to trade futures/stocks under a custodial account? Nobody else on YouTube keeps it real like you, so I’d appreciate your input

  17. Hey Clay, thanks for such great videos. Can you please suggest an online brokerage for residents of other countries. Webull only facilitates US residents, and I'm not one; I'm from Pakistan. Looking forward to your reply.

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